Keto Diet Staples You Will Find In Our Kitchen

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Today, I will explain a keto journey that includes a massive weight loss success Mrs. CBB has had with the keto diet.

I wanted to make this blog post one where you look into how the keto diet works from a success story point of view.

As well as targeting the frugal aspect of the keto diet by sourcing the best-priced keto products online and in-store.

Although we’d love to share her before and after photos, which is not possible, I can assure you they are amazing.

I have ten areas of the keto diet below that I will explore with you.

  1. Keto Diet Pantry Staples we always keep stocked in our kitchen
  2. Costco Canada keto products that are worth buying in bulk
  3. Two of our favourite keto coffee recipes
  4. What the keto diet is all about?
  5. Intermittent and Extended fasts and how they work
  6. Keto-approved sugar substitutes
  7. Ketone Blood Monitor vs. Ketone Urine Strips
  8. What is Ketosis? What are Macros?
  9. Keto Meal Plan recipe ideas
  10. Importance of reading product labels

There are lots of areas to cover, so let’s get started.

If you want to ask Mrs. CBB or me about the keto diet, please leave us your comments below.

our keto diet pantry list main

How To Stock Up On Keto Essentials

Our grocery shopping list and meal plan have changed since we adopted a keto diet.

You might also have noted that many of our Sunday frugal recipes include keto.

This new healthy lifestyle has motivated us to learn more about the healthy fats, protein, and vegetables our body needs.

It has also helped us understand the importance of intermittent fasting and being mindful of what we eat.

Back On Track With The Keto Diet

We have taken control of our eating habits and put more effort into what fuels our bodies and how we energize them daily.

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I’m not exclusively on a keto diet; however, I follow it as much as possible as my dietary needs differ from Mrs. CBB’s.

Coffee is an excellent start to the day for keto diet lovers.

Many of you might be familiar with Bullet Proof Coffee, and for those who aren’t, let me tell you, it’s packed full of fat!

Keto Diet vs. Grocery Budget

Some have asked if the keto diet has interrupted our lean grocery budget of $265 monthly for two adults and boys.

The answer depends on our monthly keto meal plan and grocery sales.

Update: As of 2020, our grocery budget is $500, which allows us to create more keto recipes and annual increases since I wrote this post.

Update 2021 Our grocery budget will be $550 a month plus our reserve money of $25.

Some months might be great; others, you go over budget, although having a $25 stockpile budget is handy.

Another factor to consider is price and sales, like any other grocery shop.

You may run out of almond flour, which happens to be on sale; you’re in luck.

That’s when you stock up and use that stockpile budget.

I wrote a blog post, “How much does the ketogenic diet cost?” which explores how minor changes won’t break your budget.

It’s basically just eating a clean diet with healthy fats to lose weight and get back to the healthiest version of you. – Mr.CBB

A Little Goes A Long Way

Cutting back on non-essentials has helped our grocery budget.

It has forced us to cook more, prep like pros (even though they don’t always work perfectly), and shop with a frugal mindset.

Bulletproof Coffee Recipe

pumpkin spice bullet proof coffee
Pumpkin Spiced Bulled Proof Coffee

We make our perfect cup of morning java the keto way.

However, this coffee might seem overwhelmingly odd for keto beginners, but trust me; it is delicious and not in any funky, weird way.

Bulletproof coffee is frothy and creamy comparable to a Tim Hortons hot English toffee or Vanilla Cappuccino.

Just in time for Autumn, you can enjoy Pumpkin Spiced Bulletproof Coffee which I’m sharing from The Banting Blondes.

How To Make BulletProof Coffee (BPC)

Alternative Keto Sweeteners To Buy For Your BPC

We love Erythritol, Allulose, and Sukrin Gold, a brown sugar alternative.

BulletProof Coffee

Make your 2 cups of black coffee, put all the ingredients into our Ninja blender, or use a hand frother and blend until creamy and frothy.

We like the blender better as it does an excellent job with frothing.

The hand frother or electric coffee frother are great if you’re in a rush for work or have to get out the door quickly.

Both of them come with an upfront cost which I feel is reasonable but will save you a fortune by staying away from Starbucks.

Keto Iced Dalgona Coffee

Keto Dalgona
Easy Keto Dalgona Iced Coffee Recipe

Another famous keto coffee is the Keto Iced Dalgona Coffee, a cold version of bulletproof coffee.

You can make Dalgona coffee hot or cold, but I chose the complex version for the blog since we enjoy it.

Dalgona coffee is a whipped coffee where you can add MCT oil and butter to the hot version.

A coffee such as this, with the added fat from the whipped cream, helps satisfy you.

Lately, she’s been using unsweetened oat milk that we buy from Costco instead of almond milk.

You can also find Macadamia nut milk at Costco, another substitute for almond milk if you don’t like it.

All ingredients are keto diet staples found in our kitchen.

Dalgona Coffee

  • 2 teaspoons instant coffee
  • 2 teaspoons of sugar, sugar substitute or flavoured syrup
  • 1 cup Almond Milk (Unsweetened – Keto) or any other dairy such as Macadamia milk or oat milk.
  • 2 teaspoons 35% Whipping Cream Keto and Traditional or Coconut Cream (Vegan)
  • Ice Cubes if Cold Dalgona Coffee
  • Hot water if Hot Dalgona Coffee

What is the Keto Diet?

The Ketogenic diet also is known as Keto or a low-carb, high-fat diet following suit with Atkins and other low-carb diets and meal plans.

Entering your body into ketosis will kick-start burning fat for energy, which helps you lose weight.

What we love about eating on the keto diet is the amount of experimenting we do with the products we purchase.

The hardest part for newbies into the keto diet way of eating is having to eat high amounts of fat.

To some, it may be shocking that Mrs. CBB eats Bacon more than the average person, but she needs the good fats.

Keto Diet Is A Lifestyle Change

Reducing carb intake and increasing fat puts a body into “ketosis,” where your body uses stored fat for fuel.

When we think of the Keto Diet, we consider it a lifestyle change, not a means to lose weight.

However, for Mrs. CBB, the keto diet started to reduce the weight she gained during pregnancy.

Baby Weight Be Gone

After having our first child and gaining over 50 lbs, she knew she had to return to where she was pre-pregnancy.

Running used to be what she loved to do, but that wasn’t in the picture because she was too exhausted with a new baby.

Although running 5k every day hadn’t become part of her daily routine, she incorporated Keto as a new way of eating.

The idea was to get her diet under control by eating high-fat, low carbs and then factoring in walking for exercise.

She has since lost over 100 lbs on Keto and is still losing pounds by practicing weekly intermittent fasting.

Keto Diet Plan

If you want to lose weight, your body needs to be in a state of ketosis using the fat you have stored for energy instead of carbohydrates.

Failing to do this may result in slow weight loss or possibly no weight loss and weight gain.

Keeping your macros at 20 net grams of carbs is the holy grail, although your doctor may recommend you start higher.

Keto Diet Macros 101

What are macros?

Macronutrients are three categories of nutrition that go into our bodies, fats, carbohydrates, and protein.

Counting macros means counting the grams of each of the three categories and keeping track.

If you cheat, and it may happen, start over and perhaps incorporate intermittent fasting to get back into ketosis fast.

Before you do any form of fasting, it’s essential to talk to your doctor.

Lastly, I want out that bloggers are not nutritionists unless stated they are. I’m not a nutritionist at all.

So, take the macro counts with a grain of salt and calculate them yourself using the nutritional information on your products.

For example, I’m not a nutritionist, and although I calculate macros in many of my recipes, they may differ based on the products each consumer uses.

Fasting On The Keto Diet

Alternatively, as mentioned above, intermittent fasting will also help get you into ketosis in as little as two days.

Some people use intermittent fasting at 16:8, where you fast for 16 hours and have an eating window of 8 hours.

There are many intermittent fasting eating windows. It’s up to you to find what works best for your body.

My advice would be to test them out and then stick to what will be attainable for your lifestyle.

The first number is your fast hours, and the second is your eating window.

  • 20:4
  • 22:2
  • 18:6

What is OMAD?

Some people love to do OMAD, ONE MEAL A DAY, where all calories are consumed in a timed eating window.

If you are at a stall with your keto diet, intermittent fasting will help get you back into ketosis.

Essentially you do what’s right for you and always consult with your doctor first.

Weight After Fasting

Recently Mrs.CBB completed a two-week extended fast of just water and black coffee and dropped nearly 30lbs.

Of course, her goal was Autophagy and an entire body cleanses, but the weight loss was excellent.

She has managed to keep the weight off over the years and drop pounds.

These days she does weekly 72-hour fasts but alternates them weekly to shake the body up.

Extended Fasting For Autophagy

What is Autophagy?

If you want to do a full-body reset, a 72-hour fast-only consuming water, black coffee, and tea is a great way to get back to basics for your gut health and introduce Autophagy.

In simple terms, Autophagy is a state where your body cleanses itself of old cells and rejuvenates new healthier cells.

Autophagy is “self-eating,” where Auto means Self and Phagy means to eat.

Again, consult with your doctor.

Two of Mrs. CBB’s favourite doctors to follow on YouTube are Dr. Mindy Pelz and Canadian Dr. Jason Fung.

Dr. Fung’s book The Obesity Code is a book you will want to read.

Everything you believe about how to lose weight is wrong. Weight gain and obesity are driven by hormones—in everyone—and only by understanding the effects of insulin and insulin resistance can we achieve lasting weight loss.

In this highly readable and provocative book, Dr. Jason Fung sets out an original, robust theory of obesity that provides startling insights into proper nutrition.

In addition to his five basic steps, a set of lifelong habits that will improve your health and control your insulin levels, Dr. Fung explains how to use intermittent fasting to break the cycle of insulin resistance and reach a healthy weight—for good.

You may want to check out Dr. Eric Berg, Thomas DeLauer, and Dr. Ken Berry on YouTube for keto expertise.

Keto Urine Strips

just fitter ketone urine test strips

Last year Mrs. CBB bought keto sticks from the pharmacy that test the number of ketones in your urine.

You may be familiar with these if you’ve been pregnant, as most doctors ask pregnant women to check their ketone levels during doctor’s visits.

You can buy a 200 Keto test strips bottle for $10-12 at Shoppers Drug Mart or from Amazon Canada.

It’s not 100% accurate, but it will give you a good estimate of whether you have reached ketosis.

All you need is a bit of colour change in the stick to be in ketosis; however, when you become fat-adapted, you may not register.

Sometimes people think the darker the urine stick colour, the further into ketosis you may be.

Unfortunately, it could be the reverse, and you are dehydrated.

It’s essential to keep hydrated on a low-carb keto diet because of all the fibre you eat.

The last thing you want to happen is to get constipated, another issue that is hard to deal with (no pun intended).

Testing Ketones with a Blood Monitor

freestyle precision blood ketone monitor

The best method for testing your ketone levels is a ketone blood monitor specifically designed to test ketone levels.

You can get a prescription from your doctor if he/she supports your keto journey, which your work health benefits may cover.

freestyle precision ketone blood test strips

We use the Freestyle Precision Neo test monitor from Shoppers Drug Mart.

The test strips for the blood ketone monitor cost around $25-$30 for a box of 10 or on Amazon Canada for $26.99.

blood ketone testing strips
Ketone Blood Strips

How Do You Know You Are In Ketosis?

When using the blood ketone monitor, if your aim is weight-loss, you will want an optimal reading between 1.5 to 3.0 mmol/.

If you are measuring 0.5-1.5mmol, this also puts you into ketosis, but you won’t see the best results as you would in the abovementioned optimal level.

Our Keto Diet Meal Plan

Mrs. CBB didn’t start with a meal plan for the keto diet; however, we experimented with different recipes and then added our touch. 

We’ve learned that you need it if you stock all the main staples of a keto diet in your pantry and refrigerator.

We purchase produce, meats, and dairy, and we’re all set.

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Some of our more popular keto diet recipes on the blog have been favourites we’ve been enjoying.

keto casserole
Keto Breakfast Casserole

The recipes below are Keto, gluten-free, sugar-free, and low-carb, perfect for the keto diet and maintenance.

All our Keto Diet Recipes are on our Free Recipe Index Page.

Keto Diet Food List

Keto Diet Staples List

This list has grown over the years, so you may find updates to this blog post.

Your keto grocery list may differ from someone else depending on food allergies, grocery budget, and availability.

What I find interesting about the Low Carb Keto Diet is that it encourages people to cook; otherwise, you will fail.

The Keto Diet is a masterpiece of dishes satisfying your tummy for hours.

We also shop at Costco for many of our Keto staples which I’ve created a massive blog post with photos.

It’s one of the top Keto Costco Canada product reviews on the web right now and worth reviewing.

Related: The Ultimate Keto Costco Canada product guide with Photos

Another popular read is Keto Costco Canada Products We Buy To Save Money

Pork Rinds Are An Important Keto Diet Staple

We use plain for keto pork rind nachos and breadcrumbs for our recipes that require breading or a binder such as a keto meatloaf or keto meatballs.


Everything we buy at Costco Canada for the Keto Diet.

Other Keto Products We Buy From Amazon Canada

Below are a few products Mrs. CBB uses and recommends as part of her keto lifestyle and for anyone on a keto diet.

If you don’t, I’ll photograph our overflowing pantry, haha!

Building a keto pantry will take time, so don’t get overwhelmed with all products.

We often bake and create recipes, so we must stock all keto ingredients.

We also tend to avoid buying pre-made keto foods as they are very pricey, and you can make them at home at a fraction of the cost.

Our Keto Diet Pantry Must-Haves For Success

The best cooking oils to use on a keto diet.
The best cooking oils to use on a keto diet by KitchenAid

I will add to the list as we find more Keto diet pantry items that we use and feel could benefit any keto pantry.

Some products may seem pricey, but a little goes a long way, and paying for quality is essential.

Costco Canada Keto Diet Food List

Keto diet list Costco

I also compiled an extensive Costco Canada Keto Food List, including photos, so you know what you want.

It has been one of the most popular Keto education posts on Canadian Budget Binder that I update often.

If you’re looking for even more inspiring keto products to add to your kitchen, it’s a must-read.

We’ve found loads of grocery budget savings buying bulk from Costco, especially food products.

Eating Good Fats Keeps You Full For Longer

The idea is to keep whole, so you’re not snacking in between unless necessary or over-eating, which most people do.

Be cautious when we eat the wrong foods that spike our insulin levels.

It can be hard to beat the carbohydrate giant, especially when hidden carbs are in many food products.

Not all stores often care about keto diet foods, so opting to purchase online is the next best option.

Not all keto diet foods and supplements are purchased at the grocery store unless they have an Organic/Health section where they may be available.

Reading Keto Food Product Labels

Reading food labels and ingredient lists is critical when leading a keto lifestyle.

For example, Costco has a Keto Approved Bar called Choc Keto Snaps that people are raving about; however, it has cane sugar if you read the ingredient list.

Cane sugar is sugar and not keto-approved, so I’m not sure how companies get away with labelling products by cheating consumers this way.

Just be cautious about the ingredient list; if unsure, Google it or ask your keto friend network for help.

However, if you still want to eat products that fit your macros and don’t kick you out of ketosis, do what you do.

Keto is not a one-size-fits-all and is different for many people.

Keto Approved Sweeteners

This great chart shows the market’s good and bad sugars and sweeteners.

When using keto sweetener alternatives, always research what works best for you.

Keto Diet-Approved Sweeteners

keto approved sweeteners
Keto Diet-Approved Sweeteners

You can find more info at: How Much Does The Keto Diet Cost

Where to buy Keto?

We often end up at the Bulk Barn, Costco Canada, and Popeye’s Supplements to stock up on deals.

You can order keto products from Amazon Canada with free 2-day shipping if you’re a Prime member.

Always watch their daily deals as we’ve picked up some significant savings.

Popular online and brick-and-mortar stores for keto products that we recommend are: 

Talk To Your Doctor Before Starting A Keto Diet

Almost everything Keto or low carb is gluten-free, so talk to your doctor if you want to try this way of eating healthy.

I plan to make a master keto grocery shopping list to share prices and tell you why we buy what we do where we do in an upcoming blog post.

Keep an eye on the blog, or subscribe, so you get an email when I publish a new post.

If you’re not keen on ordering online, most grocery stores have a health-food section where you may find some of the same products.

Printable Keto Diet Staples List

Keeping your pantry organized and using a grocery list will help you know what you have stocked up on and what needs to be refilled.

You may find like we have that many of the keto diet products go a long way, so you’ll only buy them once or twice a year.

Keto Diet Staples In Our Kitchen
Keto Diet Staples In Our Kitchen

You can also download our 30 keto staples list printable and put it on your refrigerator for reference and motivation.

Remember that our Keto Diet/Low Carb pantry staples list is not inclusive as many other items add to our meal plan.

You can also find online keto grocery stores such as Low Carb Canada that deliver right to your door.

Since the pandemic, just about every store that carries keto diet staples will deliver, so be on the lookout for coupon codes and discounts.

We find Amazon has the best prices for keto products, especially when they go on sale, become an add-on, or are a lightning deal.

Plan To Be Successful On The Keto Diet

These essentials are great to start with when you are new to the Keto Diet lifestyle.

Eat Eggs, Eat Bacon, and Eat your good Fats!!!

Ideally, you would create a keto meal plan and purchase the keto diet staples you need.

This will help you purchase unnecessary keto diet products that will go to waste.

You can find many keto ideas on Pinterest as well. I’ve posted our keto recipes on the blog.

Eat Fat, Get Thin!!

Beginners Keto Food List

New 2021: Beginners Keto Food List Printable

Beginners Keto Food List
Beginners Keto Food List

Discussion Question: What are some of your favourite keto diet staples that I haven’t listed, and what is the best place to buy or order them in Canada?

Please leave your comments below.

Thanks for stopping by to read.


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    2 – 750 g Frozen Carrots & Peas = $3.94

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    No the Ramen Soup is made with Rice Vermicelli noodles instead of wheat so I can have the soup too. We use No Salt Chicken Stock and hit it with some spices or tobasco or whatever we are in the mood for in terms of heat, a handful of sliced green onions & finish it with a poached egg.

    What I like about the Olive Garden salads is the dressing, the fact that they are all-you-can-eat plus they will give me my own bowl that I customize to suit my health issues…extra tomatoes & black olives, no pickled peppers, no croutons & definitely no fresh grated parmesan cheese. 🙂 It’s a twice a year get-together with our girlfriend that we do. The bridge tolls to get there add up to $7.50 so we only do it a couple times a year. Olive Garden also makes an awesome virgin Caesar drink so we sit, chat & catch up on the last 6 months over lunch.

    Mr CBB, my chili has 2 different types of ground chili pepper (regular & hot), onion powder, garlic powder, cumin, black pepper, worscestershire, Splenda brown sugar and beef boullion powder. The best part, other than browning my ground beef in a pan…the whole thing cooks in my crockpot. 🙂

  3. AUGUST – Week #4 of 4- Aug 28-Sept 3, 2017


    •Total Grocery Budgeted For Year: $190.00 x 12 = $2,280.00 for 2 adults



    Hubby and I were talking the other day about our grocery shopping habits… you know the drill. We’re all trying to buy less, shop less, spend less, waste less & sometimes what we are doing just isn’t working the way we hoped it would.

    The new rule at our house is…there will be NO SHOPPING until we have used up EVERYTHING we have on hand with a few notable exceptions – milk, bread, eggs, onions, carrots & celery will be re-stocked as needed! I still need to make soups!

    I’m sure this method will save us boatloads of money PLUS I won’t have to penny pinch every week pouring over the flyers and devoting my energy to pounding the pavement in a ton of different stores.

    So, with the start of this new system…I will create a new reserve that is called the GGC Savings Reserve. It’s where I will stash the money that we don’t spend…and we can easily see how much we have saved as a result of this clean-out! I also plan to make large monthly transfer to the re-stocking reserve so that when the stock is depleted…we have lots of cash on hand to re-stock as sales become available. This month we kick off the GGC Savings Reserve with $34.47!


    I expect our meals will get really interesting with this new approach, the longer we are at it. It’s going to be all about shopping our pantry and the freezer until they are completely empty.

    What I will do is report what I managed to make with what I had on hand in the house. How much food do you have on hand…want to join me in what I am affectionately calling, “the great grocery clean-out”? (Did you notice that’s also GGC?) LOL

    So, the GGC at our house has begun!

    I will show you the meal plan for the week using the groceries on hand. This week is:

    Monday – Lunch – Ham Sandwiches & an apple

    Monday – Dinner – Chicken & fries


    Tuesday – Lunch – Egg Salad Sandwich & potato salad

    Tuesday – Dinner – use dining card for $20 at Milestones


    Wednesday – Lunch – Tuna Sandwiches, bread & butter pickles & iced tea

    Wednesday – Dinner – Triple Bean Bake with Bacon


    Thursday – Lunch – Leftover fried chicken, Onion Bagels with cheese & tomato

    Thursday – Dinner – Slow Roasted Onion Blade Roast with roasted nugget potatoes, celery & carrots


    Friday – Lunch – Chili with buttered Onion Buns & Blueberries

    Friday – Dinner – Cashew Rice Bowl with mushrooms, roasted red peppers & snap peas


    Saturday – Lunch – Vegetable Soup, Cheese & Crackers

    Saturday – Dinner – Leftover Triple Bean Bake with Bacon and Garlic Toast


    Sunday – Lunch – Birthday lunch with a friend at Olive Garden << mmm green salad!

    Sunday – Dinner – Chicken Ramen Soup



    RCSS – Pitt Meadows –

    2 x 3lb bag Yellow Onions @ $1.77 ea = $3.54

    Total Regular Grocery OOP: $3.54
    Total Stocking Up Budget OOP: $0.00
    Total Summer Reserve OOP:

    ** Earned 0 PC.Plus Points on this shop **
    ** SAVED $0.00 in Rain Check/ Coupons **
    ** SAVED $0.00 Loyalty Savings on this shop **






    •Total Loyalty Card Price Reductions This Year: $141.70

    •Total Coupons/Rain Checks Used This Year: $0.00

    •Total Price Match Savings Used This Year: $0.00

    •Total More Points Earned This Year: 308 Points

    •Total Air Miles Earned This Year: 22 Air Miles

    •Total PC PLUS Points Earned This Year: 20,000 Points

    •Total Optimum Points Earned This Year: 4,100 Points



    $ 1,520.00 Grocery Budget JAN-AUG

    ($ 208.13) NET RESERVE SAVINGS

    ($1,311.87) Actual CASH SPENT



    $ 234.84 Re-Stocking Fund
    $ 140.70 Holiday Season Fund + $200 RCSS POINTS + $10 Dream Air Miles.
    $ 619.59 Summer Season Fund
    $ 453.37 US Shopping Reserve
    $ 34.47 GGC Savings Reserve
    $ 0.00 Points Redeemed Reserve

    OUR CURRENT TOTAL UNUSED RESERVES ARE $1,482.97. This means the $1,274.44 that we carried forward from 2016 PLUS AN ADDITIONAL $958.85 that we have added in 2017, LESS $750.32 that we have drawn out for use in 2017.


    1. Hi Mary,
      Funny you both should mention this because Mrs. CBB and I have talked about this way of grocery shopping before but it is tough. I am thrilled to hear both Larry and yourself are committed to this and can’t wait to see the results every week. I love how you are so diligent with tracking numbers and finding the best savings for your family. It’s interesting to see the numbers and I often wonder why so many other people don’t take the time to do the same.
      What will you do with your GGC reserve?
      Chili and buttered onion buns… YUM!! When you make your chili what spices do you put in? I’m not a fan of heat BUT I don’t want chili to taste like pasta sauce, if you know what I mean.
      How do you make the Ramen soup or is that those packets? I have never been to the Olive garden before. What do you love about their salads?
      Looking forward to this twist in the road for your GGC journey!! Smart going! You get ballot #11. MR.CBB

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