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Our Thanksgiving 2021 Around The Table : Saturday Weekend Review #336

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Thanksgiving 2021 will be the 15th year of celebrations in Canada that I’ve participated in.

So far, I love the pie, all the pie and more pie, and our Canadian family coming together.

Last night we asked our son what Thanksgiving meant to him, and his first response was turkey.

Smart as a whistle, this young man, even though he doesn’t eat meat unless it’s on a pizza.

Today’s post is Thanksgiving 2021 feelings and how things have changed but never been forgotten.

Thoughts around the table for Thanksgiving and how we celebrate by moving forward.

Thanksgiving 2021 Thoughts Around The Table
Thanksgiving 2021 Thoughts Around The Table

Then we asked him what else Thanksgiving signified, and he said our family.

Coming from a seven-year-old boy beginning to understand faith and holidays, I’d say he answered well.

Just as a child is learning about Thanksgiving, I’m doing the same, and each year we have new customs.

Even though traditions may change, you never forget the happiest moments of your life.

Learning About Thanksgiving 2021 At Church

I’m not religious, but Mrs. CBB brings him to religious night school once a week at the church.

He has already had his baptism, and he will have his communion then confirmation by next spring.

This week he learned about the seven sacraments, crafts and ending the night with a prayer.

When he came outside when I picked them up, I asked him what he had learned in class.

He replied, “Family” because they are your family forever. Good answer, I thought.

Looking at our kitchen wall, he drew a photo of our family when he was three years old.

Family means so much to our son that he calls his cousin a million times a day on his tablet.

Celebrating Thanksgiving 2021 Without Parents

The only part of Thanksgiving that is missing is grandparents and family in the UK; although we don’t celebrate the holiday,

While walking to pick our son up from school yesterday, Mrs. CBB said that so much has changed that it’s hard to process new traditions.

Family is everything for us, and when there is a death or illness in the family, the dynamics change.

That’s hard for children and adults who have family that has left this earth and passed on.

This is why it’s important for Mrs. CBB that our son learns about God and faith, so he has something to believe in.

Almost every Sunday, he asks about his grandfather and why God took him to heaven.

It’s not easy explaining death to a young child, but he will always remember him in his heart and mind.

The family has a large impact on everyone, even if they are not getting along or haven’t talked in years.

Family is still family, and just because they can’t celebrate Thanksgiving around the table, they are in our hearts.

Thanksgiving 2021 Goals For Our Family

For this Thanksgiving, our goal is to be thankful for yesterday, today and tomorrow.

Although not everything from yesterday went as planned, today might not either, but there’s always tomorrow.

Whatever you are going through in your life or went through gives you the strength to carry on.

Since I didn’t celebrate Thanksgiving in the UK, it has been a day where I’ve thought about my life.

I don’t know why I wait until Thanksgiving Day to reminisce about all of the amazing things that have happened to me.

Sometimes It’s hard to believe I live in Canada and have a wife and son.

I’m also grateful for my career opportunities, but it’s my family that means the most.

I couldn’t do half the things I’ve done if it weren’t for Mrs. CBB, who is sharp on her toes.

Although I keep to myself quite a bit, she can tell when talking about family will make me happy.

Not seeing my family is tough, although a phone call is always a must with my parents.

Holiday Memories Hurt The Most

Unfortunately, my wife cannot do that, and it hits her right in the heart because memories hurt the most.

From the big juicy turkey to lasagna, cheese and veggie platters, mashed potatoes, ham, yams, wine, salads and being together with family has changed.

She told me never to stop loving my parents and always contact family if I can’t be with them.

It’s not until they are gone that you wish you could say or do something with them that you never got the chance.

Perhaps like Mrs. CBB, it’s during the holidays that hurt the most because they had special meaning for her family.

I asked her what Thanksgiving Day meant to her, and she said her family.

The food is good but having the family together building memories is the most important for her.

From decorating the Thanksgiving table to helping her siblings help their mom put the finishing touches on the meal.

Stories Around The Dining Room Table

Her father would always be on the dining room table with a bottle of liquor, wine and shot glasses, telling us stories of his past.

Now she understands why he always talked about what he did as a child and over the years.

He left her with stories and memories that she could share with our son, so it became a legacy.

That’s the great part about family when there’s always a story to be told.

When someone passes away in the family, the holidays become a time to reinvent the wheel somewhat.

Although Thanksgiving may be similar, it comes with a different environment and without people you love.

It can take years to move on, but Mrs. CBB said that this time is just as important to our son as it was for her.

Moving forward is tough, but you can still bring along Thanksgiving traditions and make your own.

Thanksgiving 2021 A Time To Hold Hands and Reflect

Sometimes people don’t believe that children understand special occasions or death, but they do.

You feel it in your heart, and on a special day such as Thanksgiving, it’s important to remember those that are not with us.

This year Mrs. CBB has asked her son if he would lead a small prayer before Thanksgiving dinner.

Currently, he knows how to recite the “Our Father,” so he will lead us in that prayer.

Then we will go around the table quickly and ask each person what they are thankful for.

As much as it hurts, moving forward is the only way to go because there is no turning back time.

Enough talking, where’s the pumpkin pie, apple pie, butter tarts and coffee?

There’s nothing wrong with having dessert before Thanksgiving Dinner.

Share Your Thanksgiving Blessings and Memories

Discussion: What does Thanksgiving mean to you and your family?

Happy Thanksgiving 2021 to all CBB readers who I feel blessed to have here with me.

Even those of you who just read and don’t comment, you’re just as important.

Perhaps today, if you could leave me a comment and tell me your name and what you are thankful for.

Let’s see how many people this will reach.

Mr. and Mrs. CBB

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Mr.CBB’s Thoughts and Quotes

Thank Yourself And Treat People With Kindness

It’s no secret that we get to live the life we are in only once before we pass away.

During this time, be kind to yourself, your body and live as stress-free as you can.

Take long walks, enjoy the scenery and take back what you have given in haste.

Most of all, Treat People With Kindness as it usually comes back to you.

Frugal Thanksgiving Recipe Ideas

Thanksgiving 2021 Treats I'm Making
Thanksgiving 2021 Treats I’m Making

I was asked to bring two Thanksgiving treats to our family gathering, so I went with the most popular on CBB.

You will see my Thick Classic Date Squares and British Cinnamon Apple Pie Bars in the photo above.

There will also be a homemade pumpkin pie with whipped cream and vanilla bean ice cream over the top.

Thanksgiving 2021 Dinner Menu

Our Thanksgiving 2021 Dinner Menu is going to be delicious.

  • Butterball turkey
  • Turkey Stuffing
  • Mashed Potatoes
  • Homemade Gravy
  • Cranberry Sauce
  • Sweet Potato/ Yams baked
  • Maple syrup
  • Carrots and Peas
  • Brussel sprouts fried with butter and bacon
  • Ham with pineapple rings baked
  • Casear Salad
  • Radish salad with fennel and an apple cider vinagrette

Saturday Search Term Giggles

Kermit the frog Google Search Terms for Canadian Budget Binder
Kermit The Frog: Google Search Terms for Canadian Budget Binder

These are keywords that readers typed into their search engine and landed on this blog.

I get quite a few of these every day and pick some of the best to feature right here.

  • Date Squares Canadian Lying – I think they meant living but mine are better. Toot Toot!
  • Oat Fibre Cookies – Those will keep you moving
  • Baking with Crap Apples – hahahaha
  • Apple peeler from Canadian Tire – That’s a bit random
  • Are joint accounts frozen when one person dies – nope as long as you are listed on the account.

That’s all for this Saturday, CBB Friends.

Take care and Happy Thanksgiving.


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  1. Thanksgiving has been a happy day in our family most years. There have been some where a recent death has marred the day, but we also usually go round the table and try to verbalise our feelings of gratitude. I am most grateful for my family, for my parents and the way I was raised to care for others; for my children and grandchildren, we have had some big bumps in the road but our core family remains close; unbelievably perhaps, as my childrens’ father and I separated in 1981, I am grateful for the relationship I now have with his second wife, as she cares for his rapidly developing dementia, ensuring he maintains contact with his offspring. They will join us for Thanksgiving meal on Monday. My grandchildren have often said they love that I invite their “other garndparent” for celebrations. I am grateful for my good health as I age and creak along, for life in a country of peace, where so many others live in constant fear. basically I am grateful for my life, even the big bumps which, in retrospect, strengthened me for the future.

    1. Hi Mary,
      What a lovely response. Dementia is such a horrible disease and worst of all the person generally doesn’t even know it’s happening or they try to hide it. We know that pain all too well in this family. We chat around the table with no parents or grandparents from Canada and it feels odd. For so many years we’d go to my inlaws for holidays and that has become a memory. Take care and Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family Mary. Mr.CBB

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