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Quntis LED Outdoor String Lights Review

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The lovely people at Quntis wanted my honest opinion of their Quntis 53FT LED Outdoor String Lights.

I had asked for the extended version of 101ft, but they are connectable, which I wasn’t aware of at the time.

If you’re wondering if they are solar, they are not, as you need to plug them in.

These lights are described as Waterproof, Shatterproof Patio Lights, String Outdoor with 15+1 Bulbs; Connectable Led Outdoor Lights.

If you’re hunting for warm white outdoor lights, check out my review and see how they look in our backyard during the day and late at night.

Quntis Outdoor String Lights Review 2023 CBB
Quntis Outdoor String Lights Review 2023 CBB

Familiar places to hang outdoor string lights might be:

  • Backyard Balconies
  • Gazebo
  • Pergola
  • Bistro
  • Deck Parties
  • Cottage
  • Outdoor Patio Space
  • Fence
  • Trees
  • Outdoor Wedding
  • Prom Party

Unboxing The Quntis Outdoor String Lights

Mrs. CBB and I have discussed adding lighting to our backyard for years.

Unfortunately, our backyard had zero lighting, so that we would have an outdoor solar light.

For each fence post, I bought Noma outdoor solar-powered lighting from Canadian Tire three years ago.

At night they look spectacular, but it’s still not enough light when hosting a gathering.

When I unboxed the Quntis string lights, It was nice to see that they came with a spare bulb and warranty.

One of my Noma solar lights stopped working, so I had to buy a new fixture as no spare bulbs were available in-store.

All of the product was nicely packed, and it came with easy-to-read instructions.

The cost was $29.99 plus taxes, although I read that bulbs can be purchased from the manufacturer.

Bummer, but I had to buy it, or it would look odd.

I’d consider replacement part availability with any outdoor string lighting.

Quntis String Lights unboxing review
Quntis String Lights unboxing review

What You Get From Quntis Outdoor String Lights

  • Led Bulb Quantity: 15+1 PCS S14 Bulbs
  • Total Length: 48ft light string + 5ft extension cord
  • Socket Distance: 3.2ft
  • Bulb Material: Plastic
  • Output Power: 15W
  • 53FT 15bulb string lights are waterproof outdoors, have one spare bulb, 16 cable ties, a 5ft extension cord, and a user manual. Besides, The Plug of edition globe lights has passed UL588 Certification to ensure safety. These bright hanging lights will make a welcomed addition to your backyard and be cozy with your ideal evening.
  • Replacement Bulbs of Quntis S14 Lights】Every LED lumiere exterior from Quntis can enjoy 1-year quality support and three years of replacement bulb service. Besides, If you need extra replacement bulbs, please search ASIN: B08TWSCTV2 on the Amazon search line, and you will find it. It is four-pack bulbs and is compatible with this quntis S14 pergola lights.

Difference Between A Lanai, Patio, Porch, And Sunroom

Lanai outdoor space
Outdoor space Lanai

When our home was built, the back porch was poured concrete but turned into a lanai.

A lanai hails from Hawaii and means it’s an outdoor space similar to a porch or veranda.

You might find Mrs. CBB, and I are having our morning chat and coffee in our lanai.

Used as an enclosed porch, a lanai is not four seasons but only three seasons and often not heated.

Our flooring is concrete, although I tiled over it a year after we bought the house.

We have a decorative rug on the floor and a 4-piece Lazy-Boy conversation set.

There is a screen door to go outside and jumbo patio doors inside our house.

The lanai house has outdoor light and six double windows with screens and blinds.

Our lanai is used in the spring, summer, and fall, as the winter is chilly.


Outdoor patio
An outdoor patio made from stone, concrete, or brick.

However, a patio is an outdoor space that might be floored with pavers, brick, stone, or poured concrete.

A patio is not covered and is typically added after a home is built in the backyard or side garden. Think of it as an outdoor living space.



We have a porch at the front of our home, although you can find them at the side or even wrapped around a house.

Under our front porch is our cold room, where we store our stockpile of food, health and beauty products, and canning.

Porches may be covered or uncovered and are perfect for outdoor seating for lunch, reading, morning coffee, or chatting with friends.



A sunroom typically is four-season and costly to install and upgrade if you want heated flooring.

We could change our lanai to four seasons and have gotten quotes close to $60,000.

These spaces are unique and offer the homeowner space to enjoy their surroundings.

Quntis string lights would be acceptable only in outdoor spaces as they are not made for indoor use. (see notes below in pros and cons)

So, if you want to string them on your porch, veranda, or patio, it would add a glow to the structure.

String Lighting With Increased Ambience

If you’re going for the bright warm white light, the Quntis string lights are a showpiece.

UL Certified patio lights, Corded outdoor lights, Energy Saving balcony lights, IP65 Waterproof outdoor string lights, 2700K Warm White led string lightsUL Certified patio lights, Corded outdoor lights, Energy Saving balcony lights, IP65 Waterproof outdoor string lights, 2700K Warm White led string lights.
Quntis Outdoor String Lights Review 2023 CBB

I do, however, have expectations when it comes to making purchases for our home.

Like many, I’ve been burned buying cheap stuff, only having to replace or fix it.

In the end, it made more sense to spend the extra dollars.

You may want to consider a few things when purchasing string lights for your home.

  • Cost – Is the item budget friendly and affordable for homeowners?
  • Quality – What materials are used to make the product?
  • Warranty – How long is the warranty, and what does it cover?
  • Replacement Parts – Can you purchase replacement parts and the costs?
  • Customer reviews – What are other people saying about the product you want to purchase?

With over 2500 reviews on Amazon Canada and a 75% five-star rating, I knew customers were happy.

I also knew that if I wasn’t satisfied that I could return the product to Amazon for a refund.

Quntis Outdoor String Lights Review 2023 CBB
Quntis Outdoor String Lights Review 2023 CBB

Overall Pros and Cons Of Quntis Outdoor String Lights

I hadn’t noticed before, but our neighbour a few houses down has string lights on their fence.

They opted for the floppy version of the string light attachment, which gives you an idea of what the Quntis may look like in your space.

You can do the same with the Quintis lights, which provide tie wraps in the box.

Otherwise, you can do what I have done and use screws and a drill to attach them to the fence posts.

I added electrical boxes when I built our deck in 2010, which have come in handy.

Something to consider if you don’t have any.

up close Quntis String Lights on the fence


  • Easy to hang on our wood fence
  • Shatterproof
  • Modern Design
  • Indoor or Outdoor use
  • Waterproof
  • Ability to add more strings of lights with the end-to-end connection.
  • I can add a dimmer, but it’s not included
  • Energy saving bulbs
  • Bright and warm lighting for the entire space.
  • Pre-drilled screw holes


  • A longer extension chord would make things easier for users.
  • States both indoor and outdoor on Amazon in one spot and only outdoors in another.

Quntis creative decorative string lights can not only be used as lighting, but also the perfect decoration for indoor and outdoor, creating a romantic atmosphere, and enjoying happy time with family and friends.

Quntis 53ft Outdoor String Lights

Overall Thoughts

I’d recommend Quntis outdoor string lights for anyone purchasing summer patio, fence, or deck waterproof LED lighting.

Although I wished the extension was longer, I had no problem attaching what I had.

The string lights look magical in our back garden, adding luxury to the outdoor living space.

Discount Code For Quntis Outdoor String Lights

Just for CBB readers, Quntis is offering a 5% discount code 89W29KIM (copy and paste into Amazon Promo Code box) expiry date: 2024-12-31

Quntis Outdoor String Lights, Waterproof, Shatterproof, Patio Lights, with 15+1 Bulbs, Connectable Led Outdoor Lights for Backyard Balcony Gazebo Pergola Bistro Deck Party, Warm White.

Also, Quntis often has fantastic sales on all their products sold on Amazon.

My sister-in-law loved the photos I sent her of the Quntis string lights.

She purchased two boxes for her fence, which she is installing for a long-weekend party.

Check out my review of the Quntis Fairy Tree Christmas Lights I wrote at Christmas. You’ll love them. We do!

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