Why personal net worth numbers interest people : March 2015 Net Worth Update (+1.48%)


THE COST OF HAVING NET WORTH   Your personal net worth may be more important to other people than it is to yourself depending on who you are. In the CBB house we have tracked our net worth for a couple of years now and it’s more of an indication of our financial health. It helps us to answer questions that we have regarding the way we save and spend our money. Are we improving our personal wealth using the tools and knowledge that we have or do we need to follow a different path?  This is what runs through our minds when we pull the data every month to share it with all of you. So far, we’re happy about how far we’ve come although growing our savings and retirement fund will require dedication to our budgeting system and how we apply it to daily living.   Personal Net Worth Fuels the Fire   If your passion is personal finance knowing your numbers is critical to your success. Without knowing what your personal net worth is it’s hard to make financial decisions that may increase that number. You have to spend money or invest money to “make money” and […]

grocery game monthly challenge

How to Save Money on Fresh Produce- Fruits and Vegetables: The Grocery Game Challenge #2 Apr 13-19, 2015

how to save money on fresh produce fruits and vegetables

EAT HEALTHY FOR LESS   Most people head to the grocery store when buying fresh produce because that is where most of us are conditioned to go from a young age. Unless you’ve grown up on a farm or had parents who ventured outside of the supermarket you might believe this is the only place to stock up on fresh produce. It’s not as there are many other ways you can enjoy the luxuries of fresh produce as long as you are willing to do the work or shall I say, the homework. According to the Canada Food Guide this is what YOU should be eating in terms of fruits and vegetables on a daily basis. Fruits and vegetables are food groups that you don’t want to remove from your diet just because you think they are too expensive. Our bodies need nutrients that come from produce that help us stay healthy. Children aged 2-3 Male/Female 4 servings Children aged 4-8 Male/Female 5 servings Children aged 9-13 Male/Female 6 servings Teens aged 14-18 Male 8 servings Female 7 servings Adults between the ages of 19-50 Male 8-10 servings Female 7-8 servings Adults aged 51+ Male/Female 7 servings You can download […]

How do you save money?

how to save money homeless man

THERE’S ALWAYS A WAY   I want to learn more about the savings task that so many people struggle with. So tell me, How do you save money? We all tend to save money a little differently but for many reasons not necessarily for the long-term. Today I want to walk you through conversations I’ve had with a homeless person and a homeowner to understand how saving money differs depending on lifestyle.   Save money…. What is that?   So many people laugh when they read about saving money because they believe there is no such thing. This is a common mindset we have because we believe that if we don’t have excess every month then there is no possible way. Most people who do manage to save, find a way. There’s more to saving money than living frugal meaning you save money on sales etc. People easily overspend while simply shopping for food and other items on sale. That’s why the term “window shopping” is the best way to shop if you don’t really need to buy anything. Leave your wallet at home. Do we really know where our money is going?   A homeowners struggle to save money […]

Mini Chocolate Eclairs

Mini chocolate eclairs

SINK YOUR TEETH INTO THESE   Today I’m going to show you how to be a pastry chef at home by creating these gorgeous mini chocolate eclairs. If you are craving sweets after dinner or just for a snack don’t be shy pop a few of these whipped cream stuffed chocolate eclairs in your mouth and enjoy. How many times have you drooled over gorgeous, deliciously impressive pastries in the bakery window? I bet the first thing that you think (besides that you want to eat something) is that there is no way you could make something so impressive yourself so you just have to buy them. But you can.  With a little patience and following this step by step mini chocolate eclairs recipe you too can make an outstanding pastry that will wow your family and friends. The next time you have a pot-luck or party to attend think about making these super easy chocolate eclairs and your friends will name you home chef of the year. When I’m grocery shopping or out and about I find myself walking past the bakery section to see what they have on display only to say to myself “I don’t need to buy this […]

At what age should your child get their first cell phone? : The Saturday Weekend Review #116

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TIMES REALLY HAVE CHANGED   If you asked me today at what age I would give our son his first cell phone I would tell you it’s never going to happen. At least not from our budget. It’s hard to say no when your child is crying, begging and screaming for their first cell phone and lists all the reasons WHY they should get one, but do they really need it? Cell phone companies are getting rich from these types of kids and the parents who give in. A bit of background about my cell phone… I don’t own one and don’t plan to if I don’t have to. My first cell phone was one of the old cell phones from Samsung which was a flip phone with a camera and a few other bits and bobs. I was almost 30 years old. Back in the day it was a popular phone but as the years progressed it became something that you could smash and replace without remorse. People still use old cell phones but not as much as they rave about the smartphone especially when a new model comes on the market. It seems like just because something new […]

10 Tips to find employment that suits your budget and lifestyle

10 tips to find employment to suit your budget and lifestyle(1)

HOT JOBS: ARE THEY HARD TO FIND?   Most people don’t want to work in a minimum wage job the rest of their lives. Having further education or skills should help people find meaningful employment that earns more money. Finding employment that will earn you enough money to balance your budget doesn’t have to be difficult as long as you follow simple rules to get you the dream job you deserve. You may not find full-time employment in your dream job instantly but that’s fine as long as you get your foot in the door. Right now I’m working part-time in my dream job and they’ve already asked if I’d be interested in full-time just 2 years later. So many people put off working an extra part-time job just to squeeze their way in but sometimes you have to give up something to get in the door. I had to give up having days off and spending time with my family but I know that it will benefit us in the long run when I can be home quite a bit more. The best part is I am earning a great income while doing this and it doesn’t even feel […]

grocery game monthly challenge

How To Save Money When Buying Meat : The Grocery Game Challenge #1 Apr 6-12, 2015

ho w to saave money when buying meat

YOU CAN SAVE MONEY ON MEAT   Meat prices in Canada have gone through the roof as many of you may have noticed. Meat lovers across the land are seeing a rise in their grocery expenses because the meats they love are not as cheap as they once used to be. Just last week I noticed a pound of lean ground beef was hovering around the $9.00 mark. When I was standing in line to cash out I noticed the lady in front of me buying lots of no-name products then there was this pack of beef that looked about 2lbs for $25.xx. I shook my head and thought there had to be better ways to save money on meat than paying some of these outrageous prices that the grocery stores are asking these days. I don’t know what the mark up is on meat but judging by the price fluctuations it depends on farming, slaughtering processing and transportation costs. Either way we look at it meat is costly to eat but there are ways we can stretch our dollars to make sure we can add meat into our meal plans. I know many of you might say to suck […]

Oatmeal NUTELLA Cookies

Oatmeal Nutella Cookies

NUTELLA IS NOT JUST FOR BREAKFAST   You won’t catch me spreading Nutella on my bread for breakfast but for kids and adults all over the world this hazelnut spread brings a happiness to their day. I mean, who doesn’t like chocolate? I prefer to enjoy Nutella other ways, such as in cookies. Buying the big jar of Nutella at the grocery store will probably cost you around $5.99 or $10.99 for a double pack. Don’t get confused the large jar of Nutella isn’t the only jar I’ve seen. According to the Nutella Website you can buy many sizes of Nutella: 200g 725g 2x950g 375g 2x 725g I’ve seen probably the worlds tiniest jar of Nutella that was the size of a Tic Tac box at my friends. He is a Nutella fanatic. He’s also had a picture taken with a giant 5kg Nutella jar. Now that’s a jar of chocolate. Whether there was actual Nutella in the jar, that I don’t know.   Nutella History   So, where is Nutella made exactly? That is a question I was hoping to find answers to.  After some research I did find what I was looking for at the Nutella Canada website […]