Mom Dresses Child in Designer Baby Clothes to Show Wealth : The Saturday Weekend Review #132

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BUDGET BUSTING KIDS CLOTHES   The Designer baby clothes industry is booming because a high price-tag won’t deter some parents from dressing Baby Johnny or Baby Christine in the best money can buy. Sure, we all want our children to look presentable BUT does that mean as parents we need to focus on clothing ‘Labels’ and ‘Price tags‘ to give our children a designer “look“. There are parents who will say, YES my child needs to look prestigious, presentable and pricey all at the same time and if that’s the way the wallet rolls in your house, then so be it. I’ll tell you one thing, not many people care. Do babies really need a fashionable look at such a young age? Not really but if you think so you might be like this mom we know and a couple we don’t but overheard at a recent play-date at our neighbourhood park. Before we had our son last year we had the opportunity to meet a mom who would only dress her child in designer baby clothes. The reason was that she had a good paying job in the government and she didn’t want her son to look like a […]

How Should We Budget $5000 of Discretionary Income?


PLAYING WITH SPARE CASH   Not many people can say they have extra discretionary income kicking about every month where they have to drum up ideas about how to spend it.  For those of you that do you can still manage that money with a budget if you want to stay on track with your financial goals. When Mrs. CBB and I paid off our mortgage in April 2014 it was a grand time for us. We managed to break down our mortgage into pieces and pay it off far sooner that we had ever dreamed of. The reason that happened was due to perseverance and a drive to be successful at whatever we did. I guess in a way we were pushing ourselves to earn more money but we knew in the back of our minds that it was all stepping-stones for our dream career roll. Now that our mortgage is paid we have lots of discretionary income which we just recently worked into our budget. Lots of people would be more than tempted to start spending money especially if they’ve hit it big time and the money is rolling in.   What is Discretionary income vs. Disposable Income? […]

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How To Take A Baby Grocery Shopping Successfully : The Grocery Game Challenge #4 July 27-Aug 2, 2015


A NEW WAY OF SHOPPING   Congratulations new parents! You have to eat so unless you have someone else doing your grocery shopping you need to learn how to take your baby grocery shopping. Parenting…my goodness where do I begin? It’s one of those topics that NEVER ends. When it came to grocery shopping we wanted to know how to bring our baby shopping without pulling our hair out. For many new parents their new lives can be overwhelming with everything from bringing the baby home for the first time to bringing baby outside into a world of chaos and harmony. Many parents focus on germs, illnesses, feedings, diaper changes etc. when deciding whether to venture outdoors but the worst thing you can do is stay indoors all the time. You can still have lots of giggles and kisses outside as you can indoors. One of the most nerve-racking places parents worry about going is to the grocery shopping or shopping in general. Bringing your baby grocery shopping doesn’t have to be stressful so don’t let every comment you read on the internet scare you into hibernating indoors and ordering in until your baby is a toddler. After years and […]

Ooey Gooey Coconut Cherry Pie Bars


CHERRY PIE SWITCH UP!   I’ve been after something sweet to eat lately and these Coconut Cherry Pie Bars hit the spot. My wife and I love Cherries and after a recent trip to her parents house we left with a huge shopping bag full of them. My father-in-law has many cherry trees on his property and asked us to please take some as they can’t eat them all. They hate to see the fruits fall to the ground and waste so they try to give them to friends and family to eat up. Last year I made Cherry Ricotta Turnovers with homemade Marshmallow cream with cherries from their property and this year I’m making Coconut Cherry Pie Bars. I’m a huge fan of bar recipes because you can easily eat them on the run and they are the perfect snack size treats for break time or dessert. If you are wondering where the ooey gooey part of the Coconut Cherry Pie Bars is coming from it’s the condensed milk. Anytime you used condensed milk it adds depth and creaminess to any recipe and I find it keeps the bars moist so I chose to add a layer in this […]

5 Tell-Tale Signs It’s Time To Sell and Look For a New House : The Saturday Weekend Review #131

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SHOULD YOU PUT YOUR PROPERTY UP FOR SALE?   Not everyone wants to move after they are settled into their home but over time there are some tell-tale signs that looking for a new house might be right. While I was taking a break at work a couple of days back I was having a conversation with a colleague about his family home and his thirst to buy a new house. Not only were they drooling after a new house they had already started the process of looking at MLS Listings (Multiple Listing Service). Not wasting any time I said to him,”I thought this was your new house?” He laughed at me but then said that sadly they didn’t want to go but feel compelled to move on. I guess his family has lived in the house for 2 years but there are many reasons it’s time for them to leave and find a new house to live in. Mrs. CBB and I have lived in our house since 2009 and although there are some things we wish we had included in the purchase of our new house we aren’t quite ready to sell yet. For example, our next house […]

3 Ways to prevent getting fired because of Social Media

3 ways to prevent getting fired because of social media

HOW MUCH IS SOCIAL MEDIA WORTH TO YOU?   It’s nothing new that people have lost their jobs because their employer found out or was notified about something posted on a social media account. Just imagine you are working towards a debt free life and a good retirement fund and all of a sudden you say the wrong thing on your social media account and you lose the career you worked so hard to get. It happens more often than you think. You can completely ignore any advice and say what you want because it’s your after all.  The problem is some people aren’t going to learn until they are getting the pink slip. Social media is not rocket science but your employer may still hold reign over you even when you are not working. What’s worse than being embarrassed about the job you have is being embarrassed when you are fired and it’s been made public because of your online actions. Your company’s reputation is always on the line, never forget that. Like the saying goes, “Common Sense isn’t so Common” which means there are always going to be people who make you scratch your head and wonder, “Why […]

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5 Ways Product Placement Entices You to Spend More at the Grocery Store: The Grocery Game Challenge #3 July 20-26,2015

5 ways product placement entices you to spend more

THE INVISIBLE HOST   Product placement will get you every time if you’re not paying attention. Welcome and thanks for choosing “our store” now let me take your hand and help you spend some money. That my friends is the invisible marketing host that just about every store not just grocery stores have in place for customers. Let me, Mr. CBB take you on a tour of what your guide will show you. Keep in mind that not all product placement is bad but it certainly is meant to capture your attention. Spend or walk away, it’s your choice.   Product Placement is your spending map   Product placement at the grocery store can be very odd and if you’re not paying attention you may miss it but your wallet won’t. Product placement is crucial because this is the silent host that speaks to you on behalf of the grocery store and entices you to buy new products or stuff you weren’t going to buy in the first place. That is of course, if you let them. By the way, where is your grocery list? Today I’m going to talk to you more about how you can say goodbye to […]

Coconut Strawberry Cream and Orange Creamsicle Jello Pudding

coconut strawberry cream and orange creamsicle jello pudding

JELLO MANIA   We have been creating new recipes in the Don kitchen and today I am sharing one that I call Strawberry and Orange Creamsicle Jello Pudding. My kids dive in when I make this so it doesn’t last very long around our house. Coming up with Jello dessert ideas may prove to be tough because most people stick to the box directions. The catch is if you understand how to make basic Jello it’s easy to manipulate the recipe to create something you can call your own. Sometimes it takes trial and error but you won’t have to worry about that today. I’ve perfected my Jello recipe for you. Jello ingredients typically calls for the Jello crystals and water, it’s that simple to make. Today I’m going to show you how you can create Jello mania in your home. Your friends will ask you for your secret recipe. Some of the top Jello flavours on the market today are Cherry, Lime, Strawberry, Berry Blue, Orange, Lemon, Grape and Raspberry just to name a few.   History of Jello   Jello or jelly as the UK calls it, is something we would make special on birthdays because you can’t […]

College Student Blows $90,000 Education Fund and Needs Advice: The Saturday Weekend Review #130

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“LEARNING HOW TO ADULT”   Not all parents are able to put money aside every month for their kids education fund so the child may end up getting a bank or OSAP loan. Some kids are fortunate to have relatives such as grandparents who took the liberty of stashing cash away over the years for their grandchildren’s education fund. I wasn’t that kid. We are paying into our sons Registered Education Savings Plan but you can bet that we will make sure that he knows what he will be doing with the money. The most obvious would be, paying for his education in full. He will learn about budgeting from us BUT I do know that it doesn’t mean he will follow through as an adult with his money. We hope he will but essentially it’s up to him.   An education fund is free money   It may be free and the intention is clear, it’s for your education. What more to give back to a child then the ability to go to college or university without having any debt when the child graduates. Any kid would be thrilled to find out their grandparents had a hefty education fund […]

How financial management led this man to pay off $20,000 of debt : June Net Worth Update 2015 (+0.22%)


YOU ALWAYS HAVE A CHOICE   When it comes to financial management of your money there is no excuse about not knowing why you are in debt, besides the obvious. Calculating personal net worth is a controversial topic in the personal finance world only because everyone calculates their worth a little different. Some people may add liquid assets such as “stuff” they have acquired over the years as well vehicles and their primary residence. Others may not.   Financial management starts now   Whether you hire someone to manage your finances or you do all the leg work and management yourself you know that this task never ends. Money will always be a mission on the monthly “To-Do List” no matter how rich or poor you are. It’s been years now that my wife and I have been calculating our estimated personal net worth but we never quite gave much thought to the motivational aspects of knowing “What am I worth?”. What I mean is how taking charge of our finances have influenced our mindset. Financial management of our assets and liabilities didn’t come into play until we bought our first house together after we were married BUT we could […]