Homemade Garlic Basil Mayonnaise

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HOMEMADE MAYO TOPS ALL   I’m a huge fan of mayonnaise and if you’ve ever wondered how to make mayonnaise at home today I’m going to show you just how easy it is. This recipe I came up with last year is a Garlic Basil Mayonnaise. It’s tangy and rich plus you can taste the herbs which is what you want. I like to add it to my favourite salads, sandwiches or use as a dip. Nicola’s Potato Croquettes stuffed with Bacon and Cheese for example would pair well with this Basil Garlic Mayonnaise. You just have to use your imagination because no one likes to eat the same foods all the time. Spices and sauces really make a big difference to the foods we eat. Every year I plant a load of basil in our back garden. I use bucket containers and start them with about 4-6 packets of seeds. I water the pots just about every day and never let them get dry otherwise the basil leaves aren’t as large and full. The 4 to 6 packets amounts to lots and lots of basil and although the first year I wasn’t sure what I was going to do […]

Budgeting the cost of Canada Day Celebrations : The Saturday Weekend Review #127

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EXPENSES CAN ADD UP   Each time there is a holiday in Canada we have to make sure our budget accounts for the costs involved and Canada Day Celebrations is one of them. Before our son came along we didn’t spend much on Canada Day and you might not either but it’s not just people with kids who spend more. There was no dressing up (yes we were boring but not any longer) but we did participate in watching the Canada Day parade. The cost to us was merely time and gas to get to the parade which is peanuts and no need to budget because our gas category in the budget picked up the tab. Not everyone spends lots of money for the holidays and we were the couple who didn’t get too involved although we didn’t mind watching the fireworks from afar. That was our July 1 Canada Day Celebrations for many years but this is all going to change.   Grocery shopping and Canada Day   Not only are stores marketing Canada Day Celebrations to their advantage by offering amazing deals leading up to the day, they’re practically pulling you in the door. I was reading the […]

Parents downsize to $400,000 small house and kids are embarrassed

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LIFESTYLE CHANGE IS NOT EASY   Downsizing to a small home can be a struggle from finding the right home to selling what you no longer need.  You might also find there is opposition from others that live in the house about moving to a not as “posh” area as we will learn today from one couple. Downsizing is an interchangeable word where it can be to sell a large home to buy a smaller one or simply to get rid of something or stuff that you no longer need. My parents did just that but it was after I moved to Canada. They were living in a 3 bedroom home in the UK and once my parents were near retirement they decided to rent out the home, downsize and buy a caravan. The caravan is custom trailer that looks just like a home on the inside with all the amenities minus all the maintenance. There is a bit of work to do but not near as much as my parents had in the past. My mum and dad took all the belongings they didn’t need any longer and sold them at a car boot sale (a.k.a garage sale). The […]

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5 Healthy Office Snacks you should stock for cravings : The Grocery Game Challenge #4 June 22-28,2015


HEALTHY SNACK IDEAS FOR ADULTS   Are you wondering how to eat healthy at work? Easy! A healthy eating plan is a must so bring a nutritious lunch plus office snacks that won’t attack your waist-line and budget. Office snacks are probably one of the main reasons people gain weight when they don’t want to especially if they are unhealthy snacks being consumed. Whether you get in your car to drive to the office or you work from home in an office environment like many of my freelance blogger friends, eating snacks will be a part of your day. My friend and personal finance blogger John over at Frugal Rules just posted his amazing transformation “How I lost 100Lbs” and he works from home. He has learned just how important eating healthy is and working out. Empty calories add up over time so it may not happen after one office snack but you keep eating chips, chocolate bars, cookies or other office snacks brought in by your fellow workers and you may just wish you held back a little. Working in an office environment has provided me with insight into what happens when those snack cravings hit. If I were […]

Potato Croquettes Stuffed with Bacon and Cheese


SWITCHING UP RECIPES   Today I am going to show you how to make potato croquettes using the same perogie recipe that I shared on the blog not too long ago. I know a lot of people are planting their gardens these next couple of weeks but we are just getting started. Some people may well be ahead of us and have even finished depending on where they live in the world. We are hoping to finish our vegetable garden soon plus I’m excited to report that my hubby is making me a greenhouse this year for peppers, tomatoes and cucumbers. What I am most looking forward to is my potato crop. We did a small crop last year and it was great except for the ant nest that had found its way into my box. If you don’t want to use a box to plant potatoes Katrina shared an excellent post for planting potatoes in a pot. I really want a big crop to sustain us through to winter and even longer is it could.  As long as you have a cool dark place to store your potatoes they can last quite  a long time. I also want to make […]

A First Father’s Day Gift A Dad Could Wish For: The Saturday Weekend Review #126

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I DON’T HAVE TO WONDER ANY LONGER   This will be my first Father’s Day with our son and as a new dad I’m not sure what to expect. I’m not talking about “stuff” either. I’m not worried about whether I get Father’s Day Gifts from my boy. I really don’t need any more ties to add to my collection of about… two or maybe three. I know as our son gets older if he makes me a Father’s Day craft or card I will cherish it forever. I look forward to the moment he shares his hard work for me, with me. I’ve just never bought into the hype behind these occasions when it comes to spending money. Some of my friends get golf packages, hockey tickets, concert tickets, clothes etc. Not this guy, at least I don’t expect any thing of the sort. My life has been filled with miracles this last year and I’m honoured that one day soon I will hear my son say “Dad”. I wrote a post last year about Father’s Day gifts and whether they were just another marketing ploy to make us spend money in the budget. I’ve never bought anything for […]

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Top 5 Reasons A Food Budget Is Financially Smart : The Grocery Game Challenge #3 June 15-21, 2015

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KNOW WHERE YOUR MONEY IS GOING   A food budget is a huge part of the overall budget in any household whether you decide to use one or not. If you don’t believe me think about how much you pay each time you go to the grocery store and use that to work out your average yearly food expenses. Even though that’s probably the worst way to do it because you probably spend more than you think you are it’s somewhat of a ballpark figure of your yearly expenses. Then again for those of you who do the math this way your final number likely isn’t that important to you but it should be. If you are someone with more money than you know what to do with you might not have a care in the world to know the amount it’s costing you to fuel your body. For those of us who have to worry about balancing our monthly budget a food budget in my opinion is an imperative step to overcoming debt, saving money and balancing the budget. The fact is that whether you document your expenses or choose to just spend your money freely the money will […]

Lemon Cheesecake Stars


STUFFED CHEESECAKE ALERT   If you like lemon cheesecake get ready for a burst of flavour in these delicious Lemon Cheesecake Stars that are easy to eat with one hand. I bet you can’t stop at just one. I didn’t want to make lemon cheesecake bars which are also great for snacks so I opted for lemon cheesecake stars. If you want a simple cheesecake recipe that will deliver on quality and flavour but don’t want to make the full cheesecake these little lemon cheesecake stars are a 10+. It’s been busy this last month for my family with registration for football and soccer in full swing. It won’t be long before our weekends are booked up too which means I’ll be packing lots of lunches and plenty of snacks to take along with us on the road. I wanted to create something with lemon since I love lemon desserts if you haven’t noticed by the few I’ve already shared on Canadian Budget Binder. Mr. CBB has shared a few as well and clearly you can see how popular lemon or citrus is in the UK. Lemon Shortbread Lemon Biscotti Lemon Fridge Cake Lemon No-Bake Cheesecake Stuffed crepes with lemon […]

Is Parenting easier when you are considered rich? : The Saturday Weekend Review #125

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MONEY DOES NOT REPLACE LOVE   Parenting has only partly to do with money and everything to do with love and a desire to be the best parent(s) you can be. We’ve talked about the definition of rich and how it has different meanings for everyone in the past on CBB. For most people we associate “rich” with the rich and famous A-listers, musicians and famous people like the Kardashians. There are also rich people worth millions who aren’t famous and those who are rich because they don’t have much to worry about financially with all of their bases covered. Rich to some people may also be someone who has a great career, who owns a home, a car or even someone who has no debt. The dual-income family may also fall into this category. In other words if you have cash to spare and no debt you should have money to burn and you must be taking advantage of the easy life because you can. This is all wrong and based solely on assumptions. Money in parenting only helps to pay for food, clothing, daycare or the babysitter and all the other necessities some of which you can get […]