The Grocery Game Challenge March 5-March 11/Week 2

This is our weekly grocery shop for March 5- March 11. What was your weekly shop like? Post it in the comment section of this post and you could win a monthly prize of $50 in various Canadian coupons~ see rules and regulations here.

We had this weeks shop planned and knew we would spend more than the $64 a week we have budgeted for on groceries. With the Shoppers Drug Mart Spend $75 get 18,500 Optimum Points we were already over budget.

A fan asked what we do when we overspend at the grocery store in our weekly budget. This week was a good example and below was my answer to her.

So far we have spent a total of $114.91 which is $50.91 over budget this week and we are still not done shopping. When we spend over budget one week this means we have less to spend in the following weeks. In this case we have $75.09 left to spend for the month $190.00-$114.91. We don’t want to spend more than the $190.00 a month. We will see what happens.

We hit up a few stores for our shopping this week Shoppers Drug Mart, Food Basics and Zehrs. We still have to pick up a few items at Wal-Mart so I will be updating this post when we finish that shop. Post updated March 6 Below with Walmart Shop

For the most part we stuck to the budget however it was when we went into Food Basics where everything changed. They had the reduced meat section stocked with so many products for quick sale we couldn’t resist. We know we use plenty of meat in the summer and for my hot meals for work. (I’m not the sandwich type of guy) We use this opportunity to stock up and freeze it instead of paying full price.

We then moved on to Zehrs to look for cheap bread with the pretty pink stickers. We were not expecting to see so many Pink Stickers in the store. We eventually caught  up with the Zehrs associate with the roll of stickers and master DNO (do not order) sheet. My wife was off in the pink sticker clouds so I proceeded up past the associate.

She smiled at me and looks in my cart and says “oh it looks like you’ve found the deals.”

Mr.CBB: Yes I noticed there were more pink stickers on the shelves than normal.

Associate: Yes I’m planning on picking up a few items myself. I have the list here of what is going on 50% off.

Mr.CBB: Oh, may I have a look.

(we go through the list together)- She was working her way up to pink stickering (is that a word lol..)  loads of products but nothing we need.

Associate: I’m thinking of getting that Sunlight soap especially with the coupon in front of the bottles.

Mr.CBB: Yes that’s why I picked up 6. (me smirking ;-P)

I manage to find my wife who found some reduced bread and salad dressing and coupons for bread (finally)- Thanks D’ Italiano!~

With that said…… let’s get to the details!

Here is the damage thus far for this weeks Grocery Game Challenge!

Food Basics

6 pkgs of Prime Chicken Thighs 8 per pack

3 pkgs of Chicken Mince

1 box of sandwich bags

Total Spent $ 30.98

Used $12.47 in store coupons


6x bottles of Sunlight Dish Soap $2.49-50% -.50 coupon

6 x Febreeze Air Effects 50% off $3.89 each – Buy 3 save $4.00 x2

3 bottles of PC Dressing Asiago $2.49-50%

2x bread $1.79-50%

1x Jake’s Bake $1.50- 50%

1x PC thin buns $2.99-50%

Total $- 16.66

Used $ 11.00

We found out our favourite cashier is leaving SDM. We’ve been customers for 10 years so everyone knows us by name. This Shoppers has the best customer service and managers. They have always gone above and beyond for us! So good on you Shoppers!

Shoppers Drug Mart

$75 GC- + 750 bonus points

Spend $75 get 18,500 points worth $25

Total points gained : 20,500 bonus points

Total Spent OOP-$67.27

Coupons used: $16.99

4x bags of Milk- $4.29 each

2 bags of salt and vinegar peanuts- $2.49 each

1 bag Cheecha Krackles- Free

1 Saputo Cafe inspirations- $1.99-.75

4 boxes of Nutrigrain- $1.99 each- $5.00

1 container of sour cream- $1.99

1 bottle Vitamin c- $2.99

1 box Aerius – $10.99

1 Fructis Gel -$2.99

1 Fructis Shampoo- $2.99

1 Fructis Smoothing Cream- $2.99- $5.00 wub 3

2 Bottles of Vitamin D – 2/$6

1 Bar Nestle Intense Chocolate 70%- $2.99-$2.00 from Nestle

Walmart March 6

4x Cracker Barrell 300 g cheese bars $4.98- 4x FPC=FREE

8x Colgate Total Toothpaste $1.00-8x$1.50

1x Celery $0.97

1x 3lbs Carrots PM Food Basics $0.99

1x 3lbs Onions PM Food Basics $0.99

Total $31.91

After Coupons $+0.1

So there you have it! How well did you do this week?

Post your shop below and get a ballot in this months draw!


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  1. Right shop for this week slightly over the $200 but needed to stock up on the meat/fish side of thigs we are looking into bulk buying from a butcher so will let you know how that works out.

    Cheddar Cheese normally 8.99 reduced to 7.47
    Mozzarella cheese normally 8.99 reduced to 7.47 both are 700g bars
    Ketchup & Sour Cream chips normally 1.99 reduced to $1
    granola bars $3.97
    Cran & Orange bars reg. 2.98 – $1c = $1.98
    Brown Sugar $2.50
    Cascade action packs reg 8.47 – $1.50c
    Finish dishwaster cleaner reg 4.97 – $2.00c
    milk – x3 @ 4.69each = $14.07
    Glade kitchen tie bags Reg 5.97 – $1c
    Grain shop crisp cereal reg $2.98 – $1c
    Gran sugar $3.29
    hamburger cheese helper $1.97 (needed this to get the $3 off mince)
    Honeycomb cereal Reg 3.97 – $2c
    tassimo coffee MH Blend reg $6.99 special price $4.97
    Nat trail mix bars reg 3.99 special price 2.49
    NN Corn starch 1.78
    nn fruit punch juice boxes (pack 40) $9.48
    NN pied shells 2.97
    NN Salted butter Reg 3.99 special 3.49
    Pam spray $2.99
    PC own tortillas $3.19
    Finesse Yoghurt Reg 4.99 – 50% off
    Rice crispies Granola bars special price 1.67 – 1.50c
    red rose tea x2 Reg 4.99each coupon for B1G1F
    Tassimo Hot choc 3.77
    Weetabix cereal x2 reg 4.99 special $2.98ea
    Ziploc bags $1.77 – $1c
    x4 pks of chicken meat reg 2.98ea or 2/$5 – 50% = got them for all for $5
    Pk 4 bread 3.89
    Fish $5.49
    Chicken Breast 17.32 – $2c
    Ground Beef 16.76 – $3
    Pork Ribs 12.27 – 30% = 8.59
    Bananas 3.92
    Melon 1.96
    carrots 2lb 1.28
    cucumber 1.47
    Potatoes 10lb – 2.98
    Tomatoes – 2.98
    Listerine reg 3.79 – $3c
    OB Tampons reg 3.99 special 2.97
    Vaseline skin care x2 @ 4.29 both free with coupon
    minus superbucks of $4.99
    TOTAL BEFORE TAX 185.83 receipt says saved $38.56 in mft coupons and store coupons

    crusty buns pk 8 3pks @ $1ea = $3
    Kraft salad dressing x3 reg 1.99 special $1ea = $3
    baby wipes 7.99
    flushable wipes 4.99
    Snuggle sheets reg 4.99 – $1c = 3.99
    Snuggle fabric sftner 4.99 – $1c = 3.99
    Pantene Shampoo reg 3.99 – $1c = $2.99
    Apples x2 bags = $6.93 they were on at $1 per 1lb
    green onions x2 for $1
    Lemons x2 for $1

    Not too bad but only have $100 for next weeks shop

    1. Wow, that’s alot of shopping for one week. I see you love to take advantage of 50% stickers and tags like we do. It’s such a huge savings. We always run to the cheap racks for these deals. Early in the morning is best. What are Superbucks I’ve never heard of them. You picked up some savings there with that as well. Good for you! Don’t feel so bad I think we have $24 until the end of the month or we go over our $190 budget!

      It was Shoppers Drug Mart this month! Good thing is we have the money in our Emergency Savings to cover any overage although we try pretty hard not to have to go over. It happens though but having the money to cover it is crucial. Putting groceries on credit and paying interest is a HUGE NO NO for us!

      Cheers Nicola You get #10 ballot! Keep em coming!


  2. Here goes week #2, budget is $100/week

    4 x Soy Milk $3.49 sale each – $2.00 off coupon = 11.96

    OPP = $11.96 ($8.00 in savings and coupons)

    Greek Yogurt – $4.97 – FPC – 0
    OJ – $2.98 sale
    2 x cucumber $0.77 sales = 1.54
    Carrots $1.54
    2 x Bag Salad – $1.47 = 2.94
    3 x Pepper x 0.77 ea sale = $2.31
    Banana – $3.15
    4 x apple juice $0.94ea = $3.76
    2 x crackers = $2.00 = 4
    bisquick – 2.94
    spinach – 2.47
    sandwich meat – 1.27
    jucie box – 2.00
    2 x chicken nuggets – $4.77 sale – $9.54 (just over $10 each box usually)
    2 x frozen pizza – $2.88 ea sale (coupon buy 2 get $1.50 off) -$4.26
    Frozen pizza – $2.88 sale – coupon 1.00 – 1.88
    pie shells – 3.27 – coupon $1.00 = 2.27
    pilsberry choc chip cookie dough – $2.77 – $2.00 coupon – $0.77
    strawberries – 1.27 sale
    1% milk – $4.47

    Total $54.09 with taxes – $61.12 OOP

    Giant Tiger:
    Peanut – $2.97
    3 x crispiers x 1.67 =5.01
    3 x hot dogs x 1.83 = $5.49
    2 x bread x $1.88 = 3.76
    2 x kleenex x 2.17 each (coupon buy one get one free) – 2.17
    coffee cream – 1.99

    Total – 21.39 with taxes – OPP $24.17

    Total OOP – $97.25 just under budget:)

    1. Talk about cutting it close.. I’m like that all the time. This month though we are going to be in the red ( thanks to SDM ). The most important thing is if one does go over budget you need to have the available cash to pay for it. If not and it sits on a credit card than you might as well piss all your savings good bye! Great Shopping! You get ballot #9

      Good Luck and don’t forget to post weekly for more chances to win!

  3. Good evening………..
    Great scores this week 🙂
    Safeway….Today..only * Tide 32 wash loads, reg $8.99ea…….$5.00, used my $1.00 off coupon = $4.00
    * Thinsations, reg 3.59… 1.99 used my .75cent off coupon= 1.26 !!
    * Febreeze candles, reg 7.49 sale 4.99 each, used my buy 3 get 4.00 off coupon

    Independent…………….. * Aylmer tomatoes canned, buy 4/5.00, used my buy 2 save 1.00 coupon!!!!!
    * used my buy 1 ziploc pkg /get 3.00 off bread……….ziplocs on sale 2.79
    bought a 2.49 loaf of bread and saved 3.00 !!!!

    London Drugs……………* Glade candles on sale for 2.99 !!! used my B1G1 free coupon
    * fereese air effects on sale for 2.99 used my buy 2 save 3.00 coupons!!!!

    1. You did get some great scores. We are so jealous of your London Drugs. I wish we could stack but none the less I love reading about what you get for deals. We never did find the $3.00 off bread wub ziploc that is a great coupon. What is your weekly family budget total for grocery? How well did your shop go in comparison to the money you budget for food? This is what we all need to be mindful of and what I hope this game will achieve. Thanks for posting your shop and you my dear get Ballot #8. Cheers and I look forward to your future weekly shops and deals!
      Mr. CBB!

  4. i think most walmarts have HAD the same deal, i’ve even read that some stores had them for $.50 (holy molly). i think that you will have a tough time finding them because it’s been posted on sc, but i happened to find some at the end of and isle on the top shelf. i was doing a happy dance! i got the printable coupon from . hope that helps. you might want to search your walmart before using the ink to print the coupons. my store had it, not on the back wall, but on an isle that was across from it. type of thing that could be anywhere in the store. the box is light greyish with green, red and darker grey spiral graph type prints on it. looks like a box of royale tissue. happy hunting!

  5. um duh, i need to add a few coupons cause i can`t add lol…$4 x 2 ground beef wub old el paso and $2 wub pilsbury cookies good on various sizes, mine was 454g. sorry, will try to be more accurate next time!

  6. Kathleen, pink stickers are a pretty sight aren’t they lol! love ’em!

    Mr. CBB, i used $2 coupons for the Cascade Defensia (looks kind of like a tissue box) but they are antibacterial hand towels. they happen to be on clearance for $1…so that gets overage. the coupon limits 2 coupons per person. so, that being said, i could have done 2 transactions purchasing only the cascade to get overage to use against the next purchase of 2 cascade, 1 old el paso and 1 ground beef. but, that would have involved getting a csm to override the register to give me $ back to use against the next purchase. the cashier let me use 4 coupons to avoid the problems x 2. the rest of the products were purchased using 2 cascade and a few other products, end totals being $.01, $.03 x 2 etc. less the gift cards. oh, and i used 2 x $1 wub 4 campbells soups that expire at the end of the month. so 17 cascade x $2 coupons and 2 x $1 campbells = $46.00. now, i also could have used $.75 fresh produce from the ziploc bags (when i finally found those ziploc with $4 coupons at the end of last month, it really messed with my weekly numbers lol…but future savings in the bank), but decided that i would save them for later. those ziploc coupons are good until oct…

    1. We were at WM today but was not aware of the cascades deal. Is this all Walmarts? Where is the coupon located to print? How do I contact you to do all our shopping from now on! Ha! It’s great to see these posts. I love to learn from everyone. I’m sure we will all learn some tricks about saving at the cash register and keeping our grocery budget down. Thanks for updating us!

  7. Week #2 of sticking to a grocery budget was a success! Here’s how my shopping this morning breaks down:

    Weekly budget this week was $154.68 ($100/week plus 54.68 carried forward from last week) to feed family of three plus our pets.

    Extra Foods
    (thanks to those lovely pink stickers, I was able to pick up a few ‘stock’ items that weren’t on my list, but were too good a deal to pass on)
    fettucine noodles x2 reg $1.38ea ps 50% off
    frozen veggies $4.68
    mayonaisse $3.29
    24 pack of yogurt reg $7.99 ps 50% off
    rib steaks x3 reg $14.01 ps 30% off (this is a luxury we don’t often indulge, but I froze two whole and will feed all three of us, and the other I cut up and froze for beef stirfry)
    chicken thighs reg $8.47 -$2.00 coupon (was able to split the package up into three meals worth and freeze)
    asparagus $1.48
    bananas $2.47
    bean sprouts reg $1.48 ps 50% off
    broccoli reg $1.99 ps 50% off
    celery $1.48
    cucumber reg $1.88 ps 50% off
    leaf lettuce $1.28
    apples $4.98
    mushrooms reg $2.07 ps 50% off
    green onion $0.68
    onions $1.77
    pre-cut fresh veg reg $1.99 ps 50% off
    romaine hearts reg $3.48 ps 50% off
    roma tomato $1.27
    it was also customer appreciation day, so I used my %off coupon and saved an additional $6.00
    Total for Extra Foods: reg $69.50 out of pocket $45.45 savings of $24.05

    Fruit Loops $5.99
    Frosted Flakes reg $5.99 – FREE with club BOGO
    Mini Wheats $6.29
    Mini Wheats Centres reg $6.29 – FREE with club BOGO
    Motts Fruitsations x5 reg $3.77 x5 club price $2.00 x5
    cat food reg $14.29 club price $11.43
    cat treats reg $2.19 – FREE with coupon on cat food bag (otherwise I wouldn’t have bought these)
    milk $4.69
    Dempster’s Bagels reg $4.99 – FREE with coupon
    grapes reg $3.14 club price $2.67
    grapefruit reg $3.96 club price $2.00
    oranges reg $4.49 club price $2.99
    carrots $2.49
    potatoes $6.99
    peeled carrots reg $2.99 club price $2.50
    it was also customer appreciation day, so I saved an additional $6.42
    Total for Safeway: reg $95.61 out of pocket $53.29 savings of $42.31

    Combined totals: reg 165.11 out of pocket $98.74 savings of $66.36!!
    I stayed under my usual budget without using any of the carryover from last week! To celebrate, I treated myself to coffee from Tim Hortons, but that comes out of another budget line 😉
    I will likely still need to pick up another 4l of milk later in the week, but I have plenty of room in the budget for that.

    1. You sound like us and our love for the pink stickers! They are the best aren’t they. I can’t believe the reg price on those Dempster’s Bagels $4.99 really.. wow~ good thing we have an FPC!

      I see you carry over your budget if you don’t spend it one month. That’s good if you want to save up to buy something special like Fillet Mignon or simply more food the next month. We have a large stockpile as well but not food as much as health and beauty.

      You saved $66.36 Congratulations to you!!!

      Thanks for posting I look forward to your next shop and those lovely pink sticker deals. You get Ballot#7~


      1. I’m not planning to carry over from month to month, just week to week through the month. Its because we usually do one big shop at Costco for staple items each month, and that tends to be over our weekly budget, but it averages out over the month. That said, I took a quick inventory of my pantry and freezer, and I think we might actually have a no shop week next week (except for milk – between my three-year old milk monster and myself – we go through about 8 litres a week!) Anyone know if/where I should look for milk coupons?

        After reading your Wal-Mart shop update, I’m a bit disappointed in myself… Didn’t realize carrots and onions in particular were so much lower than elsewhere. I rarely go to WM simply because I already have 4 different stores I go to regularly – and there are so many other temptations there (i.e. clothes, shoes, or toys for my son 😉 Guess I should just suck it up and give it a try anyway.

        Anyway, I’ll update you next week if we manage to have a free week after all!

        1. Oh, A no shop week, You must report how that went for you. We find it tough some weeks when there are amazing deals but we get through it. The name of the game is not to go over budget. We plan to stick this through all year. We carry from week to week just like we have to do this month because of the SDM event. It put us over budget this week. Cheers.

  8. i’ll start with my totals so far for Jan & Feb combined:

    estimated regular retail with tax $2815.55
    after sales and price matching $1807.99
    less coupons, manager % off and scop $1022.93
    less free gift cards (trading/trains/survey) and store points $294.10
    oop $490.96 (avg $61.37 per week)

    i would like my average over the year to be about $50 per week for a family of 3 and 2 cats but if it is $60-75 i’ll be happy considering i used to spend $150-200!

    my shopping started on the first of the month (keep in mind we have a very nice stock pile in the pantry, downstairs in a room (all non food items) and 2 freezers that are fairly full with veg, meat, milk, butter, juice etc.) also, i include health and beauty items, paper products, candles, cleaners etc in my “groceries”

    Foodland (friday)
    bag of garden salad
    gay lea sour cream
    2 peak freans cookies
    dempster cin raisin bagels
    1 pk fresh chicken breast (6pcs)
    bag of deli sliced pepperoni slices (30+ slices)
    jar pickled hot pepper rings
    total $20.63
    less $8.94 coupons
    oop $11.69

    Canadian Tire (saturday)
    2 glade jar candles
    1 HP sauce
    1 friskies wet cat food
    3 kraft dinner cups
    4 3pk glade candles
    2 quaker granola bars
    1 6pk paper towels
    2 palmolive dish soap
    1 glade candle holder with small candle in it
    2 medium size cookie sheets
    2 aluminum foil rolls
    2 2pk lysol wipes
    total $67.69
    less $59.09 in coupons
    less $.80 CT money
    oop $7.80 (not too shabby considering the cookie sheets were $9.20 with tax for 2! & not normally recorded in groceries)

    1 pk of 4 individually wrapped prime fresh chicken breast
    total $13.51
    less coupons, mgr 30% $9.06
    less free gift card $4.45
    oop $0

    Foodland (today)
    1 bag garden salad
    1 liberte yogurt
    1 chicken breast
    4 pks lous peameal bacon
    total $26.66
    less coupons, mgr 50% $16.48
    oop $10.18

    Walmart (million trips due to limits on the cascade coupon)
    17 cascade antibacterial hand towels
    2 old el paso taco kits
    2 lbs of ground beef
    1 broccoli
    1 pk fresh mushrooms
    3 green peppers
    2 tomatoes
    8 campbells soup
    2 italpasta spaghetti 900g
    1 pilsbury ready to bake choc chip cookies
    total $47.30
    less coupons $46.00
    less free gift card $1.30
    oop $0

    so far in March:
    estimated reg retail $226.95
    actual price after sales and pm $175.79
    less coupons, mgr %, $139.57
    less store points and free gift cards $6.55
    oop $29.67

    1. Wow, that’s some serious shopping you do. So all of that cost you oop $29.67~ You should come do my shopping lol. What coupons are you using at Walmart when you say you used $46.00 in coupons? I must be missing a deal with the cascades hand towels. Firstly I don’t know what they are nor what coupon you are using.

      I simply love how organized you are! This below just proves how dedicated you are to your budget!
      I’ll start with my totals so far for Jan & Feb combined:

      estimated regular retail with tax $2815.55
      after sales and price matching $1807.99
      less coupons, manager % off and scop $1022.93
      less free gift cards (trading/trains/survey) and store points $294.10
      oop $490.96 (avg $61.37 per week)

      I would like my average over the year to be about $50 per week for a family of 3 and 2 cats but if it is $60-75 i’ll be happy considering i used to spend $150-200!

      I think you have set some high goals and you are out to achieve them and no one will get in your way! Good for you! I look forward to reading your future shops! You get ballot #6 for this post! Cheers, Mr.CBB

    2. Hi lesley,
      Your ballot #6 was randomly chosen as the WINNER for the MARCH Grocery Game Challenge. Congratulations and please send me an email with your mailing information so I can get your prize sent to you.
      Congratulations to everyone who played!


  9. I have always tried hard to buy the best deals when it comes to food and especially bathroom tissue. I am always looking at the clearance items at the end of the aisles, and I think I do pretty well but I know I could do better. I have just been getting coupons for the last couple of months and they really help. I love reading your stories on savings.

    1. Thanks for sharing your personal shopping goals. We can always do better in everything we do in life. It really is up to each individual to be mindful of their goals and set out to achieve them. Continue to revisit why you do what you do. Keep up the good work Cheryl and post your shops each week to get a ballot in our Grocery Game Challenge.
      Small shop, little shop, over budget shop, monthly shop I don’t care. Post it on the blog and learn from your spending habits how to grow to meet your goals!

      Cheers Cheryl,
      I look forward to your shops!

    1. That’s ok post when you can. You can always post the previous weeks shop another week as long as it’s all done before the end of the month. We will be over budget this week as you can see. Even if you go over post if you can. Cheers and enjoy those steaks.

  10. I shop for a family of 4 plus my home daycare with 6 children, so a total of 10 people. I have a “high” budget of $150.00 which I won’t go over and a “low” budget of $120.00 which is where i try to stay!

    Dempsters bagels 3.79 PM 2.99-1.00 coupon
    grapes 2.88
    2 Dempster bread 2.68 PM 1.88-1.00 WUB2
    2 Aylmers Accents 1.97 PM 1.00-1.00 WUB2
    4 Soup .99 sale .50-1.00 WUB4
    whole wheat perogies 2.50
    3 Lean Cuisine lasagne 2.97 sale 1.97-1.00X3
    cereal 3.97 sale 2.97
    Snuggle 7.97, sale 5.97-1.00 coupon
    3 KD Smart 1.97 sale 1.27-.75X3 coupons
    lettuce .97
    tomatoes .89
    Regular total: $51.05 PM, sale and coupons $26.65 OOP $27.69

    Philidelpia cooking sauce 3.49-1.00 coupon
    2 McCain Harvest Splendor 3.69 sale 2.79-1.00X2 coupons
    McCain 2pk pizza 8.99 sale 5.47
    2 Ziploc 3.49 sale 2.79-1.00WUB2
    cereal 5.29 sale 3.99
    mini pizza 4.19 sale 2.49
    cookies 3.79 sale 2.99
    Allens apple juice 1.29 ($4 in coupons included)
    waffles 1.79
    Oasis juice 4.79-1.25 coupon
    2 Lilydale precooked chicken strips 11.99 reduced 6.99
    Laughing Cow 4.49-1.00 coupon
    blackberries 2.50
    cupcakes (I blame this purchase on Mr.CBB’s chatter about chocolate cake!!!) 2.99
    PC Tortilla wraps 2.99
    2 BM chicken meatballs 7.99 sale 5.99
    Regular total $88.25 Sales and coupons 18.67 OOP 65.65

    No Frills
    5 Nutrigrain bars 2.77 sale 1.99-1.00X5 coupons
    2 Armstrong cheese 6.99 sale 4.44-.75 coupon
    2 Smuckers jam 3.97 sale 2.99-.75X2 coupons
    2 Michelina’s 1.77 sale .88
    Black Diamond cheese strings 6.69 sale 4.44-1.00 coupon
    cookies 2.97 sale 1.97
    cucumber .88
    Poptarts 2.77 sale 1.99
    Animal crackers 1.99
    mini pizza 2.49
    muffins 3.00
    3 no name stuffed chicken breast 2.97 sale 2.00
    asparagus .97
    2 green onion 2/1.00
    green pepper .51
    2pk romaine hearts 1.97
    strawberries 2.47
    Regular total: $79.27 Sales and coupons: $25.40 OOP $51.97

    Weekly Totals:
    Regular prices $232.03 Sales, PM and coupons 70.72 OOP $145.31
    $4.69 below “high” budget!!

    1. Hi Shelley
      Wow, you do some heavy duty shopping for 10 people. I am astonished at all the great deals you find. We love perogies and had no idea you could get whole wheat perogies at Walmart. I might have to check that out when we go tomorrow. You made it under budget by $4.69 that’s amazing. It’s a great feeling to look at the numbers at the end of the week to see how well you have shopped.

      This is why this grocery game challenge is not about everyone else it’s about the person who posts their shop. You are up against yourself. You get to challenge yourself each week. I hope by posting your shop Shelley it will help continue to keep you under budget!

      Thanks again for your post. You get Ballot #5. Happy Shopping and I look forward to next weeks post!

      P.S. I did see the blame shifting about the cupcakes by the way lol… sneaky!

      1. I’ve been trying to stock up on some of my daycare snack staples with my coupons (I think I have 12 boxes of Nutrigrain bars now…which will last about 2 months). There should be some weeks coming up soon, that will be much lower. Honestly with what I have in the house I could probably skip a week of shopping and just need fresh fruits, veggies and milk (8L a week)! I just can’t pass up the bargains when I see those flyers…it’s like an addiction…lol! I guess being addicted to savings is better than a lot of other addictions. But I never buy anything that I won’t use just because it’s a bargain!
        Here’s hoping for a lower than “low” budget week next week!!
        I love all the advice on your site and the game! I’m more conscious of what I’m spending now. I’m also reading up on your budget info so I can get that a bit more structured! I also like that you are quick to answers posts, are very personable and funny as hell!!!

        1. Ah Shelley you are making me blush.. I’m funnier in real life. If I can come across on here as funny you might want to pay me for stand up at your next get together lol. I’m happy the site has been helping you out. You have alot of mouths to feed each month. Like I mentioned as long as you can carry the overage without paying interest and keeping it on credit that’s ok. It’s when people go crazy on deals using coupons and the money sits on a credit card because they overspent on their grocery budget. That’s when it’s just not worth it!

          Cheers Shelley,
          P.S. You are a pleasure to chat with!

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