The Ultimate Canadian Grocery Savings Guide

The Grocery Game Challenge March 12-18 Week 3

This is our weekly grocery shop for March 12- March 18.

What was your weekly shop like?

  • Post it in the comment section of this post and you could win a monthly prize of $50 in various Canadian coupons~ see rules and regulations here.  We are now down to $75.09 left to spend for the month on groceries.

Let’s see how well we do with this weeks shop.  **Edit** We are over budget already this month. Sometimes you win, sometimes you don’t. Money will have to come from our Emergency Savings to cover the overage. I’ll explain why we went over this month in our March Budget Update! Cheers

This weeks grocery shop will be challenging for us since we spend a bulk of our grocery budget last week.  Once I tally up all our shops for this week will have a better understanding where we stand. Next weeks shop will be our last for the month as we will do a no-shop week that week.

Today we did our first shop of the week at Shoppers Drug Mart and picked up a Sunday/Monday special for Sugar at $1.99. We also stopped in to Zehrs for a few pink sticker deals!

Here’s what we purchased:


4x Granulated Sugar 2kg-  Sale $1.99= $7.96

2x Life Brand Chips ( like pringles) this was totally my fault *do not leave home without eating* Sale .69 each reg $2.49 each

Nativa  Granola Cereal Reg $4.79 Sale $2.99-$1.00 coupon

Total Spent $11.51


3x Butter ( still on sale?) I think they forgot to take the sign down) $2.99-.75=$6.72

3x 72% chocolate bars Reg $5.99 Sale $0.99= $2.97

1x Mentos 3pk Gum Reg $3.49 Sale $0.99= $0.99

36x Fair Trade PC Chocolate Bars Reg $2.99 Sale $0.49 ( I KNOW good thing I didn’t buy all 100 of them) =$17.97

2x Wrigley 5 Gum Reg $3.49 Sale $0.99=$1.98

1x ACE Olive Bread $3.99-50%=$2.00

1x Garnier Hair stuff $4.49-50%=$2.25

2x Garnier Hair stuff $6.48-50%=$3.24 -$5.00 wub 3 coupon

1x Pizza $7.99-50%=$4.00 ( we love PC pizzas until I learn to make dough)=$4.00

Reg Price $197.16

Coupons Used-$7.75

Total Oop= $41.09

Savings of $156.07

Total spent thus far… $75.09 left to spend this month-$52.60=$22.40 left to spend this month and we are not done shopping this week.  I will update this post as we shop.

OUCH.. might end up over budget this month..**edit we are over budget** that’s ok we have the emergency funds to cover it.  The most important part is we are being mindful of every penny we spend! You should too!

Total Cost below $45.33 + 52.60= $97.93

$97.93- $75.09=$22.84

We are over budget this month thus far $22.84


1x Mushrooms $0.97

6x Resolve $1.99 ea-$2.00 Coupon Zone =Free

5x D’Italiano Buns ( the flat ones)- $3.49 each-50%-.75 coupon

4x Wonder Bread Texas Toast Sale $2.99-50%-.75 insert coupon

1x Ace Bakery Olive Bread $3.99-50%=$2.00

1x Ace Bakery Focaccia Bread $4.29-50%=2.15

Total Spent-$12.29

Coupons used $19.50


1x Iceberg Lettuce- $1.27 ( was cheaper at Wm doh!

2x Waffles- Sale $1.44- .75

2x Bread Crumbs- sale $1.99

6x Pillers Hot Dogs $1.99-$0.50

1x Pancake Mix- $1.44

1x cucumber -$0.79

Total Spent-$19.20

Coupons Used- $4.50


24x Garnier Shampoo,Gel and Conditioner $1.97- $5.00wub3

6 x Colgate Total Advanced Toothpaste $1.00-$1.50 coupons

2x bunches of fresh onions -$0.49 each

2x Aunt Jemima Syrup PM Freshco $1.44

2x KD Smart $1.27-.75

Total Spent-$20.46 minus SCOP Garnier $6.62= $13.84

If you have your total shop ready to go for the entire week post it below in the comment section. One post per week! See guidelines above for more details on the Challenge. Good Luck folks!

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  1. I got a good deal on the weetabix last week wish I had bought more nevermind will look out for them when they are a dollar at the Bargin Store!

  2. Alymers tomatoes x2 tins 3.54 – 1.50c = 2.04
    cranberry branbar 2.98 – $1c = 1.98
    Chai tea latte $10.97 (should have been free) had a FPC
    Chap frozen yoghurt $5.67 – $5c = 0.67c
    christie thins 3.49 – 75c coupon = 2.74
    milk x4 – 18.76
    kashi cereal – 4.49 – $2c = 2.49
    Kellogs NG Bar 2.98 – $1c = 1.98
    Mccain Harvest 3.77 – $1c = 2.77
    NN Fruit punch x2 @ 0.64c = $1.28
    NN Cheddar 8.97
    NN Butter 3.49
    NN unbleached flour 10kg bag = 7.97 on special
    PC Granola bars – 5.99
    Milk Choc Digestives – 2.49
    PC Yog Drinks x5 pks of 4 $3.29ea – 50% off all = $8.20
    Recyling fee 0.40c
    Cake Flour 2.5kg bag 3.98 on special
    Rice Krispies cereal – 4.99 – $1.50 coupon = 3.49
    Tenderflake pstry – 3.99
    Weetabix – 4.29
    Yoplait Yog Tubes 3.49 – 0.50c coupon = 2.99
    Sliced ham x2 dble pks @ $5ea = $10
    Reganio Cheese 6.99 – 50% = 3.49
    Bread pk4 = 3.89
    Buns 12pk = 2.49
    Pitta bread 2.99 – 50% = 1.49
    johnson Sausage 3.98 – $1c = 2.98
    Lean ground meat 5.80 – 30% = 4.10
    Souvlaki steak 5.99 – 30% & $1c = 3.19
    Bananas 4.64
    apples 5.88
    Oranges 4.98
    Watermelon 3.48
    Gillete Fusion shavefoam 2 @ 2.88ea – 2.00c = 3.76
    Gillete deoderant 2.27 – $1c = 1.27

    Okay take off the superbucks of $10.57 (petrol points for using pc card)
    and the mnf coupons of $18.27 not all on here sure of it as she bunched a whole lot together again.
    it is $152.95 before taxes not bad but over not bad though and had lots of 30% & 50% off too.

    then I had to go to sobeys to get diapers so that was 15.99

    Whew just need to go back for my Tassimo voucher I hope I still get it off next shop as it wasn’t taken off this one will wait and see and we are about to embark on getting a meat pack next week so will let you know how that goes too have been saving for this to see if this cuts down my shop. It will come to around $290 once taxes gst goes on.

    1. Wow, that’s quite a bit of shopping. I notice you buy 4x milk do you use that much in a week? Also, your fruit purchases seem expensive, do you buy a lot of fruit? Good catch on the Romano Cheese at 50% off woohoo, that’s great. How do you feel typing this out every week. I’m excited to see how well everyone sticks the budget. I hope at the end of the year you can look back and pat yourself on the back for some amazing shopping and deals. Cheers … keep up the good work. You get Ballot #13 Mr. CBB 🙂

      1. that was the second time as the first time i had just about finished and i lost the whole thing. Wasnt too bad I am an ex PA/office manager so typing no probs usually around 95 words a min that was my last test a couple of months ago lol. Yep my boys and little girl drink alot of milk both on its own and cereal. My eldest has three Weetabix each morning and the others have milk on own and cereal so always looking to see if I can get cheaper milk but to no avail as yet!. Yes fruit and veg are very expensive hence the garden this year. Usually grow tomatoes, peppers, herbs but going to try watermelon, corn and potatoes this year really excited.

        1. I love wheetabix I used to eat that all the time back home. Growing vegetables and fruits and herbs for some is a huge money saving game. We love growing our own garden and use it to it’s greatest potential. Nothing gets wasted. I’ve never tried corn before so you will have to let me know how it goes. 95 wpm that’s fast wow. Mr.CBB 😉

  3. So the budget is $150.00/week (high budget) but try to keep it around $120. I have a family of 4 and run a home daycare with 6 children.
    Becel Proactiv $6.49 PM $4.00 coupon $2.00
    Janes Chicken nuggets $10.77 PM $4.77
    Dr Oetker pizza $4.97 PM $2.88 coupon $1.50 WUB2
    hot dogs $3.99 PM $1.88×2
    strawberries $2.97 PM $1.27
    Allen’s apple juice $1.45 PM .99
    Cinnamon Pops $4.97 sale $2.97 coupon $2.50 (love .47 cereal)
    pop tarts $2.99 sale $1.67
    Rice krispie granola bars $3.67 sale $1.67 coupon .75 X5
    Cashmere toilet paper $7.97 sale $3.97 coupon $2.00X2
    Crest travel size mouthwash $1.00 coupon $1.00 (free)
    Oral B floss $3.67 coupon free when you buy Crest mouthwash
    peppers .77X3
    cucumber .77
    mini carrots $1.27
    mini potatoes $2.00
    apples $2.97
    Great Value waffles $1.50
    oranges (8lbs) $3.97
    romaine .97
    Havarti cheese slices $3.97
    Whole wheat perogies $2.50
    Schneiders chicken burgers $10.97 sale $6.00
    Regular total: $119.19 Coupons, sales PM $53.12 Total $61.00 Gift Card $10.00 OOP $51.00

    Zehrs (put all 3 trips together)
    ice cream $4.99 sale $2.99
    kielbassa $1.69 50% sticker .84
    kaisers $2.79
    onion $1.32
    Ceasar potato salad $6.49
    milk $4.37
    Wonder bread $3.79 sale $1.99
    Summer sausage $2.99
    apple sauce $2.79
    strawberry smoothie $1.49
    pumpernickle bread $2.89
    bananas $2.47
    Corn pops $6.99 sale $3.99
    Frosted Flakes $6.99 sale $3.99 (buying 2 cereal gave me 2 PINS for a free box of cereal)
    Honey graham goldfish $2.99 sale $2.50
    chocolate goldfish $2.99 sale $2.50
    milk $4.37
    Hamburger Helper $1.99 sale $1.67 (coupon to save $3.00 on ground beef with next HH purchase)
    Weight Watchers meal $4.99 sale $2.49
    chicken strips $11.99 50% sticker $6.00
    tortillas $2.99
    Wonder bread $3.79 sale 1.99 coupon .75X2
    Wonder hot dog buns $3.79 sale $1.99
    bologna $3.99 sale $2.99
    club pack ground beef $11.81
    Regular total $111.52 Sales and coupons $28.32 OOP $87.06

    This week’s totals:
    Regular price total $230.71
    Sales, coupons and PM $81.46
    OOP $138.06

    I was hoping to be lower than this this week, but my husbands trips to the grocery store for milk and bread cost more than it should have!!

    1. Thanks for posting your shop. I think with summer around the corner most people will be stocking up on items for the bbq and buns etc. You have an amazing 150.00 budget for all the people you feed each week. Thanks for posting your shop…keeping that $81.46 in your pocket must make you feel good. Mr.CBB 🙂 You get ballot #12 Good Luck Shelley.

  4. My weekly budget is $100. I was thinking/hoping this could be a shop-free week for me, but the Shoppers Optimum points bonus cash in was too good to pass on… so here’s what I picked up:

    Dempsters hot dog buns $2.59
    Schneiders juicy jumbos $3.29 x2
    Veet cream $18.99
    Butter $2.99 x4
    Whipped Cream $3.79 x2
    Philly cream cheese $3.49 x4
    Flushable wipes $2.99 x3
    Tropicana Juice $3.99
    Milk $4.49
    Robaxacet $10.00 – $4.00 coupon
    Hunt’s pasta sauce $0.99 x2
    Hazlenut creamer $3.99
    Lemon juice $2.29
    Oreo cookies $2.29
    Fudgee-o cookies $2.29
    Easter egg treats $1.39 x2 (that’s what happens when I shop with my 3 year old, but I needed to get to $100 anyway)

    I forgot to note regular prices, but according to the receipt I had $28.09 in savings.

    Total including taxes $105.64 – V$100.00 Optimum Points credit = Out of pocket: $5.64

    So, to mid-month I’ve spent a total of $158.92 of $300.00 budget… so far so good!

    1. Thanks for posting your shop/brag! I know what it’s like when there is a SDM event. This month the spend $75 get 18,500 might put us over our $190 budget for groceries. This is ok as we have emergency savings which is important if you spend more than you budget. We used to spend around $500 a month while using coupons but want to try and stick to this new budget as we’re cracking down now. We don’t want to buy just because we have coupons as it all adds up even the tax.

      The no-shop week is difficult to do we just started as well last month. We try but know that not every month will be perfect. Good for you for trying! You done real well thus far! We find by posting what we shpp has helped us be mindful what we are spending. Pat yourself on the back!
      You get ballot #11! Don’t forget to come back next week to post and get another ballot! Subscribing to my blog will make sure you don’t miss a post.

      1. I should correct my month to date… three weeks in I have spent $158.92 of $300. I have $341.08 remaining of my month’s budget ($500 this month b/c of the extra week). I still have a great stockpile of pantry basics and meat in the freezer from my last trip to Costco, so I have a hunch I’m going to come in way under budget this month 🙂

        1. That’s awesome if you come in under budget eh Kathleen? Realistically yes there is an extra week this month so even though we budget $190 per month for groceries it’s not the end of the world if we go over a bit. I’d be pretty proud with the extra week if we went over $25 or so! We keep our pantry well stocked like you as well. It’s make life so much easier. Happy Shopping.. can’t wait to see how you make out the rest of the month. I’m betting you kick my arse!! Way to go! Cheers Mr.CBB

        1. I hear ya! We’re working on eating an even healthier diet by eating homeade meals with lots of veg, meat, dairy and grains. We want to stay away from processed as much as possible but it takes time. Cheers Mr.CBB

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