The Grocery Game Challenge April 9-April 15- What’s In Your Bags?

Last Week we came in under budget spending just $32.50 that’s $31.50 less than we could have spent. It is now Wednesday and we still have had no desire to go out shopping however we do need a few staples. I think going to the relatives for Easter has set us back a bit this week. Yes that means we ate too much and food has been the last thing on our minds!

I’ve posted a couple of new handy Tools for you in the Kitchen which you can print for free.

I’ll keep you all posted of our weekly Grocery Shop by updating this post as we shop.  This week we can spend $64 + $31.50 for a total of $95.50.

Here’s Our Weekly Shop

We decided to go “Pink Sticker” shopping last night and here is what we bought!


1x Glade Sense and Spray Reg $8.04 sale 50% pink sticker =$4.02-$4.00 =$0.02 Almost free there were loads but we didn’t have any more coupons 🙁

Sponge Towels Sale $3.99-$1.00= $2.99

Coupons Used $1.00

Total Oop= $ 3.99

We also picked up 6 Jugs of Saf- T- Eco Salt for Winter $5.49 each-50% off =$16.50 but this goes under Miscellaneous in our budget but worth mentioning.

Zehrs #2

2x PC Pineapple Juice $2.79-50%= $2.80

1x Ace Bakery Olive Bread $4.99-50%=$2.50

1x PC thick Raisin Bread Sale $2.99- 50%=$1.50

8x Dempsters Vitality Bread Sale $2.22-50%=$1.11 each ( wish I had coupons)

3x Loreal Excellence Hair Expertise Sale $3.99-50%=$2.00-$2.00 = FREEEEEE

Total Coupons used $6.00

Total Oop=$16.40

Shopper’s Drug Mart

We wanted to take advantage of the Spend $50 get a $10 spending card

Here is what we purchased

$50 gc =$50 + 500 bpts

1x Eggs $1.99

4x Pantene $3.99-$2.00 coupons=$1.99 each

1x brown sugar Sale $1.29

2x bags of peanuts $5.00

4x Neilson Milk $4.29 each

4x Sugar $2.49

Total with tax $54.00 = 10.00 spending card given

Total Shopping This Week = $54.00+16.40+3.99=$74.39-$64.00 ( budget)= over $10.39 but we underspent last week by $31.50 making us still under budget for the month at +$21.11 extra to spend if we need it. 

EDIT** Went to Zehrs last night and picked up a few items which still falls into this weeks budget. We also found some new coupons at Zehrs so I thought I would post them here.


Here is the breakdown

4x Neilson Milk Sale $3.99-$1.00 coupons=$11.96

1x ACE bread $3.69-50% pink sticker=$1.84

Total Oop=$10.12

So we had underspent the week prior and had +$21.44 left after the last shop this week – $10.12 = +11.32 left still in the budget along with $64 =$75.32 for the month to go!!

We still have a shop free week so we might actually pull it off this month who knows!

Post your Grocery Shop for the week in the comment section below along with your grocery budget and let us know how well you stuck to the budget!

You get an Entry ballot each time you post  your shop to be entered in our MONTHLY CONTEST! You can only enter once per week!

Please see link to rules below.

Good Luck and Happy Shopping,


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  1. ok here goes my shop for this week
    VH Sauces x2 @ 2.99 – $2.50c = $3.48
    x2 lemons $1
    x2 limes $1
    Carronts 1lb bag $1
    Downy Ultra was 7.99 got for 3.99

    Total 10.95 inc GST/PST

    Cranberry Orange bars 1.99 – .75c = 1.24
    Coke Cola $2 with coupon Free
    recyclings .2c
    Tassimo coffee 6.87
    Corn pops 4.78 FPC = free
    Yog tubes 2.99
    Milk x3 @ 4.69ea = 14.07
    HP sauce 4.99
    Salad cream 4.29
    Minute Maid Orange Punch Frozen 1.19 special 0.57c ea x4 = 2.28
    NN Apple juice boxes 1.28
    recycling .10c
    NN Butter 3.49
    Nutrigran bars special price 1.99 – $0.50c = 1.49
    PC granola bars special price 1.79 x2 = 3.58
    Philly cream sauce special price 2.47 – $1c = 1.47
    Post GG Blue Pom cereal 3.98 – $1c = 2.98
    Taco Kit 4.27
    Weetabix 4.29
    Chicken sandwich meat 5.27 – 50% = 2.63
    Chicken Roll ” $3
    Pillers Pastrami 5.68 – 50% = 2.84
    Bread 4pk 3.89
    Pita Pockets 3.69
    Apple pie 2.00 – 50% = $1
    Wheat buns x2 @ 3.28 – 50% = 3.28
    NN Weiners 3.28
    Bananas 3.46
    Apples 2.98
    Potatoes 3.97
    Tomatoes 2.89
    Flushable wipes 3.99

    So in all spent 101.75 with GST/PST

    So total for this week was $112.70 over by 12.70 so have 87.30 left fingers crossed I can do my $400 budget for the month but thinking it will go over going to try and stick to it though

    1. Hey,
      That’s not a bad shop at all although I would have bought my milk at Zehrs but I don’t think you have one? It’s on sale this week $3.99-$1.00printable. I notice you get 3 things I love
      3-Salad Cream
      I must admit I haven’t put out the money to buy the salad cream here in Canada but I did find that ColeSlaw Creamy dressing No Name tasted just like it for $1.99 a bottle.

      Great going, You can do it.. just think about what I will do if you go over… back to your corner!!!

      Cheers Nicola,
      You get ballot #6

    2. I am a SAHM. I worked for 14 years in the faaincnil industry on 2 continents for global banks before deciding to stay at home with my son. I’ve been home almost one year now, and it has not been an easy transition.Financially, I gave up a 6 figure salary with a yearly bonus and generous retirement benefits. Health insurance is mandatory where I live, so taking that out of the equation wasn’t an issue in terms of coverage. In order to prepare, we saved my entire salary for three years. We also made an actual vs. plan budget which we analyze on a monthly basis. It is pretty detailed and keeps us on track for our larger goals of saving for a home down payment. Food is expensive also, there are no coupons here, but I do comparison shop and we’ve switched to one of the cheaper but still decent grocery stores for our weekly shopping. We also eat a lot less red meat and I have stopped buying expensive cleaning products subbing in vinegar and baking soda where I can, which cuts down on the expenditure. I also buy my very basic shampoo and body wash at the discount store, I buy whatever brand they happen to have, but I still go to my spendy hairdresser. I’ve had some bad haircuts and he’s worth it, IMO.For DS’s things, we furnished his room from IKEA, buy very few toys and cloth diaper. I formula fed him for a variety of reasons, but I now make almost all of his food.One thing that has kept me sane is to have a regular sitter. She comes once a week for a few hours so I can go to appointments and what not. DH and I also try to go out alone, but it’s difficult without help nearby, so we usually do family things, like swimming at our local pool, going for an inexpensive ice cream on Sunday afternoons, that kind of thing.I hope this helps, I’ll think on it and see what else I can recall, if you like.

    1. Hi Tia,
      I sure can help you out.. if you click on this link HERE it will take you to and you can scroll down to grocery and it is the first printable for you… Cheers Mr.CBB

    1. Wow, that sounds like a great shop and some huge savings for you. If you can list your shop here you will get a bllot in the grocery game challenge to win a monthly prize. All you do is list your weekly budget ie $100 and how much you spent, coupons used and what you bought and where. It’s that simple. I post my shop each week and in the comment section you post yours. Then I give you a ballot.

      So many of us have been loving this game because it motivates us NOT spend more, or emotionally spend money on crap we don’t need.

      I look forward to seeing your shop ..
      Cheers and thanks for your continued support.

  2. nicely done Kathleen and Mr. CBB!

    k, i’m still riding the overage train (but that will run out soon, as coupons and products are getting scarce)
    my budget is $200 per month. breaking that down to $50 a week this month. i had $2.23 left from last week + $50 to spend this week. here’s my shopping:

    1 D’Italiano whole wheat sausage buns $1.97 less pink sticker less .75 coupon = $.24
    1 pack of honey garlic sausage $5.41
    3 packs of hot ital sausage $5.30, 5.35, 5.34
    they should do 8 meals or more
    OOP $21.63

    10 kg flour $10.99
    less $10 airmiles
    OOP $.99

    2 Nutrigrain superfruit $2 – $1 x 2 = $2
    Nordica cottage cheese $2.87 less fpc =$0
    Quaker instant oatmeal $3.37
    2 colgate advanced health travel size $1+tax less $1.50 x 2 $-.74
    2 Granny smith apples $.91 less free wub 2 nutrigrain = $0
    2 Resolve spray $2 +tax less $2 x 2 = $.52
    4 Bulls eye bbq sauce pm Foodland $1.97 x 4 less b1g1 = $3.94
    total $ 9.09
    used free $10 gift card from coupon train
    OOP $0
    and then realized that the bill was too high. checked the receipt and noticed that the cashier didn’t enter the fpc for the oatmeal, so the customer service desk gave me $3.37 in cash (they couldn’t add it back to the gift card)

    4 x 4L Neilson truetaste 2% milk $3.99 less $1 printable x 4 = $ 11.96
    less $3.37 from free gift card/fpc error at walmart
    OOP $8.59

    Walmart #2
    30 colgate advanced health travel size (lots left) $1 + tax less $1.50 x 30 =$-11.10
    6 zantac (none left) $2.22+ tax – $3 x 6 = $-2.94
    2 cascade defensia hand towels (lots left) $1 + tax – $2 x 2 = $-1.74
    2 ziploc freezer bags with the excellent coupons inside $2.97 + tax – $1wub2 =$ 5.70
    1 palmolive dishsoap $1 + tax less call in $1 = $.13
    6 mccain frozen breakfast potatoes with diced veg $2.47 – $1 x 6 = $8.82
    1 pk of 9 boneless chops $7
    1 pk of mushrooms $.99
    1 broccoli pm to Food Basics $.77
    3 green peppers pm to Food Basics $.54
    total $8.18
    less $.91 bal on first gift card
    less $5.00 2nd gift card
    OOP $2.26

    overall breakdown:
    total purchased $151.73 + tax $7.57 =$159.30
    less airmiles, free gift cards $25.00
    less pink sticker $.99
    less coupons $99.84
    total OOP $33.47
    balance left in budget $18.76

    1. Pretty impressive shop. We ran out of our Colgate coupons last month. We tried to get more but our dentist said they had run out. As far as the zantac I have yet to find a Walmart with this product stocked. You picked up some great deals, good for you. You are bangin the budget! LOVE IT! Keep it up! You get ballot #5 Mr.CBB 😉

  3. When I posted my shop last week, I said we were well stocked for a very small shop this week. I didn’t realize how small it would be…
    Our weekly budget is $100 for groceries – feeding 3.

    This week I didn’t actually do any shopping – we ran out of milk and had to pick it up at a convenience store so paid $4.99 for a 4l (boo!) and my partner picked up K-cups for the office so spent $10.89.

    Total for the week: $15.88 (under budget by $84.12!!)

    I think that’s the closest to a no-shop week we’ve had…

    1. I think I just posted a blog post about people going to the corner shop lol…We load up on staples like we did yesterday at Shoppers for milk and sugar when we can get points or promos they have. This week Milk is $3.99 at Zehrs minus- $1.00 printable coupon =$2.99 will I stock up, You’re darn right I will!!! I freeze it and it’s perfectly fine! The only problem with this is that it sometimes puts us over budget or we have to modify our budget to incorporate it. It’s been working out fairly good so far but we have cut out the junk or processed food as much as possible and are cooking at home using spices etc… Cheers… I look forward to your shops! Mr.CBB

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