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The Grocery Game Challenge April 2- April 8 Happy Easter!

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Since Easter is just around the corner I thought it be proper to highlight this special occasion for most families around the world.  I’m sure this weeks shop will include Ham, Potatoes, apples, stuffing, vegetables, gravy and dessert (brownies will be our number one chocolate pick of course) ha!

One of my favourite recipes is what I call our Easter Dinner In The Crockpot which was sent by Shelley C. a Facebook Fan.  I ran with her  potato and ham idea and  made it my own jazzing it up with various spices and variations so that we could use it for Easter or any night of the week. It was a hit so try out my version and see what you think! Thanks Shelley!

We love getting recipes at Canadian Budget Binder so simply email me your recipe along with your name and if I use it on my blog I will make sure you get the credit you deserve!

Although we will be heading to the relatives for dinner this year we still made it to the shops to pick up some quick items.  When I finished our March Budget update and actually saw our $200 overspend on groceries it really pressured us to stick to our budget in April. Although we purchased stock items in March we want to buckle down this month!

It’s been so much fun posting our shop and seeing what the fans have done as well. I must admit we have some pretty awesome shoppers who post and stick to their grocery budget. I’m sure we could all learn a thing or 10 from them. I always look forward to their next grocery brag of the week.

Anyhow here is our shop for this week! I will continue to add as we shop!

Our Monthly Grocery Budget

Total To Spend $190.00 or aprox $64 a week with one no-shop week per month! Can we stick to our budget.. follow along with us all month to find out!

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2x Royale Bog Roll (toilet paper) Sale $4.99-$2.00 = $5.98 plus tax=$7.28


1x Real Lemon Juice $2.99- 30%=$2.69

Food Basics

3x HUGE bags of Green Beans on Reduced rack $1.29 each- we will blanch and toss them in the freezer .

1x parsley Sale $0.99

1x Chives Sale $0.99

1 907 g bag of Dry Chick peas Sale $1.99

Total oop-$8.71


2x 20lb potatoes- $3.99 each

1x 20lbs onions $1.99

Total Oop- $9.97


1x carrots- $1.00

1x celery- $0.88

1x Anise-$1.97 ( it was huge)

Total Oop- $3.85

Total Spent on Groceries this week!!! UNDER BUDGET!!! woohoo

$32.50 that’s $31.50 under budget this week.

Post your Grocery Shop for the week in the comment section along with your grocery budget and let us know how well you stuck to the budget! You get a ballot each time you post, once per week only! Please see link to rules below.

Once a month I randomly chose a WINNER and you WIN The Grocery Game Challenge for the month and get a prize!

Good Luck and Happy Shopping,


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