The Grocery Game Challenge April 2- April 8 Happy Easter!

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Since Easter is just around the corner I thought it be proper to highlight this special occasion for most families around the world.  I’m sure this weeks shop will include Ham, Potatoes, apples, stuffing, vegetables, gravy and dessert (brownies will be our number one chocolate pick of course) ha!

One of my favourite recipes is what I call our Easter Dinner In The Crockpot which was sent by Shelley C. a Facebook Fan.  I ran with her  potato and ham idea and  made it my own jazzing it up with various spices and variations so that we could use it for Easter or any night of the week. It was a hit so try out my version and see what you think! Thanks Shelley!

We love getting recipes at Canadian Budget Binder so simply email me your recipe along with your name and if I use it on my blog I will make sure you get the credit you deserve!

Although we will be heading to the relatives for dinner this year we still made it to the shops to pick up some quick items.  When I finished our March Budget update and actually saw our $200 overspend on groceries it really pressured us to stick to our budget in April. Although we purchased stock items in March we want to buckle down this month!

It’s been so much fun posting our shop and seeing what the fans have done as well. I must admit we have some pretty awesome shoppers who post and stick to their grocery budget. I’m sure we could all learn a thing or 10 from them. I always look forward to their next grocery brag of the week.

Anyhow here is our shop for this week! I will continue to add as we shop!

Our Monthly Grocery Budget

Total To Spend $190.00 or aprox $64 a week with one no-shop week per month! Can we stick to our budget.. follow along with us all month to find out!

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2x Royale Bog Roll (toilet paper) Sale $4.99-$2.00 = $5.98 plus tax=$7.28


1x Real Lemon Juice $2.99- 30%=$2.69

Food Basics

3x HUGE bags of Green Beans on Reduced rack $1.29 each- we will blanch and toss them in the freezer .

1x parsley Sale $0.99

1x Chives Sale $0.99

1 907 g bag of Dry Chick peas Sale $1.99

Total oop-$8.71


2x 20lb potatoes- $3.99 each

1x 20lbs onions $1.99

Total Oop- $9.97


1x carrots- $1.00

1x celery- $0.88

1x Anise-$1.97 ( it was huge)

Total Oop- $3.85

Total Spent on Groceries this week!!! UNDER BUDGET!!! woohoo

$32.50 that’s $31.50 under budget this week.

Post your Grocery Shop for the week in the comment section along with your grocery budget and let us know how well you stuck to the budget! You get a ballot each time you post, once per week only! Please see link to rules below.

Once a month I randomly chose a WINNER and you WIN The Grocery Game Challenge for the month and get a prize!

Good Luck and Happy Shopping,


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  1. Shopping Buget – Total aim is aprox. $100 per month (Currently usually this number is running low for our home and we need to add pet food into our grocery budget as that is normally when we buy food for our animals and generally we buy cat and dog food from our local grocery store no-name brand at No Frills.)

    April 4, 2012 – Week #1
    1 x Gay Lee Sour Creme – $1.49 – sale PM from ____
    3 x Hamburger Helper $1.47 – sale PM from Food Basics
    3 x Green Giant frozen veggies – Free with coupon buy HH get veggies free (were on sale 2/$4)
    6 x President’s Choice Decedent Choc. Chip Cookies – 97 cents – sale PM from No Frills (one day sale)
    2 x Astro Original Vanilla Yogurt – $1.99 – $1 coupon = 99 cents each – sale PM from _____
    1 x Highliner Cripy Crusted fish (2 pack, ok but not a good deal for fish) – $3.99 – 75 cents coupon = $3.24
    Sale PM from ______
    1 x Mini Wheats Family Size box – $3.96 – $2.50 coupon – $1.46 – Sale PM from No Frills
    2 x Tenderflake Pie Crusts (2 per box) – 2/$5 – $1.50 coupon wub2 = $1.75 each
    2 x Cute Small stuffed bunnies on sale (one pink, one blue) – 97 cents each sale price
    1 x McCains XSpicy crispy fries – $3.97 (not on sale)

    Savings with PM and sales unknown
    Coupon savings $7.75
    Spent less than $29 total after coupons and PMs

    April 11, 2012 – Week #2
    No Frills
    1 x No Name Cat Food
    1 x No Name Cat Litter
    1 x 1% Milk – 4 Liters
    1 x Dempster’s bread – sale $1.94
    2 x Chocolate bars – sale 64 cents each
    1 x Oasis Carton for Orange juice – Free with FPC
    8 bananas

    Total – less then $21
    Coupons used 1 for Oasis carton juice FPC.

    1. Well I must say your budget is much lower than mine but you are doing super good. It can get difficult the lower your budget but it’s not hopeless. Our budget is $190 A MONTH and it comes with challenges. I can’t wait to see how well you shop each week. Thanks for taking the time to post your 2 shops You get Ballot #3, and Ballot #4. Good Luck in the Grocery Game Challenge for April… and I hope one day I can get my budget down even lower.

      I’m also jealous you got hold of the PC cookies.. I couldn’t make it to the one day sale.. great deal.

  2. okay finally got round to doing this been a bit busy here
    Brown sugar normally 2.49 special $1.99
    Cascade Action packs 6.99 – #1 coupon
    Coca Cola Zero special price $3.47 x2 = 6.94
    Recycling .48c
    Milk x2 @ 4.69 = $9.38
    Hershey Kisses x3 @3.37ea = 10.11
    McCain Harvest x 2 ” 3.77 ea = 7.54 – x2 $1.50 = 4.54
    NN Cooked Beans x2 @ 87c ea = 1.74
    NN Dble choc Biscuits $3.58
    NN fruit Punch pk40 = 9.48
    Recycling .80c
    NN Salted Butter special $3.49ea
    PC x2 Liquid Detergent 32w 1.49ea = 2.98
    PC Fabric Sftnr sht x2 @ 3.97- 50% = 3.98
    PC Pink Lemonade icecream x2 4.48 – 50% = 4.48
    Pink Bunnies x3 @ 99c = 2.97
    Reese Reester 2.97
    Riceworks $3.99 – $1.50c = 2.49
    Sprite Zero special price 1.50 with coupon Free
    Recycling .02c
    Taco Kit #3.47
    Tassimo 3.77
    Tea 6.99
    Coffee 7.97 Tassimo
    Weetabix Cereal 4.29
    Welch’s White Grape Juice 3.67 – 0.50c = 3.17
    Recycling .02c
    Yoptimal Immunie 6.99 – $1c = 5.99
    Smoke gouda 4.79 – 50% = 2.39
    Ham $5
    Boursin Cranberry special 4.98
    Chicken Meat 3.00
    Smoked Chicken 5.00
    Ace Bread 3.89 – 50% = 1.94
    4pk Bread 3.89
    Dinner rolls 2.47 – 50% = 1.23
    Bananas 3.30
    Carrots 1.28
    Cucumbers 3pk 2.88
    Oranges 2.45
    Cslw Mix 1.98
    Potatos 10lb 3.96
    Lettuce 2.98
    Tomatoes 1.57
    Melon 3.48
    Covergirl Mascara 8.99 – $4c = 4.99
    Baby Wipes 4.98
    Wipes Flushable 3.99
    Vicks Vapour Rub 5.49 (missed my coupon on this one forgot to take it out)
    So they tried to charge me $7.49 for my Washing powder until I pointed out the price at the door so that got taken off and added at the right price. Gotta watch them.

    Superbucks this week totalled $6.37 so with coupons it came to 19.86 (not sure what other coupons was on there as threw my paper in the bin) in savings

    Total 185.36 incl PST & GST

    Sobeys – #15.99 Diapers

    Spent 201.35 not bad but now only have to try not to spend any more as have $200 to do til end of the month if I can!

    1. That’s some pretty good shopping. The ham you picked up for $5.00 was that a half cooked ham or something different. We love Ham here and want to make my crockpot Easter Recipe again even though Easter is over. So is your grocery budget $400 a month? You spend $201.35 on this shop which is a huge shop. How often do you shop? Do you track your coupon use? Lots of questions but I learn from all of you like you learn from me. Cheers You get Ballot #5 in The Grocery Game Challenge for April. Mr.CBB

      1. I usually shop every week but that has to stop hence the challenge of the $400 so its going to be hard to get to stick to this I think but going to try. Yes I track my coupons but this week the kids were with me so I lost it a bit with them being there. This week I have seen a few items needed so we will see I recon I could hit the $90 mark which would mean I have only #100 for next week too but will see. Last month I was on a high of $250 one week then $150 the next as hubby gets paid every two weeks but I though why not take the challenge as see if I can actually do this so I have taken the money out of the bank so I have only the cash! A bit scary but trying this so I may have to go a week with just buying milk.

        1. Yes I got it all… just stick to it, keep focused and only buy what you need… that’s what we are doing.. we are stockpiled and don’t need to spend any more on anything even if with a coupon it’s ONLY 2.00 or 1.00… its’s still not worth it to us now. Mr.CBB

          1. I am not stockpiled to the extent of just not getting much so trying to get that sorted too. I make the kids there lunches too so they need variety to what they have at a lunch time as they get fed up of the same thing so I change it up to fresh fruit and veg and that can be expensive but they are growing boys and I do have extra if needed but hope not!

  3. 1. yes, they are the ones from the dentist 🙂 just got them this week in a trade with a gal from b.c., so generous of her!
    2. i was very surprised to find any zantac at all! there are only 3 pills in a pack. hubby tried them when i first bought them. he’s found that they work really well! um, and i like the overage!
    3. the coupon i used on the cheese came from the ziploc boxes. $4 worth of coupons: $1wub2 ziplocs, $.75 any block cheese, $.75 fresh produce and $1.50 on fresh chicken. AMAZING COUPONS!
    4. it’s hard to find the cheaper scrunge products! but keep looking!
    5. the coupon i used on the maxwell house was $2wub4 participating Kraft products. it was good on maxwell house roast & ground coffee 311-930g, not instant. but it expires tomorrow 🙁 …should have used my last one up, doh! i got those from a trade with a super guy out in b.c.
    i know the majority of my spending was on cheese and cofee, $21.69 BUT, i’m stocked up for a while on those and they were great prices. i would rather buy a bunch now, than pay full price when i need it. milk and one box of chicken wings $16.13 was another big chunk. so i guess i got all the rest of the items for $9.95
    you might look at my shopping and say “how do you feed your family for a week on what you just bought”? this is typical of my shopping. we had some fruit and fresh veg left in the fridge from last week, loads of canned goods, frozen meat and veg, i make bread (ok the machine makes it). having a stockpile is wonderful.

    1. I love those dentist coupons. The girlies at our dentist are always so generous with them when I ask for them lol.. No zantac here and I need them as I use so many tums.. but if I don’t get them it’s ok but the overage is nice I bet. Thanks for sharing chickypoodles.. ha.. Mr.CBB Love your name 🙂

  4. i prepared my budget this week following your steps and advice…this has changed what my previous so-called budget was for groceries (i was happy if it was $50-75 per week). now the budget is $200 per month.
    numbers to the end of march are:
    estimated regular retail with tax $4.097.36
    after sales and price matching $2727.04
    less coupons and scop $1578.79
    less free gift cards, store points $404.90
    out of pocket ytd $743,36
    average over 13 weeks $57.18
    it will be a challenge to stick to the $200 monthly grocery budget, but i’m hopeful and determined to make it work!
    here are this weeks numbers. keep in mind that i did a freezer inventory on wednesday (thanks mr cbb) and had enough meat for more than 43 meals. also, i didn’t need to purchase much in order to prepare meals from the menu plan i made.

    1 x quaker instant oatmeal $3.79-fpc
    2 x vileda scrunge scrubbies $1.49×2 -$3wub2 +tax = .37
    oop $.37

    3 x scrubbing bubbles extend clean $5.67 x 3 – 3x$5 +tax = $4.22
    2 x v8 juice $2.47×2 – 2x$.75 = 3.44
    2 small green peppers $.81 – $1 fresh produce wub2 v8 = -$.19
    4x campbells half fat soups $1 x 4 – 2 x $1wub2 = $2
    1 x lysol no touch starter kit with 2 refills $5 – $3.50 + tax = $2.15
    1 x clarol perfect 10 hair colour $13.96+ tax – fpc =0
    3 x zantac $2.22 x 3 – 3 x $3 + tax = -$1.47
    10 x colgate total advance health travel size $1 x 10 – $1.50 x 10 + tax = -$3.70
    oop $6.45

    12 x 300g black diamond cheese block $1.97 x 12 – 12 x $.75 = $14.64
    oop $14.64

    4 x 631g maxwell house ground coffee $3 X 4 – $2wub4 = $10
    6 x zantac $2.22 x 6 – 6 x $3 + tax = -$2.95
    oop $7.05

    1 x 2L neison true taste 3% milk $5.69 – $3 manager -$1 = $1.69
    (early expiry…son is drinking it now lol)

    1 x buffalo chicken wings $9.97 (birthday treat)
    1 x 4l milk $4.47
    3 x lean ground beef $2.99 x 3 – 3 x $3 wub hamburger helper = -$.03
    3 x hamburger helper $1.49 x 3 = $4.47 (might only use the noodles)
    2 x v8 juice $2.47 x 2 – 2 x $.75 = 3.44
    1 x 3lbs yellow onions $1 – $1 fresh produce wub2 v8 = $0
    2 bananas $.60
    1 x lettuce $.77 – $.75 = $.02
    2 tomatoes $.59
    1 x liquid downy $2 – $1 + tax = $1.26
    5 x zantac $2.22 x 5 – 5 x $3 + tax = -$2.45
    16 x colgate total advanced health travel size $1 x 16 – 16 x $1.50 + tax = -$5.91
    oop $16.41

    pizza pepperoni $1.16
    oop $1.16

    TOTAL OOP $47.77

    happy easter!

    1. Wow that’s some awesome shopping. The colgate are they the June expiry from the dentist? I’ve used all mine and the office didn’t have any more. You are lucky to find the zantac as our store has none. The black diamond I presume is new coupons as mine expired March 31 and the new one’s have not been in our area.

      I also didn’t know about the vileda and the extend a clean, I have loads of $5 off coupons although I’m trying to stick to vinegar and water these days but still need some cleaning products. Is the maxwell house good on instant coffee? Where did you get those ?

      Overall I’m sure you are pretty happy with your shop I know I would be! You get Ballot # 2 thanks for sharing and we learn about deals we missed lol…


  5. Finally got around to totalling everything up for the week, so here goes:
    Weekly grocery budget is $100 for our family of three – plus we’re hosting an “Easter” dinner for my side (6 extra adults) tomorrow…

    Extra Foods – found a whole bunch of pink stickers that sure helped sticking to the budget…
    Danino yogurt reg $5.29 -50% = $2.64
    Danone yogurt reg $4.27 -50% = $2.13
    Minigo reg $3.49 -50% = $1.74
    Eggs $4.29
    Milk $4.65
    Kraft PB reg $7.99 sale $5.97
    Marble Cheese $8.97
    White Cheddar reg $5.99 -50% = $2.99
    Ice Cream Cones $2.97
    Vegetable oil $2.98
    Brie reg $5.99 sale $4.97
    Bread reg $3.49 -50% = $1.74
    Dinner rolls $2.47
    Chicken Thighs reg $19.12 -30% = $13.39
    Ham 16.44 (I’ll use the bone for soup stock to freeze, and will also freeze leftover meat too)
    Apples reg $4.47 -50% = $2.23
    Asparagus $3.35
    Spinach (HUGE bag) reg $3.48 -50% = $1.74
    Baby Carrots 2lb $1.96
    Grapes $6.78
    Mushrooms reg $3.96 -50% = $1.98
    Green onions x2 reg $1.16 -50% = $0.58
    Pre-mixed salad reg $2.99 -50% = $1.49
    Strawberries 3lb $4.48
    Tomatoes reg $0.93 -50% = $0.46
    Customer appreciation discount -$15.00
    Total reg $131.97 total OOP $88.41

    Puff pastry x2 reg $5.49 sale $3.00 -$1.50 WUB2 = $4.50
    Cauliflower reg $4.59 sale $2.28
    Bananas $2.28
    Total reg $18.13 total OOP $9.34

    Weekly total savings $52.35 OOP: $97.75 – just squeaked in under budget this week, but we’re well stocked now to have a very small shop next week 🙂

    Happy Easter!!

    1. What an amazing shop you did this week. I love when we find pink stickers on cheese so you are lucky! YOu squeaked in under $100 but look at all the people you are feeding. It pays to be mindful of prices and shopping habits. It also pays to post it because it gives you an even bigger dose of what you actually spend your money on and where you are saving! Happy Easter to you as well! Can’t wait to see your next shop! You get ballot # 1 Please share The Grocery Game with your mates.. its fun to see how well we can all save in the Budget!

  6. $64/week for groceries is quite an ambitious goal!..
    and you appear to even be including household items.

    kudos to you for challenging yourself… and good luck!

    1. Thanks, we are wanting to get back to basics with food. We don’t want the conveniences rather eating healthy and cooking more rather than heating up food. Thanks for your comment! Mr.CBB

  7. Looks like we will be non traditional for Easter and roast a turkey we got on sale during the Thanksgiving Holiday. Can’t keep it in the freezer forever.

  8. Well there’s nowhere for me to post last week, but I spent (gulp) $196!!! Didn’t even realize it until I totalled it up! Total before taxes was about $318, so I saved about $130! I also bought extra bread (6loaves)and waffles (4 packs) and froze them because I wanted to use my coupons (exp Mar 31) and they were on sale. My new weekly budget is $125! Need to start using more of my stockpile for a while!

    1. That’s what happens to us and why it is critical to have a grocery budget and stick to it. If you have the money saved for instances where you spend more to stock up than that’s ok. It’s when you don’t have the money and one goes over budget like that they can get into trouble with $$$$. Mr. CBB

  9. Went back and looked…maybe I should have posted it last week, but no then I would have had 2 posts…ahhh!! That’s ok Apr 1 shopping went waaaay over my “high” budget (which no longer exists). So I’ll pretend it didn’t happen and start next week!

  10. Ok I think one of us messed up!! I just did groceries April 1 and there’s no week to post it…and next weeks will be on Apr 8…so do I post both? I’m so confused now!!

    1. April the first was the last week in March’s Grocery Game. I post Mon-Sun only so some months it will go into the next month. So you did enter for the April 1 but for March’s last week shop. Hope that helps. Mr.CBB

  11. I’m planning to get out shopping before the weekend too. I must admit. At this point we have yet to set a grocery budget…yes I know that isn’t good. How did you come up with a figure to work with? Some weeks we need more than others and we buy our meat for a great price on our monthly trip to Caledonia stopping in at a meat place with seriously good prices! I think I would rather have a monthly budget than weekly as some weeks all we need are a big of produce, milk and bread.

    1. We came up with our figure when we designed the budget. You can read about it in our Budget Series. Essentially once you know your NET income and you budget your FIXED expenses then you are able to allocate what is left to your variable expenses which includes your grocery. This is how we did but we wanted to make sure we balanced the variable expenses where we were taking care of everything that needed to get paid for throughout the year. Hope that helps and I look forward to reading your shop Sandy. Cheers Mr.CBB

  12. Well as shops here are shut on Friday hoping to do my shope on Thursday evening without hubby and kids so hopefully will get a few great deals to start off the easter fun!

    1. That’s why I thought I better get the post up early so all the early shoppers could post before the festivities…. Happy Shopping Nicola…. can’t wait to see what you pick up… I was happy about the tonne of beans for cheap. Mr.CBB

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