The Grocery Game Challenge June 4-10 Name Your Price?

We’re back with a new month and a new Grocery Game Challenge.. can you believe it’s June already? This month I want to talk about prices and what you are willing to pay for a product.  Name your price… what are you willing to pay for a product to take it home for your family. Since Mrs.CBB and I have been using coupons and have stockpiled many items we now know what a good price is and what a not so good price is. Does this hamper our grocery shops? Sometimes it does especially when an item we need is not on sale nor do we have a coupon. Sales cycles happen every few months so you start to know what items will be on sale and when.

Unfortunately when you need something, you simply can’t wait a few months down the line until the next $dollar sale happens. Other options for us is to wait until Shoppers Drug Mart has a 20x points event or  Spend $75 get 18,500 points. Although most will say Shoppers Drug Mart is overpriced to begin with if you shop wise on these bonus days you can come out ahead. Since we know pretty much these events happen monthly we will try and stretch our needs until we can purchase them for points.

If we have to pay full price for an item we might as well get more bang for our buck with the Optimum Points Program.  We accumulate points from what we believe is the most lucrative points program in Canada today. We also take the opportunity to load up on everyday essentials like;

  • milk
  • eggs
  • butter
  • cream
  • coffee
  • cheese
  • yogurt

etc especially if they are on offer during these events like they were yesterday.  If you know you will use it at some point in the month you might as well buy what you will use and get points back. We simply will only do the shop if most of what we need is already on sale and comparable to sales at other shops.

We’ve had some great success with The Grocery Game Challenge and hope this month will be better than the last. We went over budget in May simply because of a forgotten receipt- a big no, no.  Earlier this week our friend Maggie at Square Pennies posted a guest post I wrote detailing The Grocery Game Challenge which I encourage you to read. The post is called The Grocery Game Challenge and Our Grocery Budget. I hope to encourage others from all over the world to hop aboard and post their shops along with Mrs. CBB and I!

To simplify your shopping experience our friends at SaveBigLiveBetter provides us with weekly coupon match-ups June 1-7 for all of our fans. Simply look at the shops you might go to and she pairs up the deals with coupons that are in circulation around Canada. She’s done all the work for you, and all you need to do, is make your list, and shop…. spend less than your budget! Then come back when you are all done shopping for the week and post it all, right here in the comment section… what are you waiting for…. start saving today!

Our Weekly Shop

Weekly Budget $64.00 or $190.00 a month-We shop 3 weeks out of the month.

June 4,2012

Shoppers Drug Mart – Promo Spend $75 get 18,500 pts

  • 4x Life Brand Paper Towel Sale $1.99
  • 4x Sugar Sale $1.99
  • 4x Cream Neilson 1L Sale $1.99
  • 3x Milk 4L $4.29
  • 1x Milk 2L Sale $3.49- $2.00 managers coupon- $1.00 coupon mfg
  • 1x Milk 1L $2.79- $2.00 managers coupon
  • 4x Packs of Gum Sale 4 for $2.99
  • 2x Jane’s chicken Sale $6.99- $1.00 coupons x2
  • 3x Nescafe coffee sale $4.99 (we are on our last jar so this is better than paying full price next week and risking it’s not on sale)
  • 1x Eggs Sale $2.39

Total Oop– $69.53- $26.87= $42.66

Coupons Used $7.00

Points Earned :20,000 = $26.87 on a reg redemption day, more on bonus redemption day

750 Points earned for buying gift cards to pay for the order

750 Reg Points for spending $75

18,500 Bonus Points

Food Basics

5x 24pks of Nestle Water Sale $2.44 – $10 Mail In Rebate Promo ( it was brought to my attention that I read the MIR incorrect and the 24pks of water are not included. So I sent in the form, am out 2 stamps and time simply for not reading properly. Another reason to be mindful of reading receipts and documents before you sign! So I will Add The 10.00 back to this weeks shop and will have to spend $54 next grocery shop to make up for the loss.

1x Primo Pasta Sale $0.99

1x Nappa Cabbage $2.06

3x Tomatoes $1.27

1x Jar of marinated beets Sale $1.79

1x Select Marinade Sale $1.49

1x Glade Aerosol Sale $0.99-$1.00 peelie

10x Pillers Hot Dogs Sale $1.44-$0.50 coupons

Total Oop- $29.32– $10.00 Nestle Water Promo= $19.32

Coupons Used-$6.00

Total Shopping for the week: $19.32+42.66=$61.98

Grocery Budget:$64.00-$71.98= -$7.98 + 2 Canadian Stamps for mailing out the MIR which will get returned with nothing!

We will try not to carry this total since we overspent in May. Keep in mind that the points and the Mail in rebate ties up money to spend until we actually spend it but the money is there to spend.

How well did you shop this week? Play to win, Play to Save!

Are you playing The Grocery Game Challenge?

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  1. Our budget is $100 a week for food, cleaners and haba items
    Now with that said went totally over budget this week. I think going forward I will plan for a larger budget to include a 10% tuesday shop and regular shops during the week as well. But I did stock up on a few awesome deals that took me almost a month to collect and plan, so here goes

    $2.99-$1C raisin bread
    $2.75 oxy
    $4 – $3C nexxus conditioner
    $4.99 x2 special k fruit bars jumbo boxes
    $1.99 -fpc vaseline lotion

    $16.16 total oop
    $5.99 total coupons

    $5 lemon meringue pie
    .99 x2 raspberries
    $2 x2 -$1C goldfish crackers
    $2.50 – $1.50C special k fruit bars
    $7.29 x8 – bogo sale & $21.00C sunlight laundry pacs
    $5.49 x3 – 3 fpc glade expressions spray

    $16.84 total oop
    $44.47 total coupons

    $1.97 x6 – $12C sweet baby rays bbq sauce
    $2.22 x5 – $15C zantac
    $3.97 -$2C fresh lasgana sheets
    $2.07 parm cheese

    .52 total oop
    $29 total coupons

    10% tues shop
    $4.99 x12 -$42C sunlight laundry pacs
    $2.29 x2 -$3C thinsations
    $7.89 sirloin roast
    $2.27 chicken breast
    $7.36 -(5pks) pork button bones
    $6.29 flatten chicken
    $1.89 3pk gum
    $9.99 cheese
    $2.79 eggs
    $1 x2 bread
    $1.77 x2 raspberries
    $1.77 x2 blueberries
    $1.77 blackberries
    $2.99 2lb peppers pk

    $11.98 10% tuesday discount
    $47 total coupons
    $63.57 total oop
    $15 sobeys points earned

    reg shops
    $6.69 ice cream
    $2.99 yogurt
    .59 x2 poop
    $4.69 x2 – bogo sale & $1c olymel wieners
    $5.49 x2 – bogo sale schneiders bologna
    $1.79 x2 – bogo sale kiaser buns
    $1.79 mr noodles cup
    $5.46 -$2C chicken
    $4.85 roast
    $1.95 x2 pizza pops
    $5 x2 – bogo sale siwin sizzlers
    $4.99 cajun spice
    .99 stove top
    $2 x2 -$1C 3pk gum
    $2.99 2lb strawberries
    $2 x4 marked down candy

    $62.28 total oop
    $4 total coupons
    total oop $125.85
    total coupons $51

    $159.37 total weekly oop
    $130.46 total weekly coupons

    1. Hi Juanita,
      I think it’s important to see that you have recognized that you go over budget and what you need to do. If you have the ability to increase your grocery budget so it is more in line with your shopping then do so. You didn’t do so bad with your overage this week and used alot of coupons which is amazing, good for you! Keep up the hard work and remember posting your shop will help you to see where your money is going and like you just noticed where you should improve. Mr.CBB You get ballot #7.. please encourage your friends to come post as I really want to branch this out to more people. I think if people see how easy it is they will post with us!

  2. I shop for myself, my hubby and our 18 month old son. Our budget is currently $100/week which I am considering lowering to $90/week. My budget includes food, health and beauty and baby items. I was $30.85 over budget last week trying to straighten out my shopping week but it didn’t work lol. Trying to coordinate shops for when my MIL works messes things up a little. I had a small shop this week.

    June 5 – RCSS
    Cavendish fries on sale $1.98 x 3
    Froot Loops family size on sale $3.97
    RC Spring water 30 pack 6 x $2.97

    Total OOP=$27.73

    June 6 – No Frills
    Cake mix on sale $1.00
    Icing on sale $1.00
    Chocolate milk $1.00
    Oatmeal $2.87

    Total OOP=$5.87

    June 10 – Valumart
    Kaiser rolls $2.79
    Banana’s $.74
    Baby food jar $.80

    Total OOP=$4.33

    Total OOP for the week: $27.73 + $5.87 + $4.33=$37.93
    OOP + Last weeks over budget: $37.93 + $30.85=$68.78

    I guess I spent $68.78 this week! That gives me $31.22 left incase I go over this coming week!

    1. Hey Jen,
      Good for you.. trying to lower your grocery Budget. I’d be impressed if you could pull it off! Don’t forget to whip your icing it will double in size a tip one of the facebook fans posted on our wall. If you don’t use your overage next week, that’s great you can put the money towards something else if you have excess in your grocery budget. You can beat the budget you know! You get ballot 6… cheers Jen, keep up the good work! I’m so proud of your progress.

  3. My situation is a bit different from most. As my daughter and I are currently living with my parents while I go back to school, I do not have my own grocery budget, but am in charge of the family’s grocery budget. As I don’t have a lot of money to help my parents out currently, I help by saving them money through couponing and price matching. The budget we have set is $125 per week. This is how our week went:
    tomato $1.00
    bananas $1.37
    tortillas $2.50
    cheez whiz $5.17 * *the items that my father just HAD to have lol
    tarter sauce $3.67 *
    nutella $3.97 *
    plum sauce $2.27 (price match No Frills)
    peanut butter 2 x$4.00
    cream cheese 4x$1.97 (price match Food Basics)
    downy $3.47 (price match No Frills and .50 coupon)
    napkins $2.77
    1l choc milk 4x $0.99 (price match Metro)
    bagels 3x $1.74 (price match Metro)
    rice cakes 11x $0.99 (price match No Frills)
    gold fish 2x $1.97 (used .50 coupon x2)
    case pop 4x $2.88 (price match Foodymart)
    total oop $77.60

    2L pop 6x $0.99
    sour cream $0.99 (used a $1 coupon)
    french fries $2.99
    popcorn 2x$3.00
    cold cuts $1.91
    pie $1.99
    chicken breast $13.57 (used $1.50 coupon -family size)
    chicken breast $12.97 (used $1.50 coupon-family size)
    steak $8.41
    gr.beef $12.34 (2 pkgs)
    grapes $2.37
    grape tomato $2.50
    coleslaw $4.99
    total oop $76.97

    Shoppers Drugmart
    toilet paper 2x $3.99 (used 2 $1 coupons)
    tide $2.49 (used $2 coupon)
    oj 2x $1.25 (used 2 $1.25 coupons)
    total oop $12.97

    Total OOP $167.54
    over budget $42.54

    *what this challenge has taught me this week is that shopping with Dad is a no-no. He adds things to the buggy that aren’t on the shopping list
    *although I stocked up on some meat this week, I also noticed how much of this weeks budget was spent on everybody’s snacks (that must change!)
    *this week’s overage will be made up next week as I have a FPC shop planned and a trip to one of our local farmers markets
    *compared to having paid just regular or sale price (what my parents would have spent without my help) I was able to save them 42% with price matching and coupons 🙂

    1. Hi Barb,
      Awesome post, perfect! I love how you ended it with what you learned. Yes it seems as if dear ol dad is driving the budget into the ground. Maybe you can work around his requests or limit his requests lol… I’m interested to see how you carry over that debt from this week and apply it to your next weeks shop… Cheers and great post. Mr.CBB You get ballot #5

  4. love this game! i did so well last month…had $16.97 to carry forward (last month had 5 shopping weeks for me). budget is $200 per month. so this week i had $66.97 to spend. that didn’t work out so well 🙁 i had a ‘thing’ happen with my foot that took me to the hospital and messed with my numbers a bit this week. well, i suppose i could have tried harder, but i just wasn’t in the frame of mind to care…really, it could have went WAY worse lol.

    so here’s my shop (with excuses in tow)

    Foodtown – early week- pre bad foot
    white bread $2.19 – too lazy to make one, tisk, tisk

    Walmart – pre foot also
    24 minute maid juice pm no frills .50 – $1wub2 = free
    2 boxes kashi crackers $2.97 – 2 x 2 = $1.94
    covergirl shadow blast $8.47 – SCOP = free
    6 zantac $2.22 + tax -$3 = $-2.94
    10 sweet baby rays bbq sauce $1.97- $2 = $-.30 (for a friend – already got mine)
    1 6pk diet coke $3 + tax = $ 3.38
    reg total $64.55
    coupons used $54
    scop $8.47
    oop $2.08

    enter bad foot:

    No Frills – really not that bad, asked hubby to get the $1/lb pork…
    no $1 pork in stock, so he picked up this:
    9 no name mr noodle things $1.80 total
    4 lipton cup a soups $4.00 (how was he to know i had a coupon?)
    3 pork tenderlion $15.65 total
    2 pinapple $1 x 2= $2
    1 10 lbs spuds $3.37
    6 cobs corn clearance .99
    1 hot lemon relief (cause he was under the weather) $4.49 + tax
    oop incl tax $32.98

    Foodland-it’s hard to push a cart with crutches so i had to enlist the boy this time…
    1 villagio bread $1.49 (yep, still didn’t make any)
    1 gay lea gold sour cream $1.99 – 1
    3 lbs onions $1.99 (i don’t even wanna talk about that price)
    1 bag perogies $2.79
    1 box rice krispies $3.99 (with free smarties- still wouldn’t have bought this without a coupon but i had a cart pusher to please)
    2 boxes burgers $6.99 x 2
    1 4pk prime chicken breast $13.83 – $5
    1 pack of gum $1.99 + tax to please the cart pusher who wanted TWO pks of gum….let’s just say he’s lucky he got one pack…
    total with tax $42.31
    coupons $6.00
    oop $36.31

    then someone wanted clamato and asked me if i needed anything…so i asked for broccoli:
    clamato $2.99
    broccoli $1.99 (jaw drops)
    oop $4.98


    $11.57 over budget. totally could have been worse. will carry it to next week!

    1. Hey,
      Hope the foot is healing well. I’m glad you like the game because posting shops helps keep the budget in check. Your Walmart shop was perfect you always seem to find the Zantac, we never have it. I don’t have any Nexxus coupons so I don’t even look for those. Someone cleared out every pad in our entire city… what can you do!

      Like you I went over on our grocery budget last week simply because of the water MIR oops… so this week we are taking it easy I think. I’m looking at the coupon match ups today to see what’s going on… I hate going over too .. but that’s ok we will recoup…. at least we know what we spent and what we need to do!
      P.s Yes the broccoli and onions are overpriced wow.. ah well…

      Mr.CBB You get Ballot #4!

  5. Well, it was a miserable failure this week. I set $100 as my budget and the first thing I did was lose the Costco receipt. I believe after Costco I had approx $13 left for the week and stopped in a store to get MILK with my husband. Thanks to him and all the extras he put in the cart, we went way over.

    I have learned a few things, though.

    1. I spend a lot more than I realized by picking up “a bag of chips and a water” while I am out. Yeah, it is $3 but that adds up through the week.

    2. I can’t shop with my husband! Budget and list go out the window with him.

    3. I can’t do very much without him being committed to it and that isn’t going to happen any time soon 🙁

    I am committed to doing what I can to control MY spending but I can’t control him. So, I’ll start again for next week’s grocery challenge and try for better results 🙂

    1. Hi Debbie,
      Yes it takes 2 to save money in the budget. Keep him home if he can’t control his urges… or tell him you have a list and this is all we are getting. Do the best you can Debbie and don’t beat yourself up.. I hear this often from people where one partner doesn’t participate and most of these couples that email me are on the brink of collapse. It’s too bad people wait until it’s too late to say, Oh maybe we should, or I should… Cheers.. You get Ballot #3! Mr.CBB

  6. Finally getting to post my shops! My usual bi-weekly budget is 200 but I am going back to worth in just slighty over a month so I have re-adjusted our budget adn took some things out of entertainment, etc… and bumped our grocery budget in order to get stocked up on a lot of items(I have this feeling its going to be an awful first month transition for myself and family with working full time out of the house!) So my bi-weekly budget is now 250 (for a total of 500 for the month of June for 2 adults, eight year old and an eleventh month old) I also include diapers/toiletries/groceries, etc in this budget. I had to do a bunch of mini shops as well as I did not have flyers to price match, so here it goes:

    dove body wash reg. 6.99 – sale 2.99 x2 = 5.98 – 2×2.00 coupons = 1.98
    Total before coupons: 6.75
    Paid: 2.76

    Fortinos (they didnt have the toilet paper in stock so had to get a rain check)
    fantastik sale 1.99 x2 = 3.98 – BOGO = 1.99
    Total before coupons: 4.50
    Paid: 2.51

    baguette: 1.00
    splashers size 4 12.97 – 1.00 coupon = 11.97
    cruisers biggest size 35.97 – 2.00 coupon = 33.97
    oatmeal: 2.97- FPC = free
    colgate toothpaste 2.36 – 1.00 coupon = 1.36 (this one made me mad as my youngest threw our new toothpaste i just bought in the toilet!!)
    protein bar 1.50 -FPC = free
    black diamond cheese 500 g reg. 6.97 PM Freshco 4.44×2 =8.88 – 3.00 coupon= 5.88
    linguine 1.45 PM Fortinos 0.99 – 0.75coupon = 0.24
    cottonelle 12 double roll reg 6.97 PM Fortinos 3.99 x2 = 7.98- 2.00 coupons = 5.98
    baby cereal: 3.00
    total before coupons/price matching: 92.53
    paid: 66.37

    no frills (two shops!)
    minute maid 5×0.50= 2.50 – B4G1 = 2.00
    fruit by the foot 1.97
    fruite peach drink 1.47
    spongebob pasta 2×1 =2.00
    italpasta 2×0.88 = 1.76
    large eggs 2.65
    4l milk = 4.47
    chocolate milk 1.00
    kidney beans 2×1 =2.00
    applesauce x2 = 2.00
    pc chips 3x 1 = 3.00
    yop yogurt 3.89 – 1.00 coupon = 2.89
    tortilla 1.99
    bread 2.69
    drumsticks 4.24 – 1.27 = 2.97
    ground beef 9.22
    bananas 1.92
    cucumber 0.97
    grapes 3.87
    mushrooms 1.29
    pepers 0.44
    peppers 1.70
    baby ceral: 8.74
    total before coupons: 68.50
    total paid: 65.45

    1. Hey,
      Thanks for posting your shop. So your bi-weekly will be $250 making that $125 a week? So is the above shop for 1 week or 2 weeks total of $137.09? If it’s one week does that mean next week you will spend no more than $112.91 when combined with this shop above would be $250. I’m just trying to understand if this is 1 week or 2 weeks… at the end if you could put the grand total of your shop – your budgeted amount= that would be easier for all the readers.. check out my post for an example. I know alot of people are getting used to posting their shops so I’m trying to give tips along the way. It will make it easier on the eye as well for you. I couldn’t stop laughing when you said your child flushed your toothpaste…amazing how kids love flushing objects down the toilet… You get Ballot #2 in this months contest! Good Luck Carla!

      Total Oop $137.09

  7. I hope I am posting in the right spot. I do well with the shopping, but finally had the time to sit down and type it all out and was excited about this shop, so I thought I would post it for your contest. Here goes:
    I finally got my BBQ sauce at walmart…here is my shop:
    18 bottle of sweet baby ray’s bbq sauce $1.97 – $2.00 coupon = they owed me 0.54
    dempsters bread $1.97 – $1.00 coupon = 0.97
    pure protein bar – coupon = free
    catelli smart pasta $1.97 – $1 coupon = 0.97
    … eggo waffles – coupon = free
    bush beans $1.34 x 4 – 0.50 coupon x 4 = 0.74 x 4
    lysol tb cleaner $3.00 x 4 – B1G1 free = $3.00 x 2 (the big 950ml)
    purex laundry pods $4.97 – $1 coupon = $3.97
    Total Cost before coupons and taxes = $65.20
    Total cost paid before taxes and after coupons = $12.76
    Savings of 80.4% WOOHOO!!!

    1. Hi Sue,
      First off yes this is the correct spot. What I need you to do is simply tell us what your weekly budget is for grocery shopping
      ie:$100 then you post all the shops for the week as opposed to 1 shop at a time unless you will only shop once for the entire week. Is this the only shop you did this week? The point of the game is to see if you stay under your weekly grocery budget. If you shop bi-weekly or monthly it would be the budget for those time periods. If you look at my shop that is exactly how you should be laying it out. I hope that helps. Mr.CBB Ballot #1

      1. Yes, sorry. This was the only shop planned for this week as I have been sleeping, breathing, and eating, lol chocolate this week. All supplies were purchased last week, so I just needed a few things to get me through this week. My budget was low for this week, set at $50.00. My next post will hopefully have all the right changes to list everything properly. OOPS!

        1. No problem at’s a learning process… just like budgeting. If we gave up because of one error we’d never save a dime for fear of error. I look forward to your next post and if you need any help email me .. I’m always around. Mr.CBB

    1. Because we only have $64 a week to spend 3 weeks per month it’s imperative that we are organized otherwise it could end in overspending. Most people don’t realize they get in over their heads with their money simply because they don’t budget and are not tracking their expenses… we do this and will NEVER stop! Thanks for your comment Marissa!

  8. I should try to do more shopping for the basics at shoppers. to rack up more points for the kids X box system they want..

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