The Grocery Game Challenge June 4-10 Name Your Price?

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We’re back with a new month and a new Grocery Game Challenge.. can you believe it’s June already? This month I want to talk about prices and what you are willing to pay for a product.  Name your price… what are you willing to pay for a product to take it home for your family. Since Mrs.CBB and I have been using coupons and have stockpiled many items we now know what a good price is and what a not so good price is. Does this hamper our grocery shops? Sometimes it does especially when an item we need is not on sale nor do we have a coupon. Sales cycles happen every few months so you start to know what items will be on sale and when.

Unfortunately when you need something, you simply can’t wait a few months down the line until the next $dollar sale happens. Other options for us is to wait until Shoppers Drug Mart has a 20x points event or  Spend $75 get 18,500 points. Although most will say Shoppers Drug Mart is overpriced to begin with if you shop wise on these bonus days you can come out ahead. Since we know pretty much these events happen monthly we will try and stretch our needs until we can purchase them for points.

If we have to pay full price for an item we might as well get more bang for our buck with the Optimum Points Program.  We accumulate points from what we believe is the most lucrative points program in Canada today. We also take the opportunity to load up on everyday essentials like;

  • milk
  • eggs
  • butter
  • cream
  • coffee
  • cheese
  • yogurt

etc especially if they are on offer during these events like they were yesterday.  If you know you will use it at some point in the month you might as well buy what you will use and get points back. We simply will only do the shop if most of what we need is already on sale and comparable to sales at other shops.

We’ve had some great success with The Grocery Game Challenge and hope this month will be better than the last. We went over budget in May simply because of a forgotten receipt- a big no, no.  Earlier this week our friend Maggie at Square Pennies posted a guest post I wrote detailing The Grocery Game Challenge which I encourage you to read. The post is called The Grocery Game Challenge and Our Grocery Budget. I hope to encourage others from all over the world to hop aboard and post their shops along with Mrs. CBB and I!

To simplify your shopping experience our friends at SaveBigLiveBetter provides us with weekly coupon match-ups June 1-7 for all of our fans. Simply look at the shops you might go to and she pairs up the deals with coupons that are in circulation around Canada. She’s done all the work for you, and all you need to do, is make your list, and shop…. spend less than your budget! Then come back when you are all done shopping for the week and post it all, right here in the comment section… what are you waiting for…. start saving today!

Our Weekly Shop

Weekly Budget $64.00 or $190.00 a month-We shop 3 weeks out of the month.

June 4,2012

Shoppers Drug Mart – Promo Spend $75 get 18,500 pts

  • 4x Life Brand Paper Towel Sale $1.99
  • 4x Sugar Sale $1.99
  • 4x Cream Neilson 1L Sale $1.99
  • 3x Milk 4L $4.29
  • 1x Milk 2L Sale $3.49- $2.00 managers coupon- $1.00 coupon mfg
  • 1x Milk 1L $2.79- $2.00 managers coupon
  • 4x Packs of Gum Sale 4 for $2.99
  • 2x Jane’s chicken Sale $6.99- $1.00 coupons x2
  • 3x Nescafe coffee sale $4.99 (we are on our last jar so this is better than paying full price next week and risking it’s not on sale)
  • 1x Eggs Sale $2.39

Total Oop– $69.53- $26.87= $42.66

Coupons Used $7.00

Points Earned :20,000 = $26.87 on a reg redemption day, more on bonus redemption day

750 Points earned for buying gift cards to pay for the order

750 Reg Points for spending $75

18,500 Bonus Points

Food Basics

5x 24pks of Nestle Water Sale $2.44 – $10 Mail In Rebate Promo ( it was brought to my attention that I read the MIR incorrect and the 24pks of water are not included. So I sent in the form, am out 2 stamps and time simply for not reading properly. Another reason to be mindful of reading receipts and documents before you sign! So I will Add The 10.00 back to this weeks shop and will have to spend $54 next grocery shop to make up for the loss.

1x Primo Pasta Sale $0.99

1x Nappa Cabbage $2.06

3x Tomatoes $1.27

1x Jar of marinated beets Sale $1.79

1x Select Marinade Sale $1.49

1x Glade Aerosol Sale $0.99-$1.00 peelie

10x Pillers Hot Dogs Sale $1.44-$0.50 coupons

Total Oop- $29.32– $10.00 Nestle Water Promo= $19.32

Coupons Used-$6.00

Total Shopping for the week: $19.32+42.66=$61.98

Grocery Budget:$64.00-$71.98= -$7.98 + 2 Canadian Stamps for mailing out the MIR which will get returned with nothing!

We will try not to carry this total since we overspent in May. Keep in mind that the points and the Mail in rebate ties up money to spend until we actually spend it but the money is there to spend.

How well did you shop this week? Play to win, Play to Save!

Are you playing The Grocery Game Challenge?

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