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One day you will understand son, you have One Shot

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Father’s Day A Time To Reflect

No dad never took me hunting although he lives for it… that isn’t the “One Shot” he is talking about. It’s Father’s Day today and although I think of my dad year round today is the day I think about him all day and want to share him with you. I haven’t seen my father in years so I won’t be seeing him again this Father’s Day.

I will be making a phone call back home to the United Kingdom to chat with dad and let him know how much appreciate what he’s done for me up until today. I’m pretty sure the fathers day card I mailed him should have arrived by now. Let me explain about how I’ve come to understand the meaning behind the lessons my father has taught me over the years.

Life lessons

I will always remember the words that came from my father’s mouth and still do “one day you will understand son, you have One Shot”.  When we are young we think the world revolves around us and think our parents are old farts telling us what to do.

I remember seeing dad out in the garden every summer for hours and I thought why doesn’t he just go to the shop to buy vegetables and fruits, but I get it now. I understand that in order for us as humans to grasp the reality of what life is truly about we have to live it. Everything is not handed to us on a silver platter and love grows and will continue to grow when we work together.

Listening to your parents

I for one never thought of my dad as an old fart nor do I today (except for the white hair, sorry dad). He is the man who always wanted to know what was in my bucket, “what’s your next move son?”, he would say. Life is like a chess game, the piece is your life, you try not to get knocked down but if you do you get right back up…. it’s your move.. where are you going to go?

My father is a strict man yet he was eager to get his point across only to make sure his children understood how to maintain life on their own for when the time would come. At work he was a leader in his career and now I understand why, funny how I keep saying, I understand why.

I bet many of you can stop and think of something your mom and dad taught you when you were a kid and you understand why now. That is the power of generations and a power that we need to give our children. It’s probably why I enjoy chatting to the old happy guy up the street from us. I learn so much from him but as I am older now I take what he says and run with it.

Money talk

Money was discussed in our family and part of the deal was that we earned our money so we understood what responsibility was. I did just that with my paper route and I will never forget that experience, it’s where I first learned about money and a savings account.

I am the man I am today because my parents thought outside the box, they didn’t scrutinize my every move, they guided me. I learned simply by watching what they did, and perhaps when we have children they will do the same.

Every morning without fail we would hear our father singing to us in the morning just to get us out of bed as if no one ever slept in. “It’s time to get up, it’s time to get up, it’s time to get up in the morning”, would be ringing down the hallway. Who needs an alarm clock when you have dad who thinks he can sing.

Even today sleeping in is terribly difficult for me as I feel time passes me by. I’ve always maintained a fairly strict schedule going to bed and waking up at the same time. Dad was right, I feel 100% ready to tackle the day when I get sleep and that makes me feel strong, positive and happy.

“Make the world a better place Son” he would say, yet I never understood until this day (there I go again). He meant that life is not a race, life is not about bling and dollar signs, life is about life you only get “one shot” at it. The world is a big place, explore it, learn about it, live it. Too often we see people worrying about what other’s do in their daily life yet forget about our own day.

The need to share has been misplaced, the need to jump ahead one spot is more important than the message itself. Money IS the root of all evil, if your goal is money, it’s like waiting to win the lottery, fat chance. Share what your passions are and if  others believe and follow you so will the riches that belong.

That is the message my father taught me, a genius in my mind because to me he is right. To my father the riches were the fruit and vegetables in his garden, to us it was work to him it was love, but now I understand. Take life as it comes, take it step by step, lead don’t follow and you will get where you need to be and that is here and now. As I continue down the path called life no amount of money can take that away from me.

You can’t spend money when you are dead but you also need to enjoy life now but not with the stress of debt on your shoulders. Spend less than you earn now, budget and save for what you need in the future while spending what you can to live your one shot” in the present. I know I am! Now that I understand, do you? I hope I make both my parents proud.

Happy Father’s Day Dad.

What lessons did your parents teach you and now you understand why they did what they did?


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  1. Awesome tribute to your dad – he sounds like a money savvy guy. It’s amazing what we learn (and don’t learn) by watching our parents with money. Mine are very private about their finances so I’m not sure how I compare.

    1. Hey John, For the most part they taught us about the value of money and savings. I don’t think I’ve ever doubted my parents when they taught me anything so that’s something I”m glad about. In terms of what they have… I don’t know but I do know they own a few house paid for and vacation for months at a time all over Europe so they must have done something I already know I can’t compare but certainly headed down that path…Thanks for checkin in mate.. Cheers Mr .CBB

  2. Great tribute to father’s everywhere. My parents divorced when I was very young. I wish I could have woken up by him singing every morning.

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