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The Grocery Game Challenge Aug 6-Aug 12-Winter Storing

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Grocery Shopping for the month of August will be challenging for us no matter which way we look at it. We did go over our $64.00 budget for the week with a grand total of $85.24 as we picked up vegetables for winter storing.

Our normal monthly budget for anyone who is new to The Grocery Game Challenge is $190 a month for 2 adults with one no-shop week per month. This month we are feeding 3 adults and 1 teenager so the numbers will be higher. We will also have foods that we normally wouldn’t buy for us but needed for our guests as requested.

Although we have a vegetable garden it’s not a big enough garden to grow enough vegetables for us to freeze for the winter season. When the prices come down on vegetables that is when we rush in and start saving. Sometimes we even head to our local fresh farmers market to see what they are flogging off   (British Slang for “to sell”).

We believe in supporting our Ontario Farmers and hope that they continue to bring us the best they can offer. We also believe that the supermarkets who supply us with many fresh Ontario fruits and vegetables are also a perfect spot to pick up some great deals.

Today I made 16 freezer bags each containing 6 oz of cut green peppers. That is 6 lbs of Green Pepper we bought on sale for $0.67 lb at Food Basics for a Total of $5.88 for 16 meals.

After I cleaned the peppers I threw away $1.86 in the compost heap of seeds and innards. In the winter when peppers sky-rocket to around $2.99 lb the above would cost us approximately $24.00. Is it worth it to buy them now at the cheaper price and freeze them for winter storing? YES is obviously my answer. If you wait to buy the same amount in the winter for $2.99 a pound you would be throwing about $6.00 in the compost heap of bits you won’t use. That’s a lot of money. I always like to try and use as much of any vegetable as I can so the price I pay is the price I use.

How did we make out this week shopping?

Total to Spend in our weekly grocery budget $64.00

Food Basics

  • Green Peppers Sale $0.67 lb $ 5.88
  • Lean Ground Beef  Reduced $4.86-$1.46 coupon
  • Yellow Onions 5 lb’s $2.97
  • Limes $1.00
  • Sour cream $1.99

Total Coupons Used $1.46

Total Out Of Pocket $15.24

Asian Market

  • $ 15.99 Rose Brand Sticky Rice (Glutinous Rice) I have an awesome Japanese recipe that my mate taught me. I can’t wait to share with you my version.

Total Out Of Pocket $15.99

Shoppers Drug Mart

  • 4x Cream Sale $0.99

Total Out Of Pocket $3.96

No Frills

  • Garlic Beef Burgers $4.97 x2 (We are going to a big BBQ Party and our share is to bring 2 boxes of burgers so not bad for a sale price)
  • 7 tubes of Ground Pork Sausage Schneider’s Reduced $1.00 each 500 g tubes
  • 3 lb’s Carrots $1.76
  • Black Diamond Cheese Slices $2.97 x2 -$1.50 coupon- for the kids while they are visiting
  • Maxwell House Instant Coffee Reg $6.47  Sale $3.00 BUT we price matched Zehrs at $2.99. Saved $0.10 by price matching. Yep! Laugh all you want but $0.10 is $0.10 in my pocket.

Total Coupons Used $1.50

Total Out Of Pocket– $50.05

Total Spent This Week $85.24 which is $21.24 over budget for the week, leaving us $42.78 to spend on our next grocery shopping trip.

Overall- We did good overall considering the amount of food that we purchased and the regular price. I am noticing we are using less and less coupons for our shops although we simply have not needed much. Although we went over budget it is with good reason but we still managed to pick up some great deals. We don’t break the budget and drink coffee from the shops so it made sense to stock up today at $2.99 a jar. It also means we will try harder to stick to our $190.00 budget this month to see if we can pull it off!

How Well did you do this week with your shop? Post your weekly or bi-weekly shop below  exactly like I did above and you not only get to see how you did but you get an entry in our monthly contest.

Here are The Grocery Game Challenge Rules.- You can start any time of the month and post all month-long even if your weeks don’t coincide with mine. It’s all about tracking!

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