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Unwanted calls are the worst and there is never a good time to talk to someone you have no interest in talking to.

Now, there’s something Canadians can do about these phone calls whether it’s your home or wireless phone. It’s fairly straight forward system to take a chance on in Canada and it’s called the “Do Not Call List” but does the list actually work?

Yesterday was the breaking point for me when I figured there has to be a way to stop these people from taking valuable time away from me, even if for merely seconds.

If you add up all those seconds over the course of a year even if it adds up to one hour, that’s one hour I’ll never get back.

I’ve allowed these annoying phone calls to take that hour away from me. Sounds silly but at one point or another you have done the same.

Telemarketing Complaints

Who do you call with all these telemarketing complaints?

Who are these people calling that are trying to convince us we have a virus on our computer or to buy something we don’t need?

Telemarketers and scammers, that’s who!

Telemarketing is a means of direct marketing to the customers, similar to someone who comes right to your front door. The only difference is you can’t chase a telephone call like you can a front door salesman.

Now I’m not suggesting that, I’m merely stating the obvious.

Telemarketers are people who sell or market products mainly through unsolicited phone calls from a list of phone numbers to potential customers.

They can multi-dial so if you get hang ups at your house that’s because some other donut has answered the call and yours got dropped. (Be Happy)

There are 2 types of telemarketing Inbound which is when you call a call centre to place an order or ask questions about products etc, but it’s you making the call.

Then there is the outbound call centres who contact you to convince you that you need to get your air ducts cleaned. (obviously you can read what type of company set me off)

Speaking of air ducts,whoever you people are…..bug off. What get’s me all confused is that here we have a company who is aggressively trying to sell air duct cleaning and have been for over 3 years (since we moved in our house).

They call us on average 4-5 times per week and most times we play around with them wasting our valuable time but also the company’s time. The company is “paying” these workers to contact the “same” people over and over who have “begged” them to stop calling.

They “do not” want or need their services but what happens? They keep calling.

The obvious business plan and overall goals of this company likely exist as much as the Wizard Of Oz, nil.

Who runs a company and pays employees to waste company time and wages to make $0 and they know they will make $0 because they’ve been told over and over by the same customer, NO!

Although we have call display that doesn’t solve the problem as they use various phone numbers to call. We do have an answering machine and sometimes we let it go to the machine but if we’re having a less than stellar day, we answer.

Air Duct Cleaning Telemarketing Phone Conversation

Sometimes we like to have a laugh ….. here’s one of many repeated conversations…

Mr. CBB- Yes, Hello

Air Dork Service- Hello Mr.CBB, I am (insert name) from Air Dork Cleaning Services and we are in your area (they have been for 3 years time to move out) and want to clean your Air Ducts for a cheap price

Mr. CBB- What? Ducks? No, no we don’t like Ducks only Goat… we eat goat.

Air Dork Cleaning Service- Still tries to convince me….

Mr. CBB-  Hang Up…

Sign Up For The Do Not Call List in Canada Free

So, they keep on calling and yes I’ve flat-out asked them to stop calling, remove me from their list and I am not interested etc.

Last night I was told about this Free Service called the National Do Not Call List (DNCL) operated by Bell Canada that I should register my phone number in to stop these calls.

I thought, great I’ll check this out. Once registered on their list your number will be disclosed to Canadian telemarketing companies and clients of telemarketers so they no longer contact you.

You can register all your phones including fax machines and cell phones but give it 31 days to fully activate the service.

This also includes callers from the US and other countries. They must follow the rules set out by the Canadian Radio-television Telecommunications Commission (CRTC).

If you have a national do not call list complaint you should have it investigated. Violations are investigated and can result in fines of up to $1500 for each violation or up to $15,000 for corporations.

Registering your number does not mean that the calls will stop but they will slow down although some say to register every few months.

Some of the places that can still contact you even though your number is on the list according to the DNCL website are:

  • Registered charities ( this I don’t mind for clothing drives)
  • Political parties and candidates (my favourite)
  • Polls and surveys by marketing firms (seriously… time is money unless they are paying me to do a survey and a silly draw doesn’t count… I don’t even know you)
  • Newspapers calling to sell a subscription (normally if people want them, they will call you although I’ve been suckered into a month free before then had to cancel on my own)
  • Organizations you’ve done business with in the past 18 months or that you had interest in and contacted with-in the past 6 months for products or services. ( this I can understand and doesn’t bother me)

They do warn that you may still get telemarketing calls and if you believe they are fraudulent you can call the Canadian Anti Fraud Centre at 1-888-495-8501.

This reminds me of a call I received a few weeks back where a guy was trying to tell me that someone was stealing bandwidth from me and a technician that “I” ordered would be there in the morning.

He wanted personal information from me until I told him to go spin on it.

If you really want to stop more calls you can ring up individual organizations and ask them to take you off their list.

I’m not sure I’m prepared to invest that type of time into stopping them from calling though, buy you might.

How to handle Sketchy Phone Calls

Some of the ways other’s handle these unwanted cold calls they are not interested in are:

  • They call me 5 times per day. Last night I handed the phone to my 5-year-old and told him it was Santa looking for his wish list.
  • I get those calls at least once a week. I like telling them dumb random *stuff* when they call.
  • I tell them to hold on and put the phone down and ignore it for an hour or so! Or if they call and I want someone to talk to I let them talk then say what ever I can think of.
  •  I have call display…if I don’t recognize the number, I don’t answer. If they don’t leave a message – how important could it be? Even the charities & political parties leave you a message.
  • I had one call years ago from some company that did lawn maintenance. They were in my area and wanted to look at my lawn to see what it needed from them to keep it healthy etc. Given that they called in February I asked how they planned to do that analysis given that the lawn was buried in a food deep in snow.

So if you want some of the calls to stop, take a moment to register your number today.

One less call means more time to spend with your loved ones or doing something that you should be doing, like saving money using a budget!

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