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  1. Wow you guys are doing incredibly well! Congratulations! Although I don’t think I have the investment to do the grocery challenge just get, I am working as hard as possible to lower my own number this month. Good luck to you!

    1. Hey! Thanks… you don’t need an investment to do the grocery game challenge. All you do is tell us how much money you have to spend for the week or month on grocery and what you bought… that’s it! I hope we get to see your shop! It’s worth it! Mr.CBB

  2. I’ll go with Jen… pay off the mortgage and then use the money that had gone to the mortgage to build the savings accounts back up. If that money goes straight into the savings as an automatic transfer you don’t see it… you don’t spend it .. you just save it. If we were anywhere near that option it’s what I would do.It’s one less bill to pay every month, or how ever you pay it. Think of it like a credit card bill and how good it feels to have that sucker paid off!!!!

    1. Hi Christine,
      Thanks for your input. It’s been a decision we have been tossing around for a few months now. I never thought to think of it as a giant credit card bill but it kinda is but only worse… lol. Cheers Christine. Mr.CBB Thanks for reading.

  3. Wow, you guys are absolutely killing it! Your situation may be a little out of my league and it seems that you’re doing EXTREMELY well…so I’m not sure why you’re asking us what you should do. 🙂 If it were me I’d pay off the mortgage in cash, avoid the interest, and start saving the $300/week payment. That’s just me though…and I don’t like payments.

    1. Funny you say that as we tell ourselves we are so behind. What is good to one is not to another. We think that we should have surpassed where we are today but know that our life decisions and income have plenty to do with that. I hope that we can finish up this mortgage come end of December which will give us enough time to save up enough of an emergency savings to do so . Thanks for your comment!! Mr.CBB

  4. I think I would go for paying off the mortgage. You will free up lots of cash/month and be able to build up your savings again pretty quickly. Why not save over $7000 in interest? lol But who am I to say anything with my lack of financial knowledge? lol

    1. Thanks Jen. It’s always been a hard decision for us but know we need to make a finalize something soon. It looks like if we use part of the TFSA we are mortgage free already. Decisions are our worst enemy. Thanks for your comment. Mr.CBB

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