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Shopper’s Voice Review : Free Samples, Coupons and Discounts

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Shopper's Voice Canada

Your Voice Is Important So Speak Up And Get Free Stuff!

Have you ever wanted to have a voice when it comes to improving and shaping your favourite products or services?

Well, I do and that’s why Shopper’s Voice in Canada was the right fit for Mrs. CBB and me over 10 years ago.

Shoppers Voice is a legitimate marketing company for both Canadians and Americans and is not a scam.

There’s no cost to join and the rewards are plentiful and well worth your time.

Is it worth signing up for Shopper’s Voice?

You bet especially if you are into coupon savings and free products.

Membership is limited to only one person per household however if you have a partner you can both complete the survey.

In return for participating in their once a year survey you get free coupons, free samples, and discount offers.

Shoppers Voice Canadian headquarters is based out of Toronto, Ontario, and is one of the nations leading providers in consumer information.

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Saving Money Any Way We Can
We’ve been part of the Shopper’s Voice Canada family since we got married and bought our first home together. 

As a new couple, there were so many things we needed to buy on top of renovations that needed to be done.

That’s why budgeting became a huge part of our lives coupled with coupons and savings anywhere we could find them.

Back in 2010 both Mrs. CBB and I became extreme Canadian couponers and amassed enough health and beauty products to last us years.

The best part was that the cost to obtain the products came from using coupons paired with cashback and rewards cards costing us a little out of pocket.

Is couponing worth the time?

I’m going to say yes but even more importantly is obtaining high-value coupons and samples as you will by participating in Shopper’s Voice.

Shopper’s Voice Canada History

Who is Shopper’s Voice?

Shopper’s Voice is a marketing company with more than 30 years of helping manufacturers and consumers come together.

Throughout the process, Shopper’s Voice determines questions to ask their panel (that’s you) based on the manufacturer’s needs.

The process of using your survey answers and creating groups of consumers is a process called segmentation.

If a manufacturer wants feedback on a specific product they can then target all of the users of their product for feedback.

For example, If you regularly use Tide and they have a new product release and want your feedback Shopper’s Voice will help send the product to those who use it and ask for their opinion.

Based on your answers Shopper’s Voice will connect you with manufacturers relevant to your needs.

Will you sell my email address to third parties?

Shopper’s Voice will not sell your email address and value your permission to send emails from Shopper’s Voice.

They work with select clients who are interested in providing relevant and valuable coupons, samples and offers to you based on the information you provided in the survey.

These clients communicate such offers and information through Shopper’s Voice.

How will I know email surveys are from Shopper’s Voice?

You will recognize our emails, as they will usually come from Shopper’s Voice.

Our email address is

To ensure you receive our emails, please add to your contact list.

Signing Up For Shopper’s Voice

How do I become a member of the Shopper’s Voice consumer panel?

To begin you can sign up here for Shopper’s Voice membership for free right now.

All you need to do is complete a Consumer Product Survey and you’re automatically enrolled as a member.

The survey will take approximately 15-25 minutes or more depending on how fast you flow through it.

When you sign up to become a Shopper’s Voice participant you can do so online or by using your smartphone or tablet.

The initial sign-up includes information about yourself and the members of your family living in your home.

You’ll find the survey will ask you questions such as what brand of shampoo you use most often to the type of pet you have in the home.

Thank You Email

All of the information you provide to Shopper’s Voice allows them to determine which samples and freebies to send your way.

In return they for your personal information which is solely based on preferences for consumer purchases and health concerns.

Honestly, you’ll fly through the questions, and anything you can’t or don’t wish to answer, you simply skip them.

Once you complete the initial survey you’ll get some instant flash savings plus freebies in the mail and via email.

Immediately following the survey you’ll get a welcome email from Shopper’s Voice with bonus discounts.

Be Honest With Shopper’s Voice

Before you take the survey make sure you are in a quiet place without anyone bothering you so you focus on the questions.

All of the discounts, coupons, and freebies will be tailored to you based on how you answer the questions in the survey.

It’s important to be honest so you get coupons, freebies, and discounts that you want and will use.

At any rate, your answers belong to you so make the best of how you answer each question.

Yearly Shoppers Voice Survey

In the past, we would get a thick envelope once a year mailed to our house from Shopper’s Voice containing a Consumer Product Survey.

They discontinued this practice in 2013 opting for the online survey which is far more convenient and environmentally friendly.

Plus, just for filling out the survey and returning it, you are entered to win one of their $1500 Cash Prizes for the month that you participated in the survey.

This year, Shopper’s Voice will be giving away $18,000 in prizes to their valued panel members.

Shoppers Voice Free Samples, Coupons, and Discounts

Free Stuff Canada

I’m one of those guys who might buy something new but only if I can try it before I buy it which makes free samples attractive.

Like most people who become members of Shopper’s Voice there are three main reasons;

  • Firstly, To let their voice be heard
  • Secondly, Free Stuff
  • Thirdly, Money-Saving Coupons

In addition to the freebies, the sweepstakes are a bonus because there’s nothing better than knowing you will be getting something that will save you money.

Shopper's Voice Rewards

Below is an email I received from a Canadian Budget Binder where she saved money with Shopper’s Voice.

“Mr. CBB I have to tell you about a great deal I got on my contact lenses!

Today, I bought 4 boxes (6 month supply that I stretch into a year) 15% off at RCSS = $119.

Luckily, I received a form for a $40 rebate with my Shopper’s Voice coupons, plus I have $64 left on my benefit plan and $105 on my husband’s.

I was excited because I thought I had used up our portion of benefits but we had not.

It had never occurred to me that even though I get reimbursed for optical that I should look out for deals.” – Jen P

As you can sense by her email to me Jen was VERY excited to have Shopper’s Voice coupons to compliment her benefits plan.

Every dollar counts when you’re trying to balance a budget, pay off debt, and save for your retirement.

Shop Talk Blog

Shopper's Voice Shop Talk

Shopper’s Voice also has a shop talk blog where consumers can go to learn practical tips and ways to shop smarter.

You’ll find categories of interest such as:

  • Family
  • Home
  • Money
  • Environment
  • Food
  • Technology
  • Holidays
  • Health, and more.

I’ve blogged about all of the ways we’ve learned to shop smarter and to save money because we want you to do the same.

Often we learn information and tips from other people and websites which is how we can save and pass that on to you.

There have also been many times that you have taught us about ways that you save money which in turn helped us.

If we all want to save money and learn about products and shopping tips it’s important to educate and communicate.

Becoming a consumer armed with the information you need before you spend money means you’re a smart shopper.

That’s why we aim to create a community of Smart Shoppers at Canadian Budget Binder and hopefully, you’re one of them.

If you set aside $20 a week from age 22 to 67, you’ll save more than $330,000.

Even if you start late, you can still save a lot – so get to it! (Source)


If at any time you want to cancel your membership with Shopper’s Voice all you need to do is write to them or fill out an online form. 

Shopper’s Voice
111 Gordon Baker Road, 3rd Floor
Toronto, Ontario
M2H 3R1

Shopper’s Voice is open to both Canadian and US residents.

Discussion: Do you like to get free stuff and coupons in the mail? Leave me your comments below and I’ll be sure to reply.


This post may contain affiliate links and is my honest opinion of the product.



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