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Why you should teach your children respect: The Saturday weekend review #61

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Fast food employee no respect for elders burger and friesTHE PARENT LEADS THE WAY


Here we go again talking about kids again and this time about respect. It’s important for every parent or parent-to-be to read this.

Are we raising a generation of “self- entitled, lazy, disrespectful brats” as one person commented on another article about disrespecting adults that gets me upset.

Not all teenagers act this way but it’s true the bad situations stick out in our minds more than the pleasant one’s that hardly ever make headlines.

If we give in to these children who always want and never work to earn what they want they will continue to use this behaviour in life because that’s what they believe works to get what they want. It becomes a form of manipulation that they end up mastering because you let them master it with you, the parent.

If you don’t tell them it’s not right to tell an adult what they are going to do and not going to do they will continue to do so. Sure you will have people stare at you and wonder what’s wrong with your kid and why on earth are they talking back to adults in such a manner. Yes, they will look at you, the parent.

Not all parents can control their kids but if you stop it early it shouldn’t be a problem later on, at least we hope so.


No respect


What happened was an elderly lady in the USA went to Burger King for dinner with her daughter-in-law. It’s funny how I always tell people to read receipts and this time she did and noticed a very nasty comment in the section named Cust: reading “B**ch A$$ H**s”.

I don’t like to type that but the fact of the matter is parents need to see this. Parents need to know that education and respect start at home.

Children watch what you do and copy it and will continue to do so until the day they move out. If you talk back to your kids in a disrespectful manner they will think that it’s ok to treat people like this.

You can’t blame the education system on this one because if the kids can’t trust their parents to teach them how to be polite and respectful to others how can you expect the teachers to change this behaviour?

Nip this bad behaviour in the bud and tell the child that it’s not proper to speak to an adult in such a manner.

There has to be consequences for these children who think they can do what they please. Don’t try and apply them though if you are doing the same thing to them as an adult.

You can’t tell your child to piss off with a loud potty mouth and not expect them to tell others to do the same. Wake up, it’s not rocket-science to be respectful to others.

This poor elderly lady ended up in tears over something that never should have happened. Burger King did the right thing and terminated the employee but whether he/she learned their lesson well that will carry with them on their journey through life. No one should have to be subjected to children, teens or even adults bullying them.


Bullying has to end


We’ve talked about bullying here at Canadian Budget Binder before and how one family took things into their own hands and started homeschooling their child.

If you don’t think that teaching your child to respect their elders and peers or anyone for that matter is important clearly you weren’t taught the lesson yourself.

Don’t let the revolving door kick you in the butt because it will never end unless a child has enough brains to understand how to respect people from their own common sense.

I know we don’t have a child but if we did you can bet that we would teach them to respect themselves and anyone else in their presence.

I’ve had my fair share of dealings with punk kids who think that the world revolves around them and they can do no harm.

As far back as I can remember my parents taught me to say please and thank-you and to never ever speak back to an adult. I would never even think to do such a thing or face the consequences.

Although these days you can’t give your child a swat across the bum so they don’t think much to taking away their video game system or grounding them for a week.

It’s a laughable matter to many of them, even so they still find ways to use social media whether it be at school or the “library” where they are supposed to be doing homework.

When we rented the kids who lived in the same house were awful to us. They treated us like trash because the mother never stopped them. The treated the mother like trash as well and of course the police were called on many occasions.

This doesn’t have to be the life your children lead if only you do what you are supposed to as a parent and be a leader.

Have you ever dealt with disrespectful children? What should be done about this behaviour and whose responsibility is it?


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CBB at home and the blog


This week has been filled with appointments out of town so I’ve hardly been home. It’s nice to get out on the road once in a while but it’s important for me to plan ahead. This weekend I am on the road again which means I’ve had to prep all my blog posts in advance which can be tough for some people.

When people tell me they want to blog like me I tell them to be prepared for a storm of being busy all the time. Blogging can be as easy or as difficult as you want it to be. I think over the past 2 and a bit years I’ve established some form of rhythm with my blogging style and timing which could change at any given moment.

Other than that I have lots to get done next week at the house as I have a week off from my new part-time job which is great. I have so much to catch up on but it also gives me time to prep for going back to work. That doesn’t mean I still don’t have my full-time job and the blog to work at. Life is never dull in my world.

We picked up some more seeds the other day at the dollar store, this time cherry tomatoes. I’ve also noticed that our fig tree is starting to turn green so that’s a good sign Spring is on the way. I hope so because I’ve had just about enough of this cold.

I’m well over the excitement of being new to Canada and having snow as a regular part of the year. I’m thinking a winter home somewhere hot is in the cards for retirement lol.

Other than that, not too much else is going on so have yourselves a fabulous weekend and I’ll be around like always checking in on my amazing fans!

Thanks for your continued support.



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Hi Mr.CBB and Fans!!

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Lauren Bowling LBandthe moneytree

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Today I’d like to introduce you to my blogger pal Lauren from L Bee and the Money Tree.

Hi, I’m Lauren.

I have been blogging over at L Bee and the Money Tree for nearly two years now. On my site me (and my awesome team!) cover financial topics, our financial mistakes and the lessons we’ve learned from them. I believe finance is a journey, with no true beginning or end point.

My path has never been straight. I graduated from college in 2009 with a degree in theater, moved to NYC to be an actor shortly thereafter, failed at that and instead landed a job at a hedge fund.

Working in the financial industry in New York City was exciting, and being at that company and around money forced me to take a look at my own financial choices and decisions.

I didn’t like being in NYC though, and after two years of the city grind I moved to Atlanta to be closer to my southern roots.

When I first moved home, I was unemployed for nearly four months, and my mother suggested I start a blog because she had read that it helped keep skills sharp for job hunting.

Thus, my blog was born and nearly two years later I publish to almost 3,000 followers on twitter and 12,000 monthly visitors. The success has been exquisite, and it enabled me to get an entry level job in marketing.

After working my way up, I now have a full blown career in marketing management and strategy. It excites me every day how people are sitting up, taking a look at their finances, and engaging in “money conversations” with me on the site.

At first, I wanted to empower young women to handle their own finances, as I feel we are the first generation of women to truly have our own financial journey from parent’s house to family house.

But more than that I want all adults to take control of their finances. It is one small step to taking control of your life and boy, it makes all the difference. You just have to trust me!

In my spare time I’m also a freelance writer, I renovate my home on occasion, and I speak to young students about best financial practices.

It is best to start young. I hope you’ll stop by the site sometime and join me in the conversation.


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Every week I get thousands of people visit Canadian Budget Binder because they did a search online and found my blog.

Here are a few of my favorite searches that may have even brought you here and you’re reading this, right now.

  • If OSAP gives you $60,000 how much do you owe them back?–  This is why we need to educate our children about finance. Unless stated for whatever reason you will owe the entire $60,000 plus an interest. A loan is a loan.
  • Most famous brownies– That’s right you’ve come to the right place Mr.CBB’s Fudgy Brownies are the best! ;-p
  • Story of pea and bean Mr.Ball– I have no idea, unless you do?
  • Party Peacock cups at Walmart– Haha, Jen this is all for you.

That’s all for this week’s edition of The Saturday Weekend Review #61. Have a great week and catch me here again next Saturday with more updates.



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  1. It’s always confusing to me when parents don’t correct their children’s actions if they are lashing out at other people, whether it be disrespecting adults or bullying their peers. What else are you there for as a parent if not to guide them through life in a way they can one day be proud of?

  2. My kids were taught respect as kids. They were not allowed to be rude or such and we came down hard and fast on any behavior we didn’t care for. Both boys had issues in school with bullies and dealing with that kind of crap. The school knew what was going on and I worked with the school as much as I could. Our younger boy went to high school in the next town by bus so he didn’t have to deal with the same jerks as in grade school. Worked wonders for him!!! The older boy in grade 9 had a kid giving him a hard time from the word go. The kid was threatening to beat the crap out of our son. I told him to talk to some one in authority, I didn’t care who, his call. But it was to make sure he was on record with this problem. The school here in Ontario have a zero tolerance policy, suspend first- ask questions later. He was covering his butt. As it turned out the boys eventually cycled through wrestling in gym class. Our son didn’t lose a match, didn’t win all of them but nobody was able to pin him to win against him. This included the trouble maker…. he was beaten 2 for 2 in a fair match with our boy…that put paid to the problem!!!
    Our grandson has been taught manners as well since he was little. He could use the baby sign for please before he could talk. He will try crap with his Mom(our daughter) but it doesn’t go far for him. He knows to not even think about it with us. I look after him on occasion and he behaves.
    Hope you have a lovely weekend!!!!

  3. I agree that respect needs to start at home. Children need to know they can’t act a certain way. Awesome you featured Lauren, i love her blog. Those google search terms are hilarious!

  4. Mr CBB I have two boys, now young adults. Always we have been told by people teachers, adults, friends that the boys are very respectful. They had great manners when they were young and now as young adults. The number of adults who are disrespectful to young people are also sad. It works both ways. When my youngest was in grade ten he held the door open for his english teacher, he came home devastated because she scolded and reprimanded him in front of the class that he was absolutely not to hold a door open for her and proceeded to explain that he was being a disrespectful young man who did not think that a woman could open a door for herself. The discussions we had as a family about being polite, having manners and being respectful were very insightful. Also, the reactions of some his friends and the young women he attended school with because they thought it was always nice that he even thought to do that . Manners and politeness are something we taught our boys and I believe that part of it was also their nature. Children can be mean but those children also grow up to be mean adults and thus the cycle continues.

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