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How to lose your job with one dumb move: The Saturday weekend review #60

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chocolate bar snack on the jobHANDS OFF MY CHOCOLATE


Most people don’t know what to do when they lose their job because it’s a stressful time when you get handed that pink slip.

What happens though when you lose your job because of one dumb move that you made?

I’ve heard of food cravings and obsessions with certain types of beverages such as our caffeine buddies coffee and pop and the occasional pick me up in a can but not like this one.

Normally when I read Yahoo stories I’m either laughing, crying, or shaking my head at some of the dumb things people do. In this case I was both laughing and shaking my head.

Typically most people take their problems at home to work. They carry the burden of whatever is bothering them everywhere they go and even the best people struggle to hide their emotions.

Other people are straight out strange the way they decide to execute an idea like this guy I read about this morning.

I’m not sure where his head was at but clearly going to his Human Resources department or management team was not on the top of his list.

Most people don’t like to ask for help and that includes us guys because we are too full of pride to ask.

We’d rather take the situation under control even if we have to read a book to figure it out, search the internet or get lost to find our way.


Give me my chocolate


So I’ll just give you a brief breakdown of how Robert McKevitt of Spring Lake, Iowa was able to lose his job with one dumb move.

I’m pretty sure if someone filmed this it would end up on America’s dumbest employees if there was an actual television show.

Not to say dumb stuff like this doesn’t happen in other places around the world most if it doesn’t make the headlines like this guy did.


How to lose your job


Since many of us struggle to even find a job this guy must have thought that whatever he did at work had no consequences.

It didn’t take him long to realize that he’d be waiting in the unemployment line simply because he lacked the patience and common sense to sort out a matter in a calm, safe manner.

I’m guessing its break time and buddy has a hankering for a Twix chocolate bar. He heads to the vending machine to insert his money and down tumbles his Twix bar right onto that darn spiral and gets caught.

It’s happened to just about anyone who has tinkered with using a vending machine. The most logical thing to do is put more money in to have the second bar smack the first bar and they both tumble-down. It works in most cases but not for this chocolate hungry guy.

This must have fired him up pretty good because he took the next logical step (in his head) and that is to shake the machine.

On the odd occasion you might see someone try to stick their hand up the machine in which they are successful although this is not safe as is shaking the machine. If the machine falls over it could seriously cause an injury and even death. That didn’t seem to register to Twix man.

Since the shaking of the machine didn’t work he put on his ‘I’m an idiot cap’ and decided to get his fork lift to help him rescue his Twix bar, because that’s the common sense thing to do. So he picks up the vending machine and smacks it down not once but six times on the concrete floor.

He says he wanted to return the machine to its original spot since he shook it so hard. Ya, right, things that make you go hmm.

Could you imagine just being there to witness this going down? I wouldn’t know whether to laugh or cry. Nothing exciting like this ever happens in my presence but for some people around the world they get to see an idiot in action every day.

Yes he lost his job with this one dumb move and I’m sure he’ll think twice the next time he has a chocolate craving he can’t control. Here we thought it was just the ladies that went nuts for chocolate, gone is that theory.

I hope he didn’t have a wife and kids to go home to and share the news of how his actions put him on the chopping block.

Plus if you missed earlier this week a Pizza Hut employee in West Virgina was caught on surveillance camera urinating in the sink. Seriously?? What moron would put others health at risk by doing that in an eating establishment? How much effort was it to go to the bathroom?

Sure he lost his job and with good reason but makes you wonder what happens behind the scenes when eating out. It’s stories like this that make the headlines which make you wonder why people put their jobs at risk for something so silly that could be avoided.

If someone feels that they are being paid less than they are worth or is having troubles at work it is no reason to do things that are plain wrong.

The fact remains that some people take things to levels in such a way that we have to be serious about how we get to know our employees.

When we put our lives and those at others at risk for stupidity it’s a big problem. We need to think with our heads before we take action whether it’s on the job, at home or on the roads.

Whether the Twix man had some sort of “problem” would have been up to human resources to decide.

I don’t know the ins and outs of the American employment policy system but in Canada this may have turned out differently depending on if they find out there is a deeper issue for this persons actions. I don’t know.

You never know what lurks behind someone’s emotions on the job so always be cautious how you approach situations at work.

If you are a human resources professional in Canada how would you have handled this situation?

What are some dumb things people have done that you know of that has cost them their job?


Weekly CBB posts


If you missed any CBB posts from the week here is the list of posts you can catch up on reading!


CBB at home and the blog


Not too much action happening at home unless you consider shovelling something of importance. I’ve worked quite a bit and getting things ready for renovations.

I’m still struggling to see my backyard and am hoping that it all disappears fast because I’d love to get Spring on the go.

I have so many things I want to finish up on the outside of the house so I can start transforming the inside although I’ve planned all winter long.

In the next two months the mortgage will be coming due so that’s another thing I need to sort out. Once the money is moved over and here we can finally say good-bye to our mortgage.

It’s going to be an amazing feeling to be mortgage and debt-free before 40 years of age. This will open up plenty of doors for the future depending on where the path leads.

Other than that I spotted flower and garden seeds at the dollar store this past week. As soon as I saw the display I loaded up on 8 packets of basil because last year I struggled to find any and had to pay some ridiculous amount of money for seeds.

I’m pretty happy with 3 for $1.00 over $1.99 a pack. So, if you if you like to garden check out your local dollar stores now for those bargain seeds, you can’t go wrong.


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 fan deals of the week Canada


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This week CBB fan Jen Peacock shares her awesome deals of the week and what her points did to help her out-of-pocket grocery budget expense.


  • 8 x Natura soy milk on sale $2.19 each – 8 x $.75 coupons=$1.44 each ($11.52 for 8)
  • 4 x Almond Fresh milk on sale $3.50 each – 4 x $1.00 coupons=$2.50 each ($10.00 for 4)
  • Nutella on sale $4.98 – $1.00 CartSmart rebate=$3.98 (great price for the larger 725g jar)
  • Old El Paso Salsa $3.67 – FPC=Free
  • 2 x Barilla Plus pasta on clearance for $1.00 – 2 x $1.00 coupons=Free
  • Coupons $15.67
  • Rebates $1.00
  • OOP $25.50

No tax day 🙂

Here’s the BONUS:  I collect PCplus points.  I earned 3200 points on the Almond Fresh, 4000 points on the Natura and for spending $30 or more in the Natural Value dept I earned 6000 points.  In total I earned 13,200 points which the cash value is $13.20! This makes my OOP more like $12.30 🙂


Making a difference


mel brokegirlrich

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Today I’d like to welcome my friend Mel from brokeGIRLrich.

Hey there Mr. CBB readers,

I’m Mel from brokeGIRLrich, where I ramble about all sorts of financial (and not-so-financial) topics. I’m pretty passionate about the arts and even more passionate about how to make enough money to not starve to death. These two passions don’t always jive.

I’ve worked some unusual jobs following this crazy stage management career path, including spending 5 years at sea and a year with the circus.

Oddly enough, these opportunities taught me a lot about how to aggressively pay off debt and I managed to pay off almost $30,000 in college loans in two and a half years, making less than $40,000 a year the whole time.

Now that I’m finally out of debt, I’ve been able to take a job in New York City – it’s not stage managing, but it’s still in theater.

I’m making great connections and able to stage manage on the side thanks to my flexible work schedule… assuming I can ever get anyone to hire me.

So I also regularly share the joys of rejection and doing really odd side jobs in order to get my foot in the door – hopefully anyway, this theory hasn’t completely worked out yet.

So if you have an interest in the arts, New York City or weird jobs, check out my blog! I’m always trying to find ways to side hustle some extra cash because NYC is expensive.

I’m a fan of DIYs that actually are inexpensive, since I’ve found that buying the supplies to DIY are almost as bad as just buying the item sometimes.

If you love finding great deals and are looking to become a side hustling pro, you’ll enjoy checking out my blog!



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Here are a few of my favorite searches that may have even brought you here and you’re reading this, right now.

  • RRSP “rich people” leave Canada– I’m not sure about this one
  • How much does a hosting milk cow cost in Guatemala– I’m thinking this is something my friend Pauline at Reach Financial Independence can answer since she’s owned cows and lives in Guatemala.
  • TFSA success stories– I’m not sure why they would be a success. They are relatively new and you either put money in or take money out.
  • Houses for sale for cheap in Toronto where people have been murdered or committed suicide– I debated on this one but I wanted to share it to show just how some people will stop at nothing to score a deal if they even get one at all.
  • That budget blog– Sure, I’ll take that


That’s all for this week’s edition of The Saturday Weekend Review #60– How to lose your job in one dumb move.

Have a great week and catch me here again next Saturday with more updates.



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  1. Yes, sometimes these crazy incidents do happen, but are people more likely not to be fired for more “mundane” things such as general poor attitude leading to poor performance?

  2. Wow that is a whole new lever of stupid. If I had access to such machinery I would have laid the machine flat on the floor and rotated it so all the candy falls from its slot, not banged it against the concrete haha. Now that I serve meals I realize that it is pretty hard to respect the health procedures, for as much as you wash your hand, for example I wash tomatoes for guests longer and with a little clorine than if it is for me, I’d just brush them under tap water. But peeing in the sink must have been an act of hate against the job, I don’t think it is because they couldn’t wait to go to the toilet.

    1. Yes, it sounds to me like he had an issue with his employer because no one just randomly urinates in a sink unless they were truly that lazy.

    2. Ha, you are such useful when it comes to your imagination Pauline. It pays to think outside the box. Who knows maybe that was what he was trying to do in the end lol. Food hygiene is so important to me and it should be for everyone because it can make you ill. What that employee did was plain silly and clearly he had issues with his employer. If you love your job you would never do such a silly think. Cheers mate, hope all is well. Glad to hear things are looking up in the blogosphere for ya.. proud of you. Mr.CBB

  3. When I worked in a factory, we had this one particular co-worker who had anger problems.He would throw 15 lbs objects at machines, or across the floor. He didn’t take it out on his co-workers, but being hit accidentally was a concern.They should have fired him, but because he was a large, intimidating type of guy, they sent him to lunchtime anger management problem sessions, and even provided him with a free lunch. It didn’t work, and eventually he quit and moved away.

  4. Really??!!!!!! I don’t think a Twix bar is that good that I would risk being canned over it!!! I think somebody needs a little anger management work for his temper!!! Guess it just goes to show that common sense isn’t so common anymore.
    I’m looking forward to seeing my backyard again too but, given we are at the bottom of a hill, seeing the yard and actually being able to walk on it are two very different things!!! Once the snow melts it will take, at least, a few days to dry out first.. Having standing water in back is par for course here.I hit the Buck or Two store for a pack of basil seeds, some salad mix and some flowers for in front of the fence( Heavenly Blue morning glory and sweet peas). I’ll see where that gets me. I need to find something I can plant in the two big blue planters, as well as the hanging baskets. I have some seeds to grow pink Pampas Grass to that I’ll be starting this week. It will feel fantastic to be mortgage free!!!!
    Jen got some nice deals as usual for her!!! I’ll have to check out brokeGIRLrich…… Have a good weekend!!!

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