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Why some people hate the grocery store: The Grocery game challenge #4 Apr 21-27, 2014

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grocery game challenge april 2014 grocery storeSHOPPING IS NOT FOR EVERYONE


I could teach you 10 ways to save money buying food but if you hate the grocery store there is nothing that I can say that will convince you to spend more time planning your shops.

Grocery shopping is one household task that some people cringe at having to do. I always seem to write about the positive side about grocery shopping but what about those people who hate the grocery store and would rather be doing something else.

Sure, grocery shopping isn’t my idea of fun but at the same time when it comes to our finances we both take pride in making sure we are spending according to our budget.

Today I’m going to talk a bit about those grocery haters and if you’re one of them leave a comment and tell us why you hate the grocery store and what you’d rather be doing.


Hate the grocery store


I know most men will be the first to admit that they hate the grocery store because it’s just too boring and not their thing. I can understand that because many men might not have went grocery shopping with their family growing up, even then it’s not our favourite thing to do.

Since I love to cook I don’t hate the grocery store rather I embrace the reason I am there and that is to buy good food to nourish my body so I can continue to live a healthy lifestyle.

I do hate the grocery store when it’s packed, out of stock and many other reasons but for the most part I do the grocery shopping and I’m ok with that.

If you hate the grocery store you might be someone like my friend’s wife who tells me that she can’t stand going grocery shopping so she sends her husband. If she does have to go she walks around and just throws what she needs in the grocery cart, with no grocery list and then gets out.

I thought her grocery bill must be huge when she does that and when I asked her she said yes for the most part it likely is higher than most people who are frugal when they grocery shop but she doesn’t care. It’s one of those chores that doesn’t sit well with her and she could think of a million other things to be doing.

She also mentioned that she would rather go to Costco and buy food in bulk which means she doesn’t have to go to the grocery store that often. How many of you can agree that you do the same thing?

I’ve been around Costco and some of the prices are good but if you are a smart shopper you know that you can find better prices in the grocery stores if you know your prices and wait for flyer specials.

Maybe she would benefit from hiring a personal grocery shopper who could help her save some money but if the owner of that grocery list doesn’t want to participate even the personal shopper will just get in and get out.


Food is not that important


Believe it or not we have friends who only eat because they have to eat otherwise they could care less about eating in general. It’s funny how something as necessary to life as food can mean so much to many of us and so little to others.

Do you remember that post I wrote once about whether we are eating too much food? Maybe we are and we put too much emphasis on eating food in bigger quantities rather than smaller portions. Sometimes people who don’t fancy eating because it is too time consuming or they simply don’t enjoy eating might just graze here and there just to get food inside them.

As long as they are getting proper nutrition then they see nothing wrong with that. Since food is not that important you can bet they won’t be a regular at the grocery store or the total opposite where you see them daily.

One friend of ours eats very little but when she eats the food is all healthy food but she likes to visit the grocery store every day for fresh fruits and vegetables. She is from Europe and said that when she lived there that is what they did. I can agree because I know that I went shopping more than once per week but mainly because my refrigerator was so small.

Although she may hate the grocery store she has no choice until the summer when the markets and farmers put out fresh produce for sale. In Europe she went to the market every day or they picked from their own crop fresh produce.

They didn’t really have it sitting around in the refrigerator like Canadians do. So although food is not that important when she does eat her meals she likes them to be the freshest they can be even if she doesn’t have her own backyard garden.


Money is no object


You could tell a grocery shopping hater all the money saving tips in the world but if they dislike grocery shopping they likely won’t care and block out all conversation.

Maybe you know someone who has a juicy income and shopping for clothes, yachts and jetting off on vacation is more their style rather than grocery shopping.

The last thing rich people or people who are well off because money is no object want to be doing is grocery shopping. Sometimes I wonder if it’s not that posh to be seen in a grocery store if you have money just as it is to not drive your own vehicle, rather be driven around by a driver.

There are some famous people who do love to shop. I remember reading about the Kardashians and even though money is no object for them they grocery shop and use coupons.

Sometimes even the rich and famous want to feel normal so grocery shopping on their own gives them back that sense of independence even though many people loathe going grocery shopping as a normal weekly occurrence.


Fast food rules


You might find these people might be single and not want to cook a meal or just simply love fast food and will pay for that convenience even if it’s known that fast food is not that healthy for our bodies.

We have a single friend who hates to cook and she tells us that every day she heads across the street from her work to the gourmet food shop and picks up ready meals to bring home.

She tells us they are delicious and I’m not doubting her because they are all homemade and the price reflects that. You can find some decent home-cooked meals if you are not a fan of cooking but be prepared to pay out-of-pocket for someone else to do the cooking for you.


No time


The last reason I can think of and I’m sure there are tonnes more is that lack of time means that going to the grocery store is a less than desirable chore to get done. You may not hate the grocery store but you hate wasting more valuable time that you don’t have to spare.

In this case the shopper may again just rush in to get what they need and get out not worrying about the grocery budget and you’ll see that receipt disappear in to the bin before they get a chance to read it because they don’t have time. They trust the computer system and scanning code of practice is no big deal if the store allows it. If they pay more, they pay more but what’s most important is not the money it’s the time.

I know I’ve just touched on a few reasons why some people may hate the grocery store today and to be honest only you know what you don’t enjoy grocery shopping. If you are one of these people who hate the grocery store or know someone who does share your reasons why because I’d like to know.

Happy Shopping.



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Ultimate grocery shopping guide


Everything you want to know about grocery shopping in Canada is below with new information added monthly.

If you missed a Grocery Game Challenge post some of the most popular posts are listed below or you can now find the posts listed on their own page called The Ultimate Grocery Shopping Guide.

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Food food and more food


shopping-cart-short-cash grocery store

 Shoppers Drug Mart

  • 4 L Milk Sale $3.97
  • 4 x Armstrong cheese Sale $3.88 ea

Total out-of-pocket $19.49



  • 3 x Mango juice Sale $0.54
  • 2 x Pineapple Sale 2/$4.00
  • Mushrooms $2.29-pink sticker $1.15
  • PC Thins $3.20-pink sticker $1.20
  • Cheese sticks $4.49-pink sticker $2.25
  • 3 x condensed milk Sale $0.97

Total out-of-pocket $13.13


Grocery shop results


Yearly grocery budget for two: $2820

(The above total does not include the stockpile budget of $240 per year or $20 per month.)

  • Total Grocery Budget for the Month: $235.00 or $78.33 week with potentially one no-shop week per month or $58.75 for 4 weeks per month. (During the months with 5 weeks we just make it work)
  • Total Budget for March $235.00-$20.82=$214.18/4=$53.54
  • Total Coupons Used this Week : $0
  • Total Coupons Used to date: $33.75
  • Total Discounts this Week: $0
  • Total Discounts Used to date: $5.54
  • Total Gift Cards Used to date: $33.18
  • Total Rewards Points Used: $0
  • Total Rewards Points Used to date: $0
  • Stockpile Budget ($20.00): $20.00-$20.00=$0
  • Stockpile Budget Used to Date: $20.00+$19.08+$17.94+ $2.06+$20.00
  • Total Spent This Week: $32.62
  • Total Spent So Far April: $235.07
  • Total Over/Under spend this shop: $n/a
  • Total Over/Under spend for the month: $n/a
  • Total Left to Spend for the Month: $235.07-$214.18 over ($20.89)
  • Total to Carry Over Next Month: $20.89
  • Total Spent To Date This Year: (does not include stockpile budget) Jan $242.66+ Feb $191.74+ March $255.82+April $235.07
  • Weekly Overview: We didn’t need too much this week but the cheese was such a great deal that we stocked up a bit more. I think we have enough cheese now for a little while.


Coupon Sleuth


Did you find any coupons? If so share the details in the comment section of this post where you found it and what the coupon is for with expiry.

coupons Canada apr 2014 grocery store


Frequently Asked Questions



Read the rules first and if you have any questions email me or comment on this post with your question and someone will answer you as soon as possible.


  • Do I have to be Canadian to post my Grocery Shop?


No, you don’t have to be Canadian to post your shops only to win a monthly prize. We have fans who post their grocery shop who live all over the world.


  • When does the Grocery Game close each month?


The Grocery Game Challenge closes at midnight of the last Sunday of the last post for the month. You can post your shops all month-long.


  • Does your Grocery Budget include health and beauty and laundry products?


Yes our Grocery Budget includes such items as shampoo, conditioner, laundry soap, fabric softener, dish soap etc. We don’t mind stockpiling items that won’t be affected by expiry dates or have long expiry dates but not so much food any more. It’s just one way to help cut your budget to save money.



Here are your latest Coupon Match-ups of the week and your weekly Checkout 51 offers from 25 Newspaper Inserts around Canada compliments of Save Big Live Better that you can use to help you save money in the Grocery Game Challenge.


  • What is an FPC?


An FPC is a free product coupon which means you can get a free product as described on the coupon.



You can find all your store coupon policies here. If you are not sure it’s always best to call the store and ask.



I can tell you about grocery shopping and what we do in terms of shopping to save money and how it works for us. There are no wrong or right answers, just smart choices.

Over time you will gradually learn where you should and shouldn’t go in the grocery store or at least how to say no, I’m on a budget I need to buy this or that.

You may also substitute items in order to stick to your grocery budget to make it work. Nobody is perfect, heck we struggle with this part of our budget like many people do.

This is why the grocery game challenge was created to not only show you that we are like everyone else but to bring us all together to work as a team to get our budgets on track.

If you have just joined The Grocery Game Challenge 2014 get ready to dive deep into your grocery budget and learn just where you are spending, how much you are spending and what you are saving.

Feel free to read all the above posts that I linked to above which I feel are relevant to learning about the grocery budget and grocery shopping in general.

You’ve made a wise decision to take control of your grocery budget now show me your shops and let’s get saving!

Welcome to The Grocery Game Challenge Canada 2014!




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