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  1. Oooh, can ‘t wait to hear what the big news is!!! You sound like Rick regarding the yard and keeping it looking good. 🙂 Yeah, I can’t imagine ever forgetting any money I had coming to me. 🙂 Happy Monday, Mr. CBB!

    1. Yes, I’m a bit protective of the front gardens with all of the work I put into it. I don’t want to see our money flushed down the toilet. You see some homeowners spend a fortune to fix up their house and landscaping and just leave it to fall apart. What a waste! Yup…. news is on the way.. stay tuned!

  2. Thanks for that Bank of Canada link, I had no idea that existed. Alas there is no money waiting for myself or anyone in my family. It’s pretty cool that you can search any name though. I did search a couple of random people and they have quite a bit of hidden treasure there.

  3. That’s so cool you have a variety of popular searches than will land people on your site!

    And the US Treasury makes checking for unclaimed money really easy as well. My sister had over $200 sitting somewhere.

  4. Hey Mr. CBB!

    Thanks again for including me in your Making a Difference series, I’m honored to be a part of it.
    Glad you had a nice vacation, I’m counting the days down now to mine next month. Like you I can’t imagine losing track of money like the examples listed. That’s just crazy. Even before I started blogging and posting monthly updates, I still kept track of where everything was at, across multiple institutions.

    Have a great week!

    1. Thanks for sharing SFZ with my fans. I’m pretty sure most PF bloggers would be shocked that they found lost money but at the same time not all PF bloggers are analytical about their finances. Many blog because they are sharing a journey out of debt or for other reasons. I think the fans would say the same thing… it doesn’t matter who you are you have to track your money, full-stop. Cheers mate.

  5. Way back in the day before all banking was computerized, hubby’s uncle was a truck driver and opened bank accounts in a number of places. This was back when you needed to have an account in that bank before they would cash a check for you. As a trucker he might be paid by check but need to cash that check immediately so get fuel for the return trip or to pay for a meal etc. so he would be who knows where, need to cash that check and he would open an account so he could cash the thing. He likely left a minimum amount in the account to satisfy the banks rules of the day. Whether he went around and closed all those accounts when he retired is the big question there. I have my doubts as he retired because his back couldn’t take the hours and hours behind the wheel anymore. It might be interesting to check his name on the banks site. The dear man is in his 80’s now so who knows.

    1. Wouldn’t that be a nice little (or big) find for him if he did go back to try and find out. Times have changed with banks these days haven’t they Christine?

  6. I have to confess that myself and my hubby had forgotten about two life assurance policies we thought had gotten moved into another account to our surprise when we checked them out we have quite a bit (we went through a lot of our boxes that hadn’t been touched since we first moved out of our homes in Aberdeen) this money is now going to be transfereed over to investment accounts here in Canada. Check out all you paperwork even if you think there is nothing there we certaining got a surprise! This definately cheered us up after three months of wondering if we were staying here in Canada or not!

    1. AH ha, see it’s amazing what might be lurking if we aren’t careful. I bet that taught you a lesson Nicola. Now that you are a CBB’er you know that tracking your finances is critical. Even if something were to happen at least the kids and family would know where to look. It’s something we need to think about now as well. I’m happy you both found that 🙂

  7. Not once, but twice, I’ve had unclaimed money in a checking account. It was 15+ years ago and during my times of moving for college and internships. I’d find myself in a place where my “national” bank wasn’t. I’d open a new account and like the bank and plan to keep using them in my next location, arriving there to find the bank didn’t have a nearby branch. Two accounts got caught in the mix. Sure, I should have known better, but we are also talking a very small amount of cash. Less than $300 between the two. Nice surprise for years later when I was more responsible with money 🙂

    1. That’s what happens when people move and what happened to our friend. Glad to hear you got your money back. Money is money after all, small or large amounts.

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