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The budget is tight these days for most people so if you plan to accept an invite to a party be warned that if you are a no-show you might be sent a bill.

That’s right you might just miss that one event which you confirmed you were going and bam… you’re on the hook for your spot at the party.

No it’s not going to become a law (yet) but make sure you read the fine print (if any) on your next invitation or the party patrol might hunt you down.

It might read something like this…

If you (person named on invite) are a no-show after confirming that you will attend this party please be advised that you will receive an invoice in the mail for the cost of your portion of the event. Payment can be made to my bank account or I don’t mind cold-hard cash $$$.

I know I’m having a laugh as there wouldn’t be an legality behind this that I’m aware of but this really did happen for one dad in the UK.

There are two-sides to the story and an easy solution.. in my opinion.


Pay this bill please


If you don’t pay up your no-show fee you mind find you are potentially on your way to small claims court like Derek Nash from Cornwall, UK. Is this even possible for not showing up to a party? By the sounds of it in the UK, no. In Canada… I don’t know but I’m going to bet that’s a giant no as well but hey I’m no lawyer.

According to the UK-based articles legal correspondent in part:

Any claim would be on the basis that a contract had been created, which included a term that a “no-show” fee would be charged.

However, for there to be a contract, there needs to be an intention to create legal relations. A child’s party invitation would not create legal relations with either the child “guest” or its parents.

I was part shocked but at the same time not shocked when I read this story about 5 year-old Alex Nash whose parents accepted an invite to a birthday party for his classmate at the Plymouth Ski and Snowboard Centre.

As a parent who hasn’t experienced the costs of a birthday party for my child I’m going to say that it’s not cheap especially when you hold the event at an activity based venue. Sure you can still be frugal when planning a party but not everyone thinks frugal when it comes to parties for their kiddos!

Derek confirmed his son was going to the party but then Alex never showed up… oops! Needless to say he cost the party mama some money because she went ahead and paid for a service which was not used because Alex didn’t show up.

What did Julie Lawrence mother of the birthday boy do?

She sent an invoice along with Alex to take home to his parents in the amount she was out-of-pocket £15.95! You read that right…she billed him this wild bill for ditching the party. Nash said that they realized their son was supposed to be hanging out with his grandparents that day, so that’s what he did.

Lawrence has threatened with small claims court if he doesn’t pay up even though I don’t think that will ever happen. Considering Alex’s parents had all the contact info for Lawrence they should have been considerate enough and cancelled in advance in my opinion. Even a phone call to apologize after the fact or as soon as they remembered would have been a nice gesture.

I know when planning a wedding frugal or not if you confirm you are going and don’t show that is very costly to the bride and groom. Some dinners costs hundreds of dollars to execute including drinks, desserts etc. that are paid by the head.

Now, if 10 people are no-shows then the money starts adding up, then what? Your event might cost you $100 a kid (just throwing numbers your way), significantly more than what Lawrence spent. Some would say oh well, suck it up you have to be prepared for risks like this when planning a party.

Oh… there’s that word “Risk” again that pops up frequently in the financial world.


No-show appointment charges


If you don’t show up to a doctor’s appointment and fail to cancel the appointment almost all doctors we know will bill you for the missed appointment.

I know it’s not an invite but it’s still something you confirmed you would attend but you are made aware there is a no-show fee. Some doctors will bill you anywhere from $50-$100 and some will tell you they won’t see you any longer if you don’t pay up.

It’s not just doctor’s either that do this and although they are running a business in the end time is money, money is money. Sure accidents happen and we forget but when it’s someone’s money or time they don’t care. They want you to pay up!

We all laugh at these off-the-wall type stories but maybe Lawrence is onto something big!!

I’m pretty sure that she is trying to send a loud message out to people that they need to be aware of the costs to parents and that it’s considerate to cancel and not just brush it off as if it’s no big deal.

Should Derek just pay the money out of courtesy for not cancelling? I’m pretty sure they could have solved this without having media involvement and the surprise invoice.

What would you do if you were sent a bill for a no-show to a birthday party you confirmed your child was going to but didn’t show up?


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  1. Great post Mr CBB!! I’d never ask someone to pay if they didn’t come to a party, that’s just the way it is.

    Thanks so much for including my recipe.

  2. Get well soon. I hope your family is fine now, Mr CBB. Really? I wonder the connection between pregnancy and your blog. But, it doesn’t matter because they found you and that is important. Congrats! The more visits the better.

  3. I have mixed feelings about this one for sure. On the one hand, it’s so, so rude to RSVP for something like a birthday party and then not show up unless in the case of dire emergency. But, charging someone? That’s a sure way to ruin a relationship as quickly as possible. But, I guess the relationship was already ruined due to animosity from the no-show.

    1. I agree about ruining relations but in this case she likely didn’t have a relation with the parents nor did she give a rats. He still should have called to cancel or at least apologize for the no-show. 🙂

  4. My daughter had the grandson’s 5th birthday party at one of those places. I forget what it was called but she paid a flat rate for a certain number of kids then it was so much for each over that. They worked out the final bill after the fact so she didn’t have to pay for anyone that didn’t show. He thought it was great and everyone had a great time from what I heard. I can’t remember the name of the [place for the life of me right now, Lego were involved and she was able to borrow some molds from the place to make her own party favours, plus she bought a few molds for herself to make him things like his own lego shaped soaps and such.
    When my kids were young parties were much simpler. One year for the younger boy, July birthday, we made paper airplanes and had water balloons for the kids and everyone loved it!!!
    So many places now will still charge you if you miss an appointment, but we live in the snow belt and weather can be an issue. I have found that the specialists out of town are quite reasonable about missed appointments in the winter. I did ask about this back when hubby first started his trips out of town for his Amyloidosis and the doctors were fine, if we couldn’t make it in due to the weather or road conditions. I always got us there but if the authorities close the roads that is that. I did tell them that if the roads were open I should be able to make it there.
    Samantha got some sweet deals at Target!!! I need to have the time to look around for those deals everyone gets there!!!
    Looks like I might have a few new things to look over!! Have a good weekend!!!

  5. Yes, there’s a cost of a per person at places like the slopes but the ski resort did state in the article that they would have given the mother additional passes/tokens for the remaining kids so she wouldn’t be out any money. It also stated that this isn’t the first time that this family confirmed and the kid never showed.

    The 1st time that I didn’t have a home party was when my daughter was 5 and it was McDonald’s restaurant. I paid for the kids that showed up and my mother made her birthday cake. Typically my party for her was very small, mainly family so my expense was no more than I wanted it to be.

    I feel that if this mother couldn’t afford a “no show” then she shouldn’t be having it this location. There are times where parents have to “suck up” the cost and I feel this is one of those times.

    1. That’s a VERY good point. Expecting risk when planning parties is inevitable but at the same time guests should be courteous as well. I wouldn’t have done what she did but that’s just me.

    1. Yes I remember you and I chatting about this. I totally loved what you did. Perfect!! Can’t wait to see what you have moving forward… you’re hilarious.

  6. Does a no-show actually cost any more, than if they showed up? No.
    The host is still paying the same. The only difference, is the birthday child may have received one less present.
    I think that is what this is really about.

    All our kids had home birthday parties.
    Played a few games, gave winners a prize.
    Serve cake, ice cream and pizza/ hot dogs
    Sent everyone home with a small loot bag

    Very little

    1. I think in this case the mother was out the cost of paying for the child at the slopes. In some cases yes people are out the money because of hosting parties at venues with activities. If you are holding a general party well those few pizza slices will be gobbled down by someone… and no it wouldn’t matter as much but if you spent a few hundred dollars on a birthday party for 20 confirmed guests and only 3 show up.. I’d be upset as well. The cost is as much as the parents want to spend I guess.. 🙂 Thanks for sharing your thoughts Kathryn.

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