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Our Family Frugal Easter Traditions

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If you have kids or not, creating Easter traditions with your family means you can plan so you don’t go overboard with Easter expenses.

Do we budget for Easter?

Yes and No, and here’s why. This is the first year that we’ve invested any money into Easter for our son.

Now that we know how much we’ve spent on Easter this year, we will be able to sort out a projected expense for the beginning of 2017 since this holiday has just passed.

Today I’d like to talk about our Frugal Easter Traditions without spending a fortune, including our Easter Dinner.

Family Frugal Easter Traditions
Family Frugal Easter Traditions

My wife and I never gave much thought to Easter traditions in the past because we didn’t have a child, and the extent of our Easter fun was Easter food and hanging out with relatives.

I suppose we were creating Easter traditions without even knowing it. Imagine that.

Before our son was born, we enjoyed the Easter celebration by buying each other Chocolate Easter eggs, specifically Cadbury Cream Eggs and would partake in family Easter photos and a large meal.

This year the wife will be heading out to a free indoor Easter Egg Hunt and party for the kids at a local school, where there will be Easter crafts, Easter treats and good conversations.

If you’re not into free Easter celebrations, you can create your own, which we also did and will continue to do as the years unfold for our little family.

Easter Is NOT The New Christmas

easter is not the new Christmas(1)
Easter Family Traditions

The Dollar store is fully loaded with Easter celebration materials and chocolates galore.

When dealing with young kids, remember that they don’t need an Easter basket filled with just chocolates.

Some families buy far too much at Easter and end up with tonnes of chocolate they either give away or freeze.

If your relatives want to give an Easter gift, you can always suggest a small chocolate treat and other Easter options for the kids.

Having a treat once in a while is nice, but we put the brakes on after two chocolate Easter balls and a cupcake.

Boy, did he love that!

His basket was filled with arts and crafts, colouring books, and Easter books and his chocolate came from the Easter Egg Hunt.

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Celebrating Easter

Frugal Easter Family Traditions in the CBB House
Frugal Easter Family Traditions in the CBB House

How do we celebrate Easter?

We started to create Easter traditions with a coffee cup in hand and our tummies full after a healthy breakfast of scrambled eggs and cheese.

This year we started our morning with the story of the Easter Bunny, but I don’t think our almost 19-month-old toddler bought it.

We told him that the Easter Bunny is different from other bunnies because of the Easter treats such as Easter eggs and colouring books that the bunny delivers to all the good little boys and girls.

We did mention Jesus and how he died for us and was resurrected, but we know that he won’t understand until he’s a bit older.

He looked at us a bit gone out, but that was expected since the only words he probably understood were “chocolate” and “Egg.”

Once he spotted the bunny feet, the trail going upstairs and through the hallway with coloured plastic eggs lying around, he got his inspection gloves on and went to work Easter egg hunting.

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Creating Easter traditions with our son is important to us, as is any other holiday we celebrate as a family.

Just recently, at Christmas, I had our son helping to decorate, and he put the star on the top of the Christmas tree, all of which we captured on video.

What is Easter?

Easter celebrates the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ.

Giving of Easter Eggs and the use of the Easter Bunny is a reminder of the Pagan religion that dominated Europe before the people were converted to Christianity.

The word Easter comes from the Goddess Eostre

.- Source Yahoo

The meaning of Easter is different for everyone, especially if you are participating in religious Easter traditions like my wife does by going to Mass on Easter Sunday.

For the kids, Easter means chocolate and bunnies with some education about the history of Easter.

There’s no need to be religious to understand the true meaning of Easter celebrations.

Meatless Easter Food For Good Friday

We enjoyed a meatless meal on Good Friday to recognize my wife’s Catholic faith since I’m not religious.

We’ve made a lovely fish dinner or Thai Fish Cakes, but this time I made a massive batch of cream of celery soup and tuna fish sandwiches for a brunch meal.

Ham, for many people, is a traditional Easter Food which means most of you will likely be enjoying succulent ham this Easter holiday.

Easter Dinner Meal Plan And Desserts

Multi-coloured Easter Cupcakes Desserts
Multi-coloured Easter Cupcakes Desserts

Easter food for Easter Sunday will be a small ham, sautéed rapini with bacon, cauliflower cheese bake, salad, and homemade colourful Easter cupcakes for dessert.

I was going to make Easter Bunny Shortbread, but I didn’t have the time.

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We’ll be putting our lovely meal together on Easter Sunday right after I get back from work.

The best part about this Easter food is that it’s simple to make, budget-friendly and time-friendly for the parents who love to entertain.

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Easter Activities For Kids

Easter Craft Pom Pom Art For Kids
Easter Craft Pom Pom Art For Kids

Easter activities for kids are in abundance on Pinterest for every age.

One excellent idea that we found on Pinterest was Pom Pom painting which included using a cotton ball, clothespin and paper.

Even though it was messy for an 18-month-old toddler, he loved this activity, but it got his creative mind going.

The Easter craft was relatively cheap to buy as the materials were purchased at the Dollar Store.

This is going into the Easter Traditions book for our family.

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This year we coloured Easter eggs and decorated them with stickers.

Our son had a blast with this Easter activity since he loves peeling stickers.

He can even say EGG, so we’re super proud of him as his vocabulary grows; plus, he is starting to say the alphabet and point to letters simultaneously.

Insert happy parents.

The only thing I had to watch for was to make sure our son didn’t launch the hard-boiled eggs across the room thinking they were balls.

These days, everything in his hands ends up on the floor or halfway across a room.

Reading Easter Books

Reading an Easter book will always be part of our Easter traditions as a family, as would be winding down with a lovely Easter cartoon or two.

This year we enjoyed his favourite Treehouse cartoons and lots of reading.

He’s always chasing after me with a book in his hand since we have tonnes of kids’ books that we got free from parents giving them away online.

Our son’s most considerable Easter activity was eating his Easter cupcake and hunting colourful plastic Easter eggs filled with raisins, Cheerios and chocolate veggies, of course.

It was essential for us to combine healthy along with traditional Easter chocolate.

Seeing his little smile made it all worth it.

Easter Chocolate And Other Basket Goodies

Our son loved the different treats that he found in his plastic Easter eggs that we picked up from the Dollar Store.

This year he had a better handle on what chocolate is and how those Easter eggs mean the possibility of more chocolate and other goodies.

The best part is that you can pack them away for next year, so you’re not buying them repeatedly, saving money.

One tip I will add is if you plan to have your Easter egg hunt outdoors, use plastic eggs or coloured rocks for the kids to hunt.

If you so dare hide real chocolate outside, be prepared to be naughty and dig into them.

Poof, your chocolate eggs will be gone, and you’ll have some sugar-jacked creatures roaming around your neighbourhood. Ha!

Easter Family Photo Ideas

One of the essential parts of creating Easter traditions is making sure you get it on camera or photos that paint a picture of the moment.

Every holiday, we have the camera rolling to show our son how he has aged when he can understand more about photos.

Whenever I’m in doubt looking for photo ideas, I jump on Pinterest, where ideas are brought to life, especially if you are creative and artistic.

This year we set the timer on our camera and then posed for family Easter photos which turned out great.

We managed to take some goofy pictures, too, as our son proceeded to put Easter stickers on my face, which he thought was pretty funny.

When our son was almost one, we had professional Easter photos taken for Easter, free because we won a Facebook contest.

The significant part about the photography was that we didn’t have to do it.

We had professional photos done in a photo studio using props and outfits to celebrate the holidays during the first year of his life, which cost us only $20.

They are cute, and I hope that he will look back at these family traditions and get a chuckle from them.

We’ve learned that our son will grow up fast before our eyes, so if we want to create memories, now is the time to start doing so.

We don’t want to look back and wish we had done something but opted not to or were too busy to take the time for him.

Easter Traditions From CBB Readers

I asked the fans what some of their Easter traditions were, and here is what they had to say.

I always make a carrot cake done up as a bunny cake using two round cakes for my daughter’s birthday every year as it is April 1, so it’s always around Easter. The year she was born April 1 was also Good Friday.– Christine W.

Note: Some of the cake was eaten before the photo was snapped but it sure does look Easter perfect!

Easter Bunny Carrot Cake(1)

Dad called this evening and they are having an Easter dinner tomorrow that we are invited to. That’s budget friendly for us!Mary C.

We did Easter egg hunt last weekend while big sis was here. Just did some plastic eggs hidden in the house cause it had snowed.Juanita P.

Every Easter after our morning egg hunt we colour eggs with the kids and enjoy a family breakfast of fresh fruit, pancakes, eggs and bacon a tradition we started when the kids were 2. – Paula B.

For now, our Easter traditions are starting to form year after year, which makes both my wife and I feel that we are doing something right with our son.

Happy Easter to all, from our family to yours. x

What family traditions do you partake in for the Easter Holiday?


CBB Week At A Glance

This week was a bit out of the ordinary as I’ve had Good Friday off for the Easter holiday, and I stayed home after the terrible ice storm in the Greater Toronto Area.

The next day we heard loud crashes from our neighbour’s house as ice from the metal roof melted.

It was so loud when it crashed down. I’m not a fan of those metal roofs at all.

I managed to get a few things done around the house since we were bound indoors for a couple of days with the crappy weather, but I spent time with the family and finished up our income taxes.

I also managed to get in the kitchen again and do some cooking and lots of eating.

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Breville Stand Mixer Air Miles Canada(1)
Breville Stand Mixer Air Miles Canada Purchase

Hi Mr. CBB,

I have a budget brag for you!!

As I am sure most have heard by now, Air Miles Canada is changing things with their miles program, and if you have miles accumulated, you need to use them by the end of this year or lose them.

I have picked up quite a few the last year with Foodland accepting and offering Air Miles when buying groceries every week.

After talking to my hubby, we looked at what we could use our Air miles on as hubby’s health isn’t good enough right now to try to plan a trip.

I’ve looked and wished for the big stand mixers in Canadian Tire flyers, so I had a peek to see what Air Miles Canada had to offer me.

I didn’t have enough air miles for the Kitchen Aid stand-mixer they had, but I did have enough for a Breville.

After talking to hubby and my boys, we all agreed on cashing in to buy a stand-mixer.

For 2850 Air Miles and no cash out-of-pocket, I now have this lovely Breville stand-mixer, 550 watts strong, and It works like a charm!!

I am so happy with it, and hubby and the boys are pleased with the baking I can do with this.

My Air Miles I had changed to 100% Dream Cash to have extra funds in groceries for baking supplies.

Christine Weadick

Top Recipe Pick

Butter-Brickle-Graham-Cracker-Bars-Recipe-Recipe Girl

Food and grocery shopping are relevant to us because food is a large part of the budget that people struggle with.

We all have to eat to survive, but just because we have a budget doesn’t mean we can’t eat delicious home-cooked meals that are drool-worthy.

If you are someone who would instead buy convenience foods, consider cooking homemade meals or baking from scratch.

Not only will you save money, but you will be proud of what you’ve accomplished, and you’ll see that from the smiles on those you feed.

I’ve had a second Facebook page, The Free Recipe Depot, where I exclusively share recipes from Food Bloggers worldwide for the past two years.

I also share recipes on the blog on Sunday, either made by the home cook and mom Nicola Don or myself.

This week, our Top Recipe Pick goes to the lovely Lori Lange over at Recipe Girl, who has captured my love for food, especially sweets.

If you don’t have time to bake, Lori has these amazing-looking Butter Brickle Graham Cracker Bars that you must check out.

Let her know Mr.CBB sent you over for a sweet treat. 🙂

Top DIY Project

how to grow bell peppers from seed
How To Grow Bell Peppers From Seed

Now that Spring is here, many of you are starting your seedlings for your summer garden.

I thought it would be fitting to use this space to share gardening tips such as this one: How to Grow Green Bell Peppers from the Premeditated Leftovers Frugal Living Blog.

There are plenty more how to grow articles on the blog that may interest you.

Author of Prep-Ahead Meals From Scratch. Sharing recipes and tips for saving money, time, and reducing waste while keeping the kids alive.

– Alea Miham (Premeditated Leftovers)

Growing your garden does take some skill, but once you master that skill, you should be good to go season after season.

This post will take you in that direction to make sure you have beautiful green peppers.

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Kermit the frog
Google Search Terms for Canadian Budget Binder
Google Search Terms for Canadian Budget Binder

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  • Does OSAP lower the loan amount if paid in one month? – Say what?
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  1. Thanks Ladies, I really like using the stand’s so fast to mix things!!! The cake is disappearing fast. We had my daughter and grandson here for Good Friday and they took the bunny’s ears home to eat there.
    When the kids were small here I used to buy small toys for the basket and books, not much chocolate. And of course, they had the carrot bunny cake around Easter.
    Happy Easter everyone!!!!!

  2. Love the Easter traditions that you are creating with your son; love the pompom painting. He’ll look back and cherish those memories one day.
    I had a message this morning from my 27 year old daughter who said, “mom, when I read about the Easter activities you’ve planned for B, (her nephew), it makes me wish I were a little kid again. I miss those days.”

    Christine W. the rabbit cake is so cute!

    I don’t spend a lot of money on Easter. My grandson would gladly hunt for the empty plastic eggs, he really doesn’t care if there is anything inside, he just loves the fun of hunting for the eggs. He loves to hide them as well, so we take turns hiding and finding the eggs. We actually have several Easter egg hunts over Easter weekend, some are scavenger hunts in which picture clues (sofa, coffee table, dining table etc.) lead him to the next location and others are simply finding the hidden eggs. The Easter bunny will make a visit tonight and the egg hunt tomorrow will involve some candy, but not a lot. He really reacts to sugar/chocolate so I try to keep it to a minimum. He’ll get a small Lego set ($20 range) as the main “treat”.

    We will go to my parents tomorrow for a big family dinner and I do two scavenger hunts for my nieces and nephews. They are older now and don’t believe in the Easter bunny but still love the scavenger hunt. I may do a craft with them, that’s been a tradition in the past, but I haven’t decided on that for sure. I’m thinking about doing the galaxy Easter eggs, but not sure. I’ll take the supplies and we’ll play it by ear. One of the scavenger hunts will be based on the real Easter story so the eggs will be filled with items related to that – 30 pieces of silver, soap, etc.

    I do themed food for my grandson for each celebration throughout the year. Some of the things I have for Easter are: juice boxes wrapped to look like the Easter bunny; waffles cut like an Easter basket filled with fruit “eggs”, sugar cones painted with orange candy melts to look like carrots, cupcakes topped with a meringue nest and filled with Eggies. Pinterest is a fantastic resource!

    Happy Easter everyone!

  3. When my daughter was young, I would get an outfit, toy and some treats but she grew up knowing that I was the Easter Bunny so she didn’t expect much and appeared happy with what I got her. We have let that tradition go but still try and get a chocolate bunny for each of us. That’s the extent of my personal family traditions. With the family at large, we gather at one of the siblings house and partake in a potluck. This includes nieces, nephews and anybody else that shows up.

    Christine got a nice deal on the mixer and when I first looked at the picture, I thought it was a Kitchen Aid mixer.

    1. Thanks for sharing your Easter traditions with us DEE and congrats on winning a UFILE code!! Yes Christine got an awesome deal on the mixer and has inspired me to see what we can get with our Air Miles now. Happy Easter Dee!!

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