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Last-Minute DIY Frugal Halloween Costume Ideas: The Saturday Weekend Review #196

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Don’t Be Left In The Dark Without A Costume This Halloween.


Halloween is days away. Are you ready for a fun night of scary adventures filled with lots of candy and chocolates? We’re ready to go however I’m missing my Halloween costume. With only two days to spare I need to DIY a Halloween costume for the first time and I’m ready for the experience.

Just like every special occasion many of us (including myself) wait until the countdown is on to buy gifts, attire or even costumes and if your wife is like mine she reminds me about it every day. She’s the organized one in the family so I have much to learn from her. I procrastinate so much that at times my wife has to give me options like a little kid. Haha!

Since Halloween 2016 is this coming Monday if you’re looking for last-minute Halloween costume ideas like I am don’t worry I’ve done the work for you. I’ve had a look around the web to find some frugal costumes that you can make at home with stuff you might have in the garage, linen closet or the junk drawer. This is a great time to get rid of old bed sheets, towels, socks and any other household accessories that you haven’t used in ages.

It was only last week that I started thinking about Halloween costume ideas for our two-year old son who happens to love trick-or-treating like every other kid. Since he’s still young and the weather in Ontario can be a bit chilly at the end of October we decided that we wanted him to wear something that was one-piece and very cozy.

We didn’t even attempt to go into any Halloween stores or big box stores like Walmart to get Halloween costume ideas because we knew that the prices for new costumes can be pricey. Halloween costumes are like one use attire then you either pass it on to a family member, sell it or give it away for free. Even kids shops at the mall such as Carters have Halloween costumes and they aren’t as cheap as some may think.

You don’t have to spend a fortune to win the Best Halloween costume either. Some of the best costumes are DIY and the creativity of these Halloween costume ideas capture how to re-purpose instead of buying new.


Second-hand shops for Halloween Costumes


Since we are regulars at the second-hand shops we decided to have a look for some Halloween costume ideas at none other than, Value Village. Our store is filled with Halloween costume ideas for just about anyone. It’s actually a fun night out going through the costumes trying them on. Our son had a blast putting on various Mexican hats, Fire and Rescue hats and a police hat. He just thinks it’s great to dress up. The hard part is keeping it on him.

The prices for the Halloween costumes at Value Village seemed to be reasonable for kids ranging from $14.99 and under but if you had a discount card from donating you could save some cash. Every time you donate they punch a discount card that you can use at various stages for deals in the store.

We found the cutest pirate Halloween costume for our son but both my wife and I decided that there was no way he would keep the hat and gear on so we decided to wait until he’s a bit older. Although I managed to come up with some Halloween costume ideas for myself I didn’t end up buying a costume and neither did my son.

My wife is dressing up as an apple tree this year because our son adores apples. Just wait until he tries to pick the fruit from her costume, haha. We found apples from Value Village and attached them to a brown outfit that we secured fake tree branches too. It looks pretty cool.

We plan to have friends come over to the house on Halloween night so we’re going to be supplying food and drinks for the gang then take turns roaming house to house with the kids. While the boys are out the women will hand out candy and drink scary blood and then we will switch so they can go out with the kids.

One costume down, one to go.

While surfing Kijiji I found the perfect costume for our son that was purchased from Carters and for only $10. Someone was selling a monkey costume in size 2T which was exactly what we needed so I bought it. You can’t beat free but even $10 is reasonable for a kids Halloween costume.

Considering that we sold two Halloween costumes over the last 2 weeks on Kijiji we more than made back some cash to pay for the monkey. A smart idea is to sell your Halloween costume the following year and take that money to buy a new one. This way you are only investing once in a costume, unless of course you need to upgrade.


Final Sale Halloween Costumes


While I made a mad dash into Costco the other night to pick up some tape I noticed that they had reduced the kids Halloween costumes by 50% which didn’t do me any good since we already had one. Even then the costumes that they did have left were all for little girls. I was surprised they didn’t have a wider selection but for you last-minute Halloween costume shoppers you might score a deal shopping late.

Many stores drop the prices on Halloween candy by 50% that night as well most Halloween costumes and accessories are priced to move. If you have the time to shop fast to grab a costume you may be in luck and save yourself a buck.


Mo…what are you going to be for Halloween?


My wife asked me again tonight what I was going to dress up as for Halloween. Although I’m not too keen on the idea I plan to join in for the sake of our son who loves Halloween. Halloween wasn’t a big deal for me in the UK and certainly not comparable to how big it is in Canada when I was a kid. Now that I’m a dad I’m working on changing my views on special holidays such as Halloween, Easter, Thanksgiving and Christmas to bring them to life for our little guy.

Naturally you can see why I left it until the last-minute because I lacked inspiration about what I wanted to dress up as for Halloween. I needed to come up with a list of frugal Halloween costume ideas that I could put together at home after work this weekend. The last thing I need is to be rushing around on Monday after work at around 4pm (if I get out on time) to look for a costume to wear.

After work it’s go-time for many parents…go-go-go


The sun is setting around 6:30 pm now and come Monday even earlier which seems to be the norm on Halloween night. Most parents with younger kids in our neighbourhood tend to take the little ones out starting around 5pm so I need to be home, showered, eat and dressed by 5:15pm at the latest.

My only option was to have a look online on Pinterest to see what last-minute Halloween costume ideas I could find for myself. While I was there I thought I’d see if I could find some for the readers of this blog who might be struggling last-minute like I am. I hope you enjoy my favourite DIY Halloween costume ideas below if not for this year but possibly next Halloween.

From our family to yours we wish you a Spooky Happy Halloween.

Please stop by my Facebook page where I will be hosting a Halloween Contest. Make sure to take photos of your costumes and pumpkins as I’ll be drawing two winners to receive at President’s Choice Financial Gift Card in the mail.

5 last-minute DIY Halloween costume ideas for the family



The Game of Operation

Mrs. CBB loves this idea because she was a huge Operation game fan when she was a kid. Halloween costume ideas like this one is perfect for the entire family.



The Tourist

This is something I might consider doing because I love to travel and take photos and it’s simple enough to put together.  This is another one of those Halloween costume ideas that the entire family could take part in. Everyone could dress up as tourists. That would be hilarious.



Watermelon Slice

This one is genius and hardly takes anything at all to put together. The only catch is you need something pink to wear.



The Gumball Machine

This one is great as well because all you really need to do is head over to the Dollar store and load up on coloured ball crafts, glue and a few other bits to bring this DIY Halloween costume to life. Brilliant.



Play-Doh Costume

This one is great for a couple, friends or even kids. If you can find a garbage can that will fit over your head and body cut out the arms and head, spray paint it yellow and attach the Play-Doh logo which you can probably download and print easily at home. There was no specific link to the original owner of this photo but it sure is a great idea.



Pizza Delivery Guy 

Obviously this one is dead-easy to make as long as you have a pizza box. This might be a good time to order a pizza to finish off your costume. This one is perfect for the entire family.


The Bandit

This was one of the best DIY Halloween costume ideas I came across because it’s so simple to put together. Even if you don’t have a black and white striped top a black shirt would work fine. At the least you might make a mad dash to the Dollar store for black gloves, black hat and a bag that you can attach a dollar sign on that you print from the computer. You can also pair up as a couple to make this the perfect frugal Halloween costume.

That’s all!!

These are my top 6 DIY last-minute Halloween costume ideas that won’t break the bank.

I hope you had a laugh as much as I did.



CBB Insider Weekly


This week has been all over the place with the frost and snowfall warnings coupled with having to finish up our Fall gardening. The wife and I managed to rake up the leaves in the back garden and filled 2 huge orange Halloween bags full to showcase on Halloween night. I’m sure I could have raked out another two bags but time was not on my side that afternoon.

I still had to put the BBQ away, tarp the patio table, roll up the rug, put away tonnes of kids stuff and remove the hanging ferns. To top it all off the wind has been so bad the last week the front porch has been blasted with dirt so the wife has been hard at work trying to clean it all up. Weather in Ontario…ah!

Now that the snow in Ontario is projected to be here sooner than later I’ll be switching over to the winter tires next week with my boy and changing the brakes. He loves getting his hands dirty and helping his dad and I don’t mind. I’m educating him with hands on experience and knowledge so he can grow up to be a handy man for his wife.

Once that is done I’ll book the Krown under-spray and I should be vehicle ready for winter. If you haven’t started thinking about winter maintenance for your vehicle consider it before the snow gets here.

On Sunday evening after work we plan to carve the pumpkins, roast the pie pumpkins and the tonnes of pumpkin seeds so my wife will be in her glory.

  • How’s your Fall clean-up going?
  • Are you ready for winter?

Until next week, enjoy your world.



Awesome posts I published this week


the-easiest-banana-oatmeal-chocolate-chip-cookies-ever-3-ingredientsIf you have a question that you would like to ask me fill out the Contact Mr.CBB form on the blog home page and I’ll do my best to reply to each question.

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Top Post This Week: How to make money fast without going crazy


Making a difference (MAD)


Making A Difference Canadian Budget Binder MADWelcome to the 2016 Making A Difference series! Join the networking movement of Personal Finance Bloggers around the world. If you are a personal finance blogger and would like your blog to be featured simply drop me an email.

I’m currently booking for December 2016/January 2017. Today lets welcome ELLIE all the way from my neck of the woods in the UK.


Hello dear CBB readers,

My name is Ellie and I blog at While pretty new to the blogging scene, I’m not new to the concept of frugality and financial independence. I come from thoroughly frugal Yorkshire stock and in fact one of my earliest memories is my mum coming home from the market, delighted because she’d found a huge bag of Brussel sprouts left behind after the day’s trading. Trust me, sprout cake does not work!

This frugal upbringing put me in very good stead to not waste a penny and as a result I paid off my first mortgage in 5 years – despite being a single mother on minimum wage for most of the term. I am now self-employed and work entirely around the needs of my growing family, only made possible with the amazing life-giving power of frugality.

Lately, I’ve started looking at increasing our income to complement our frugal outlook and I’m also turning my attention to building at £25,000 travel fund through stock market investment. This is a completely new venture for me and I document it on the blog.

We recently decided to go car-free, partly because we’ve had one car too many stolen (a definite downside of city living) but also to hasten our pursuit of financial independence. These Yorkshire hills are steep and I’m not as young as I used to be. All encouragement welcome!

The key message of the blog is that through frugality and careful financial management, we can leave the rat race behind and live life on our own terms. I’d love to have you over for a chat!

Love, Ellie


Reader Budget Brags


If you have a brag that you want to share email me at with a photo and small write-up of your deal. It can be anything you saved money on that you are excited about. If your story gets featured you get two ballots in the yearly draw for a PC Financial Gift Card and at least one ballot for emailing me your entry. Either way, you get a ballot in the draw.

Check out this awesome deal from CBB fan, Pat!


Hi Mr.CBB,

I’ve enclosed a picture of the little electric fireplace heater and an ad that ran this week in Canadian Tire. We found it at the Salvation Army store for $25 and after a senior’s discount we paid $22.50. It is spotless and we love warming up the bedroom before we go to bed so we can turn down the furnace for the night. Win/win. -Pat


Thanks for sharing your awesome brag of the week Pat. The wife and I always shop second-hand first before we buy new because you never know what’s out there until you look especially if you’re not in a rush to get it.


Spotlight on Finance



Every time you tell yourself that it’s fine to buy something because it’s cheap, on sale or costs hardly anything always remember that the little expenses add up to big expenses. It’s after you budget and run the numbers that your head starts to spin. The numbers don’t lie so don’t lie to yourself. Say no to expenses you don’t need.


Editor’s Choice


This week the Frugalwoods wrote an excellent post titled, “The Sneaky Way That Frugality Fixes Paralysis by Analysis” which many of us overlook. We often think that we must have something however what you’ve already got works just fine.

We buy as much as we can in the CBB house from the used shop, online or garage sales and not only does it save us money it limits the stress of researching like products which can cause us great stress. Although smart, as the Frugalwoods point out shopping at second-hand shop takes away the options. It’s either there, or it’s not. Excellent read!

Buying used–and by extension, frugality–is also a way to reduce stress and deliver you from the crippling conundrum of too many choices.

The cure-all for this paralysis by analysis is used stuff. Whether I buy it from a garage sale, or find it on the side of the road, it all represents decisions I didn’t have to make.


Frugal Recipe Pick


apple-and-gouda-grilled-cheese-allysonFood is a big part of any budget and a struggle for many which is why it has been important for me to create frugal recipes for my fans.

I have a second Facebook page called The Free Recipe Depot where I exclusively share recipes from Food Bloggers around the world.

Check out the Free Recipe Index on CBB compiled of frugal recipes that are 100% tested and accepted by family and friends!

This week I stopped by the blog Domestic Superhero and found these mouth-watering Apple-Gouda Grilled Cheese.

I love switching up cheeses when I make a homemade grilled cheese and now that we have a panini press I’ll be experimenting a little more with recipes like this.

I would have never thought to put the two together so now I have to find a good deal on Gouda and try this one out.

Thanks Allyson this looks amazing and so gooey. Cheese is my weakness.


Google Search Giggles


Always begin and end your day with a SMILE!- Mr.CBB

Every week I get thousands of people visit Canadian Budget Binder because they did a search online and found my blog.

Most times funny, Sometimes serious.

  • Buy fake money that looks real– As long as you don’t plan on trying to use it a real money
  • Hi Mr. Lemon– Haha, that’s a new one.
  • Two ingredient oak cookies- Hmm, that might be tough but worth a try.
  • Biscotti on a budget- This was interesting as I’ve never had a search that included specific food and then on a budget.
  • Truckers Aliens Camper Story– Woah, now that sounds a bit scary.

That’s all the fun for this week, thanks for dropping by and we’ll see ya all again next Saturday!


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