11 DIY Easy Christmas Decorations

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Forget the pricey Christmas decor and frost inside your house with these 11 DIY easy Christmas decorations that won’t cost a fortune.

Easy Christmas Crafts
11 Easy DIY Christmas decorations for your home on a budget

Decorate Your House This Holiday With Easy, Inexpensive Homemade Christmas Decorations

It’s that time of year again when we start to think about Christmas baking, Christmas gifts, Christmas tree decorations ideas, Christmas theme ideas, and all of this costs money.

Christmas can cost you lots of money if you are well invested in the holiday, especially if you don’t budget for the holidays.

You’ll undoubtedly feel the crunch come January when the bills come due if you don’t have the cash to pay them. 

You can eliminate a chunk of the holiday financial stress by making homemade Christmas gifts, including DIY Christmas decorations.

If you’re already tight on cash, don’t spend your money on Christmas decor you can make at home for a fraction of the price.

I like homemade Christmas decorations over store-bought ones as they add that personal touch.

One of my fans was showing off her DIY Christmas holiday frames.

I would have never thought to re-purpose a picture frame with some spray paint bows with sparkly Christmas balls dangling.

There are some pretty cool Christmas decorations you can buy that are outdoor, but you’ll pay big bucks for them unless you wait until the end of the season.

Scoop Up Boxing Day Sales

On Boxing Day, consumers flock to the stores to grab deals as high as 75%-90% off Christmas Decorations.

This is when you want to be standing out in the cold with a hot cup of coffee, waiting to scoop up the deals for next year’s Christmas decorations event at your house.

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If you’re not one to get up early on Boxing Day, your next best bet is to create your own easy, budget-friendly, and fabulous Christmas decorations.

How To Create Christmas Decorations

I went looking around the web to save you the hassle of finding eleven DIY easy Christmas Decorations tutorials for all of you crafty fans out there.

I found a few fun Christmas decorations that the kids could participate in making with the help of adults.

If you live in a small space and don’t have room for a traditional Christmas tree, check out the DIY Fake Christmas Tree on a Budget and the Build A Tree Wall House below.

Christmas tree decorating is fun, and our son, who is now two, will enjoy it even more than he did last year when I put him on my shoulders so he could attempt to put the star at the top of the tree.

We’ve looked around the Christmas Store in a small village near us, which is lit up with Christmas bulbs and holiday decor as far as the eye can see.

The problem with this kind of boutique shopping is you must have the budget to pay the prices.

Sure, you’ll find some glamorous Christmas decor, but it depends on how much you will pay.

The return on investment with Christmas decorations is slim; most of it ends up at a garage sale or second-hand shops for a fraction of the cost.

Homemade Easy Christmas Decorations

Check out these remarkable DIY Easy Christmas Decorations below that look like they are boutique purchased when, in fact, they are homemade.

Fake Christmas Tree on a Budget from DIY Home Decor Guide


Holiday Tablescape from Le Zoe Musings


Birch Log Tea Light Holder from Make+Haus


Paper Towel Christmas Stars from Blog ala Cart


Magazine Christmas Trees By Tara Dennis


Car in a Jar Snow Globe from Mason Jar Crafts


DIY Stocking Hangers for Decorating Your Small Space


Build a Tree Wall Shelf by Ana White


Pine Cone Christmas Trees from Scissors and Spoons


Baby Food Jar Snow Globes from Craftaholics Anonymous


Melted Crayon Art DIY Christmas Ornament from The Heathered Nest

I hope you enjoyed my 2016 Easy Christmas Decorations picks, and if you make any of them, let me know.

I’d love to see photos you can share on my Facebook page or email them at canadianbudgetbinder@yahoo.ca.

Discussion Question: Do you create and DIY easy Christmas decorations at your house?

Leave me your comments below, as I’d love your feedback.

CBB At Home And Blog

This week was about finishing the Fall yard work, even though it was starting to feel like summer was sticking its head back into the weather updates.

Last year, we knew one string of our Christmas lights on the house was burnt by the holiday season’s end.

We bought the lights from Zehrs after Christmas about seven years ago, but one strip had enough and quit me.

I was lucky to find reels of lights at Canadian Tire for $29.99, with a savings of $20 for each, which did the entire house.

The majority of the Christmas lights on the house were put on the trees in our yard since a few strings were working fine.

I put up our massive wreath that lights up in a soft white that matches the house lights.

Now, we have to get our big Red Bows and a few other bits, and we’re set outdoors.

Everything is on a timer, which helps control the utility costs.

Mrs. CBB wanted to find a small strip of lights to put on our front window, so I’ll keep an eye out for a good deal.

End of Season Purchases Save Money

Ideally, we want to buy at the end of the season, so if we don’t find a reasonable price, we’ll wait and continue to build our outdoor holiday decor the frugal way.

The Christmas tree is next on our list, and we’ll have to sneak out to buy our son his second Christmas Tree Ornament that we want to get engraved yearly as a tradition.

The wife and little guy will make Christmas crafts at home, so we bought many arts and crafts products from the Dollar Store.

Today’s post was timely as I’ve saved a few leaves for some holiday decor, and we will be doing some kid-inspired decorations to hang around the house.


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Hi everyone!!

Here is a Scanning Code of Practice deal I got at Food Basics the other day while grocery shopping.

I noticed a sign that stated these Orchids were $9.88.

It just so happens that they rang up at $9.97, and I mentioned it to the cashier, and voila, FREE! 

Spotlight On Finance

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Top Finance Post

I stumbled upon the personal finance blog The Money Wizard this week and enjoyed reading about how You Don’t Have To Be Homeless To Retire Early.

The comments came rolling in after being featured on CNBC about a crash course on retiring early.

Now, he’s here to share what he learned about himself from people he doesn’t know.

It’s pretty funny and educational at the same time.

Here’s a look at #1, but before I go, might I add that I’ve also been subject to such comments in the past?

But some people don’t realize that it is possible to retire early to learn about all the innovative ways to save but still enjoy the finer things. 

Enjoy the read!!

1. “You Must Live Like a Hobo if You Save More Money Than Me.”

This was a common one. Here are a few direct quotes from the comments sections:

  • “Even welfare live better than his frugal lifestyle.”
  • “Why save and live like a homeless pauper? Enjoy the fruits of your labor.”
  • “He’s not a Money Wizard, he’s just a miser.”
  • “Secrets [to saving $150,000]: 1. Be a miser. 2. Lie to others about your financial condition. 3. Be a jerk.” 

Frugal Recipe Box


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I have a second Facebook page called The Free Recipe Depot, where I exclusively share recipes from Food Bloggers worldwide.

Since we are officially in the Christmas Holiday season, I’ll share recipes you can make at home for special gatherings, celebrations, and gift-giving.

Check out the Free Recipe Index on CBB, compiled of frugal recipes 100% tested and accepted by family and friends!

This week, I stopped by Daily Appetite because I spotted a gorgeous Chocolate Chip Shortbread Cookies tray.

Everyone here knows how much I love shortbread cookies, and I know these would be perfect on any Holiday table, Christmas gifts, Bake Sale goodies, etc.

What goodies will you be baking for the holiday season?

Please leave me your comments below.

Check out my holiday cookies and balls in the free recipe index.

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  • Ask a Millionaire For Money Canada: Wrong Guy
  • Standard Grocery ListWhat the heck is a definitive grocery list
  • Scanning Code Worst OffendersHaha, Sounds like a television program
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  1. I hit the sales late last year at Michael’s Crafts and hit the local Dollarama for other bits that I can use to make decorations for here. Add in the fabric scraps I have around and I should be able to make some things. We used to have a fake tree and wanted to get a real one, one year but the cost of a stand stopped that idea. So I hit the Boxing Day sales and got one half price. The following year we had our real tree in a very nice stand. I inherited some crochet cotton from my MIL so I can crochet some nice snowflakes too. I just need to find the time right now what with the stuff to deal with with my Dad…….

    1. That’s just it. It’s smart to shop end of season or DIY some crafts for the holidays. They are pricey. I know our wreathe was around $150 but we received 75% off.. 1 left..

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