I Act Poor You Act Rich, We’re Both Liars Until The Movie Ends

I act poor you act rich we're both liars until the movie ends



Have you ever noticed that there are people who have money but never talk about it and others who have nothing and boast about their wealth? Yes, me too and I believe the reasoning behind this starts with the person inside and the role they choose to play.

Stop for a moment and think about what you would like your movie trailer look like when you look back on life?

Your life is a movie and everyone’s watching but only the people who choose to watch and often it’s the people you wish would just fall asleep in the theatre. Sometimes we think more people invest in the person we’ve become than there really is. Just because you glam, frost or suit up doesn’t mean you’ll attract the attention you believe you should.

In fact it may just see you waiting in line at the food bank for your next meal if you don’t wake the hell up.

They say that to become rich you have to be making money in your sleep and that’s how it’s done. I know a few people who go to bed at night and the money is still rolling in. In part they live the life which their bank account allows but you wouldn’t often know it.

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I’ve come to believe that no matter what role we choose to play it’s all psychological because we create the lines. Your movie will either be a box hit or an epic fail. There is no in-between especially when you’re playing the role of your life and the only person that cares is YOU.


Acting Poor vs. Being Poor


I’m a huge fan of motivational quotes especially one’s that stick in my mind and force me to ask myself questions. I’m not sure who came up with, “I act poor you act rich we’re both liars” but one thing is for sure, it’s true. You can stay rich by acting broke and you can continue being broke by acting like you’re rich.

The reason it sunk into my mind was because over the past 20 years I’ve been on a financial roller-coaster with and without my wife. Back in the UK when I was in University and working I had money in the bank because I was a frugal saver. If I could get something for free or at reduced cost I had my nose stuck in there.

Going out with my friends would see my lead role looking for deals or coupons. Most often I would suggest just coming to my place for dinner then heading out just to save money. I could cook an entire meal for the cost of one meal had we eaten out. Having a few drinks at the house instead of paying for drinks at the pub made more sense to me but not everyone agreed.

My friends knew I worked but thought I was on the edge of being poor because of my spending and saving habits. My cupboards were bare and I lived day-to-day. That was the role I chose because I wanted to become rich but in a sense of not having to worry about money.

I’m still not a fancy guy today, jeans and t-shirts are my friends. It was never about millions of dollars just financial freedom from every day worry. They never really questioned me and I never really brought it up. Sometimes you think you know your friends, but do you really?


Setting the stage for your Movie


At the age of 21 I had no debt and was purchasing my first home so I wasn’t poor and I wasn’t rich but I sure acted like I was broke but for good reason. I didn’t want to be. The struggle is real especially when you grow up in a household where money was a big issue due to lack of it.

My parents were and still are very frugal because that was the only way we could get by and make sure the bills were paid. They weren’t acting poor, they were living pay to pay and stashing away a bit here and there even if it were a few pounds.

I don’t know what poor means to you and I know that anyone reading this might have their own considerations about what poor or being rich indicates. You see, what one person believes is rich another believes is poor and vice-versa. You will never have a precise answer unless you bring it to the max.

In this case poor would be having nothing and rich is having all the money you want at your disposal. That’s the high and the low of the poor and rich situation of extremity. I find it odd though that we all take rich and poor to different heights however that’s how we relate finance to the world today. Some people go above and beyond being rich or being poor and pretend to be something they are not.


Acting Rich vs. Being Rich


You can pretend to be rich when you are poor or pretend to be poor when you are rich. Which would you rather be? I think the answer is fairly clear to me only if I had to choose one over the other. Why would anyone want to put themselves into debt just to look rich? Who knows, perhaps for more LIKES on social media, an abundance of friends and followers or for mere attention seeking.

Perhaps it just makes them feel good when living the lavish life becomes more of a movie than it does reality. I’d rather pretend I was poor and relate to real issues that the world faces today. In a traditional sense poor people won’t be able to save when they have nothing to save, however it’s your poor that matters no one else. Save what you can and continue to find more ways to bank your freedom.

No one can tell you what you are or what you aren’t. You can lie to yourself about how much money you have in the bank and whether creditors are calling you or bankers are rolling out the red carpet. In all essence, not many people care.

I know when Mrs. CBB met me she thought I was frugal to the extreme level but her extreme which meant I didn’t spend as much on things as she did even though she believed she was frugal too. You never really win in the game of who’s rich and who’s poor or richer or poorer. It is what it is and accept the role that you choose to play and accept the consequences, if any.


When Money Takes Over Your Life


Let’s take a man or woman who strives to be successful but not quite at the top of their game. This might mean they haven’t found the career they want or movement up the ladder has stalled. Some people when they graduate have this money mindset especially when it’s attached to a sought-after degree or diploma.

What happens is that when this mindset turns on the person worries about what everyone else thinks rather than what they think of themselves. This is where money becomes more of a game then it does reality.

So, you’ve just graduated from school to be a police officer however you’re struggling to find a job. In the meantime you play up the, “I’m going to be an officer” role because you think it’s cool to do and everyone will think you’re mighty and strong, but you’re not.

You also pretend that you’ve got money to splash because of the role you are playing in your head but not in real life. Buying the latest gadgets, nice car, flashy clothes and fast talk take more of your time than looking for a job that pays the bills will ever take.

I hope that makes sense to you. You can pick any career you want, heck some people pretend they went to school and graduated then max out credit cards, lines of credit and sell everything they own to spend money they don’t have. It becomes a revolving door of I’m rich but I’m not really rich which means I’m a big liar. They might not see it that way until they are poor and on the streets, to the extremity I listed above.

What would you rather pretend to be rich or poor?

In all honesty I’d rather just be happy without debt and playing out my life as it was meant to be. You see you can either choose to create the life you want but if you’re not happy inside nothing really matters. All the riches won’t bring you happiness if you know in the back of your mind you’re not rich but you’re broke.

The same goes for pretending you are poor because you miss opportunity and experiences that you can afford but choose not to. The choice really is yours but ultimately I’d rather be the person who is poor because no amount of money can bring you happiness.

If you choose to act poor or rich you also choose to accept the consequences of your actions, if any. Having money doesn’t mean you really care about experiencing life from the top of the mountain. Sometimes wandering around the bottom gives you more pleasure than anything above could ever offer. This can be a peaceful place for you, and that works.

Choosing to be rich when you are not opens up the flood gates for all sorts of issues because when the bills start rolling in and there is no cash to pay for them the movie is over. You can’t continue to live a lavish life when you can’t afford it so if you think your movie is going to have a happy ending, think again.

The rare person gets lucky and scores money via the lottery or finally getting that dream job or opportunity of a life-time which helps them pay off the debts they incurred playing the rich person role, but I wouldn’t bank on it.


Money today vs. yesterday


Growing up we may not have had everything and to some degree movie goers may have considered us poor but we still managed to create fun and experiences that didn’t cost us lots of money. Then again, some may have regarded us as wealthy. Who really cares what anyone thinks? I sure as hell don’t. That’s the mindset we have today as we continue in the same footsteps and teach our son the value of money.

When he gets older and his movie begins he can choose what role he wants to play but at the end of the day we have no say on where it starts and how it ends. All you can do is hope and pray that your kids are happy in life and that the values you taught them linger on into their adult life.

No matter where you are today whether you are the person who acts poor but is rich or acts rich but you’re poor consider the consequences of your actions and whether you should stop your movie and start over. Reality is far better than fiction when it comes to life especially when you have money to burn but choose not to.

You don’t need to ACT all you need to do is LIVE with-in your means and be happy.

Discussion: What does this quote mean to you? “I Act Poor You Act Rich, We’re Both Liars“?

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