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How To Sell Used Children’s Clothes At A Garage Sale : The Saturday Weekend Review #259

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how to sell used children's clothing at a garage sale



Baby resale is a huge business in Canada especially used children’s clothes and if you want to get the best return you need to use strategies and negotiation skills to rake in the cash.

Over the past 6 months we’ve been clearing out our son’s closet of clothes, shoes and accessories he no longer needs because he’s growing into a big boy. Whether we bought items second-hand or brand-new our goal was to sell it all so we could buy for his current needs.

The idea of buying and selling children’s clothes is to not necessarily profit from it but to put back into the pot money that can be used for the next school year or for every day seasonal clothing. There is never not a need for children’s clothes from infant to toddler. Well, we need clothes for the rest of our lives and buying and selling is the best way to clothe yourself without added expenses.

If buying and selling is not your thing and you’d rather not donate your children’s clothes you may want to consider local children’s consignment stores. We had a buyer come to our house and purchase 5 boxes of baby clothes up to 4T. They were all washed, folded and separated into boxes.

We also had snapshots of all the clothing so the buyer could see what she was getting along with the name brands included in the boxes. She was also a buyer and seller because as she runs a small business online for profit. These types of buyers know what they are looking for and can smell a deal from far away.

If you consider the prices of used children’s clothing at places like Value Village, Thrift Shops or Goodwill the prices are not as cheap as you think. Just one pair of jeans for a child in 4T at Value Village will costs parents upwards of $5-$6 unless of course you shop on 50% off days throughout the year.


Used Children’s Clothes selling mistakes


There’s a right way and wrong way to sell children’s clothes depending on how much time you want to put into the process. From selling out of our home and now organizing a children’s garage sale in August to sell all of the remaining baby items we have we’ve come a long way as frugal parents who buy and sell to save money.

We’ve had our ups and downs selling baby clothes online only because it’s a process that requires work if you want the best return. You can’t just stuff baby clothes in a diaper box and label it 6 months and expect to sell it for the highest price possible whether it’s at a garage sale or online selling.

This form of marketing your children’s clothes for sale will bring out all hard negotiators and tonnes of questions that ends up having you dumping the box out to further investigate.

In the end we had to take all the clothes from the boxes, lay them flat on the ground and took photos from a chair. This is how we sold almost all of the boxed children’s clothes that we were selling. It was amazing how much faster we had response via online marketing rather than stuffing them in a box.

You must always consider life-span when selling baby clothes especially when you get into the toddler stage where your child is moving around on two feet.

  • Get rid of stained baby clothes
  • Get rid of ripped baby clothes
  • Get rid of worn baby clothes

Don’t try to sell the above because you likely won’t because people don’t want to buy play clothes, just donate them or put them in a box at your garage sale for parents to look through. Make sure the price tag is cheap or they won’t go anywhere. When I say cheap I mean $0.25 each or less.


Where to sell used kids clothing?


There are plenty of stores that buy used baby clothes in just about every Canadian city where they will buy in bulk from you by weighing what you bring them. You may be familiar with Once Upon A Child a kids clothing store franchise that sells used clothing and other items for discounted prices. Most shops will go through what you bring and if there is something they don’t want they won’t pay for it.

For example this is how the system at Once Upon A Child works when you want to sell your baby clothes or other baby items.

  1. Bring in your gently used children’s clothing, shoes, toys and baby gear.

  2. While you check out the great kids’ stuff in the store, the buyer will review your items.

  3. The buyer will select and make an offer on the items that meet current style, safety and condition standards, as well as store’s current stock levels.

  4. Once you accept the offer, you’ll be on your way with some extra money, some great new stuff for your kids, or both!

Seems simple enough but remember it will cost you gas and time to go there and you may end up driving home or to the donation shop with everything because they don’t like or need it. You may also sell them some of your items as well. On the other hand you may get rid of everything and be on your way with a few bucks to show for it.

It’s probably one of the easiest ways to getting rid of baby clothes you no longer need apart from donating them or giving them away for free. You won’t make near what you could if you sold the baby clothes on your own or via a garage sale but for some people it’s just not worth the hassle.

If you are a buyer shops such as Once Upon A Child also have seasonal sales where they get rid of almost everything for up to 90% discount. This will help clear out the store because they get tonnes of clothing from parents who just don’t want to be bothered selling it themselves.

You can also sell baby clothes on Facebook, Kijiji and other online venues such as Varage Sale, Craigslist but I find the best and fastest way to sell baby clothes is at a garage sale. I will warn you that selling baby clothes at a garage sale won’t yield you the best dollar return as it would if you did it online but it will allow you to get something back.


Selling Used children’s clothes at a garage sale tips


Holding a Children’s garage sale is a great way to target getting rid of all the baby stuff you no longer need especially children’s clothing. It’s amazing the amount of clothes that build up over the first 4 years in your child’s life and if you don’t sort and sell or donate as you go along then storing them for resale is the next option.

This is what we did because we didn’t have the time as new parents to sell it the way we wanted to but now we are getting the best return by following by example, mistakes and success sales. You may not sell all of your children’s clothes in one shot but with patience little by little you can get rid of them for a decent price.


Organized Chaos


When hosting a garage sale where you have lots of children’s clothes to sell I recommend finding a few long tables for display along with clothing racks for hanging items. The reason for this is because you want your buyers to see what they are getting and you can negotiate better especially for name brand clothing.

The last thing you want your buyers to do is to jumble all the clothing sizes together so a table or area for each size is the best option to stay organized. I would also post large signs on each table that states boys/girls clothing, size and price or price range. If you are using colour code stickers for pricing put that on your sign for easy reference. So, for instance clothing with red stickers cost $1 each and those with blue are $2.


Separate children’s clothes


children's clothing garage sale table

As mentioned above it is very important to go through all of the clothing and to pick out what can’t be cleaned because the stain is permanent or ripped items. You may also want to separate brand name clothing by sizes as well so that buyers looking for high-end children’s clothes can go to one area of your garage sale, plus you can put a higher price-tag on these items.


Wash children’s clothes


No matter who buys your used children’s clothes for sale they will wash them when they get home. The reason for the seller to wash the clothes is purely for marketing and selling power. Clean clothes will always sell faster than clothes that smell of spilled food, smoke and pets.


Fold children’s clothes


folded children's clothes for sale

Again for selling purposes do your best to fold the clothes nicely on your garage sale table because tidy clothes will sell faster than a pile. You will also find that buyers will offer less money for clothing that looks like it was dumped out from garbage bags than they would if they were laundered and folded nicely.


Hang children’s clothes


children's clothing for garage sale

Another great way to sell your used children’s clothing is by hanging clothes on clothing racks. If you have outfits, dresses, suits or items that are worth a bit of money you may want to hang them so that buyers can see them right away. All of the must-see items need to be seen as soon as a buyer steps on to the playing field. If they are buried your buyer might miss it.

If you don’t have clothing racks you can easily tie rope from one end of your house to another and hand the clothing using wooden or plastic pegs. Some people bring out their drying racks for display purposes as well because you can hang clothes from it using hangers or pegs. Either way it’s about showcasing what you are selling in the best possible light.


Be ready to negotiate


puma jacket children's clothingAlways be prepared to negotiate so price children’s clothing with price adjustments in mind when buyers purchase more than one item or a bundle of clothes.

It’s also important to price accordingly and not to over-price what you are selling. We like to price children’s clothing about $5 more than we want for them. Just about everyone takes $5 off.

I don’t know if that’s the magic negotiating number but it always seems to work out. If you want $15 for a jacket you are selling then price it for $20.

If you have certain clothing items that are high-end that you want a specific price for I’d recommend selling them online because you’ll likely see the number you want in your wallet rather than selling at a garage sale.

Discussion: Share your buying and selling tips for children’s clothing at a garage sale that I may have missed in the comment section below.

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Hey everyone,

skunkThe rain was a big set-back this week with the fence construction and so was finding this little rascal in one of my holes.

Now, I’m working on trying to move this baby skunk out of the hole and on its way which could prove challenging.

I did try to the spray came flying and man, that was enough for me. I just hope that it’s gone when I go back out there today.

Other than that we’ve been cleaning, sorting baby items for sale and will be part of an upcoming garage sale at my sister-in-law and brother-in-laws house in August.

Our basil is growing like weeds again this year which is wonderful since we have both lemon basil and Italian basil on the go.

The parsley is growing well but next year we will plant more as we didn’t get as much as we thought we would. Our chives are full and we use them as much as possible. Herbs are so simple to grow as long as you remember to water them, lol.

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jen garage sale deals potted plants july 2018

Here are today’s deals:

  • 5 potted plants (3 morning-glory, lupins and hens n’ chicks?) $5 (asking was $10)
  • Box of LEGO and pile of paper $4 (asking was $5)
  • Tote container of hangers $4 (asking was $5) This is a fantastic deal. Worth well over $20 retail.
  • Cars toothpaste/toothbrush pack,
  • snow pants, BNWT plaid shirt $2.50
  • Plaid shorts $.50
  • Roots sweater and denim style pants $2
  • Picture frame $2

Total spent $20

jen garage sales june 4


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It only took me seconds to know that I was going to feature Can’t Stay Out Of The Kitchen blogger Teresa’s Toll House Brownie recipe. Just take a moment and look at this gorgeous brownie. I’m all about brownies (just see my Pinterest Brownie Board). You can buy Toll House chocolate chips at Costco on occasion but really any good quality chocolate chip will make top-notch baked goods.


Parenting 101



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When I saw this simple craft at I Heart Crafty Things to create a Back To School photo frame with wood sticks I thought it was a great way to get our child involved and a nice keepsake that wasn’t costly to make.


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