8 Romantic Ideas For Your Valentine When You’re Broke

If you’re broke for Valentine’s Day but want to do something special for your Valentine, consider the options below.

No manual says you must buy expensive roses and chocolates for your Valentine.

Valentine’s Day I.S. love, but so is every day. Let’s talk about Free Valentine’s Adventures.

Free Valentine Ideas
8 Romantic Things To Do For Your Valentine When You Are Broke

Romance Your Valentine Without Having To Spend A Dollar

There will be romance worldwide where couples celebrate Valentine’s Day with their Valentine this weekend. 

Spending money on your Valentine might come at a premium, and when you’re broke, it can feel defeating.

Don’t let the fact that you can’t afford to splurge on your Valentine get you down.

Mrs. CBB and I do not go anywhere to celebrate Valentine’s Day, nor do we buy each other gifts.

Why? Simple. I love her every day; one day will not make a difference to the rest of the year.

Besides, the romance market inflated on February 14th to the point that you have to question your financial sanity.

You could always celebrate the day after if you want all the bells and whistles without the cost.

There aren’t many Valentine’s Day deals available until the day after, so you’ll have to think frugal or free.

What Can You Do For Free On Valentine’s Day?

Valentine's Day Cookies
What can you do for free for your Valentine?

Dear Mr.CBB,

This will be my second Valentine’s Day with my Valentine, and I’m afraid I’m very tight with money.

I had an expensive end of 2019 where my car broke down, the roof needed repair, and my mom needed financial help.

My girlfriend is very understanding and knows my predicament with my financial situation.

I feel guilty that I can’t take her out for a romantic dinner like I did last year or buy her flowers.

On the other hand, I think it’s essential for us to stay balanced so we understand the meaning of Valentine’s.

If I spend the rest of my life with her, I want to know that she will accept me in good times and bad.

I’m not trying to test her here, but I’m also not telling a lie; I have no money to spare until I can catch up.

What can I do with her for free on Valentine’s Day that would seem like I put extra effort into it?

Thanks for any suggestions.

Chris from Kelowna, B.C.

Money Should Never Ruin A Relationship

Money should never ruin a relationship but it does. Colouring a read heart on white paper with crayons.
Money Should Never Ruin A Relationship, BUT IT DOES.

Hey Chris,

Thanks for your question and the perfect timing since I was going to write a Valentine’s Day post.

If you set your mind to creativity, you can do plenty of free things for your Valentine.

Judging by your email, it sounds like she knows what you are going through.

If she loves you, she will understand your financial dilemma and accept you for you.

I’m sure she will be okay with your simple Valentine’s Day surprise.

Below I’ve listed some of the ideas Mrs. CBB and I have done and a few new ones I’ve thought up.

I like geocaching, and I’m not sure if you’ve done it before, but it’s worth a try if you don’t mind the snow.

P.S. – Stop for a coffee or hot chocolate before you go.

Best of luck, Chris, and send me an email and let me know how it went.


Bake For Your Valentine

pink cupcake

This one was easy for me because my wife loves sweets and follows a keto diet.

One of her favourite keto recipes is cheesecake, so I’ll make her a Keto Salted Caramel Cheesecake.

Baking is simple, and if you have essential pantry ingredients, you can make plenty of cookie or cake recipes.

So, consider finding a recipe that you know she will love and get baking.

Write A Poem For Your Valentine

Valentine's Day Poem

You don’t have to be a poet to write a love letter to your Valentine.

Put down what you love about them on paper and perhaps share some special moments with them.

Add personal touches like heart stickers or a kiss with sexy lipstick to seal the envelope.

Think about things that will make your Valentine shiver with peace and love.

As humans, all we want to know is that the person we spend time with wants to be there.

Sing A Song For Your Valentine

Valentine's Day Music

I am NOT musically inclined in any shape or form unless putting a CD in the player counts.

When I came up with this idea, I thought it would be special for those who can play an instrument or sing.

How amazing is it to write and play a song for your Valentine?

You can almost sense the tears of joy before the day even arrives.

It would be exceptional if Mrs. CBB knew how to play an instrument, but she’s as non-musical as I am.

Craft A Card And Romantic Letter

Coffee and  Craft a card for Valentine's Day
Craft A Card For Valentine’s Day

Here is where my skills come into play.

I can make a pot of coffee and write a love letter without question, which I enjoy doing.

There was a point where I would leave little notes for Mrs. CBB when we would work opposite shifts.

It meant a lot to her that I thought about her before leaving for the day.

She did the same for me, and I appreciated it.

You can write a love note on a piece of paper and put it in an envelope or leave romantic sticky notes all over the house.

Serve your love letter with their beverage of choice and enjoy each other’s company.

This romantic gesture is golden if you won’t spend Valentine’s Day together by chance.

Cook Dinner For Your Valentine

cooking dinner for your love on Valentine's Day
Cook for your love on Valentine’s Day

Set the mood for your Valentine’s and cook a candlelight dinner they will love.

Booking Valentine’s Day dinner reservations will cost you about a week’s worth of groceries or more.

Consider what your loved one enjoys eating when you go to a restaurant and make it at home instead.

My Valentine is a big fan of Keto Burgers, Soup, Grilled steak, Salmon, and large caesar salad.

The pure romance involved when cooking a meal is bliss, especially if you don’t typically do the cooking.

Take A Night-Time Walk Together

Sunset love
Take a walk and watch the sunset and the moonlight
Take a walk and watch the sunset and the moonlight

Depending on the time of day you are free, you could take an afternoon hike or night-time walk together.

Most couples fail to take time out for themselves or limit the amount of communication time.

This one act of spending time together with no phones or disturbances can refresh a relationship.

Mrs. CBB and I go for a walk just about every night throughout the year.

It may not be a long walk, but it’s a time when we chat about our day and life in general.

Specifically, on Valentine’s Day, consider bringing up memories of your relationship that spark joy.

Although we have a young boy in tow, it brings us closer.

She’s me every day, Valentine, and I love her.

Plan A GeoCaching Date

Geocaching is a free Valentine's Day Adventure
Geocaching is a Free Valentine’s Day Experience

Geocaching is not only a fun way to keep you both excited, but it’s also free.

All you need to do is download the geocache app on your Smartphone, and away you go.

Once you set up an account, you start hunting for geocaches in your city, and when you find one, you tell everyone about it.

For example, where we live, there are over 6000 geocaches hidden throughout our city.

What is geocaching?

Geocaching is an outdoor recreational activity, in which participants use a Global Positioning System receiver or mobile device and other navigational techniques to hide and seek containers, called “geocaches” or “caches”, at specific locations marked by coordinates all over the world. – Wikipedia

Once you find your geocache box, you can find all sorts of items inside or similar to the photo above with a geocache tag.

It’s quite a fun experience, as we’ve done it a few times, and perfect for a date night.

Romantic Breakfast In Bed

Romantic Valentine's Day breakfast in bed.
Romantic Valentine’s Day Breakfast In Bed

Nothing says I love You louder than breakfast in bed, especially when it’s for your Valentine.

If your Valentine loves coffee, this is the time to show your coffee-making specialty skills.

A frothy cappuccino or hot beverage will surely put a smile on their face.

If I were to make breakfast in bed for Mrs. CBB, it would be bacon, cheese rapini omelet, sausages, and more bacon.

Bacon is LOVE for Mr. CBB.

Oh, and a giant mug of coffee with whipping cream and her favorite Irish Cream Skinny Syrup.

Make Love To Your Valentine

Make love to your partner on Valentine's Day

This option might not be for everyone, but it’s still a loving component for many couples.

Surprising your Valentine with the notion of making love on Valentine’s Day is special.

Take the time to spoil your Valentine with a back rub or moisturize their body with cream.

Light some candles, turn on romantic music in the background and enjoy time together.

Other Romantic Ideas For Valentine’s Day

  • Homemade chocolate-covered strawberries, skating with hot chocolate in a thermos break, ice fishing if you are lucky enough to have a hut, snuggling movie night. Crystal Norman CBB Facebook.
  • Make a jar full of Hershey’s kisses. Then, while at work, they will think of you whenever they unwrap one. Jennifer Cloud CBB Facebook
  • Create a coupon book that can be used throughout the year. Draw some funny pics on each of the pages. Things like a back rub, making dinner, cleaning the toilets, taking a walk together, etc. Teresa Power CBB Facebook

Money Does NOT Buy Love

Money does not buy love and it's not needed to say I love you.

I think Valentine’s Day is overrated with the vast marketing tactics consumers soak up.

It can all add up to hundreds of dollars from dozens of roses, chocolates, expensive dinner dates, and trips to the spa.

Free and frugal will always take more effort but mean so much more to your Valentine.

Discussion: What other free romantic ideas do you have for your Valentine?
Share your experiences or ideas below in the comment section.

Happy Valentine’s Day,


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  1. Time…and your undivided attention are two of the best gifts in my opinion. Turn off the devices, let the phone go to voicemail and shower your special someone with the attention she so richly deserves. It doesn’t have to be anything huge to impress your special sweetie…cuddles on the couch while watching a movie and sharing a bowl of popcorn are enough to make me feel pampered and appreciated. You know what kind of movie she likes…my hubby knows I love a good romance BUT if there’s a new murder mystery out that I’d pick that hands down. I don’t want to watch things blow up for our romantic movie night. LOL

    This year, we will be on the road on Valentine’s Day so I got some of those little candy hearts with sayings on them from the bulk bins at the grocery store to put in my sweetie’s lunch. I spent less than $1.00 but it’s the thought that counts. I am sure it will put a smile on his face and that he will likely show off his little treasures to his co-workers!

    I also send him a free e-Valentine card every year. I enjoy trying to find a card that suits my mood this year and that also allows me to add a few words of my own.

    I have a $20 in my wallet that is earmarked for us to go for a late lunch/early dinner on FEB 15th at a Chinese food buffet that we both enjoy. It’s 10.99 per person but more importantly it recognizes his love for all things Chinese and for a change, I am footing the bill! I may just have a bowl of Egg Swirl Soup instead of the buffet and my $20 will cover our time together including the tip. Saying, “I love you!” on Feb 15th is every bit as wonderful and important as telling him on the evening of the 14th. A few years back he treated me to a hot chocolate at our local Blenz and I loved it!

    Hubby enjoys a donut but rarely has them so last night I had a Long John for him for his dessert. Less than $2 worth of dessert brought a smile to his face not to mention the enjoyment to his taste buds. It isn’t Valentine’s Day yet but that doesn’t mean that I can’t have a few special little surprises for him to let him know he is loved every day and not just on Feb. 14th! Today’s surprises include fresh blueberries in his lunch (his favorite fruit) and Chicken Caesar Salad for dinner tonight (his favorite salad).

    Take a day off work, pack a lunch in a picnic basket and deliver it to your sweetie for a lunch hour surprise is another one that I have done (sparkling apple juice is nice for mid-day toasting).

    No matter what you choose, make it something that you know will show her that you listen to her wishes and desires and very much care about what will make her happy. We have even done “I owe you coupons”… make her a booklet so she can redeem those coupons by presenting one to you whenever she wants. I have no problem filling a booklet with items that are free…a canoe trip on the lake, a bicycle ride on the dykes, a sunset picnic, dancing at home, reading to the other, a massage, access to the remote control for the evening, star gazing and whatever else you can think of.

    1. Hi Mary,
      I always appreciate your input on these types of blog posts because you are so organized when it comes to entertainment, relationships and enjoying life to the fullest. I completely forgot about e-Valentine which is an excellent idea. I was going to add in the owe you coupons but chose not to but it’s certainly a good one as well. Like I mentioned in the post Valentine’s Day is so over-marketed that people spend far too much on something is just another day and should be celebrated every day.

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