Time for a change?..DIY Oil Change That Is! Save $$

By: Canadian Budget Binder

Is it worth doing your own oil change?

Mr  Lube, Jiffy Lube, Canadian Tire, Economy Lube, there’s more places to change the oil and filter than my vehicles can handle in a 12 month period.  Not all, but most around the $53-$55 mark, that’s for an oil and filter change (my truck takes 5w20 synthetic). Our other vehicle would be around $35-$40, except this time it’s using 10w30 conventional oil. Some lube companies use their own filters, some places use bulk oil (cheaper) and depending on your maintenance schedule and your driving habits you could be back another 3 times during the year. The harder you drive it the more you’ll be caring for it

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Yes, you can Save $$ Money$$ if you know how to change your own Oil and Filter!

I do my own oil and filter change, I use premium filters and premium oil. My engine maintenance schedule calls for 6,000 miles or 6 months (whichever comes first) for one and 5000 miles for the other (under ideal conditions)……both vehicles are lucky if they get 5,000 km annually. So maybe I maintain them a little too much?!?


$6.19 for one filter + $34-$36 (approx) for 5w20 synthetic oil when on special ($48-$50 normal price)


$5.19 for one filter + $15-$20 (approx) for 10w30 conventional when on special ($25-$30 normal price)

Performing my own oil changes saves me roughly $30 per oil change (both vehicles) but i get oil from a known manufacturer and a good filter, not some unknown make of both. You can spend more money if you want a top-notch oil and filter change, but most engines won’t require $15 filters and royal purple oil!!

If your going to do your own oil changes, make sure you’re following the OEM (original engine manufacturer) suggested interval and get the correct grade of oil. It also depends if your vehicle is still in its warranty period, so beware of doing your own work. Personally, I’ve always bought second-hand vehicles and never bought an extended warranty. If you know what you’re buying and you look after it, it should give you plenty of trouble-free service. Bear in mind that the more gizmos and gadgets there are on the vehicle, there’s more to go wrong.

If your going to get someone else to change your oil and filter beware of “up selling” when getting your oil change done…..the usual is the “your air filter is dirty“……while a clogged filter can reduce engine performance a dirty filter can actually filter out more particles than a brand new one. Again, if your unsure, follow your vehicle service guide……an air filter for my vehicles would cost around $10 but for someone to fit it in the housing on your vehicle while you’re getting your oil done…a special at $15 !! What you’re paying for is the service. Don’t get me wrong…..i’m not saying everyone can do their own oil change. If don’t know how, leave it to the pro’s but if you do you can save some money in the budget!

You can recycle your used engine oil at your local waste disposal site:

Click HERE to find out where you can dispose of your oil

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  1. I’m just sitting here laughing at all these cheepskates on this website. What do you expect for $19.99 ? For all you suckers out there. Pay an extra $10 bucks and bring your car to a real mechanic to service. Why would you spend so much money buying a car…then bring it to a pimple face kid to change the oil??? What do you think will happen? LOL Do yourself a favor and bring your car to a licensed trained mechanic. Do you realize how much training a mechanic needs to get licensed ? Do you realize how much training a part time student needs to work at Canadian tire? Do you realize how fullish you must feel right now? And do you realize how fullish you sound when you complain about this afterwards? Smarten up people….at least make the right decisions so that your parents can feel a bit proud of you for making the simple basic right decisions in life. I’m sure they taught you better then this.

  2. i am very fortunate when it comes to car maintenance…hubby is a mechanic, so he does all the oil changes and repairs. saves us a fortune on labour!

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