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The Grocery Game Challenge July 16-22,2012 Freshness!

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I don’t know about you but cooking hasn’t been at the top of our list in our house the past week. It’s been so hot and humid outside that we really wanted to eat simple without using the stove, oven or crock pot. This is the part of the year where the bbq is my best friend. We even use the side burner to sauté or fry whatever we need to. One day we would love to have an outdoor kitchen but not likely in Ontario although the brick oven is an option.

This week was supposed to be our no-shop week as we only have $46.42 left in the budget for the month but… that didn’t happen. We needed more vegetables and bread and with the prices of vegetables so low now it makes sense to load up. We’ve made Mr.CBB’s Garlic humus and dipping veg in for a healthy snack so we’ve eaten more than usual. Since we aren’t cooking as much we are eating salad pretty much 7 days a week with a BBQ’d protein,cous-cous, sandwiches, boiled eggs or tuna.

Here are your coupon match-ups for the week July 13-19.

Total to Spend left in monthly budget $46.42


1x Bread Cracked Wheat $1.99-50%

1x Vitality Bread $2.99-50%

1x D’Italian0 thin buns $3.49-50%

1x D’Italiano Whole Wheat Bread $3.49-50%

2x Rye Bread $2.49-50%

Total Coupons-$1.50

Total Discount-$8.50 (pink stickers)

Total Out of Pocket (OOP) $6.94

Food Basics

1x Family Pack Hot Italian sausage $6.40-$1.92

1x Family Pack Hot Italian sausage $6.45-$1.94

Bananas $1.49 ( for smoothies mmm)

Tomatoes x4 $1.67

1x head of lettuce $0.97

1x bok choy $1.00

2x seedless cucumbers $0.88

2x lactancia Cream $1.99 ( I know.. I know.. I love cream in coffee.. )

2x table salt 2/$1.00

2x Gold seal tuna $0.97 each

1x cremini mushrooms $1.99

Total coupons-$0

Total discounts-$2.86

Total OOP- $24.83


1x Dijon mustard reduced $0.99

2x bags of dry Romano Beans reduced $0.99 each

1x Source Yogurt Sale $2.49-$0.50 coupon

Total Coupons-$0.50

Total OOP-$4.96

Total Coupons for all shops $2.00
Total Other Discounts-$11.36
Total Spent for all shops $36.73
Total I have to spend $46.42
Total left to spend for the month $46.42-$36.73=$9.69

How Well did you do this week with your shop? Post your weekly or bi-weekly shop below  exactly like I did above and you not only get to see how you did but you get an entry in our monthly contest.

Here are the Grocery Game Rules.

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  1. Walmart
    bananas $ 1.16
    tomato $ 0.88
    cucumbers $ 0.97
    grape tomato $ 1.97
    vinegar $ 1.00
    cream $ 2.08
    juice $ 2.00 x2= $ 4.00
    can corn $ 1.37
    glade $ 1.00
    Yop $ 0.97×2= $ 1.94
    miracle whip $ 3.97
    oasis juice $ 1.97 x2=$ 3.94 -$ 1.25 x2.00=$ 1.44
    2l pop $ 0.88 x6= $ 5.28
    degree deod. $ 1.97 x2= $ 3.94-$ 1.00×2.00= $ 1.94
    toothpaste $ 1.88 x4= $ 7.52-$ 1.00×4.00= $ 3.52
    shreddies $ 1.97 x3=$ 5.91
    resolve $ 2.00 x4=$ 8.00 -$ 2.00×4.00= FREE
    crackers $ 1.97 -$ 0.75= $ 1.22
    cheese $ 4.44 x4=$ 17.76
    eng muffin $ 1.98
    bagel $ 2.99
    tortillas $ 1.99
    ziploc bags $ 1.97 x 2.00- $ 0.50×2= $3.94

    OOP $69.31

    grapes $ 5.83
    apples $ 1.95
    bread $ 2.00 x2=$ 4.00 -$ 0.50x 2.00=$ 3.00
    tea $ 0.99
    buns $ 3.39 -$ 1.25-$ 1.25 =$ 2.14
    steak $ 8.54
    steak $ 6.21
    coldcuts $ 2.83
    coleslaw $ 5.39

    OOP $36.88

    Total OOP $106.19
    Weekly budget $125
    Monthly Balance available $18.81
    Monthly available balance $213.11

    1. Hi Barb,
      I notice the same with your shops, as soon as you add in meat and cheese up goes the total. Sometimes I think we will go more towards meatless meals but not sure about the cheese we do love that.

      You should try my tortilla recipe.. it’s super easy and the cost is so cheap to make them.
      Great shop!
      You get ballot #21

      1. Hey Mr. CBB.
        I only buy meat when it’s on sale, and will freeze what I won’t use immediately. We can’t do meatless meals in our house as my dad complains LOL He also likes his daily snack of old cheese on crackers. So when I can and have room in the budget I will stock up when it’s on sale too.
        I’ve been meaning to try out your tortilla recipe! I’ll let you know when I do 🙂

        1. I find if you want real good cheese you will have to pay for it. Sometimes we get the good stuff as it goes further as the taste is much stronger. The cheese bars …No name, black diamond, silani, cracker barrel ..we think we eat here is nothing compared to the real thing…

  2. lol yes, I thought you could only get them at Fresh Co so we got them there and then a few days later found them cheaper at Food Basics. I think this coming week I saw that they’re even cheaper somewhere else!!! Grrrr! Ken loves them and they are a rare treat for him. But then again I’ve bought him all sorts of treats lately. That’s what all the chips are too. I’m not a chip person…obviously I’m a chocolate person! Yep…can’t leave Dollarama without chocolate!

    1. We rarely buy treats for ourselves as we don’t eat any of that stuff. We really tend to watch what we eat and love to try new recipes. Sometimes like the other day I bake a cake or the brownies but mostly if there are others around to eat it like the kids. That helps the budget out alot by sticking to the basics but if that’s what you are used to eating then stopping cold turkey might not be the answer. Stay out of Dollarama!

  3. Our weekly budget is $100 for food, cleaners and haba products. Another good week for us 🙂

    $4.95 milk
    $5.77 chocolate milk
    $2 30pk crystal light (clearance!! )
    $1.07 creme eggs
    .50 cookies & cream choc bar
    $2 yogurt
    $16.89 total oop

    $2.29 -fpc pure protein bar
    $2 – pink sticker!!!! Yogurt
    $7.73×3 – $9c folgers kcups decaf
    $15.30 total oop
    $11.29 total coupons

    Sobeys (multiple shops)
    .60 coffee cream
    $1.50×2-$4C hersey drops
    $2 mini cucumbers
    $2.87 asparagas
    $1.09 coffee cream
    $1.99 bistro
    $4.99 x2-$2C marble cheese
    $1.99×3-$6C boursin cheese
    .93 water
    $2.99×4-$8C axe body wash
    $2.49 triscuit crackers
    $1.99 dagwood sandwich
    $2.79 chips
    $3.49 pie crusts
    $2.99×2 puff pastery bits
    .99 crusty buns
    $3.29 white tray buns
    $2.14×2 potatoes
    $51.07 total oop
    $17 total coupons

    $82.66 total oop
    $28.29 total coupons
    Great week 🙂 wish there was coupons for milk!! Super scored on the cheese coupons I found. Not too much makes me happy more than an awesome coupon or two! And a lovely customer service lady at superstore telling me I could use a coupon zone coupon and a regular coupon on the same item! Sweet deal on my coffee. Good luck to all the posters for a chance to win an envie of coupons 🙂

    1. Hi Juanita..
      Good week indeed. I was going to ask where you got the boursin coupons. I love that cheese. So which coupons did she let you combine with at the superstore. Some cashiers say yes others no, it all depends. Awesome shop and I’m still jealous about the cheese, I never find cheese coupons only for plastic cheese.
      Thanks again for donating the coupons for the Facebook Quickies…… 1 WINNER has been selected.. one to go. I’m really hoping to get more people posting their shops. It’s so nice to see it on paper and see how well we can stick to the budget. It’s an awesome feeling.

      You get ballot #17

  4. My budget is $100/week for 2 adults and one toddler. It includes grocery, cleaning, health/beauty, etc. I carried over $2.12 from last week.


    Honey (PM Food Basics) $3.99
    Miracle Whip (1.5L) (PM Food Basics) 2x $4.99
    Chocolate milk (PM SDM) $.99
    Tuna 4x $1.09
    Old El Paso taco kit 2x $2.97
    Peek Freans $1.97 – $1.00 fb coupon
    Royale toilet paper (PM SDM) $3.99 – $1.00 coupon
    Source yogurt (PM Fresh Co) 2x $4.99 – 2x $.50
    Bagels $3.29 – pink sticker $1.65
    Bread $2.99 – pink sticker $1.50
    Banana’s $2.32
    Blueberries (PM Fresh Co) $1.99
    Cherries (PM Fresh Co) $.37
    Cucumber (PM Fresh Co) $.79
    Baby carrots $1.49
    Ranch veggie dip $2.99
    Mango $.88
    Potatoes $4.97
    Raspberries (PM Food Basics) $1.48
    Romaine lettuce $1.28
    Tomatoes (PM Metro) $.69
    Watermelon $2.88
    Frizz Ease hair oil (PM SDM) 2x $6.99 – $5.00 coupon (wub2)
    Kotex (PM SDM) 2x $2.99 – $1.50 coupon (wub2)
    Magazine $2.99
    Mum-mum’s $1.54

    Tax free day $2.42
    Coupons $9.50
    Double CD day $18.23
    OOP $63.22


    Liberte greek strawberry yogurt $5.49 – FPC

    OOP $0.00

    Food Basics

    Oatmeal $2.89
    Pistachios 2x $3.99 – 2x $1.00 coupons
    Mio $2.99 – $1.00 coupon

    Coupons $3.00
    OOP $12.29

    Fresh Co

    Cheerios $1.99 – $1.00 coupon
    Mini Wheats Centres $4.99 – FPC
    Pistachios $4.49 – $1.00 coupon

    Coupons $6.99
    OOP $5.06


    Potatoes $2.07
    Corn $.99

    OOP $3.06

    Giant Tiger

    Homo milk 3x $3.88 – 3x $1.00 coupons
    1% milk $3.88 – $1.00 coupon
    Omega eggs $2.97 – $1.00 coupon
    Nesquik $2.00 – $1.00 coupon (wub milk)

    Coupons $6.00
    OOP $8.73 ***** It was a limit of 2 per customer for milk so my mom went through for me and then she wouldn’t take the money for those 2 bags of milk….that’s why 2 bags are missing from the total 🙂


    Parchment paper $2.00
    Sponges $1.00
    Scrub brush $1.25
    Peppermint patties $3.00
    Aluminum platter $2.00

    OOP $10.45

    $63.22 + $12.29 + $3.06 + $5.06 + $8.73 + $10.45=$102.81
    $102.81 – $2.12 (left from last week)=$100.69

    I was $.69 over budget….not bad 🙂

    Once again, I really hope to do better next week 🙂

    1. I swear every time you go into Dollarama you come out with chocolate.. lol…I see you like your pink stickers as well. Where did you get the frizz ease coupons? Curious why you would buy pistachios twice where one shop was selling it higher? Did you go to one shop first then find them cheaper at another? $0.37 for cherries, did you get a handful to snack on? Impressive shopping this week as always Jen. You thought you would be high over budget but $0.69 woohoo.. next week is your last shop of the month, make it a good one darlin!
      You get Ballot #16

  5. So this is my 2nd week posting and I am also going to go back now and post my first week’s shop for this month. I have adjusted what I reported last week as my weekly budget. My monthly budget is $400 which would make my weekly budget $92.31 (not the $100 I reported last week) $400 x 12 months/52 weeks = $92.31 and that includes all food, household supplies, personal hygiene products etc.

    Food Basics

    Chicken Broth – sale 2x$1.49 = $2.98
    Highliner frozen Sole fillets – sale $3.99
    Hamburger buns – $1.97
    Baguette – $1.79
    Carnation evaporated milk – sale $1.29
    Kraft salad dressing – sale $1.99
    Kraft bbq sauce – sale 2x$.99 = $1.98
    Fruit-by-the-foot snacks – sale $2.79 – .75 coupon = $2.04 (for the 6 year old)
    Little Debbie brownies – $2.19 (6 year old loves these as a treat)
    Garlic – $.40
    Cauliflower – sale $1.48
    Raspberries – sale 2x$1.48 = $2.96
    Nectarines – $2.19
    Large sweet onion – $1.93
    Pork roast – $12.55 – 30% discount sticker (3.77) = $8.78

    Total coupons = $4.52
    Total Spent = $38.34

    Basket of peaches – $3.79
    Kraft Dinner – sale – 3x$1.33 = $3.99
    Hamburger Helper – $2.49 (I know, but at least came with $3.00 off ground beef coupon on box)
    Resolve carpet cleaner – $8.99 – $2 coupon = $6.99

    Total coupons = $2.00
    Total Spent = $18.13

    Food Basics #2 – had to get some supplies to make brownies thanks to Mr. CBB!
    Eggs – $2.75
    Peanut butter – sale $3.33
    Walnuts – $2.49
    Caramilk chocolate bars – sale 4x$.50 = $2.00
    Cocoa – $2.99
    Cooking spray – $1.99
    Butter – $3.67
    Strawberries – sale – $1.25

    Total coupons = $0
    Total Spent = $20.73

    Total coupons used this week = $6.52, however most items I purchased this week were on sale
    Total spent for the week =$77.20

    Another week under budget = $92.31 – $77.20 = $15.11
    For the month I am so far under a total of $63.88

    This next week I will buying more groceries as my daughter and I are going camping starting this coming weekend for 8 days so I will need to buy a number of things. I am also getting down on a few items I had stocked up on last month.

    1. Look at you go Joanna!!! I’m happy to see that you figured it out with the math in the budget. So many people fail to do this and overspend. You need to divide your month because some months have more days then others so the number will be different. I actually go over this in one of my How We Designed Our Budget Series posts. SO your new budget is $92.31. I think you might just surprise yourself this month you are doing so well!!!
      You get Ballot #15

  6. Grocery budget for the week is $100 for 2 people.
    Here’s where it was spent this week:

    Giant Tiger:
    1xFruite Grape Drink $1.00
    1x Heniz Ketchup $3.00
    1x Lemon Juice $2.27
    1x 650g Astro Yogurt $1.00
    1x English Cucumber $.69
    1x Rainbow Peppers 4pk $2.00
    1x Garlic 3pk $.99
    Total including tax and deposit less $0.03 for using reusable bags $11.15

    Atlantic Superstore:
    1x Honey Nut Cheerios $2.99
    1x Honey Bunches of Oats $3.49
    1x Kraft Salad Dressing $2.50
    1x Large Eggs $3.09
    1x Lindt Excellence Bar $3.29 – FPC won on Facebook = $0
    1x Lentils $.99
    1x Soda Crackers $2.49
    1x White Vinegar $2.99
    1x Bag of Chips $1.50
    1x Meatball Sauce $1.24
    1x Wheat Thins $2.00 – .75 = $1.25
    1x La Creme Cheese $3.29 – $1.00 = $2.29 (This stuff is way too expensive, bought it for a picnic lunch that I made instead of eating out)
    1x Roasted Red Pepper Dip $3.79 reduced 50% = $1.89
    1x Brownies $4.29 – another picnic item, don’t normally purchase baked goods but it was too hot to bake and wanted a treat.
    1x Baguette $2.59
    1x Steaks $4.28
    1x Maple Leaf Reduced Sodium Bacon $3.49
    1x Chicken Breasts $3.47
    1x Pork Souvalki $3.99 – $1.00 = $2.99
    Bok Choy $1.18
    1x Cabbage $2.50
    1x Baby Carrots $1.29 – treats for the dog, seriously.
    1x Ginger root $.19
    Yellow Onions $.90
    4 Pears $4.15 (expensive and tasted terrible)
    Total Coupons $6.04
    Total includ. tax $60.69

    1x Skinny Cow Mini Fudge Bars $4.99 – $5
    Total Coupons $5.00
    Total: $0.64(tax)

    Sobeys – trip #2
    1x Skinny Cow Mini Fudge Bars $4.99 – $5
    2x 10lb Russet Potatoes BOGO $4.99
    1x Hot Dog Buns $2.69
    2x Mangoes BOGO $1.79
    Total Coupons $5.00
    Total $ 10.11

    1x 2L Milk $3.80
    1x Caramilk Bar $0.68
    1x Cracker Barrell Cheese $5.68
    1x Potato Chips $1.00
    1x Bagels $2.98
    1x Delissio Pizza $5.97
    Total $20.32

    Total coupons for all shops: $16.04
    Total Spent: $102.91
    Total Grocery Budget for the week: 100.00
    Amount spent last week $85.03 carried forward: $15
    Amount remaining $12.09 – company coming next week for 2 weeks, plus we will be camping for a few days so we’ll need this extra

    1. What an awesome shop Pam and you get so much for your $100 I’m impressed. Where did the Skinny Cow coupons come from, cereal boxes? How do you cook your lentils? We’ve been buying just dry beans now as it is much cheaper but are looking for recipes. It’s been fun cooking from scratch and not really eating any boxed food anymore. That has significantly cut our budget. It all takes time though and a desire to do it. So you went a bit over this week but last weeks shop compensated so you are still well on track. That’s awesome. Tracking our grocery spending will pay off at the end of the year. I know some people that spend about 10k on groceries per year and still eat out just for 2 people.

      Keep up the good work Pam… ya!!!!
      you get ballot #12

  7. I am so with you on the no cooking thing. I’ve had to come up with new meal ideas b/c it’ way too hot to eat things like soup and chili. Bring on the BLT sandwiches!

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