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The Saturday Weekend Review #12- Is Public Intervention The New Norm?

Weekend Review

Parenting is a topic that is controversial because all parents want to believe they are doing the best they can for their children in order to prepare them in this world.

I’ve talked about teaching children about money from a young age but apart from that the psychology behind why children do what they do is out of my realm of knowledge since we have no kids.

Last week I talked a bit about a child who took a backpack from her parents home with $20k inside and gave it to a friend who later handed it out at school.

Kids do strange things that we may never understand but how far should a parent go in order to dig deep into their child’s emotions to comprehend their actions and teach them a lesson.

I read this article about a 13-year-old girl in Crestview, Florida who lost her uncle in Afghanistan in 2011.

The child then started to act up, but it was how far the parents took the situation which surprised me.

Her parents felt like she gave up at home, at school and she became more defiant since she was so close to her uncle.

Although they tried other means to get through to their daughter such as grounding her, which didn’t work they were lost on what else to do.

So, they made her stand on a busy street corner in public, humiliating her by holding a sign in hopes of teaching her a lesson that read:

quote teenager sign parenting

The public took notice, people were taking pictures that ended up on Facebook as well the police showed up to make sure the child was OK.

The parents said they wanted to call the child out on being “selfish” , “self-centred” and “entitled” but many parents spoke up who were not happy by their chosen method of parenting.

Apparently the child was not traumatized and has improved since the incident.

How far do parents need to go with child discipline? This isn’t the first time we’ve read about parents humiliating their children to teach them a lesson.

Do some parents understand that the child might have underlying problems and that humiliating them is not solving the problem?

Maybe a “positive discipline” for teenagers should be implemented as opposed to something that might stay with them emotionally for a long time.

What happened to counselling your child or working with professionals such as medical experts and teachers or is this a thing of the past?  Crikey, they might as well have put her on stage in front of her peers.

There’s no doubt in my mind she is doing better after all of this.

It’s likely in part because of all the attention but she also doesn’t want to rub her parents the wrong way again because who knows what else they will do to discipline her or teach her a lesson. 

I don’t know maybe I’m just out of the parenting loop, then again I’m not a parent but I was once a child.

Public Intervention

Maybe children view this type of parenting as the new norm because of all the reality television programs we see on the tele or posts in social media so it’s acceptable in their minds. 

I can understand if the child was a consenting adult and wanted to go on a television show like “princess” for example to say I want to change because I have felt entitled all my life. I have dug myself a hole of debt, please put me on television for the world to see so I can learn my lesson and change my ways.

Although that tactic is on a bigger scale than a street corner it also seems to also work on Gail’s other show “Til Debt Do Us Part” where we see couple’s willing to go on national TV telling the world their dirty money secrets instead of behind closed doors. Does public intervention work better than what is provided in private?

Maybe the money is a motivator on these shows but for this couple their motivator was to teach their child a lesson while risking their child’s emotional response to their actions.

My point is, I believe in some cases people will do whatever it takes as a last resort if they feel they have no other options like these parents felt.

  • How far are you willing to go to teach your child a life lesson?
  • What would you have done differently here?
What’s Happening At The CBB House?

It’s been pretty quiet around here lately but the plants for our frugal garden seem to be sprouting on schedule so all we need now is to get rid of the snow so I can get outside and work on the landscaping. One fan did offer to landscape for free if I took over her weekly laundry chore at home. I thought that was a great deal since she makes extra money on the side with her skills in landscaping now if only I lived closer.

I told her the wife does say that I am the best darn “laundry-boy” she’s ever met, usually with a sultry voice. Maybe the wife is just trying to butter me up but I am pretty critical about how the wash is hung and folded.

Nothing eats me up like laundry that is folded incorrectly (which my wife is very good at doing) which is why I took over this chore. She says she finds it sexy when a man can wash and fold laundry the way I do, so there are perks involved men. I could only imagine what would happen if I took out the iron. *wink

Other than that I’ve done alot of training at work as they always like to invest in filling my brain with updates which is fine with me. I’m a big advocate of continuous improvement and learning.

What’s Happening With  Canadian Budget Binder?

Not alot going on with CBB although the e-book I co-wrote with my fellow personal finance Bloggers “The A-Z Of Saving Money” was released this past week which we are all excited about.

I hope you all get an opportunity to purchase this e-book and enjoy it as much as I do. My designer is working on the new blog design and I’m patiently waiting to hear back from him to check out his blog mock-up so we can toss more ideas around.

Hopefully we will have a new site soon! If you have any suggestions at all for the blog or something you would like to see please email me asap so I can consider them.

I’ve also installed a forum over on my Facebook page for the fans to communicate with each other, ask questions and general chit-chat. If all goes well I’ll think about a forum for Canadian Budget Binder so the fans have a place of their own.

My fans are my number one priority at Canadian Budget Binder because without all of you there would be no CBB! Thanks for your support!

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web search terms

Google Search terms really help me to understand what people are looking for at Canadian Budget Binder! Any typos below are simply how the person who searched Google and typed it in search incorrectly, or me ;-) Another week of thousands of search terms but only a few good ones worth mentioning.

Top Pick: How To Make A Positive Pregnancy Test- Now I’m going to go out on a limb and say she wants to have a baby pretty bad OR someone is trying to fool someone into thinking they are the baby daddy……

Top Search Terms:

  • Home Hardware Stores in Guatemala- I had no idea they had Home Hardware although we should just ask our friend Pauline who lives in Guatemala!
  • My husband smokes,how to save money on cigarettes in Ontario– QUIT! I know it’s easier said then done but there really is no cigarette coupons or deals that I am aware of unless you buy 3 packs for x amount of go to the Indian reserve for cheap smokes or some back of the truck shady person who sells them for cheap.
  • Can you actually get good clothes at Value Village? – Just go in and find out~ depends on what you define as “good”
  • I just paid off my OSAP can I get a new loan? – It’s like a revolving door isn’t it?
  • Do women always want a man with money? There are other qualities they look for but if you don’t have them money seems to work.
  • How can we make custard a food?– That’s like asking if we can turn a chocolate bar into a vegetable lol

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