The Saturday Weekly Review

The Saturday Weekend Review #18- Is It 24 Hr Lasting Perfection or Lasting Perfection “Style” ?

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The Saturday Weekly Review

Lancome is feeling the heat over some 24 hour long-lasting perfection foundation make-up as one woman sues. Consumers want to know is it actually a “lasting perfection” product as it claims or is it lasting perfection style make-up? I know I’m writing about make-up today and not beer, budgets, gardening and DIY but I couldn’t help myself. When I read the lengths one woman is willing to go to sue a company because a product “faded significantly” “overnight I knew I had to keep reading.

As a consumer we have marketing terms thrown in our faces all the time in hopes of reeling us in to buy products and spend our money. How many times have we heard people question whether products are organic, fat-free and so on but now the claim of a product not lasting long enough has surfaced. It’s just the name of the game for marketers, a game of who can capture their audience the best in order to sell product, full-stop.

It’s been going on since the dawn of time and as consumers many of us are just used to the hoopla we read but there are some people who really do buy into it, literally and it’s not just make-up. I can’t keep track of all the break-through sciences on the television anymore and walking into the shops or heading to your local cosmetics counter is living proof of “beauty gone wild”, it’s a big business. Beauty is not cheap either, especially when you have to pay for it.

We’ve all been stung at one point or another with products we’ve bought that didn’t work as expected or claimed. I’m sure we can all riffle through our homes and find something we no longer use as it simply didn’t turn out the way we expected it to or like it said it would or should.

As I have my morning coffee and read this Yahoo article about an Orthodox Jewish lady, Rorie Weisburg, from Monsey, New York who is taking on cosmetics giant Lancome. The post states Weisberg abides by her Jewish laws and does not wear make-up from Friday sundown until night-time on Saturday so she wanted a product that would “enhance her natural  appearance” and comply with her religious laws. Apparently that didn’t happen so now she wants to let them know that she’s not happy about it.

According to article Weisburg claims “she was tricked into believing that the company’s new Teint Idole Ultra 24H provides a full day and night of “lasting perfection” as the product’s website states.” 

I’m sure many people wonder if she is merely after money or if she going head-first against companies in order to set a precedence amongst the advertising industry. What I’d like to know is how is she going to prove that she didn’t get the “24-hour lasting perfection” look with this product.

There are so many variables that can come into play starting with the her skin-type right down to other products she may have used underneath, reactions to what she did during the 24-hour time frame it was on her face. I know women who are naturally beautiful (including my wife who hardly if ever wears make-up) that wouldn’t be caught dead outdoors without their “look” on. Make-up can really change the look of someone to the point that they look like 2 different people with and with-out make-up.

Looking good, especially with make-up is part of the flawless look that some humans crave, it makes them feel good, confident, beautiful like they can take on the world. Personally, I don’t mind a bit of make-up on a woman but when it alters the natural look of a woman it’s not my cup of tea. I like a woman who can get up and go and not spend hours in the bathroom with enough cosmetics to open up a small business.

Maybe we are being naïve consumers and people may laugh thinking we should know better than to believe claims of  24-hour long-lasting products but then why bother putting it on the packaging in the first place if it can’t deliver? I’ll tell you why, It sells, It makes money, It makes women and men who use cosmetics feel confident and beautiful. It’s just not beauty products though. Maybe it does deliver but we’re just not using the product as directed by the manufacturer.

Looking at Make-Up In Store

There are people who truly believe these claims of “flawless”, “24-hour”, “water-proof” , “oil free” and don’t think twice about dropping the cash to purchase items especially from big name companies. My favourite is the “anti-aging” products with endless product lines for these creams, lotions and potions. We are buying into youth and it’s costing people big bucks in their budget because we want to believe there is no such thing as getting old. Sorry to say, the products may help but it’s true we will all become old and wrinkly at some point.

We are after all using our hard-earned money to purchase products and if they say they do one thing yet do another it may seem deceitful in the eyes of the consumer. It’s no different from light and lite or is it really fat-free what you are eating? We put our trust in companies to deliver quality products and why should it be the consumers who get stuffed at the cash because of it?

I’m sure if we reach in and read we will find the small print disclaimers that many consumers fail to read because they are buried somewhere on a label but that’s no excuse I guess. I know most times when I’m at the grocery store and picking up products I’m more interested in the meal I”m cooking. I’m already cooking in my head and just running around picking up items on my shopping list.

The fine print is not what we want to read, all we see is the glam and beauty of products. How many people miss the scanning code of practice at some Canadian stores? It’s right in our faces most times but we fail to see the fine print because we aren’t looking for it. If they are allowed to use catchy names to grab the attention of the consumer I guess we better be reading labels like we do ingredients on products at the grocery store.

Welcome To The Real World

Many of the comments I read after the post were straight forward and one simply stating “welcome to the real world” and of course that is what it all boils down to. As consumers we need to make informed decisions about what we buy either based on others experiences or simply risk the product not living up to its expectations or trial and error. What works for some might not work for others.

Of course keeping the receipt helps so you can easily return it for your money back if you are not satisfied which I’m pretty sure Wesiburg could have done. Would it have changed the way companies market their product? No, it wouldn’t have and clearly she wants more than just her money back.

At the end of the day as consumers we need to be aware of how products are being marketed towards us and take a stance on the products we purchase if we are not happy. If you aren’t sure, don’t buy it do some online research about the product and see if any others have posted their experiences. Keep your receipt and if you are not happy after using a product, simply return it and ask for your money back.

We can’t believe everything we read nor hear and I’m sure marketing will continue to bring us the frosting like it always does. Perhaps naming the product “24 hour lasting perfection style” foundation might have solved the entire problem.

What products have you purchased that didn’t live up to it’s claims? Did you return it?

The Deck

Canadian Budget Binder Weekly Review

It’s been a busy week for me trying to get spring cleaning done around the house but I did finish the deck which I’m happy about. Now I just have to tackle the many other items on the list for 2013 summer. I’m in the mid-stages of design for the new site and will be working hard to get you the new design you have all been patiently waiting for since I told you about in late 2012.

We also had another successful month at CBB with just a shade under 38,000 page views for my little blog here and thousands of visits. Thanks so much for being a fan and continuing to share CBB around the web!

Our friend Pauline also informed me this past week that Canadian Budget Binder made the prestigious Top 100 list at Technorati which to be honest I just learned about. I’m still learning lots about blogging but Pauline put it all into perspective for me which I can always count on with her although as of last night we were saved from being kicked off the Technorati island. We are survivors!

It means you rock haha! Seriously though, this is a highly volatile ranking and I guess we’ll get kicked out pretty soon, in the meanwhile I am enjoying a nice traffic bump and hope you are too!

Finally, just a reminder of “Frugal Food Sunday’s” on my Facebook page. Pop around to share your recipes and kitchen secrets with all of us who are eager to try new creations out in our own kitchens.

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Making A Difference

Making A Difference eyes on the dollar 2

I’ve talked about how important it was to “Make a Difference” not only with my life but with this blog. I put out a call for other bloggers to email me a few sentences about why they are making a difference with their blog and to share what that difference was.

This week I’m sharing a good blogger friend of mine Kim’s blog “Eyes On The Dollar” as Making a Difference. Kim is no stranger around Canadian Budget Binder fans especially to those who play The Grocery Game Challenge which Kim actively participates in. Thanks Kim for taking the plunge and making a difference.

Three years ago, my family had over $100,000 in consumer debt and student loans. I worked all the time, and spent my time at home worrying about paying bills and being resentful of having to work so much.Through facing our fears, making big changes, and rethinking what normal should be, we’ve paid off all that debt, invested in rental property, and best of all, I’ve been able to cut my work schedule dramatically.

I started Eyes on the Dollar to share my story and let readers know that there is another way besides working yourself into oblivion to make payments on things that don’t add value to your life. It’s not fun to talk about how horrible I used to be with money, but if one person can read my story and believe that your path in life can always be changed, that’s the difference I hope to make.
Thanks for all you do. You’re a big inspiration in how to do things the right way! Kim
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Thank you all so much. If I missed you please send me an email and I’ll get you on the list as I don’t always get the pings.

Carnival Glory

Only a few carnivals took on CBB this week, thanks for sharing I’ll always remember!

web search terms

Google Search terms really help me to understand what people are looking for at Canadian Budget Binder! Any typos below are simply how the person who searched Google and typed it in search incorrectly, or me ;-) Another week of thousands of search terms but only a few good ones worth mentioning.

Top Pick: Sexy Body Binder-Not sure what they mean but if it has the word sexy in it then it must be some HOT!

  • Chef Michael Smith Spice Drawer- Did you mean BIG WALK-IN Spice Pantry… oh ya his pantry is awesome!
  • We Are Getting Married– So excited you had to search for it!
  • Mouldy Butter– I knew that photo would be a star!
  • Dollar store pee test- Haha.. I’m pretty sure it’s a pregnancy test not a pee test
  • Sexy Neighbour Walks Dog- More sexy at CBB… it’s just a sexy kind of place I guess and if you think your neighbour is sexy, by all means get out and mingle! Of course only unless you are not married.

Quote-Budget and Money

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  1. Although Mrs.B does bust the budget at times with her beauty regime all in all I have to give her credit. She wants to look her best and I understand that but she rarely goes over the top and when she spends more than usual it’s usually because she needs to. Great post mate and thanks for mentioning both Money Bulldog & Money Rebound.

  2. I don’t even bother. I always expect now that if I buy something once and don’t like it, I never buy it again.

    The one place this can be a concern though is with hypo-allergenic products. I’m allergic (or sensitive) to chemicals, perfumes, cleaners, soaps and makeup. The problem here is that if a product does not live up to its ‘hype’ as being hypo-allergenic, I go through a day of discomfort and misery.

  3. Love your thoughts on the makeup, Mr. CBB. I haven’t worn makeup in several years, with the exception of mascara and the occasional lip gloss, and I’m much happier, richer, and healthier for it. My face gets to breathe in the clean, fresh air now!

  4. My weekly chuckle…. search terms!!
    I hardly ever wear make up beyond a moisturizing lotion as I do have sensitive skin. Back in the day when I worked outside the house I wore it to work, working in the public eye you tend to need to look good for work. Such is life….. Even then it wasn’t much, if I couldn’t get it all on and done in 2-3 minutes I wouldn’t do it. Given the choice between the make up and the snooze button …………… I tend to take the ads that promise this and that with a hefty grain of salt….
    One question…….might be a little dumb… do you know which of the blog sites are Canadian???? I do try to read more Canadian sites, but will look at others out of curiousity……..keeping the advice more local as it were……

  5. I`ve never bought makeup based on their fake marketing promises, so I haven`t been disappointed since I didn´t have any expectations other than for the makeup to be makeup. I keep to simple, allergy friendly makeup, so there aren`t any Maybelline`s Mascaras promising to give 400% thicker eyelashes in my makeup bag!

    1. I don’t know much about the stuff but what I do know is there are lots of products out there. Sounds like your no expectations is a good way to go but for those spending a fortune, they are expecting delivery of promise that’s for sure. Why don’t you want 400% thicker lashes lol…

  6. Aw, that’s so nice! Thanks for the shout out and congrats on your continued success. I do think CBB has the momentum to become a major player and I hope you can cash out for a million dollars someday if you want.

    1. Please, you’re going to make me choke on my beer…. a million dollars haha… that will be the day won’t it! Never say Never… right , if Bieber can do it CBB can do it lol.. Ok.. enough… Cheers my friend…

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