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  1. Ack, I left a comment but WP wouldn’t log me in. Anyway, we have spent a ton on landscaping, and it’s sad to see the money go but worth it for our investment. Sorry to hear about your dog!

  2. To be honest, I get really scared when I think about summer budget. No matter how hard I try I can never plan things beforehand and it even happened to me once, that I had to look for some cash stores. I am hoping I won’t need to this ever again as May is a pretty expensive month for me as well. Thanx god it is over and I still have some money put aside. But compared to you…I am still doing so many things the way I should not. You definitely have some more projects.

  3. I agree with you 100%. If you are Gona have a pet think of it like a kid.The same expenses come with them. Food,medical & LOVE. If you can’t meet their needs pass. Let someone who can adopt them. Glad your dogs doing better. I feel for him too,but it will give him a longer life. We can’t stand to see our 4 legged babies suffer. We are good pet parents. 🙂

    1. That’s just it people think that they are disposable or we will deal with it if a problem arises. That’s not the best way to handle it especially when costs get into the thousands.

  4. How long did this post take you to put together??? Impressed by the detail you go into and all the various sections.

    I hope your dog is feeling better after it’s all said and done. We have a 20+ year old cat (yes, my 23-year old wife has had her since she was 2 or 3 years old!) and we are bringing her in for a checkup. She has been to the vet only ONCE in the past 10+ years. She seems to be doing alright but want to make sure she isn’t in pain. She is so brittle it’s hard to tell…mainly I’m concerned her joints are going bad and it hurts for her to get around, though it’s just really tough because they can’t tell you how they are feeling. We want to get a dog but stories like yours make me pause. I want to be able to provide them with the proper care.

    We are doing some light landscaping. Trying to do as many “on the cheap” fixes as possible. We won a $400 Ryobi Lawn Mower that I would have loved but…I bought a Toro two weeks ago that works great. We’ll bring it in to Home Depot and take the store credit. That’ll let us buy stuff to finish our fence, build our garden, and start redoing the landscaping in the front of our house.

    I don’t make it to your site nearly enough, need to make it a more regular visit!

    1. That’s awesome that you won a lawn mower… I never win anything. The post doesn’t take too long but most of my posts I spend hours on to be honest. I’m a perfectionist who seems to always make mistakes lol. The budget update for the most part is cut and paste and the charts are generated from the budget I designed for us. The write up is simply what happened over the course of the month.

  5. Hey you can guest post for me anytime CBB! I know the pup was a huge chunk of change, but I agree, I would have paid just about anything for Pepe as well, and actually have in the past. I also couldn’t agree more than when you take on a pet, it’s not a cute toy. It costs money, time, and work. Of course what you get back is tenfold. Good luck with all your goals in June. And write me a post. 🙂

    1. Thanks I know I have set lots of goals for June but that’s what I need to do to motivate myself. I’ll get my butt guest posting as soon as I can. I’m moving the site any time now he’s working on the back end and coding now. We can talk about a guest post and I think you should do the same…. maybe one of those motivational type posts you are so good at with your personal experiences… Cheers Tonya!

  6. I’m so sorry to hear about your dog, but glad he’s doing better. If you find someone who hires furry critters, let me know. My dog could certainly earn her keep a bit better as well! We aren’t doing any major projects this summer, but would love to put in a screen porch next year or the next. It will be expensive, but we would use and enjoy the heck out of it. Right now, our back porch is too hot to enjoy in the afternoons, but if we had a roof, it would be pleasant most of the year.

    1. I think if you will use it and you have the money to put in a quality porch then go for it. I don’t waste money on cheap stuff as it just doesn’t last and no sense having to do it over again down the road. That’s why we are taking our time renovating so we put in decent quality materials.

  7. I’m glad your dog got a good prognosis from the vet, but ummm….sorry that he has to go surgery. 🙂 Our cat is neutered and he didn’t retaliate afterwards. Looks like you had another great month and accomplished a lot with your landscaping. It’s looking really good! Have a great week, Mr. CBB.

  8. Glad to hear the pooch is feeling better, but I am having a hard time believing you didn’t get him fixed as a puppy!!!!!! House rules here, the critters get fixed as a condition of living with us!!!
    Sounds like the landscaping is coming along nicely…can’t wait for pictures!!! Our raised beds in the back need work but it can be difficult getting in there being as we are at the bottom on the hill so it takes a long time for the ground to dry. With the weather lately we have some standing water by the edge of the deck so you would step into water stepping onto the lawn. The plants are doing well as are the weeds after the rain. Nice looking rocks… I am NOT showing that picture to hubby…. Ever!!! He does not need the encouragement to pick up any more rocks.. He has picked up some over the years as he drives around. Yours look bigger than any he has brought home but our vehicle could only hold so much. We have had rocks here that were placed where they were because that is where they landed……there is a big sucker on the way to London he has been known to covet. I refuse to stop… I suspect it bears a resemblance to the ice berg that sunk the Titanic, most of it is out of sight….

    1. No I did not get him fixed as he is a breeding dog and full bred so I wasn’t sure what I was going to do with him. The rocks were bloody heavy to move but the bobcat was also very expensive to rent. I could have got placement of the rocks but that fee was also not worth it for me. I had the time so I used that time to move them myself. I don’t recommend it unless someone has the strength and smarts to move them behind them as it can get a little tricky.

      1. OK I’ll buy that as a pure bred you might hold off on the neutering.Except for the siamese, our kitties were moggies and the dog was anyone’s guess. I’m well aware of how heavy those rocks can be!!! I got snookered into helping hubby get his rocks from back roads and such!!!! It’s a wonder the car’s suspension held up with some of his precious babies!!!! He was quite the rock hound in his day!!! We did get a couple of nice ones back on the road behind the cement plant….ssshhhhhh!!!!! Lol!!

  9. We hate spending the money this time of year, but it always happens and we have the money saved up for it so that makes it a bit easier. We have a few bigger projects that we want to get done, but that’s going to take some longer periods of saving so we can make sure we get quality for what we pay for.

    1. You bet mate, that’s the name of the game. We waited 4 years so we could spend decent money on our yard and buy quality materials. Never been in a rush if the walls aren’t crumbling or if it’s just aesthetic.

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