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Do you really read about the laws of the country you are about to visit when travelling abroad?

Shaking your head no, don’t worry me neither.

I’ve been to many countries around the world in the 30 odd years I’ve been around and Canada was the only place that I did.

To be honest the laws of each destination that I visited weren’t something that crossed my mind although it really should have been.

Before I became a permanent resident in Canada I did look into the laws of the road and driving and how I would be insured since I was visiting from abroad only because my wife had brought it to my attention.

It’s important to know what your rights are and whether your insurance will cover you in the event of an accident but also what the laws of the country are involving certain situations such as the horror described below.

I was disturbed to read an article earlier this week about Canadian Justine Davis from Toronto who was travelling through Cuba with her three-year old son.

While on a rented scooter just before this past Christmas they were involved in an accident with a truck on a partially paved road in Cuba.

Her son passed away from injuries sustained in the accident and she suffered injuries which involved surgery. Her son was flown back to Canada to be buried however Cuban officials would not let Justine out of the country to attend his funeral.

The laws according to the Canadian Travel Advisory for Cuba state that being involved in a vehicle accident which involves death is considered a crime.

She must stay until they complete the investigation. She may face a long wait in Cuba until this case goes to trial and potentially that wait may be in a jail.

I can’t even imagine what this young lady is going through firs the loss of her father before this Christmas trip and now this has happened.

She’s been trying desperately to get home so she doesn’t miss her sons funeral on Feb 8, 2014 which has been put off as long as they could but it’s to the point where they must move forward and lay the child to rest.

The Canadian government says their hands and unable to get in the middle of this case to help her but many Canadians are rallying behind Justine and fighting to bring her home.

The good news is this morning I read the officials must have had a change of heart, (thank goodness) and are allowing Justine to come home to Toronto to attend Cameron’s funeral.

I pray this young lady makes it home on time to be present as his funeral and I know that many people who are following this case may be thinking more about the laws of  the country they may visit abroad for a yearly getaway with the family, friends or a loved one.

How many people jet off to get married and have a huge entourage of family and friends come along? It happens all the time. Or you might just want to get away and tour around a country to see what historic values it has to offer.


Know the laws


The problem is that laws are different from country to country although some may similar it is important to know those laws before you embark on your fantastic journey abroad. Take nothing for granted when you are venturing away from your home turf.

After reading what has happened to Justine you can bet I’ll be doing a bit more research. I’m not one of those guys who likes to visit a resort and sit on the beach all day. I’d rather visit a country and rent a vehicle and/or any mode of transportation to see all I can see.

If I was on a resort you can also bet I’d venture outside of the resort if they let me and renting a vehicle might cross my mind as it’s not unusual for me.

I’ve travelled by foot many times but I’ve also rented a vehicle to drive around in. I never gave much thought to the laws and what would happen should I be involved in a crash involving injury or even death.

It scares me now looking back how naive I may have been to this. Should we be warned before taking a rental of the laws involving the roads in a certain country?

I don’t know but I certainly know that if I get back on a plane to travel somewhere that I will be doing a bit more homework about the country I’m visiting.

I want to know the potential dangers that lurk around me when I want to venture out on my own with my camera to sight see and enjoy the scenery.

How many of you travel to the USA with your vehicle to go shopping? Does your car insurance cover you when travelling to the States? Do you know the laws when driving in the USA?

If you don’t you should especially if you make frequent trips over to buy groceries, fill up on gasoline or even go out for a night on the town or a romantic dinner with your loved one.

  • Have you ever had any complications outside of your country with laws you were unaware of?
  • How do you feel about this scooter accident and how far the Cubans take these types of accidents compared to what may happen in Canada?
  • Will you do more research when you travel abroad now?


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This week that recipe goes to a blog called All She Cooks. They provided me with a recipe for Gluten Free Valentines Cookies. A timely recipe with Valentines Day just around the corner. I hope you enjoy this recipe and please do check out my friends at All She Cooks.


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  1. I am something of a homebody so haven’t been out of the country. The feelings are that Canada is such a big beautiful country I’ll see that first. Hubby grew up in St Catharines ON, and his late father used to go shopping ‘over the river’ a lot to shop. I could tell some very funny tales connected to those trips and such!!! His sister still lives there and goes over to the states quite often to shop. I doubt if she has ever looked into any laws over there. I’ve never been shopping over the river with her and have no desire to do so.
    My heart goes out to the young lady that was hurt in Cuba… you would think that, as Canada has a much better relationship to Cuba than the states does they would show a little compassion but looks like they didn’t. I’m glad she is getting home now to lay her son to rest….
    If I was to go out of the country it sounds like a very good idea to look into the laws and such where I was going. The last time I drove a rental car was 30 years ago in Victoria BC when we were there for a wedding. The boys went fishing and the grooms father had rented a car,and he gave me the keys to it while they were fishing so we girls could go where ever. Between the two mothers,the bride and I, I was the only one with a license.
    Those cookies look yummy!!! Has Mary seen them?? Looks like I have some reading to do this weekend again!!! Have a lovely weekend Mr CBB!!!

    1. Yes Mary has seen the cookies hehe… A bit of reading this weekend but I’ve shortened the list now so it’s not too much all at once. That young lady has a long road ahead of her and certainly I’ll be doing more homework when I travel.

  2. I have voted for you there already Mr. CBB, I love your site. And thanks for mentioning my post! I really appreciate it. 🙂

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