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  1. It’s an amazing gift to be able to set your children up like this from such an early age. We haven’t set aside a separate account for our kids yet, but I’ve been considering it. We just keep investing in a combined low-tax account, and expect one day to just pay for their school fees and perhaps a little help for a home deposit.

    Love seeing those steadily increasing net worth charts – progress in the right direction is what it’s all about!



  2. We have opened up an RESP for our daughter as soon as she was born. She is 16 now and there is enough in there to cover her undergrad degree if she attends a local university and can live at home. We also have money set aside for grad school or moving expenses after graduation. She also has her own bank account when she keeps a potion of her own money towards school expences.

    We also opened up an RDSP for our son when they became available. We contribute to it monthly and he does as well by investing some of his ODSP cheque.

    Our net worth is a little over a million and we have no debt. We have worked and saved hard to get to this point. Our son will never be independent and we don’t know what the future holds but it is good to know we have a nice cushion.

    1. Hi Sue,
      Thank-you so much for sharing that with us. Anything is possible if we put our minds to it. I’m sure your children will appreciate the hard work and the help you are passing along to them. Are you mortgage free right now? What city do you live in or part of Canada? 🙂 Mr.CBB

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