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The Breakup Shop- How to become single for under $50 hassle free : The Saturday Weekend Review #152

The Saturday Weekend Review logo- breakup shop datingTAKING THE EASY WAY OUT OF DUMPING SOMEONE YOU’RE NOT THAT INTO


Breaking up with someone after a few dates or dating them for a while is hard for just about anyone, unless you really don’t care about the person.

This breakup service I’m going to tell you about today might just be the new trend in breaking up with your girlfriend or boyfriend while you’re out shopping or doing whatever it is you do.

It’s been a while since I’ve chatted about dating and relationships but it always seems that just before the holidays is when people go their separate ways.

Some of the men I’ve known over the years bail because they don’t know what to buy their girlfriend who might be expecting jewellery or a ring. I can’t control what my friends do behind closed doors and neither can you and I’d never judge them either. It’s their life, not mine even though I’d feel sorry if I knew it was never going to last from the get go.

Then there are the men who don’t have the cash to buy gifts so the easy way out is to dump who they’re dating for the single life until after the holidays when they come up with some lame excuse to try and win them back. Alternatively if she wants nothing to do with him he will go on the hunt to find another woman to fall for his love lines.

These dating breakups don’t just happen around the holidays either. If he finds out she likes to go out on fancy dates, road trips to enjoy the scenery or to the mall shopping and he doesn’t have the cash he will say good-bye before he gets too involved. His money is precious and if he needs it to pay bills or doesn’t want to give it up… see ya! Some couples actually do think about finances before getting involved which is a smart thing to do. Just don’t use it as a reason to flee someone you may be falling in love with without the answers. This you may regret.

Although most couples may split the costs involved with dating many men would never let a woman pay unless she really wanted to. I would never say no because not all women want men to pay for everything and I wouldn’t want to offend her. I get it, it’s a two-way street but for others who never offer there is also a fine line when it comes to going into debt for love. Money is most often the root of all evil in relationships but if it’s true love and it’s meant to be, it will be. I guess we all have our own opinions about this.

There are also the men that are just jerks and tell a woman that he loves her just to have some fun in bed. After the hot morning, afternoon and evenings filled with sex simmers down he comes up with some lame excuse about why he can’t be with her. He might not even tell her face to face because it’s hard for an ass to face beauty. All women are beautiful. Some guys even get a friend to do the dumping or lie to get the woman to dump them or walk away.

Check your text messages ladies or better yet he might just disappear.

You guessed it… some women are just as guilty of doing everything above that the man might do and then men do the same as the women below. It’s funny how we can be so different, yet so alike.

Some women can be just as devious in the dating wars department as they want you around for special occasions because gifts are a woman’s best friend. Not all, but some. Heck there are plenty of men who look for a sugar momma to support their bling habits. Look out when the excitement wears down because she might push you aside for the single life or the next dude with money to burn. Maybe she just wasn’t that into you after all.

Check your text messages men or if she stops calling or texting- your time is up.

Relationship scenarios are a dime a dozen where some may be funny, others not so much. For the same old type of date and dump guys and gals out there the business world has found an easier way to slip out the back door without treating yourself to the aftermath.

You can now hire someone to do your dating dumping dirty work (say that 5 times) so you can wash your hands clean of any relationship you no longer want for under $50. The best part is that $50 is top-tier price for the ultimate breakup in their list of offered breakup services.

When I was dating in my younger years and wanting to move on from a relationship I would be a man and do the right thing and let her know, face to face. I’m compassionate and loving and if I knew that it wasn’t going anywhere I’d let her know. I didn’t date someone just to get them into bed either. There’s lots of respect out there for men who know how to be a gentleman.

Note: I’m not affiliated with this company. I just found it an interesting service that will likely blow up with popularity if it hasn’t already especially that it’s so cheap.


The Breakup shop to the rescue


When I first read the article about the on Yahoo Finance yesterday I thought like most considerate, caring people would-Who in their right mind would pay someone to dump the person they are dating? Crazy, but I had to investigate this website for myself since I like to know how some people blow their money.

From a business stand-point if there is a market for this and money to be made, why not as long as they aren’t breaking the law…they’re just breaking hearts. You can do that on your own without paying anyone so this is just like intervention services to close one door and hopefully open another.

All of our products are designed to give you peace of mind when ending your relationship, minimizing discomfort and maximizing potential for long-term friendship.- The Breakup Shop

Photo Credit: The Breakup Shop Website

These days it’s not uncommon to hear both men and women complain that they were dumped via text but it happens more often than not. In my opinion it’s the easy, cold, coward way out.

If that’s the type of person you are and you can’t bring yourself to break someone’s heart or to free your own the right way now you have the option to pay someone to do it for you.

Obviously if there are life-threatening reasons why you want to dump someone you’d likely just take off and not bother. That makes sense.

You could jump ship on the person you are dating yourself but why bother when the costs are so cheap from The Breakup Shop especially if you are too chicken to do it yourself.

There are a few options that they offer their clients some of which really are a laugh, ok they all are. This is real life though and people are making cash from this service. At least it’s not as bad as Ashley Madison because you’re dumping someone to move on instead of cheating on them. Fair enough.

Don’t get me wrong but if you can’t bring yourself to contact someone you may have once loved or said you loved to meet with them even in a public place to discuss your relationship then maybe you SHOULD stay single. Breaking hearts just for the hell of it is cold, very cold but reality unfortunately. You live with the consequences in the end whether you choose to blank them out of your mind or not.

The Breakup Shop believes everyone deserves to be single. Let us handle the messy work of the breakup so you can spend more time swiping right.

So let us get to the nitty-gritty and check out how you can get in on the dumping action!

Photo Credit: The Breakup shop website

For those of you that want to just make a clean break on the dating scene for whatever reason without any afterthought you can do it for a mere $10. That’s right The Breakup shop will text or email your partner (almost ex) to let them know that you no longer wish to date them and send them on their merry way. Done deal… you are now Single!

Don’t forget to block his/her number on your cell phone. Could you imagine the fury?

For $20 they will write a standard letter although for only $10 more you can customize that letter to add your personal touch. How thoughtful. That might ease the hurt a bit when he/she reads it and finds out you no longer want to be dating them.

To be the ultimate dating dummy you can pay to have a text sent with a bouquet of flowers for only $50. Hey, at least he sent flowers so that must mean something right? Wrong. You’re still going to be an ass no matter what but probably the best $50 you’ve ever spent in your eyes, so who cares. Oh ya ladies, you can send flowers too and join in on the action.

Flowers are only one gift you can send to your ex after dumping them via this service. You can send your now ex a token of peace in hopes of making the miserable thing you’ve just done a wee bit better and to show you kind of cared about them.

  • Netflix gift card $40
  • The Notebook Blue-Ray $25
  • PlayStation 4 Call of duty for $39
  • Rainbow Chips Ahoy $6
  • Wine Glass Set $15
  • Bouquet of carnations and daisies $40
  • The Breakup gift pack for a mere $80 (how thoughtful)

As I laugh typing this you might not be because you have used this service or think it’s pretty cool. If you read their blog there is a story about a woman who had a breakup text sent to the guy she was dating and then turned around and married him. I guess it worked out for them in an odd twist of love.

Bottom line is the owners of this company want to make money and at the end of the day they are just jumping in to help you do something you are too small to do on your own. Best of all, they’re hiring so if you want to be the “Heartbreaker” they may just have a role for you.

Silence is deadly.

Would you pay for a  breakup service to dump someone you are dating?


CBB Week At A Glance


Every time I get to this part in the post I sit back, breathe deeply and let my mind remember what I have accomplished during the week. Some weeks I wonder how I do it,  but  magically I manage to get it all done. I suppose it all boils down to planning your time wisely.

Over the past 2 weeks I’ve had a bad cough that didn’t want to go away which meant I got to sleep solo for a few days. It sucked! Thankfully I’m getting over this and I can get on with my life. I don’t ever remember getting ill before our son came along but now this is about the third time in just over a year. It’s true, kids make you stronger in so many ways.

This week we are happy to announce that our son finally cracked a smile for Santa and they are friends. Phew! It took some time and multiple visits because our son wouldn’t even go near him. There was lots of playing on the ground and laughter but eventually we sorted it out. They are good pals and next year will be even better.

As we wrap up for the year at home for Christmas and New Years on the blog we’ve run around checking things off our list. I managed to do an oil change tonight and we had our vehicle rust protected the other day to the tune of almost $140 and that’s with a $10 discount. It may seem pricey but it’s worth every penny. Our vehicle was bought brand new in 2003 and doesn’t have any signs of rust. We just save for the bill as a projected expense all year in our budget.

When I am done work on Sunday the gift wrapping party begins which means I have some work to do. If you remember last year I told you my wife is rubbish at wrapping. Well, nothing has changed which means I’m the guy in charge of the roll. There’s not tonnes to wrap as we only bought for the kids but I have my work cut out for me. Since putting our Christmas tree up last week our son is fascinated by the ornaments but thankfully they are all plastic.

I managed to score a great deal on a toddler sled for him on Kijiji for $30. It’s a wooden sleigh that retails for about $130 and comes with a handle and string to pull. I did buy a can of red spray paint the other night so I will sand it and shine it all up for our son.

We also picked up a second-hand Little Tykes Tool Center for $10 with everything included. They retail for well over $100 and he LOVES it. We don’t get him much for Christmas in terms of toys because we like to find him second-hand stuff that we can re-sell down the road when he’s done playing with it. The money savings are superior. Since my wife stays home with him it’s nice to have educational material and hands on toys. sports equipment and crafts for him to learn from.

Have a fun, safe week finishing up your shopping and getting ready for the festivities.

That’s all for this week my friends. Next week is Christmas….look out for my Thursday blog post on Christmas Eve Day. If you can’t manage to drop in to read I wish you all a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year and thank-you for being part of my team. Please do come back for more financial fun in 2016!

-Mr. CBB


Published This Week


Just in case you’ve missed any of my blog posts this week I will share them all below. If you are looking for past Saturday Weekend Review posts scroll down to the bottom of this post where I will list up to 5 previous weeks for you to read.

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Popular Post this week: A must-read > The Scanning Code of Practice in Canada


Budget Brags


Submit your Deal or Brag:

Saving money while grocery shopping is essential in the CBB family and that’s why we share our grocery shops every week in The Grocery Game Challenge 2015.

What I love the most is when my fans share their amazing shops with me whether it be groceries or other deals they find at a garage sale, online or freebies!!!

If you have a brag that you want me to share email me at canadianbudgetbinder@yahoo.(ca) < remove brackets) or fill out my contact form by Friday each week to have your brag considered for the Saturday post.

Marks work wearhouse jacket(1)
Photo: Marks Work Wearhouse

Hey Mr. CBB and Fans!

Here is an awesome deal I got today!

  • Coat from Mark’s Work Wearhouse
  • Regular $199.99 On sale $119.99 Minus Employee discount (my cousin works there)
  • Total $76.79
  • Total with tax $86.75
    Used $75 in gift cards for Marks that I purchased earlier in the day at RCSS with gift cards I had to that store from Christmas and my birthday last year.
    OOP $11.75

-Jen P


Making A Difference (MAD)


Note: If you are a personal finance blogger (anywhere around the world) and would like your blog to be MAD featured simply drop me an email and I’ll explain the process to you. I’m currently booking for 2016!

This is my way of giving back to the personal finance community through networking and sharing knowledge with my fans. Today it is my pleasure to share with you the blog Planting Money Seeds by my friend Miranda.


Hi CBB readers!

My name is Miranda Marquit and I run Planting Money Seeds. I’ve been an online freelance writer for 10 years, and for nine of those years, I’ve focused on the personal finance space.

As someone with an interest in working from home and enjoying freedom and flexibility, I’ve always been interested in money management and income. However, after finishing my Master’s in Journalism, I wrote about science and technology. I sort of fell into writing about money when someone asked me to write about retirement.

Writing about money provided me with a way to research topics including investing, budgeting, and business. After a few years, I developed my own personal finance style. I’ve never been frugal, though. I love spending money. After getting into trouble with credit card debt, I realized that my career as a financial writer could help me make better decisions.

I started Planting Money Seeds in 2011, after five years of writing about money on various online and offline outlets. I love receiving email from readers telling me how they’ve changed the way they look at money and how they strategize their spending, saving, and investing.

While saving money is important, Planting Money Seeds focuses more on priorities and spending on what matters to you. I view (and write about) money as a resource. Through figuring out my values, investing for the long-term, and using my money for what’s important to me (instead of spending on what I’m “supposed” to or what the neighbors buy), I’ve found that I can enjoy my life without breaking the bank.

In addition to writing at Planting Money Seeds, I love participating in joint projects with other bloggers, designed to help others get a handle on their money and learn how to get it to work for them, including the Money Mastermind Show and the Money Tree Investing Podcast.


Top Recipe


pecan pie barsFood and grocery shopping is a BIG part of CBB because food is a large part of the budget which people struggle the most with.

If you are someone who would rather buy convenience meals or products consider cooking homemade meals or baking from scratch.

Not only will you save money but you will be proud of what you accomplished and you’ll see that from the smiles on those you feed.

If you don’t already know I have a second Facebook page called The Free Recipe Depot where I share recipes from other Food Bloggers from around the world.

I also share recipes on the blog once a week on Sundays either made by my in-house home blog cook Nicola Don or myself. This is a fun, interactive blog where we talk about everything that happens in our world.

This week our Top Recipe Pick goes to The Slow Roasted Italian for these gorgeous Pecan Pie Squares which I know would be gobbled up fast in our family during the holidays.

Some of our favourite holiday cookies on the blog that are fairly inexpensive to make and are traditions in our house. Although we haven’t been able to make them all over the past year since our son was born we plan to continue so we create traditions of our own.


Top DIY Project


egg carton reindeer sleigh kids crafts(1)Since Christmas is less than a week away I want to showcase just one more easy DIY project that you can make with the kids.

We always have egg cartons in our house and when I saw this cute craft project of a sleigh with reindeer made from an empty carton I knew I had to save the link.

Big shout out to Ashlee at the Well Nourished Nest for this top project this week. Next year we will 100% be making this with our boy. Being creative begins at home and it doesn’t have to cost lots of money.

All of the materials you see here can be purchased at your local Dollar store or craft store for minimal costs.

If you enjoy eggs in your house save a few empty cartons just before December so you can work on this simple project with your child.


Editor’s Pick


Every week I will pick a blog post of the week from around the web that I found interesting and want to share with you and an Editor’s top blog post pick.

Editor’s pick (That’s me Mr.CBB) goes to Trent over at The Simple Dollar who wrote a post about “Simple Doesn’t Mean Easy” and he certainly makes excellent points. I agree with all of them especially tracking your progress, hanging with like-minded people and most of all don’t celebrate your success by undoing your progress. So, if you’ve just lost 10lbs don’t eat fast food for 3 days to celebrate. Find ways to make your success a continued success while you continue to motivate yourself. Excellent read.


How people find CBB


Every week I get thousands of people visit Canadian Budget Binder because they did a search online and found my blog. Any spelling errors below are because I share with you the exact way they typed their search engine query to land on my blog.

  • Is it better to buy 2 pregnancy tests?– You can buy 10 if you want. It depends on how many times you want to test!
  • Great Canadian Budget Binder recipes– Are you sure you weren’t hankering for a Great Canadian Bagel? ha! I like the sound of it though, The Great Canadian Budget Binder!!
  • Pineapple Rice Side Dish– The running smile of the blog for Christine and I… it’s a popular recipe!
  • What to do if you realized you paid too much for a property in Ontario?– Don’t do it again!!! End of story.
  • Is maternity leave free money– There’s nothing free when it comes to employment and benefits.. you pay for it. It’s not like OSAP though where you have to pay it back if that’s what you mean. It’s not a loan.

That’s all for this week friends but be back here next Saturday to enjoy the next edition in the Saturday Weekend Review Series. Don’t forget to subscribe to my daily blog post by entering your email address on the home page and verifying the subscription email once it is sent to you.

Note***If you don’t verify the subscription via the email I send you right after you subscribe you won’t get my daily blog post*** I’d hate to not have you here so please click “Subscribe” in the email. Thank-you! 🙂


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