The Grocery Game

The Grocery Game Challenge- March 26- April 1 Final Week

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I thought I had better get this up and running so everyone could post their shop. What I might do is post The Grocery Game Challenge by Monday  Tuesday of each week so shoppers can post instead of waiting for me to shop.

I will then update this post as we shop to show what’s happening in our grocery budget.  This week is supposed to be a no-shop week for us but we may end up spending a couple bucks.

Starting $329.85+8.16+9.85+7.93+43.65= $390.93+ $9.25=$400.18  ouch That’s $ 210.18  over budget for March- Final. We will try even harder next month to stay on track. We stocked up on a few items for summer time that we had coupons for that were expiring.  Sometimes if you have the savings in coupons and there is a sale you have to take advantage and that’s what we did.

This week we went to Metro as we were told it is the best place to redeem our FPC’s but it made NO and I repeat NO difference to Air Miles. As a matter of fact  we received 0 Air Miles but the 5 from a coupon we presented that came in the mail.

We also went to Walmart to price match a couple items that we wanted to stock up on for summer.

Here is the Break Down:


5x FPC Cracker Barrel Cheese  $4.98=FREE

1x Hellmans Mayo PM Freshco -$3.00

5x Black Diamond Slices $2.00-.75= $1.25 each ( the kids like this in the summer for grilled cheese and sandwichs)

Total Coupons-$28.65

Total $37.90

Total OOP- $9.25


4x Oasis $1.99- FPC

2x Stouffers Bistro Pizzeria $3.79-FPC

1x Stouffers Meal $3.79- FPC

2x Stouffers Sensations $8.49 each -FPC

1x Stouffers Easy Express $3.99- FPC

2x Dr.Oetker Mousse -$1.67 each -FPC

1x Nestle Aero Bubbles $3.99-FPC

3x Right Guard Deoderant $ 3.99- FPC

1x Old Spice Spray Deoderant $5.49-FPC

2x Febreeze Candles $10.49 each- FPC

1x Dads Cookies -$3.99- FPC

1x Always Pantyliner- $8.99- FPC

$102.65 + tax $6.67 = $109.32

Total oop-$0

There you have it.. what a MARCH.. let’s see what April brings for The Canadian Budget Binder household. We are tightening the belt in April are you?

So, if you have finished your grocery shopping for this week post up your budget, what you bought and used  coupons on , and what you saved!

When you post you get a ballot in The Grocery Game Challenge for your chance to WIN a monthly prize! If you post once a week you can get up to 5 ballots a month depending on how the weeks fall.

Good Luck and share your SAVINGS here today!


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  1. Well, I managed to lose my receipts for this week’s groceries, so I can’t post exactly what I purchased or saved… but I’m trying to make this a habit, so I’m going to post a comment anyway…

    Weekly budget is $100, this week I shopped at:

    Shoppers Drug Mart OOP $17.13 for milk and first aid supplies
    Bulk Barn OOP $21.16 for ingredients for hot cross buns
    Superstore OOP $8.33 for Cheese Whiz and some fresh veggies

    Total for the week: $46.62

    Monthly totals: Budget $500, total spent $348.02 – V$151.98 under budget for the month 🙂 YAY!

    1. Wow, you were under budget this month that’s awesome. Since you put the effort in even though you don’t have your receipts. I know you will start to keep them in a file for better organization in the budget. I can’t wait until your next post to see how well you do! You get ballot #22. Thanks for participating Kathleen! Mr.CBB

  2. And finally….
    I have a family of 4 and run a home daycare with 6 children. “High” budget of $150.00, but try to keep it under $120.00!
    eggos $2.97 sale $1.97X5 coupons $.75X5
    Becel $3.97 sale $2.77
    Oasis juice $3.97 PM $1.88 coupon $1.25
    Thinsations $2.97 sale $1.97 coupon $.75
    Wheat Thins Stix $2.97 sale $1.97X2 coupons $.75X2
    gum $1.59
    Total $33.29 Sales, coupons $18.54 OOP $12.02

    Walmart (had my mom with me and she was amazed!!)
    water $3.97 sale $2.47
    Natrel milk $5.47 PM $3.88 coupon $.75
    Wonderbread $2.97 PM $1.88X2 coupon $.75X2
    mushrooms $1.47 PM $.88
    lettuce $1.57 PM $.88
    juice $1.35 PM $.88X4 ($4 in coupons on each can)
    bagels $3.27 coupon free
    chips $1.37
    Easter chocolate eggs (big bag to hide for the kiddies) $6.98
    blackberries $1.47
    Chocolate chip oatmeal $3.37 coupon free
    frozen meal $1.99 sale $1.00X2
    Nutrigrain bars $2.99 sale $2.00X2 coupon $2.00X2 Free
    toaster strudel $2.99 sale $1.99
    Tenderflake pie shell $3.27 coupon $1.00
    pudding $1.00
    Listerine $3.82 coupon $3.00
    Total $61.32 Sales, coupons, PM $28.27 OOP $32.89

    candy $1.15
    Kashi crackers $3.99 coupon $2.00
    cream cheese $3.49
    Weight Watchers smart ones $5.29X2 coupon BOGO
    tortillas $3.99
    danish $2.50
    english muffins $1.99
    Lunchmates $2.99 sale $1.99 coupon B2save $1.00
    bananas $2.46
    ceasar salad $5.87
    3lb onions $1.79
    potatoes $3.85
    hygeine $8.99
    hygeine $2.99
    ibuprophen $6.99
    2pk roast pans $2.79
    smoothie $1.49
    Total $70.89 Sales and coupons $10.29 OOP $64.14

    Grand Totals
    Total $165.50 Sales, coupons PM $57.10 OOP $109.05
    Over $10 under my “low” budget!!!

    1. Again, Shelley you amaze me… I should have you coordinate all of our shopping. It’s amazing how well one might think they are doing but when they see how others do they realize where they can improve.

      You get Ballot #21
      P.S Thanks for posting even if it was in the final hours lol..

  3. Ok here we go for a second time as last time it didnt save ahhh!
    Some good 50% items on the veg. Had to laugh though guy putting a 50% sticker on a big bag apples I said yes please I will have that he said but it has a rotten one I said the rest are good though!

    Anyway here it is

    Alcan Foil 50′ normally 3.47 special price 1.97
    Tassimo Cappuccino (my indulgence) 7.97
    CB Marble Cheese normally 8.99 special price 6.97
    Celestial Tea 3.49 – $1c = 2.49
    Oreo Icecream normally 6.99 special price 4.98 – $1.50c = 3.48
    Coke Zero normally 6.99 special 3.47
    2L Diet Coke 1.69 FPC = 0
    Creamy Caeser Dressing 2.74 – 50% = 1.37
    Rasp/Cranberry Yog Drinks 2 @ 6.77 – 50% = 6.76
    x4 2% Milk = 18.76 (milk coupons for Neilsens just gotta find milk in the shops)
    Fruit Loops 5.97
    Grain Shop Cereal 5.29 – $1c = 4.29
    Sugar 3.29
    Cream H&H 1.69
    Kraft EVOO special price $1.83 – 50% – 0.91c
    Nesquik Syrup 3.97 – $1c – 2.97
    NN Cooked Ham 4.78 – 0.50c – 4.28
    NN Frozen Juice x2 @ 0.64c = 1.28
    NN rice 2.18
    NN Biscuits (Pack48) 3.58
    PC BBQ Sauce 2.99 – 50% = 1.49
    Snuggle Fabric Sheets 4.27 – $1c = 3.27
    Taco Kit 4.27 – $1c = 3.27
    Hot Chocolate 3.77
    Weetabix 4.29
    Chicken Sandwich Meat $3
    Speciality Olive Bread 3.89 – 50% = 1.94
    Mini Cupcakes 3.48 – 50% = 1.74 (hubby he did say look it has a 50% off sticker lol)
    Hot dog Buns 3.49 – 50% = 1.74
    Baguette 1.49 – 50% = 0.74c
    fish – 5.49
    Bananas 2.73
    Cauliflower 1.98 – 50% = 99c
    Apples 5lb 4.98 – 50% = 2.49
    Small potatoes – 1.96
    Peaches 4.35 – 50% = 2.17
    Strawberries 1lb – 1.98
    Tomatoes 1.78
    Nivea Lotion 2.99 – $3 = 0
    PC Antibac Soap 3.99 special price 94c
    Gardening Peat Pellets & Strips – $8
    Eye Solution usual price 11.98 special price $8.97
    Flushable wipes 3.99

    So with my Superbucks of 6.52
    TOTAL before taxes = 145.85
    with GST/PST = 150.85

    Total coupons = 17.25 including 0.04c for bags

    Not bad and just in on budget it was close.

    1. Hey Nicola
      You always do so well when you shop and I sometimes think I need to be more like you! The olive bread you picked up was that from ACE bakery? We absolutley love ACE bakery olive bread. Every time we go to Zehrs we are on the hunt for that pink sticker on that bread. Great shopping this week! You get Ballot 19 .. and I’m going to be drawing a winner tomorrow!!! So hang tight. Your first entry went through by the way. I would suggest typing it in word and copy pasting it. That way if there is a glitch you don’t have to type your shop over again.

      I’m off to get rid of March expiry and make a list for this week. We really need to clamp down this month,last month we tapped in to many deals… and it put us over budget.

      Thanks for sharing your shop as always and keep up the good work. I’m sure end of year figures for you will be outstanding.


      1. Thanks the bread was from real canadian superstore in the speciality section put it in the freezer so when we have peeps over I have really nice bread. Also with the ends of bread i use my bullet machine to whizz up breadcrumbs and freeze them for coating meat, fish, chicken, and bung in some herbs to very tasty well better get up and see to making my quiches to use up some eggs:)!

        1. So it might be the ACE bakery bread as its at the RCSS/ZEHRS stores… It’s awesome if it is. It’s made with the Kalamata olives. It’s worth every penny even at full cost.
          You have a bullet ha.. that’s awesome. Do you recommend it?

          1. Stupid phone, yes live that machine hubby bought it for me to make baby food. I makebreadcrumbs, pasta sauce, smoothies, iced coffee loads if things very handy

          2. That’s good to know, because I’ve heard mixed reviews. I think if you use the product often enough it becomes part of routine. You automatically reach for it. P.S you need a pic on here boring looking a cartoon figure…;-) Mr.CBB

          3. Great it makes it much more visually appealing speaking to my fans when I can see them… something like facebook. Even if it is only a pic of a flower but something to distinguish from the next person 😉 Now go read Step 7 I just posted it! Cheers Mr.CBB enjoy your day Nicola

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