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When You’d Rather Be A Fortuneless Genius Than A Rich Fool

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when you'd rather be a fortunate genius than a rich fool



Not everyone aspires to be wealthy because although money can take away the stress of everyday financial obligations it can turn a somewhat happy life into a dull miserable daily routine.

Then again the rich fool has no interest in becoming a fortuneless genius when they are motivated to build wealth.

Who’s right?

Who’s wrong?



Meet the rich fool


Life should not be about gathering wealth nor having an abundance of possessions as described in the Parable of the Rich Fool. There are plenty of wealthy people who may have all the luxuries they need but daily living becomes somewhat of a low-budget movie.

It’s easy to put up walls and blinders to those struggles that are happening around the world when money is no object. The rich fool may not survive life on the other side of their bank account especially if they grew up in a life of luxury.

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Having lots of money to travel the world, buy fancy toys, big houses, fast cars and all the things that will frost your life with luxury doesn’t make you smarter it gives you options.

Wealth does not equal happiness it simply equates to less financial stress. Making money a priority over happiness is a recipe for disaster. Your money can’t buy love, it can’t buy anything to do with what we create with-in.

All money buys is time.

There are plenty of rich fools out there that have gone from rags to riches and then riches to rags because they don’t know how to manage their money properly. When someone has a bank full of cash and no financial worries I know their riches came from places that most people won’t ever visit or get hold of in their life-time.

Reasons you may be rich…

  • Born into it
  • Luck
  • Lottery Win
  • Successful Business (es)
  • Smart Investing
  • Fortunate Inventor
  • Crowned Career
  • Super Saver + 1 of the above


Everybody wants to be like you…or do they?


No matter how you earn your riches just remember that not everyone wants to be like you whether you are a rich fool or a wealthy barber.

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For example, using a budget has been our debt-free secret that has helped us get ahead of the game. We’re not wealthy but we’re also not struggling for cash. Although some people may dream about being mortgage free and debt free some of you might not care to be.

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Some people actually wake up every day and say to themselves, “I’m going to have a great day today doing nothing but living life to the fullest”. Others wake up and say, “I wonder how I’m going to earn more money or make our money work for us” and in the process forget about the glories of life. Finally, you have those who try to balance them both which is what my wife and I have chosen to do.

Imagine what your life would be like if your brain was wired on money 24-7? Whether you have debt or you are financially fit when you let money consume your thoughts you let money win.

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This is probably where the thinking process of CW’s husband comes from which you’ll learn more about below. He doesn’t want his life to be paved and consumed by financial windfalls as kicking back and just living makes him happy. There’s no rush to the end of the race for him because the finish line is ten feet in the ground.

Not everyone wants the same financial success path of those that some people would envy. How many times have you thought to yourself, “They’re so lucky, I wish I could be a rich fool like them” when referring to someone with money to splurge? If you’ve earned it you should be able to spend it but that doesn’t make you a prized catch or money manager of the year.

There are flaws in the financial system when comparing the rich and poor because mindsets and motivations differ and although one would believe being a rich fool is the smarter choice sometimes being a broke genius is all it takes to be happy.

How to become a fortuneless genius…

  • Make Money-Spend Money-Save Nothing
  • Worry about today, sometimes tomorrow and never into the future
  • Create something from nothing and make it work for you

This is why it’s very important especially when dating or entering into a long-term relationship that having a money-talk is crucial. I’ve had fans email to say they would love to budget and be debt-free like us but they have one rock in the way, their spouse.


Meet the fortuneless genius


Dear Mr.CBB

My husband and I are in our early 30’s, no kids and have about $8,000 worth of debt including a small mortgage. I’m ready to get rid of that debt so we can grow our wealth and our family. My husband on the other hand has no interest in using a budget and says he doesn’t want to be a rich fool and is in no rush to become debt free.

He prefers to come up with ways to survive without becoming a money-hungry saver who worries more about dollar bills rather than experiencing the basics of life. He feels that if you pay for everything to be done for you then you miss motivating yourself to problem-solve and pick away at what the world has to offer.

Although that concept of living may sound assassin to most people my husband wants to live a simple life without the frills. The problem is we have debt, we don’t save money and I hate owing money.

Friends of ours who have been successful financially don’t understand why my husband who is University educated has no wish to think about the future.

My husband believes that tomorrow is promised to no-one. That means he will live every day doing the things with the money we earn without bothering to save any of it. I believe he’s being selfish and not thinking about us and our retirement years even though they are about 25 years away.

How can I get him on-board with a budget so he can realize that just because you are wealthy doesn’t make you a rich fool. Even though we’re broke he’s a genius when it comes to re-purposing and overall knowledge of the outdoors and nature.




The rich fool and the fortuneless genius in the same room


care about what other people think and you will always be their prisonerSource:

I can appreciate the sadness C-W has for their finances and relationship in this email because money and love can be heart-breaking. Sometimes a spouse may change the way they live their life because of an event that may have occurred or they came to you this way and you were too blind with love to notice.

Sadly marriages and relationships fail because spouses are on two different levels with regards to financial matters. Building wealth is never a bad thing and enjoying financial freedom doesn’t mean you can’t explore the world like anyone else. Money can buy experiences but only you can create what is lasting and important to you.

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If you find you are in a financial downwards spiral and your spouse/partner has no interest in taking things to the next level, you have options.

  1. You leave the relationship
  2. You leave the relationship

That may sound harsh but if you’re money miserable and you’ve had conversations with your spouse/partner, visited a financial advisor and he/she won’t budge then the final call is yours.

If you talk to your spouse/partner and they seem on the fence about paying down debt, putting the breaks on spending and using a budget then don’t give up on them.

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Here’s what I softly suggest:

  1. Understand your debt and what your financial picture looks like
  2. Investigate budgeting together
  3. Ask yourselves what you want from using a budget
  4. Create financial goals together
  5. Give yourself at least 3-6 months of budgeting to check how it’s helping you reach your goals
  6. Support each other
  7. Find ways to be happy together without opening your wallet

Generalizing those with wealth as being a rich fool is as silly as saying that all poor people are lazy. Remember that if you want to achieve success or inner peace that comparing what others have or do won’t get you to that sweet spot. The only fool left standing is the fool who forgets to look in the mirror.

Have you ever successfully changed the money mindset of someone you were dating or married to? What did you do or can you offer any support to CW?

Leave your comments below.


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  1. I get living for today, and he is right on one thing – tomorrow is not guaranteed for any one. However, if you live exclusively for today however many tomorrows you do reach you’ll be starting from scratch. Sounds like a great time for a tough conversation with a healthy dose of compromise.

  2. Great advice Mr. CBB. I and my husband decided that we would reach our financial goals no matter what and we should listen to each other’s side when there’s conflict in terms of finances and budgeting. It’s really about consistency and never losing that big picture along the journey.

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