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Halloween 2020 Things To Do (Free Halloween Scavenger Hunt Printable): The Saturday Weekend Review #315

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Halloween 2020 doesn’t have to be boring so I’ve come up with different ideas for the family including an awesome Scavenger Hunt printable.

When our son was born Halloween was a big deal for us so we would bring him around to meet the neighbours at age 2.

This was about the time I really started to get into this spooky day although I’m not a fan of giving out treats so Mrs. CBB does that.

Halloween 2020  Fun Activities for the Family
Halloween 2020 Fun Activities for the Family

It’s Halloween Day, and we’ve been busy over the past three days getting our home ready for the little goblins. 

Halloween 2020 will be very different than any other Halloween we’ve had in the past due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

Our son is a massive fan of Halloween, as are we, and we both decided that we’d keep the tradition alive.

Creating A Halloween 2020 Agenda 

Halloween movies to watch on Halloween Night
Halloween movies to watch on Halloween Night

Both Mrs. CBB and I got to work coming up with ideas on how to make Halloween 2020 memorable for our son. 

We created a list of Halloween 2020 activities we could do, including going out trick or treating.

I want to point out that we respect all our reader’s decisions on how they plan to tackle trick or treating. 

We know that everyone has different thoughts and concerns about what is going on and understand that not everyone will see eye to eye.

The extent of our trick or treat excursion will only be on our street, which is a crescent with about 35 homes.

Since we chat with our neighbours, it seems most of them will be handing out candy this year but just a bit different. 

As parents, we discussed Covid-19 and felt that our son would be protected as long as he wore his mask, gloves and we brought hand sanitizer.

When we return from our journey around the street, we will keep the Halloween treat bag in the garage for 24 hours before bringing it in. 

I’m not sure how that will help, but I read something about it somewhere that the cold will kill off any bacteria.

How true that is, ask a doctor. 

Yesterday we spent a couple of hours decorating our property, and it was nice to have neighbours walk by and smile.

A few even stopped to say how spooky our yard looked and asked our son what he wanted for Halloween candy.

Halloween 2020 Activities for kids
Halloween Activities For The Family
Halloween Activities For The Family

Halloween 2020 Agenda For The CBB Family

Free Halloween Scavenger Hunt Printable
Free Halloween Scavenger Hunt Printable

You can find the printable pdf—version on the Free Printables Page under the Kids Education Freebies section near the bottom.

Family Halloween Scavenger Hunt Printable

As mentioned, Mrs. CBB and I created a list of Halloween 2020 activities that we could do before and after trick or treating. 

Covid 19 Halloween Candy Bags
How To Make Halloween Candy Bags
How To Make Halloween Candy Bags
  1. Clip the baggies of Halloween Candy to our sanitized clothing rack which we will keep on the porch. 
  2. Turn on all of the outside lights and fire up the pumpkins and other battery-operated spooky Halloween decorations
  3. Put on our Halloween 2020 costumes which will be Spider-Man this year and we are going as an old couple, haha!
  4. Go trick or treating with our masks, gloves, and costumes which we love.
  5. Bring along our filled out Halloween 2020 Scavenger Hunt with a prize if he finds all of the items. (download free on CBB)
  6. Come back and eat some chocolate bars that we bought so our son can enjoy a Halloween chocolate bar. (his favourite is only chocolate since he hates candy)
  7. Roast the pumpkin seeds in the oven along with one baking pumpkin yet to get cooked and then frozen for baked goods. 
  8. Make coffee for Mrs. CBB and I and chocolate macadamia nut milk (buy it at Costco so good) for our son.
  9. Chat about what we liked about Halloween 2020 and if we saw any cool Halloween costumes or Halloween decorations we liked.
  10. Ask Alexa to play us a Halloween song in the background to keep the mood spooky. Probably Michael Jackson’s Thriller song for sure will be a top hit from the ’80s when Halloween music flourished.
  11. Review the Halloween scavenger hunt to see if we found all of the items. (we will, ha)
  12. Get out the Spooky Witches Finger cookies that I made yesterday along with a keto version of witches’ fingers for Mrs. CBB.
  13. Search Halloween Movies on Netflix suitable for kids and pop some popcorn with butter. I might make some caramel popcorn for me.
  14. Put our tired little guy to bed then Mrs. CBB and I will watch a Halloween horror movie and then retire to our grave. I mean bed. haha! 
  15. Next-Day: Eat more chocolate and take all of the Halloween decorations down and put them away for another year. 
Pumpkin Seeds Roasted
Roasted Pumpkin Seeds

Discussion: What are your Halloween 2020 plans for yourself, your family, and your kids? How will you be handing out candy for Halloween 2020? 

I’d love to read your feedback in the comments, especially since this is a year of change for everyone. 


Homemade Keto Mushroom Soup
Keto Mushroom Soup

Below is a recap of the blog posts I’ve published over the past two weeks.

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Blog Posts You Might Have Missed


I’m a sucker for brownies, so when I spotted these Halloween Brownies from the Persnickety Plates blog on Pinterest. 

I can’t wait to try them. Look at all that beautiful cream cheese frosting.

Halloween Orange Brownies
Halloween Brownies


Composting Leaves
Frugal Fall TIps  for the outdoors
Frugal Fall TIps

Forget about raking the leaves and doing something else with your time.


Motivational Quote By Mr. CBB  Canadianbudgetbinder.com
Motivational Quote By Mr. CBB Canadianbudgetbinder.com

Don’t let life pass you by if you can change or fix things that could make your life better.

What we do today will follow us to the grave, and by then, it’s too late if you haven’t finished what you should have started.


Canadian Budget Binder home and blog news update
Canadian Budget Binder home and blog news update

Inside Our Home

As you know, we’ve been busy decorating for Halloween and roasting pumpkins and pumpkin seeds.

I had the inspector come by to see what I’ve completed in the basement and was truthful that I didn’t get it all done.

He will be back again in a few months to check in to see if it’s up to code since I’m doing the work myself.

Finished Basement Jealousy

I’d love to have a finished basement.

Do you have a finished basement?

Please tell me what it looks like if you use it often and any pros and cons.

I’m writing a post on finishing the basement and why basements are essential to some and not others.

I never had a basement growing up, so walking into many when we were house hunting was mind-blowing.

I remember one had an open toilet in the laundry room. Honestly, there was just a toilet.

Were they taking a poop and folding laundry at the same time? Haha.

Gardening and Work

The leaves are mulched with the mower as it’s good for the soil

I’ve worked three days a week and go into work two, and I’m still not sure if I like it as much.

The interaction in the morning over coffee I miss the most, but no complaints otherwise.

It has been a learning curve for all of us. Embrace change, right? That’s how I keep motivated.

Plus, If I had a toilet in the basement, I could work and take a poop simultaneously. Hahaha!!

Blog Update

My blog mechanic (haha, she will kick my butt for that, maybe) has risen and almost caught up with her business.

She’s doing things here and there and is making plans for 2021 to be my blog mechanic as her planning and timing were affected this year.

Thankfully the blog didn’t blow up, or I would have cried.

No, seriously, if you see how much stuff can go wrong and you cry if you don’t know anything about computers.

So, I’m happy she’s up and running in my background again.

Changes To The Blog

As well, if there are any changes *not advertising as I can’t change that with my publisher or the pop-up subscription) please let me know.

  • Am I missing something I should have on the blog perhaps a blog category?
  • Do I have too many categories?
  • Maybe you think I should change the name of a page and you have ideas.

Let me know as this blog is for you and me, and I appreciate your feedback.

Enjoy your Halloween.

Get Out Of Financial Debt With Mr. CBB

Keep on reading, stopping by, chatting, and thanks for being a fan of CBB.

Without you, there would be no Canadian Budget Binder. It is a safe space for Canadians to talk about their finance and find free resources to get them on the path to debt freedom.


Kermit the frog Saturday Search Terms

These are keywords that readers typed into their search engine and landed on this blog.

I get thousands of these every single day and pick some of the best to feature right here.

  • Resign Letter EnVANlope – Close
  • Is it wrong to go to a house as a nosey neighbour?– Your damn right it is. If you’re not interested in buying stay out.
  • How far from a lake can I bury a dog?– Oh ya, not my specialty.
  • Best place to retire in Canada with no money– If you have no money. Anyone out there who cares to answer this one leave your comments below.
  • Cauliflower Mash COTTON Pie – Sounds fluffy and difficult to chew. Oh, you mean Cottage Pie. hahaha!
  • I forgot to pay for my groceries – So, you just casually walked out with a shopping cart? That’s theft, report yourself or live with it.
  • Donate clothes for money – This one is good. Tell me why I’m laughing. Comment below. haha!

Thanks for your continued support of CBB and for listening to me ramble about our financial journey.

I’ll see you back here in two weeks for the next edition of The Saturday Weekend Review.

Be well,


Michael Jackson Thriller

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