Review: 888 Poker App Now In Canada

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The app store is a digital candy shop of software for every conceivable whim and function.

There are casual games, perfect for a tedious commute, and immersive blockbuster titles to lose yourself in for hours.

Today I will review the 888 Poker App for those who budget for personal entertainment or have an adult allowance.

You don’t have to play for money, but if you want to, the option is available and can be lucrative.

Taking responsibility for your personal finance first is the key to doing what you like when your financial mind map becomes a substantial part of everyday life.

Review of the 888 Poker App Now In Canada
Review of the 888 Poker App Now In Canada

Traditional casino games are also popular across all operating systems, with Poker games consistently among the favourites.

Poker has been the victim of a boom, and the game has been going from strength to strength.

Ever since online poker established itself not just as a stepping stone to its real-world counterpart but as a bonafide pursuit of its own.

The search for the best platform to play the popular card game is fierce.

Thankfully for those looking to play poker online, well-established and trusted market leader 888poker ticks all the boxes.

The 888 Poker App Revolution

The 888 poker app has been at the forefront of the Poker revolution since 2002.

During this time, the app has garnered a reputation as reliable, progressive and fair.

Their desktop service is universally regarded as one of the best in the business.

For those on the move or demanding the convenience of gaming from their smartphone or tablet, the 888poker app, now available in Canada, is the obvious choice.

The app has undergone several iterations and improvements since its inception – 888 are keen to listen to their customer base and implement any suggestions they have.

An example is that early versions of the app forced the player to use the app in landscape mode, which demanded two-handed play.

Many users expressed their wish to play in portrait mode so they could operate the app with only one hand, and 888 redesigned the UI so this was possible and included it in the next upgrade.

The combination of specific features and attention to detail separates the 888poker app from the great competition.

888 poker App Features

Poker novices can take advantage of the ‘play money’ feature while they become more comfortable with the game, forgoing the need to wager any of their balance.

It’s also an excellent option for playing for fun or to get your eye in before entering real money lobbies.

Android, iPhone and iPad versions are available, and the webapp online is streamlined to run on other mobile devices.

Doing so allows the service to be accessible to any Canadian with a smart device.

Learn For Free

The 888 Poker App is also free, so you can try all the features without spending a dime.

Mobile phone to download mobile phone app games.
Mobile App Games

Available Variants

A host of Poker variants are available right from the menu screen:

  • Snap – a fast fold variant for those who want no lull in the action.
  • Blast – ‘Three-Handed Super Turbo Texas Hold’em Sit & Go Poker.
  • Hold ’em – a tried and tested Texas Hold’em lobby.
  • Omaha – classic Omaha Poker.
  • Sit & Go – a quick-play tournament where the action begins as soon as the table is fully populated.
  • Tourneys – a selection of tournaments.

Following your selection, you will be given a choice of lobbies which can be filtered by buy-in amount and then you’ll be taken immediately into a game.

You can also access 888’s prizewinning casino games from within the app if you fancy a change of card game or a change of pace.

Create and Customize

Perhaps the most exciting feature of the 888 poker app – and what sets it apart from other offerings – is the opportunity to create your own custom game.

If you have a group of friends that have, over time, moved apart from each other, it can become increasingly difficult to get everyone together.

Resurrect that old poker evening and set up a private lobby with its unique code that you can share with your friends.

Custom game rules can be personalized to create your perfect Poker experience.

Furthermore, in-game avatars can be selected to match your style and be used throughout the app.

Necessary to your well-being and to ensure your sessions remain fun, players can set their limits on the app for daily, weekly, or monthly use.

Overall Review 888 Poker

From a design perspective, the graphics online are crisp, and the animations smooth.

You’ll find that the app sticks to a dark theme of blue and green accents.

Doing so is accessible to the eye, especially if playing in low light or later in the evening.

The 888 poker app receives consistently high-scoring reviews among thousands of Canadian customers.

You can play the 888 Poker App Canada for Free to learn how it’s played.

Budget accordingly, and you can still enjoy activities that make you happy, provided you’re financially responsible with money.

If Canadians are considering downloading any poker app through the internet online, 888 poker should be their first choice.


What are some of your favourite gaming apps for those who enjoy online games?

Please leave me your comments below.


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