1. Great job! I see you or Mrs CBB renewed your license. Is a happy belated birthday in order?! :-)

    • No, they had me renew it so I would be on track so my licence was in line with my birthday which it was not. It was in line when I moved to Canada which will be 5 years in a few days which it’s not supposed to be. So now it’s right! But I expect a belated birthday if you expect y brownies lol… Cheers Jen and Congrats again for winning TOP FAN … and being TOP FAN here at the BLOG! Mr.CBB

  2. My budget in July was kindof a bust, and the no-spend challenge was laughable. You did great though, good work!

    • No-spend is SO hard but we stay away from the stores as much as we can. This month we are feeding 4 mouths so I’m betting we will go over budget. I’m not that magical, at least I don’t think so! Post in the Grocery Game, would love to see your shops!!!


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