The Ultimate Canadian Grocery Savings Guide

The Grocery Game Challenge-March 19-25 Week 4

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In light of today being the first day of Spring that means fresh fruit,vegetables and meats will be in our meals more frequently in our home. We love fresh vegetables and fruits for lighter meals in the hot weather. So I thought some juicy red Canadian cherries to be proper as this weeks picture of choice!

Well as I mentioned to most of you we will be over budget this month in the grocery budget. I realize that budgets aren’t bullet proof and sometimes we will go over budget- we are human!

  •  We start this week at $244.75 that’s already $54.75 over our $190.00 budget this month.- See all updates at the end of post as this number has changed!

There are 2 reasons why we are going over budget

1- We are stockpiling items that are a great price

2- Shoppers Drug Mart 20x point event

I don’t know that every time there is a Shoppers Drug Mart event we take part in that we will go over budget but this time we have. We will see our grocery budget eventually go up starting in July as we host students from Europe for the summer.

We begin to stockpile items that we know they like to eat such as pancakes, syrup, nutella, bread, cheese, snacks, cheese etc.  With this we will also see higher utility bills mainly water and hydro. I will go into more detail on the hosting in a future post.

So for this week here is our Grocery Shop! I hope you post yours and continue to strive to beat your Budget! If you don’t at least have the money in a savings account to cover overage to eliminate putting the costs on credit.


12x Garnier Shampoo,conditioner, gel $23.64- $5.00wub3

10x Black Diamond Cheese Bars Pm Freshco $4.44-$0.75 (the expiry date on them is 2013 and the coupons expired March 31 so we stocked up)

3x Majesta Paper Towel Sale $2.99- $2.00 coupons

1x Covergirl eyeliner double pack and sharpener- $4.36- $4.00

1x Old El Paso Taco $4.17- FPC

1x Beef $4.20 – $4.00 off Beef wub Old El Paso Kit

1x Iceberg Lettuce PM No Frills Sale $0.88

7 x Maxwell House Instant Coffee $2.47 each! WOW.. we were going to get them at Zehrs on sale for $2.99 and PM at Wal-Mart but found them cheaper at Wal-Mart! These are regular price $5.99 up to $7.99 at Shoppers and other stores.

Total oop-$67.96

Coupons Used- $46.67

No Frills

1x Charmin Sale $4.88- $2.00

1x Resolve $1.88- $2.00 Coupon Zone Coupon =FREE

1x reduced no name tomatoes- $0.35

1x bottle of water reduced rack – $0.05

Total oop-$3.78

Coupons Used $4.00

Food Basics

1x cucumber = $0.77

1x Garlic Salt= $0.99

1x Onion Salt = $1.99 should have been $0.99 if I have time I will go back for a scanning code of practice. (I should have watched the cash register carefully but was in a rush)

1x Breakfast Sausage- $3.00- 30%

1x Sausage $3.56-30$

1x Sausage $3.58- 30%

1x Sausage- $ 3.58-30%

Total oop= $13.36

Total Cost of Shops oop $85.10 + previous weeks shops $244.75=$329.85 which puts us $139.85 over for the month of March! Keep in mind the SDM 20x points event where we made over $30.00 in points, and the sale items we purchased in bulk. If we hadn’t then we would be paying full price for coffee and cheese etc.

Update Again.. March 24 ..we shopped again 20x points and another day in the week so here we go… it’s going to be worth it though!

Starting $329.85+8.16+9.85+7.93+43.65= $390.93 ouch That’s $ 200.93 over budget… here’s the breakdown!

SMD 20x points Sat March 24

1x Sugar $2.49

1x Eggs $2.39

4x Nature Valley Bars $1.88 all with Juice FPC up to value of $3.49 each ($13.96)

2x Robax $9.99- $7 and $9 coupons

2x Peanuts Sale $2/$5.00 ( we use these for our salads and snacks)

3x cream Sale $1.99

Coupons Used $16.00

All items were sale items and recieved $13.96 in Free Product Coupons

11500 Optimum points earned that’s well over $10 for a regular redemption more on special redemption day

Total OOP- $43.65

Shoppers Drug Mart- Again… I know..

1x Eggs Sale $1.99

6x Cream Sale $0.99

Total Oop- $7.93


1x Mushrooms Reduced 50% =$1.85

1x Red onion- $1.66 It was a big one but the price still hurt

1x Green Peppers Reduced $2.56 bag of 6

1x Tomatos Reduced 8- $2.12

Total Oop $8.16

Reduced cost by $6.53

No Frills

4x Resolve $1.88- $2.00

4x PC Cola case of 12 -$1.88each

8 pkgs of reduced lean Halal Beef YIPPIE! $ $2.34,$2.34,$2.36, $2.32,$2.34,$2.35,$2.37,$2.36

1x 3lb carrots Sale $1.27

1x Celery Sale $0.97

1x Iceberg Lettuce Sale $0.88

We cashed in $20 in points so this order would have been $29.85

Total Oop- $9.85

Coupons/Reduced Stickers Used $16.05

Next week is a no week shop for us although we have so many FPC’s we need to use before March 31. I will post our FPC No week Shop next week! Stay Tuned!

Don’t forget to post your weekly grocery shop below to be entered in our monthly Grocery Game Challenge. You also have 3 other opportunities to post your previous shops for March below to be entered in the March contest.



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  1. Better late than never…here goes!
    I have a family of four, a daycare with 6 children. I have 2 budget numbers, my “high” budget is $150.00, my low is $120.00.
    Food Basics
    no name Nutella $4.29
    Javex $2.99 sale $1.47
    Healthy Harvest pasta $2.19 sale .97X2 coupon save $1.00 WUB 2
    Catelli Smart $2.19 sale $.97X5 coupons $.75X5
    cheese $6.99 sale $4.44X2
    Harvest Splendor $3.77 sale $2.47X2 coupons $1.00X2
    Catelli lasagna noodles $2.49 coupon $.75
    Rissoto $4.99 sale $3.99
    Total: $47.23 Sales and coupons $21.59 OOP $27.90

    Garden Cocktail $2.99 sale $1.78
    Multigrain Cheerios $3.29 sale $1.98 coupon $1.00
    Dove bodywash $5.99 sale $3.97X6 coupons $2.00X6
    Total $42.22 Sales and coupons $27.64 OOP $15.25

    spanish onion $1.00
    Pogos (20pk) $12.99 sale $9.99 coupon $3.00
    Total $13.99 Sales and coupons $6.00 OOP $7.99

    Kraft bbq sauce $1.99 sale $.99
    turkey breast strips $11.00 pink sticker $6.00
    Kaiser rolls $2.79
    thin buns $2.99
    Weight Watchers bagels $2.99 pink sticker $1.49
    roast $9.61
    bananas $2.09
    potato salad $2.29
    Total $36.74 Sales and coupons $8.50 OOP $28.35

    No Frills
    frozen meal $1.99 sale $.88
    milk $4.47
    juice $135 sale $.88X6
    eggos $2.99 sale $1.99 coupon $1.00
    Family size cereal $6.99 PM $3.99
    PC ice cream $5.67 coupon WUB Family size cereal get it free!
    fruitsations $1.88
    coffee $6.47 sale $3.88X3
    pizza $4.99 sale $2.88
    mini pizza $3.99 sale $1.88X2
    nesquick syrup $2.99 sale $1.88 coupon save $1.00 WUB 4L milk
    pickles $2.99 sale $1.88
    Laughing Cow $4.99 sale $2.99X3 coupon $1.00X3
    buns $2.29
    muffins $4.99 sale $3.00
    Weight Watchers raisin loaf $3.49
    pepperoni $2.77
    mini carrots (2lb) $2.99 sale $1.88
    3pk cucumbers $3.00 sale $1.88
    lettuce $1.50 sale $.88
    green onions 2 for $1.00
    strawberries $2.47
    tomato $.85
    Dunkaroos $2.99 sale $1.88
    Total $108.95 Sales and coupons $44.89 OOP 467.46

    Total $249.13 Sales and coupons $108.62 OOP $146.95

    1. Hey Shelley,
      I can’t believe how much you get to shop and you do it so well…just look at the outcome of your shops. You and Nicola amaze me.
      Great Shopping you get Ballot #20
      Let’s try to encourage others to join so they can post and see where their money is going every week!
      Mr.CBB 🙂

  2. I haven’t done my weekly shopping yet (later on tonight) but I did pick up 10 containers of Greek yogurt at Buy Lows Foods for 97 cents a container – I had 10 coupons and walked away with the yogurt and 30 cents in my pocket 🙂

    1. That’s Ok Gael as Next weeks shop Starts tomorrow and I haven’t even shopped * well I’m not supposed to as its a no shop week for us*
      We have alot of FPCs to use up. Once I post you are good to post your shop. I can’t wait to try that Greek Yogurt. It’s one thing I miss from the UK is proper yogurt nice and thick. WOW, that’s a great deal how did you get that, were they reduced?

  3. Okay finally got round to this today so here my shop
    match deals for BBQ sauce x2 @ 0.88 = $1.76
    Ristorante Pizza x4 reg 6.99ea deal $4ea – x2 $1.50c = 13.00
    Kellogs allbran bars x2 @ $2.47ea – 1x $1c $ 0.75c = 3.22
    Alymers Italian tomatoes x2 @1.77ea – $1c = 2.54
    chewy choc chip bars $7.99
    Goldfish $9.99
    Cola special price @ 3 for $10.97 (hubby weakness)
    tassimo coffee $6.87
    Cottonelle Reg 10.97 special $4.97 (found another coupon for $1) $3.97
    Yoghurt tubes $2
    Danone Yoghurts special price $5.97 – 50% = 2.98
    Milk x3 4L = 14.07
    Fruit Loops reg 4.99 $3.97
    McCain Harest blend 3.77 – $1 = 2.77
    NN Apple Juice Cartons (pack 40) 9.98
    NN Chips 1.37
    NN Crunchy Snack 1.98
    NN Fruit Juice Cartons (pack 40) = 9.98
    Frozen Juice x4 $2.56
    NN Salted butter $3.49
    NN Cookies $3.58
    Taco Kit x2 $6.94
    OR Popcorn $2.98 – $1.50 = 1.48
    Choc Digestives – $2.49
    Sugar $3.42
    Rootbeer Icecream $3.99 – 50% = 1.99
    salt softner 4.78
    Tea $6.99
    Hot Choc $3.77
    Tenderflake Pastry x2 @ 2.47ea – 1.50c = 3.44
    Tenderflake Shell x2 @ 2.47ea – 1/50c = 3.44
    VH Steamers x4 3.77ea – BOGOF x2 coupons = 7.54
    Wasa light Rye (rivita to you and I) 2.79 – 0.75c = 2.04
    Weetabix $4.29
    Welches White grape juice 3.67 – 0.50c = 3.17
    Ham/chicken meat x2 @ $5 ea = $10
    Bread pk4 = 3.89
    Raspberry Swiss cake 2.49 – 50% = 1.24
    Sub rolls 2.49 – 50% = 1.24
    Tray buns 2.98 – 50% = 1.49
    Chicken Thighs 7.01 – 30% = 4.91
    Bananas 2.05
    Apples 4.98
    Tomatoes – 3.61 -50% = 1.80
    Melon 2.46
    Lasagne Sheets x2 @ 3.99 – x2 $2c = 3.98
    Flushable wipes 3.99
    OB Tampons 5.99 – $2c = 3.99

    Also had 3.42 in superbucks and I got $10.97 back from last shop as they didn’t take off my last Tassimo coupon which was a FPC

    Total $221.60 before taxes
    Total Rewards/savings 7.96
    Coupons 30.46

    so in all saved 48.42 not bad and slightly over high end budget as kids are off for spring break so there are extras not as much as I would have bought before as going to be in kitchen baking the rest of the cookies and treats. So that was at RCSS

    Needed a few extras so Sobeys had toonie day
    kashi pita chips x 2bxs @ 3.49ea – x2 $2 coupons = 2.98
    eggs $2
    hotdog buns $2
    hamburger buns $2
    Onions $2
    Celery $2
    M&M’s x2 packs 1.19ea – x2 FPC’s

    Total 12.98 before taxes
    saved $6.38

    Then had to get freezer bags so went off to Dollar store and bough x3 packs for $4.50 and a new garlic press (cause broke last one) $

    1. Hi Nicola, Welcome back to post your shop! You get Ballot #18 (I can’t believe how many people are playing the game now I’m so happy to have others following their grocery shopping with me.)

      Looks like you did quite a bit wow. Seems you are hooked on those AllBran Bars so are we. We love them especially the orange cranberry. Those tins of ALymer Tomatoes I did the math and next time you see PRIMO or UNICO 750g I believe cans on sale for $0.77 or $.88 or $0.99 its a WAY better deal and no coupons needed.
      All you do is add in some oregano and basil and it’s just as well..

      With summer on the way and some great deals I’ve stockpiled this month putting us around $200 over budget. I know it’s alot but it will benefit us. The key is to always have the money in emergency savings if you are going to be over budget otherwise it makes no sense.

      Cheers! Can’t wait to see what you find next… jealous of your superbucks too!

      1. yes we have saved for a meat pack this month so that will really fill the freezer so hoping to be pretty low next week on the food bill. We usually budget $250 high end and $150 low end so it should equal itself out and we do have an emergency fund too!

        1. That’s great you have an Emergency Fund. I know without having one I would feel nervous. I’m hoping our bill is back to normal next month, better yet it’s going to be no if’s and’s or buts! Mr.CBB

  4. My shopping for the week
    Weekly Budget: $100.00
    Actual Spent: $110.78 so $10.78 over (but earned $10 in shoppers Optimum rewards) so evens out!

    12pk pepsi @ 3 for $9.99(instore sale) = 9.99
    6x Chocolate milk (instore sale) .99 x 6 = 5.96
    Tide (instore sale) 4.99 – 1.00 off coupon = 3.99
    Airwick freshmatic (instore sale) 7.99 – 3.00 coupon= 4.99
    Airwick refill 6.99 ea x 2 = 13.98 – 5.00 coupon(WUS$10) = 8.98
    Saputo flavored creamer (instore sale) 1.99 – 75 coupon = 1.24
    Dove body wash (instore sale) 3.99 – 2.00 coupon = 1.99
    Listerine Total $4.99 – 3.00 coupon = 1.99
    Noxema pads (instore sale) 3.49 – 1.00 coupon = 2.49
    Tylenol back (40ct) (instore sale) 13.99 – 10.00 coupon = 3.99

    Total before savings: 103.81
    minus sale & coupons – 58.22
    plus tax + 8.24
    Total OUT OF POCKET: $53.83
    AND I made the 20 x Optimum points (bonus points 13490) which equals $10 reward

    Pedigree dog food (Rollback) 14.47 – 3.00 coupon = 11.47
    Orvelle Reddenbacher popcorn (Rollback) $2 – 1.00 = 1.00 (wub 12 pk Dr. Pepper)
    Dr. Pepper 4.47
    M&Ms .75 – FREE PRODUCT COUPON = $0.00
    2x Allens Apple juice @ 1.00 per tin = 2.00
    Rice crispies 2.98 ea x 2 = 5.96 – 3.00 coupon (1.50 ea) =2.96
    Skinny Cow Icecream 6.97 – 3.00 coupon = 3.97
    Nutrigrain (rollback) 2.00 – 1.00 coupon = 1.00
    Crest whitening toothpaste 4.88 – 1.50 coupon = 3.38
    Alymer tomatos 1.97 ea x 2 = 3.94 – 1.00 WUB2 coupon = 2.94
    Glade candles 3 x 4.24 = 12.72 – 4.24 B2G1FREE coupon = 8.48
    Fruit punch juice (Rollback) 2 x 1.00 = 2.00
    Glade Spray 2 x 5.47 = 10.94 – 5.47 B1G1FREE coupon = 5.47

    Total before savings: 68.14
    minus coupons: – 23.96
    plus tax: + 6.79
    Total OUT OF POCKET: $50.97

    AND the BEST deal:
    ZEHRS (NO tax today)
    Herbal Essence shampoo & Conditioner 2 x 3.49 = 6.98 – 3.49 B1G1FREE – .50 coupon =2.99
    Windex (instore sale) 2 x 2.99 = 5.96 – 2.99 B1G1FREE coupon = 2.99
    PLUS NO TAX, total for this purchase $5.98

    Total before savings: 12.96
    minus sale & coupons: – 6.98
    plus tax: + 1.23
    minus tax: – 1.23
    Total OUT OF POCKET: $5.98

    1. Wow, that’s some great shopping. I love how you factor in the $10 made at SDM like we do as well. We are way over budget this month because of the great deals this month but that’s ok we will dip into our emergency savings.

      The No-Tax events are the best time to dive in with your coupons and get those taxable items like you scooped up, good for you!

      You seem to be very mindful of your budget.. I can’t wait to see how you make out by the end of the year compared to when you start The Grocery Game! good Luck Amanda and thanks for playing weekly with us.

      You get Ballot #17

      Have a great rest of the weekend.

  5. im going to list a few, im still new at all this.


    2x-Scrubbing Bubbles $3.00-$3.00 coupon=FREE
    4x-Windex $3.00-2BOGO coupon=$6.00
    1x-Vaseline FREE
    1x-Kashi snack crackers=FREE
    2xNutriGrain fruit bars-$2.00-2 $1.00coupon=$2.00
    2cases Campbells soups-$10.97each-PM-$4.97ea=$12.00 saved
    2x-Wonder Bread$3.39ea-PM-2for$5.00-.75offcoupon=$4.25

    I’d love to add more later if i can? Right now i have to retrieve my sick child from her friends house. 🙁

    1. Hi Paula,
      Thanks for joining The Grocery Game Challenge”. I realize people are new at this but it’s fairly easy. Every week I will post my grocery budget and my grocery shop here at Canadian Budget Binder. When you see the post ( it’s best to subscribe to my blog so you don’t miss it) you come and post your grocery budget and shop for the week. That’s it! Every time you do this in the month you get a Ballot in our Monthly Give-away! So today you get Ballot #16. I’m sure next week you will have it down to a science! I hope your child feels better Paula.


  6. Hello again Mr.CBB, here’s my shopping for the week:
    5gal water jugs x2 $5.49each
    olive oil $4.99
    Fudgee-o Cookies reg $3.93 – 50% off
    Bleach reg $2.93 cp $2.50
    Yoplait Yogurt x2 reg $4.19 cp $2.50 – $0.50 coupon
    Milk $4.69
    Bananas $2.19
    Green Onions $0.59
    Tomatoes $1.33
    Pears $2.37
    Broccoli $2.16
    Cucumber reg $1.69 cp $1.00
    Mushrooms reg $2.73 cp $1.71
    Strawberries $2.99
    Kiwi fruit reg $4.16 cp $2.49
    Total OOP $46.75 savings $10.23

    Giant Tiger
    Philly Cream Cheese x5 reg $3.67 sale $2.97
    Bacon x2 reg $2.79 sale $2.00
    Creamed Corn reg $1.33 sale $0.88
    Cake Mixes x6 reg $1.97 sale $0.98
    Pie Filling x2 reg $1.66 sale $0.99
    Total OOP $28.39 savings $13.34

    Bulk Barn
    Liquid Honey $15.32
    Chocolate Chips $7.74
    Trail Mix $9.31
    used 2x $3.00 off WUS $10.00
    Total OOP $27.64 savings $6.00

    Maxx Cat Litter reg $8.97 sale $5.97
    Total OOP $11.94 savings $6.00

    So, for the week, total OOP $114.72 total savings of $35.57. A little over budget for the week, but for the month, we’re still well under, plus I was able to stock up on some baking basics – with a 4 year old son, I do ALOT of baking for him 🙂

    1. Hi Kathleen,
      Thanks for playing The Grocery Game Challenge. Words getting around and I’m finding more people wanting to post their shop to keep them in line with their budget.

      I presume your weekly budget is $100? You seem to doing pretty awesome, I think you have much more strength than we do. Shopping is the hardest part of budgeting for us and this is why we started this game. It helps to post our shop online as it keeps us mindful of it.

      I have 2 of the Bulk Barn coupons as well and I need some cocoa and SDM has it on for $3.49 but I was wondering if I should just go to BB and get my pure vanilla and cocoa and be done with it. What’s the honey like from Bulk Barn I noticed you purchased it?

      Thanks for posting, hopefully you get my above response and respond for me. You get Ballot #15! Yay! Make sure to come back next week and post your shop and your Budget for the month. Cheers Mr.CBB

      1. The honey at Bulk Barn is nice… I’ve just switched over to the liquid from creamed so it’s taken some getting used to on my toast this week 😉 but it tastes great. The quantity I got will last me a while, so I put it in the fridge and just have a small squeezy bear in the cupboard…

  7. $100/week budget….here you go:

    No Frills:
    2 x Nutrigran bars sale $1.99 each less $1.00 off coupon = 2.98
    Bag of milk 4.47
    Bag of almonds sale 2.88
    2 x Fruit snacks sale $1.88 each = 3.76
    3 x Triscuits sale $1.47 each = 4.41
    2x Fantastic spray cleaner sale $1.88 each (bogofree; and $1.00 off coupon) = $0.88
    2x scrubbing bubbles sale $1.88 each (bogofree) = 1.88
    Green giant frozen veggie sale $1.88 ($.75 coupon) = 1.13
    Glad kitchen bags – sale 4.88 (less 1.00 coupon) = 3.88
    2 x Fibre 1 cereal – sale $2.88 each (less $1.50 off coupon each) =2.76
    2x Hunts pasta sauce sale 0.97 = 1.94
    Coffee cream – sale 1.88
    2 x Vector cereal – sale 3.00 each = 6.00
    Quacker oatmeal – sale 2.47 (less FPC) = 0
    6 boxes of Kleenex – sale 3.99
    2 x Orange Juice – sale $1.88 each = 3.76
    Blue Bags – 5.99
    3 x So Good Soy Milk – 3.77 each – 11.31
    WonderBread hamburger buns – sale 1.88
    Hot dogs – sale 2.88
    Banana – 1.95
    Broccolli – 0.88
    2 x bagged Salad Mix 1.27 each = 2.54
    4 x Peppers – 1.88
    Grapes – 3.71
    Mushrooms – 0.88
    Oranges – 2.59
    2 x Strawberries – 2.88

    Total OOP – 88.89

    Some great deals this week…only if my kids would enjoy regular milk instead of soy milk we would be a ton cheaper!

    1. Hi Lindsey,
      Thanks for playing The Grocery Game Challenge this week you get Ballot #14. I know we have a no shop week next week and we are already over budget BUT we need to stockpile some items for our summer students. We will also be using all our Mar FPC coupons. I’m just going to look at the flyers now! A birdie told me I might get some free POM!!! Cheers Mr.CBB

      1. I hate going over, but it happens sometimes. Just one question how are you getting the free POM? I always find that everyone has lots of coupons from tear pads…but I can never find them. Is there a store that you find them most often? I love the grocery game, I like to see how other people do it and try to figure out where I can save…I’m a stay at home mom, and my husband works very hard for our money so my theory is he works too hard to just give it away:)

        1. We did find $1.00 off any POM at Walmart a while ago but they expired. The one’s we are talking about expire March 31,2012 and are from the Smart Source I believe. We never found any when No Frills had it on offer so we’re not holding our breathe on this one. You never know though, I’m going to be optimistic. The POM juice is so good. Hope that answers your question and as always if you have any further questions don’t be shy, just because I’m a guy!! ha.. I’m horrible at making funnies! Cheers Lindsey! Mr.CBB

  8. Hey Mr CBB,
    A lovely lady, Sue, posted on the Ottawa Coupon Swap Facebook page a list of COSTCO meat prices to use as a comparison. I now have this on my iPhone so when I see a sale, I can compare against this list and see if it really is a great deal (and doesn’t make me have to buy the COSTCO size that may or may not fit in my little freezer!):

    Boneless skinless chicken breast $6.59/lb or $14.49/kg
    Pork tenderloin $3.63/lb or $7.99/kg
    Pork loin centre + rib chops boneless $2.68/lb or $5.89/kg
    Sirloin tip oven roast $4.09/lb or $8.99/kg
    Eye round oven roast $4.54/lb or $9.99/kg
    Top sirloin oven roast $5.45/lb or $11.99/kg
    Lean ground beef $2.54/lb or $5.59/kg
    Beef tenderloin steak $13.63/lb or $29.99/kg
    Strip loin steak $8.63/lb or $18.99/kg
    Rib steak $9.99/lb or $21.99/kg
    Top sirloin steak $5.45/lb or $11.99/kg
    Whole chicken fryer $2.45/lb or $5.39/kg

    1. What a great list she has put together! Thanks for sharing that with all of the Canadian Budget Binder readers! I’m sure everyone looking for some great meat at a good price will love this chart. Cheers! Mr.CBB

  9. 30% off meat – woohoo! That is how we like to get our lamb from the Superstore. Loved this week’s Independent Grocery deal of Sirloin top steak for $7.64/kg – took it to Superstore (because our Independent never has what they have on special) to Superstore and watched the butcher reduce their steaks for me from $18</kg down to the new price – I walked out with over $55 of steak for less than $25 – great for grilling in the lovely weather!

    1. As If I would be so lucky to be at the store at the right time and have the Butcher reduce the price of steaks for me lol… I can’t remember the last time I had a steak. Might have to splurge this summer! Great prices! Make sure you post your shop for The Grocery Game Challenge so you get another entry! Cheers Mr.CBB

  10. Did you know that oz-oz instant coffee is more expensive than perk? Not that coffee is good for one, but there are preservative along with the freeze-dried coffee to keep its shelf life longer…

    Just sayin…

    1. We actually use both because when I go to work I don’t like to wait nor do I like to make a pot of coffee. When we are not working we use the coffee machine. We drink mostly tea. We just quit smoking so one habit at a time for us lol.. in the end.. anythings better than Starbucks and Tim Hortons! Thanks for your post Tim..always welcome. Cheers Mate. Mr.CBB

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