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The Grocery Game Challenge April 23-29 No Shop Week


We are in our last week for April’s Grocery Game Challenge.. how well have you stuck to your Grocery Budget?

This week is our No-shop week however we do have a few FPC’s we need to use up so we will be heading out to take advantage of these. Do you have a No Shop week in your Grocery Budget? We started the No-Shop week to keep us out of the stores one week out of the month. We try to simply avoid the flyers and do other things during the week. It doesn’t always work out but for the most part we have  a plan in place and work towards our goals.

If we spend any money this week I will update it here. We are already slightly over budget so we have to be strong this week.

Recap Last Week

Total Shop for the Week for all this is $84.25-$75.32= $8.93 overspend for the month of April. Not bad considering all the milk we bought this month.. I would say we did exceptionally well!! Most of the food here is for our student exchange program in the summer! The cases of water are not pictured.

+$10.00 spending card from Shoppers Drug Mart! 

Good Luck and Happy Shopping

To ENTER The Game:

Post your Grocery Budget and your weekly shop and cost below to win an entry in our Monthly Grocery Game Challenge Contest. We draw for this contest at the end of each month.


You can find us on Twitter HERE or Facebook HERE.. Come join the conversation!

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  1. unfortunately i don’t have time to type it all out this week, but i just finished the calculations so i thought i’d share quickly. I’M OVER BUDGET BY $6.41 UGH! i do know why this happened. i went to visit a friend and brought some treats totalling $11.35…does it count if it’s not consumed at my home lol? here are the numbers for the week:

    $8.82 bal fwd from previous week + $50 for current week.
    purchased $339.73 incl tax (sale prices)
    used $274.50 in coupons
    oop $65.32

    over budget $6.41

    i will be deducting this amount from what i can spend next week!

    1. Don’t feel bad we are over around $9.xx and yes it counts if the money came out of your pocket lol… Thanks for sharing I’ll give you a ballot for effort.. you get #11… keep your chin up…we can do it.. we were SO close this month.. going to try harder in May that’s for sure. Posting has really really really helped us stick to the plan that’s for sure. Cheers Mr.CBB

  2. Okay here is this weeks shop we have gone over budget but we thought we might when we put it so low but we haven’t spent nearly as much as we used to it was nearly $1,000 each month!

    Bertoli XVOO usually $8.89 SP $6.97
    Brown Sugar $2.50
    Coke Zero $2.50 – FPC = 0
    Yog Tubes $2.49
    Dactive Yog Drinks $5.49 – 50c = $4.99
    Milk x4 $18.76
    K Crisp Bars 2.47- $1c = $1.47
    H/H Cream 1.69
    Cheese $5.97 – $1c = 4.97
    McCain Harvest Spendor – 2.77 – $1.50 = 1.27
    Coffee 6.99
    Miniwheat $3.97 x2 SP – x2 $1.50c = $4.97
    Mango NN Frz Punch 60c
    M&M’s x2 @ 1.08ea – x2 FPC = 0
    NN chips $1.37
    NN Fruit Punch Pk 9.48
    NN Orange Fzn x4 @ 50c ea = $2
    NN Vanilla Cookies – 3.58
    Granola Bars – 5.99
    Pasta SP – x2 @ 98c = $1.90
    Post GG Cereal x2 @ 4.97 – x2 FPC = 0
    Taco Kit – 4.27
    Tassimo Latte – $7.97
    Weetabix 4.29
    Salt – 2.99
    Sandwich meat Chicken $3
    Sandwich meat Ham $5
    Ace Three Cheese Bread 4.99 – 50% = 2.49
    Bread 4pk 3.89 – 50% = 1.95
    Pita Bread 3.49 – 50% = 1.74
    Hamburger buns 3.99 – 50% = 1.99
    NN Raisin Bread 2.98 – 50% = 1.49
    Wonder HotDg Buns 3.18 – 50% = 1.49
    Bananas 4.03
    Cucumbers x3pk 2.28
    Green Onions x2 @ 58c = $1.16
    Lettuce x3pk = 2.98
    tomatoes – 2.40
    Large Seedless Melon – 3.48
    SPF 60 Lotion x2 + 1 SPF 30 @ 9.99 each – 50% = 14.97
    Deoderant 2.93
    Hand Soap SP deal $1
    Chicken Breast 4.24 – 50% = 2.11
    Chicken Breast 3.45 – 50% = 1.72 These were two cooked breasts so was cheap used them to
    Chicken Breast 3.22 – 50% = 1.61 make a curry the same night so no waste and one in freezer
    Wipes 3.99

    Okay total came to $168.81
    Coupons and SB’s came to 23.48

    1. Hey,
      You are lucky we never find chicken breast at 50% off, great score. Looks like you made use of alot of 50% off stickers which I think is great. Great shop and a big one at that.. DO you find you are sticking to your budget? Is posting here helping you or putting a bug in your head when you are shopping? You get Ballot #11 for this shop. Cheers Mr.CBB

      1. a bug is definately in my head saying you have to get ahead of yourself and think about what you are spending and saving. I try hard not to go down the aisles and stay on the outside as I know thats where they catch u out. We went early yesterday morning which was a help So far since doing this and concentrating on what coupons I need to use and what we need has helped. We saved over $300 this month on grocery shop as we used to spend $1000 or more a month just on food. But now stocked up on bread/buns and meat help and I now go for the meat that is prepacked for sany’s as everybody takes lunches but not everybody wants that everyday so I try to do a variety of things like leftovers, fruit salad days and veg salad days. Kids are at that stage that they are hungry all the time so your cookies defo come in handy now onto our thrid batch lol. thanks for all the help it is really helping and also seeing how much on coupon savings is amazing!

        1. I just wanted to see if I was haunting you that’s all lol.. On a serious note the point of the challenge is to encourage mindful spending habits. I’m glad you are WINNING>.. keep up the great work Nicola! Mr.CBB

  3. I was wondering Mr. CBB – what do you do about fruits and veggies during your no shop week? Canned? Frozen? Fresh stuff that keeps well?

    1. We make sure we have enough the week before to last us through.. we normally do alright.. we purchased quite a bit the last week…. 2 huge tubs of spinach, lettuce, mushrooms, carrots.. some nights we eat soup and a sandwich so we don’t always cook big meals…Hope that helps. Mr.CBB..

    1. Hi Shannyn, yes it’s not just for Canadians anyone can play. It’s about being mindful of your grocery budget and posting your savings for everyone to see. You also would post if you are over or under budget. We are all finding it helps that we post it as we know we have to report back. I hope you can play and encourage some of your readers to play. Would love to have other parts of the world join in! Cheers, Mr.CBB

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