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The Grocery Game Challenge Sept 10-16 ~Almost Fall!

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Soon enough the Fall leaves will start to turn colour on the trees and the leaves will fall to the ground. The children will be merry and the parents saddened to have to rake the leaves although I bag them and use them for compost on my garden the next year. The nights are getting chilly but the garden seems to be blooming the best it has all year with new flowers on the go each and every day. I can’t tell you how thrilled we’ve been to eat tomato salad pretty much every single bloody night. If you detect some sarcasm, you are not far off, but I’m sure I should have nothing to whine about. We grew over 40 plants from seed this year far more than any other year where we typically had 8 plants. We will be scalding some soon and putting them in the freezer as the novelty of organic tomatoes has run its course in CBB cuisine.

Our Crab Apple tree is now empty of the beautiful apples since we made crab apple spice jelly but apple crops are in full swing in and around Ontario. You may notice the prices have soared and that’s all due to the dry summer we have had and apple growers are cashing in on the high demand of apples. Apples have been around for over 3000 years and they are prepared and eaten in so many ways.

Fact: Did you know that one medium apple has 80 calories and is a source of Vitamin C and Fibre?

Some of my favourite apples are listed below but there are literally hundreds you can pick at local orchards all over Ontario.

  • Red Delicious
  • Fuji
  • Granny Smith
  • McIntosh
  • Empire
  • Crispin
  • Spartan
  • Cortland
  • Northern Spy
  • Golden Delicious

As we roll into the Fall season starting September 22 at 10:49 am according to the Old Farmer’s Almanac I remember everything that we did to grow our gardens. It started with planting my packets of vegetable seeds in early March to the bountiful crop we have before us. We are far from having a sustainable living like our mates at Lil Suburban Homestead but we certainly have learned alot from Karen and how it can impact the budget. It’s times like this that make me smile and get me planning for the next years sow and grow.

  • What did we learn that was new?
  • How will I make our garden better?
  • When will we start to grow?
  • What will we grow?

In the past couple of weeks we picked up some red peppers at the shop that were on sale for $0.57 lb. I’m sure at one point they will go up to $3.99lb so now is the time to buy.  As soon as I got home I cleaned, chopped and weighed them up into freezer bags ready for the fall/winter frugal meals we will be preparing. When we can buy such items or stockpile items that will last and that are very cheap it helps keep the grocery budget at a level playing field during the off-season.

What items do you stockpile or freeze to keep your grocery budget low over the Fall and Winter season?

Coupon Match-Ups

Here is this weeks Grocery Game Coupon Match-ups  for Sept 7-13 compliments of Save Big Live Better who also has a new site you may want to check out Cooking Up Crafts! You can also submit your favourite craft or recipe for a chance to WIN a weekly prize of $10~

What is our Monthly Grocery Budget for 2?  $190 including Health and Beauty and Laundry. Here is last weeks shop if you haven’t posted you have all month to post your grocery shops to WIN! You will also read in last weeks post our year to date totals for grocery shopping and grocery savings using Canadian coupons and flyer specials.

Totals to Date for September $7.26

No Frills

  • 1x Catelli pasta Sale $1.47- $1.00
  • 1x Knorr Chicken Broth Mix Sale $7.88 for 900 g save $5.xx ( I’ll be going back to pick up more using the Buy any 3 Knorr Products get 1 FREE)
  • 1x Tetley Chai Tea Sale $2.00-$1.00
  • 1x broccoli- Sale $0.97
  • 1x Lemon Grass $0.88
  • 1x Romaine Lettuce Sale $0.87

Total Coupons Used: $2.00

Total Out of Pocket: $12.07

Food Basics

  • 1 case of Red Rose Tea Sale $1.99 x12
  • 8x Primo Pasta Sale $0.88 900g packages
  • 3x old elpaso kits with $4.00 off beef (this is worth it if you can get the kits at $2.99) I tend to make my own tortillas now but if I can save $2.00 on my beef or chicken by buying the kits with the $4.00 coupon I will save $2.00)
  • 3 x beef $4.55, $4.57, $4.58
  • Fresh Ginger $0.94
  • 4x Lactancia Milk Sale $3.88- $1.00 coupons (I will go back for 4 more tomorrow so I will add it on now)
  • 4x Lactancia Milk Sale $3.88- $1.00 coupons
  • Chicken $4.00 – FPC from company
  • 1x cucumber Sale $0.88

Total Coupons Used: $24.00

Total Out Of Pocket: $72.85


  • 1x Sour Cream $2.59-$1.00
  • 2x Large eggs Sale $1.99- Buy 2 save $1.00 (coupon zone coupon)
  • 2x Mac and Cheese for our house guest Sale 2/$1.00
  • 2x Granulated Sugar Sale $1.99
  • 1x Ace Olive Bread (I don’t always make it but it’s great when it’s got a pink sticker 50% off) $4.99-50%
  • 2x French Bread Sliced $1.89-50%
  • 6x gum sale $2.00

Total Coupons Used:$2.00

Total PC Points Used: $20.00

Total Out of Pocket: $4.96

Weekly Grocery Game Challenge Results for Mr. and Mrs. CBB

  • Total Grocery Budget for the Month: $190.00
  • Total Coupons Used this Week $28.00
  • Total Spent This Week $72.85+$4.96+$12.07=$89.88
  • Total Spent So Far for September $7.26+$89.88=$97.14
  • Total Over/Under spend this shop : $25.88
  • Total Over/Under spend for the month of September $0
  • Total Left to Spend for the Month: $92.88

Weekly Overview:

Well we went over budget for the week but we are still under budget for the month. It was certainly hard to resist milk for $2.88 a bag so we stocked up and put it in the freezer. I also have a tea fetish if you can’t tell (hey I’m British) so I bought a case of Red Rose tea although it’s not my favourite tea, it will calm my desires for a nice cuppa. We have just under $100 left to spend for the month… I think we can do it!

How much did you spend this week for your grocery shop? Post your grocery shop today in the comment section and WIN!!

Congrats again to our August WINNER Joanna C!

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Photo credit apples: Copyright (c) <a href=’’>123RF Stock Photos</a>

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  1. My grocery budget for the week is $92.31 for 2 adults and 1 child and includes all food, household items, personal hygiene items etc.


    Primo various canned beans/tomatoes/sauce – sale 6 x $.88
    Tahini paste – $3.79 (you know what I am making!)
    Chefboyardee – $1.25
    Betty Crocker fruit snacks – sale 2 x $1.99 – 2 x $1c
    Black Diamond cheese strings – $4.99 – $1c
    Raspberries – 3 for $5.00
    Lemons – 2 for $1.00
    Baking Potatoes – $1.97

    Total coupons used – $3.00
    Total oop – $24.78


    Always – sale 3x$3.84 – 3 x $1c
    Bearpaws – sale $2.00 – $.50c
    Depmsters bread – sale $2.00 – $.75c
    Disney gummie vitamins – $8.97 – $2c
    Tostitos – $2.50
    Chocolate bars – 2 for $2.00
    Fruit by the foot/rollups – sale 4x$1.77
    Grapes – $3.88

    Total coupons used – $6.25
    Total oop – $36.95

    Big Red Market (my local butcher)

    Steak – $5.39
    Store made cabbage rolls – $4.99 * I’d like to learn to make my own if anyone has a good recipe!
    10lb potatoes – $2.49
    Apples – $.81

    Total oop = $14.33

    Giant Tiger

    Lysol no-touch soap dispenser – $9.98 – $5c

    Total coupons used – $5.00
    Total oop – $6.28

    Total coupons used for the week = $5.00 + $6.25 + $3.00 = $14.25
    Total spent for the week – $6.28 + $14.33 + $36.95 + $24.78 = $82.34

    Monthly budget left = $400 – $91 – $83.24 = $225.76

    So yes, we ended up making Mr. CBB’s Garlic Hummus Recipe instead of buying it premade at the store and it tasted great! I have found I am saving some on the grocery budget by trying to make more things myself instead of buying premade from the store.

    1. Hi Joanna!
      Have you ever bought the bulk bag of dried beans? We do now as it’s much cheaper than the cans. Mind you soaking them and sometimes boiling them for five minutes can knock the convenience on the head but it’s helpful for our budget. Tahini… hmm… let me guess but it’s so good.
      Cabbage rolls are dead easy to make. You can take my filling for my stuffed peppers…. put a head of cabbage in the freezer, freeze it solid for a couple days, take it out, as it defrost the leaves are wilted take one full piece off at a time, stuff it with the mix, roll it, stick a couple tooth picks in them so you can still see the ends, make a pot of my nonna’s pasta sauce, layer a bit of the sauce in the bottom of the crock pot,add a layer of cabbage rolls (if you put them seam down you don’t really need the toothpicks) then another layer of sauce on top and another layer of cabbage rolls, cook on low for 8-12 hours… take a couple out put it on the plate, add more sauce on top, grate some good cheese on top.. and BAM… cabbage rolls…. Ok I’ll make them one week and do a recipe for ya if you want!

      Glad you liked the hummus, we love it. Keep on finding small ways to get your budget down, like the beans for example and you will see it creep down. It’s all the extra crap that sits on shelves for months on end that we all need to stop buying. Having too much in the house is not always good either. Stocking the basics is our goal for this challenge.

      Great job with the grocery budget wow.. you all put me to shame!

      You get ballot #18

  2. our weekly budget is $100 for the week for food, cleaners and all haba items
    $3.67 cereal
    $3.73 whole wheat flour (bought a pasta maker and gonna give it a try)
    $1×2 rice cakes
    $1.50×2 pringles chips
    $1×2 mushrooms
    .97 kimchi noodle bowl
    $1.97 2L pop
    $1.97 6pk crossiants
    $3.77-fpc from canadian tire mccain cake
    $2.22-$3C zantac
    $3.47 tums
    $1.57 ranch
    $33.26 total oop
    $6.77 total coupons

    $2×4 cadbury bars
    $1.99×5-$2C sunscreen-good till 2014
    $16.85 total oop
    $2 total coupons

    $1 canned veg
    $2.05×2 coffee creamer
    $15.47 roast beast 🙂 (I cut it at home and got three smaller roasts to freeze)
    $7.98-$1C cheese
    $27.63 total oop
    $1 total coupons

    $1.60 pop
    $1.29 lettuce
    $2.79-$1C butter
    $5.49 avcado rool
    $4.99 buffalo wrap
    $3.69-1/2 off staff coupon 4pk crossiants
    $1.93 4pk spicy italian sausage
    $19.51 total oop
    $2.84 total coupons

    $97.25 weekly total oop
    $12.61 total coupons

    Another week under budget!!!!!!!!! Not as much as I would like but the overtime at work has caused some laziness. But am looking forward to some yummy roast beast 🙂

    1. Hi Juanita!
      Pasta is dead easy to make and with your machine you can make all sorts of good pasta. Whole wheat is a great flour to use or you can mix it. My relatives make pasta and I did back home a couple times but not here in Canada yet. Maybe that will be my next recipe… lol.. What coupons did you have for the sunscreen! Great deal.. free is good. We should do what you do with your roast. We just bought one and it’s whole in the freezer. Good Idea. I love roast beast as well, grew up with it every Sunday! You are awesome when you shop..Do you make a list or a plan? What happens when you see something not on your list? You get ballot #16! Mr.CBB Keep up the good work.

  3. Well i was at about 125/150 last week but i bought two cans of formula which came to 25 dollars. So i basically spent my 150 for the week. Here’s this weeks Shop:


    Michelinas Macaroni (daughter loves these)-2.00
    Danino yogurt-2.00-1,00 coupon=1.00
    10LB onions-1.98
    baby cereal-3.27-1.50 coupon=1.77

    Total coupons=2.50

    Shoppers drug mart

    Lemonade-1.79×2=3.58-2.00 coupon=1.58
    Chunky soup-2.29
    Miracle Whip-2.79
    Stouffer Crustini-1.99
    Energy Drinks (hubby works nights and hates coffee)-2.00×4=8.00
    Uncle Bens=0.99
    Bread-1.99-1.25 coupon=0.74
    Chocolate bar-1.50×2=3.00
    chips ahoy-1.79
    gerber cheesies-2.99-1.00 coupon=1.99
    Huggies diapers-17.99-2.00 coupon=15.99

    Total Coupons=6.25
    Total=57.31 (and got a ten dollar gift card)


    Chips ahoy-1.50×2=3.00
    Frosted Flakes-5.77

    No Coupons
    Had to go back in cereal was rung it at the wrong price…was supposed to be only 4.99…so got for free and came with 5$ gas card..
    New total=10.47


    Lays Chips-2.47×2=4.94
    Seasoning packs-1.34×2=2.68
    Garden salad-1.00
    Lean ground pork-3.50
    Baby food-6/3$
    Kraft Dinner-0.77×2=1.54
    Arm and hammer spinbrush for my daughter-4.96-1.50 coupon=3.46
    Baby Tylenol-4.97-3.00=1..97
    Dove Shampoo-2.88×2=5.76-1.00=4.76
    Dish Soap-=1.67×2=3.34-1.00 coupon=2.34
    Baby Oatmeal-1.92-1.00 cpupon=0.92
    Baby cereal-3.67-1.50coupon=2.17
    Scrubbing Bubbles-2.00×2=4.00-2.00 coupon=2.00

    Total Coupons=11.00

    Total for the week:142.02-150.00=7.98 left over 🙂
    Sweet….alll i could think of when i was shopping was dont go over 150…have to post my shop 🙂 Hopefully each week i can get my budget down a bit…and maybe even have a few no shop weeks 🙂 Thanks!

    1. That’s hilarious because we do the same thing and that is what I want others to start thinking about when they shop. IF you are motivated when shopping by something or someone the less likely you will be to buy more than you should. You have to ask yourself if you really need it or if you can make meals for the week with stuff you already have in the home. For the most part convenience foods always go on sale and really are not deals to me any way you look at it. You can buy bags of potatoes instead of fries, noodles and add cheese, spices to make meals instead of packets but those are the ways we cut our budget down so much. Others have to think about if that is something are willing to do and really it’s not that time consuming. I think Mrs.CBB and I got too used to boxed items and spice packets for sloppy joes and beef stew that we really didn’t stop to think that we probably have the bloody spice in the cupboard which would cost us like $0.10 for a meal rather than over $1.0 a pack…. keep at it mate… under budget is what we all want.. and hopefully The Grocery Game will inspire you and at the end of the year we can ALL celebrate together for taking the time to post our shops and invest in our families budget. You get ballot #14! Mr.CBB

      1. Yes….I normally dont like to buy pre packaged foods but my hubby has no idea how to cook. He left home not even knowing how to boil noodles…so i try my hardest to teach him a home made recipe each week but for those nights when i’m not home…he finds it easier to just throw together pre packaged stuff…its better than burning everything lol….hes still young…his parents never even taught him how to do laundry 🙁 Each week i cut out more and more and try to cook from scratch…it is hard though…Thanks for all the great comments and ideas…really do appreciate them 🙂

        1. I think that’s great that you teach him one recipe a week. He should really learn because cooking can be fun especially when you test out new recipes together in the kitchen…. it can get steamy but it’s fun ha! Maybe you can teach him how to make my sloppy joes… it’s super easy!!! Mr.CBB

          1. LOL funny you should say that….thats exactly whats on the menu for tomorrow night! Between an eight month old (very clingly bay boy) and a four year old i definetly do my best 🙂

          2. I do have a packet…but i also have all the ingredients in your recipe so i think i am going to try that one out…it looks delicious 🙂 Will let you know how it goes 🙂

  4. Total budget for the week $40.00…overspent last week $20.07

    shoppers (sept 9- but I m counting it with this weeks as I had already written up last weeks shop)

    1 pkg tissues .49
    12 cadbury bars 24.00
    3 vit D 24.87
    1 pkg certs 1.19( needed something to go over $50.00 quick @ till)

    sub 50.55
    h.s.t. 6.57
    total 57.12
    redeemed $50.00 -optimum points ( bonus week- 25 000 points used)

    oop paid $7.12

    ********gained 27000 points********

    Superstore- ******NO TAX event sept 14******

    1 10lb carrot 1.98
    1 10lb potato 1.98
    1 10lb. onion 1.98
    1 bounce pmed walmart 3.00 – .50c
    1 charmin 6.67 – 2.00c
    2 h&s shampoo pmed walmart 6.46each- 2.00c
    2 always pmed walmart 2.84 each- 1.50c
    2 crispers pmed walmart 1.00 each- 1.00c
    2 tide pmed walmart 3.97each- 2.00c
    -.47 superbucks

    oop $34.68 ( 9.47 coupons used)


    7 newmans own marinara sauce 2.00 ea – 7-1.00c
    ( been looking all over for this as the coupons expire at the end of the month and it was on sale too)

    oop $7.00

    budget 40.00

    total of the week 48.80

    over 8.80 + over last week 20.07= 28.87 over this month

    budget up until the beginning of summer was $50.00 a week- I dropped it down $10 a week when my oldest moved out ( Quebec and then University) but I may have to raise it back up because
    I am still buying quite a bit for her even though she isn t living here.

    still need to pick up 10lbs beets ( $1.98) at superstore as they were out and then I won t be shopping after the 24th. Might even grab 2 bags and do up some harvard beets and freeze the….my kids love them. We love beets but I HATE the mess plus they are a pain in the a$$-so its better to do up lots at a time.
    So I will actually come under budget this month 🙂 Not much actual food bought but still have lots in the house, and grabbed *other* products while they were on sale.

    Could not resist the shoppers sale on the chocolate bars, basically free when you look at the points spent and the points earned….and if I can keep a few around….I am all set for halloween as we only get 2-5 kids here.

    1. Hi Lynda,
      I love when I read how you are sticking to your budget with your overspend last week, good for you and that’s the way to do it. Probably what we should get in the habit of doing rather than saying oh we will not go over budget for the month. I’ll keep that in mind. We do the same if we posted our shops and we shop again we will post it the next week… it has to be posted somewhere… so it is reflected and being honest about the shops is most important as it will show us areas we can improve in. Great deal on the crispers are there coupons out for that? Great deal on the Newmans although I’ve never tried it before and I know we have coupons for them. If you feel you need to put your budget back up and your budget allows it then you should especially if you are still shopping for her. What a great deal for beets… wow. YEs they are a pain in the ass and the mess… awful… Great deal on the choccie bars. We didn’t get in on that deal as they are too tempting here and we already have a million bars in our freezer from a Zehrs 50% off sale. That’s great news you will come in under budget. CHeers Lynda!! Keep up the hard work mate… you are doing awesome!! Mr.CBB you get ballot #12

  5. Ok Here goes on this weeks shopping
    Stonetown Foodland- Sept 10
    Toronto Star-$1.43
    1 Can Pineapple tidbits $1.59
    1 jar pickles-$1.79
    2 loaves of bread-$1.99 +1.99
    2 field tomatoes-$.94
    1 McCain frozen fries-$2.29
    2 boxes Triscuits-$5.00
    1 raison bread-$3.19
    4 cases of pop(3 ginger ale and 1 cream soda 3/9.99)-$13.32
    1 bag frozen stir fry veggies-$3.49
    2 packs of lean ground beef- $4.60+$4.60
    1 bag milk-$4.79
    1 laundry stain remover-$7.49 ($1.00 coupon)
    1 pack smokes-$9.69
    Total $72.48 with a $1.00 coupon

    Stonetown Foodland- Sept 13
    1 spaghetti-$1.25
    4 bananas-$.92
    1 yogourt-$2.50( $.50 coupon)
    1 box Triscuits-$2.50
    2 large eggs/12-$2.58+$2.58 (buy 2 save $1.00 coupon)
    1 Baking soda-$2.69
    1 raison bread-$3.19
    1 Bear Paw-$3.99
    1 chocolate milk,2L-$4.49
    1 5gal filtered water-$5.49
    1 pack smokes-$9.69
    Total- $41.63 with $2.50 in coupons

    Shopper’s Drug Mart-Sept 9
    1 pack store brand adult diapers-$12.99
    2 jugs Tide-$4.99+$4.99
    1 Dove body wash-$4.99($1.00 coupon)
    3 Dove shampoo-@$4.99 (2- buy 2 save $2.00 coupons used with shampoo and conditioner)
    3 Dove conditioner-@$4.99
    Total-$58.74 with $5.00 coupons

    Total for the week- $172.85 with $8.50 in coupons
    This was $22.85 over what I was hoping. I was OK except for the trip to SDM, but we needed the shampoo and conditioner. I had 2 coupons for the Dove and got 3000 extra points from them, it was 1500 points for buying 3 product. We will have to see how the sales work this week.

    1. Hi Christine!
      I don’t know about your area but I know that Canadian Tire gives out complimentary Toronto Stars.. hint! Worth checking out. Frozen fries are a waste of money IMO I would have bought ten pounds of potatoes for that price.. don’t worry we used to buy them too and it’s simply convenience that we didn’t want in our budget. I’m not shocked on the price of raisin bread, we love it but it’s always so pricey. I try to find it on the 50% off rack and nab it then. Those bear paws are killer $3.99.. can they make them any pricer wow. I hope you were able to get in on the TIDE deal at Walmart this week minus the $1.00 brandsaver coupon that makes a great deal. SO all in all you did well. The Dove body wash and conditioner were way overpriced.. but like you said you needed it. With the $2.00 off coupons it’s on sale at WM this week for $2.99 or .88 I believe so that would be when I would jump in. The hard part is when you need the product. Like us we had to start buying dog food again as our free and cheap dog food and treats have now run out.. it sucks but it has to be done. We spent 30 mins trying to figure out what kind to get our dog. You get ballot #11 Christine… keep at it darlin.. you are doing so well but I know you are getting smarter with your shops I can see it. Cheers Mr.CBB

      1. Hi yourself… I think the Toronto Star might be given out in the GTA more so than here as I have never seen in in the store here at all. I know frozen french fries are not the greatest but I don’t like deep frying anything and it takes a while longer from scratch in the oven. Time I don’t always have but the kids love them and so does the hubby. Raison bread is on sale this week at Foodland so I bought some extra as you will see soon,it never lasts long enough in the store here for it to go to half price, darn!!!!!!! The bearpaws have a coupon inside the box for $4.00 off when you buy 2 20 count snack Nestle chocolate bars fro Halloween. Now to find the 20’s on sale!! Lol! Walmart is not a place I go as it means a 45-60 minute drive out of town. They will be building a store in Stratford in the next couple of years but that’s no good now. Stratford would mean a 20 minute drive and I’m there anyway at least once a week. So for now I can only drool over the deals there… We have a cat and Stuart likes his IAM’s or some times he gets Whiskis depending on the sales. Mind you he could live off the fat of the land for a few days, tubby boy!So far I’m under for the week but Sobey’s have the big bags of flour on this week$4.99, and butter is on for $3.33. But if I wait a week or two it will likely be on here at Foodland…I can get one of each and still stay under…….I might……

        1. Foodland has ridiculous prices as we’ve been in that shop when visiting friends. It’s almost as bad as going to Metro but for some that is all they have in their vicinity. If I lived out in the country I would make 1 trip a month to the city to load up instead of paying inflated prices.

  6. going to blow my grocery budget again this month 🙁 a little bit ashamed when reading how good others are doing. anyway here’s my shops:

    Butcher (45 mins away from us, but half price compare to grocery stores in our city, we go there once a month to see husband’s uncle, so we do our meat shopping once a month also)
    12 chicken thighs 9.64
    4 pork shoulder chops 6.73
    3 packs short ribs 7.86
    wings 9.51
    ground beef 2.99
    sweet potato 0.70
    chinese cabbage 3.54
    total: $40.97

    Giant Tiger
    bread 1.97
    kraft dinner 2 x 1 = 2.00
    vegetable oil 5.97
    pops 5.94
    total: 16.65

    sugar 2x 1.99
    old el paso kit 4.79 – FPC = FREE
    total: 3.98

    reese 2x 1.00
    wet dog food 8.98
    old el paso kit 4-FPC=FREE
    bread 2-1=1.00
    total: 13.41

    Food Basics
    pudding 0.79
    freezer bags 1.89
    freezer bags 3.49
    3 canned tuna 2.91
    strawberry 1.67
    chinese cabbage 2.03
    pumpkin 2.03
    sweet potato 0.69
    tomato 2.11
    2 bak choy 3.00
    lettuce 0.97
    cucumber 0.88
    ginger 0.39
    chips 2.79 – FPC = FREE
    total: $ 23.91

    Asian store
    noodles, tapioca, bean sprout = 10

    Giant Tiger
    4L milk 4.39
    mushroom 0.97
    folgers coffee PM 5.96-1=4.96 x3
    total: 20.24

    monthly budget: $220 (for 2 people)
    spent for the past 2 weeks: 40.97+10+16.65+23.91+3.98+13.41+20.24=129.16
    total spent 131.10+129.16= 260.26
    OVER budget by 40.26 (yet i need to go to giant tiger again to stock up coffee, with the coupon it is under $5 each, the cheapest i have been able to get 🙁

    conclusion: I shop too much?? plus i set my budget too low? i need a restraining order for me to stop shopping???

    1. Hi WING!! Don’t feel ashamed feel empowered to make it right the next month. You can do this. Is that Nappa Cabbage you buy and how do you use it in recipes? Did you buy a case of pop for $5.94? I stopped buying pop as it was eating up too much of my budget. Well we stock up and sometimes that puts us over budget for the month as well. It’s not a bad thing as long as it’s not every month and as long as you have the cash to cover the overage. If you are consistently going over then yes your budget is too low OR you need to stop shopping so much. We do a no shop week once a month ( well we will now as our guests are gone) and we simply ignore the shops for a week. It’s the BEST feeling ever, hard to describe, sort of like losing weight I guess, or paying off debt.. it’s a great feeling knowing you didn’t spend money you easily could have. Are you using the food that is in your home, are you being creative enough with your meals, are you buying convenience foods you just don’t need. The big chunk this week goes to meat which can significantly impact the budget. Other than that you didn’t buy too much and it’s not bad stuff besides the pop, chips, KD, Old El paso some of which you used FPCS… although we got the Old el paso but ONLY for the $4.00 off beef and only because it was on sale for $.399 otherwise you save nothing as you can make tortillas and whip spices in a pan for FAR less than $4.79 the price of a kit. You get ballot #10… keep at it WING… you can nail the budget… I know you can. Mr.CBB

  7. My grocery budget is $100/week for food, haba, cleaning/laundry. I shop for 2 adults and a 21 month old toddler.

    I am carrying over $34.23 from the previous week and I am hoping to make it up somewhere lol.

    Ritz bites (PM Fresh Co) 4@ 2/$3
    NN tuna $1.09
    Vinegar $1.98
    Goldfish crackers 2x $2.00
    Resolve (PM No Frills) 10x $2.00 – 10x $2.00 coupons
    Vitality bread 4x $2.00 – 2x $3.00
    Wonderbread $2.29 – FPC
    Apples $4.52
    Grapes $.52
    Romaine $1.29
    Vaseline moisturizer $2.14 – FPC
    Baby bottle liners $5.99 – 50% pink sticker $3.00

    Coupons $30.43
    CD $5.48
    OOP $20.32

    Ritz Bites (PM Fresh Co) 2/$3.00
    Hand sanitizer $3.44

    CD $.65
    OOP $5.85

    Food Basics
    Lactancia Homo milk 2x $4.29 – 2x $1.00
    Lactancia 1% milk $3.88 – $1.00
    Strawberries 3/$5.00
    Distilled water $.99

    Coupons $3.00
    OOP $15.45

    Food Basics
    Lactancia Homo milk 2x $4.29 – 2x $1.00
    Lactancia 1% milk $3.88 – $1.00
    Strawberries 3/$5.00

    Coupons $3.00
    OOP $17.75

    GV Oxi $7.97
    Diaper Genie refill 2/$12

    OOP $22.57

    $34.23 + $20.32 + $5.85 + $15.45 + $17.75 + $22.57=$116.17

    Well I’m under budget for the week and I am catching up on what I over spent a few weeks ago. I was $34.23 over and now I’m only $16.17 over budget. Slowly but surely I’m getting there! 🙂

    1. Where did you get the vitality coupons? Also where were the $2.00 resolve in? Great deal on the baby bottle liners. I heard you have to buy them often as they grow because they allow more food through? Gosh.. did that sound silly lol… Well you are doing better you are only over by $16.xx so maybe next week you can focus on nailing it Jen…how much is left in your budget for the month? Look at my shop and see how I do it at the end now.. if you can lay it out like that for me in the post it will be super easy for you and me to see how you progress through the weeks.. just an idea… Mr.CBB you get ballot #9~~~ Ya!

  8. I’m so sad about the apples this year. Our local orchard won’t have any apples this year, but I’m hoping some of the wild trees may have some fruit on them. Red Prince is a great (and relatively new) variety of apple you might want to try too!

    1. I’ve never heard of a Red Prince before but I’ll be on the lookout for it. It’s a shame really that so many farmers were hit with a drought. Apples are so costly here right now. I actually noticed red peppers at $2.99lb tonight and we paid. $0.57 a pound just 2 weeks ago. We bought a load, cleaned them and put them in the freezer. Do you do that at all?

      1. We have a garden that has produced an abundance of peppers and tomatoes, so we’ve been making salsa, freezing, canning and trying to store as much as we can. We usually buy up lots of strawberries when they are in season and freeze them for those cold, berry-less months.

        1. You know we were at the shops last night and peppes have gone up to $2.99 lb from $0.57 a pound just back 2 weeks. I’m glad we have been freezing them. Our garden is not big but we got enough tomatoes for the season but like to stock more peppers for the winter. We love strawberry jam, do you make it?

  9. Okay, so this is the first time I’ve done this; let me know if I’m missing anything!

    So I’m aiming for $50 a week for 2 people, which works out to be $200 for the month.

    Farmers Market
    Habenero Sausage 20

    Total Out of pocket 20

    Green leaf lettuce 0.97
    Onions 1.47
    Bananas 1.84
    Pickles 3.27
    Cayenne pepper 2
    Kale 1.27
    Parlsey 0.77
    Tomato 0.39
    Dempster Hamburger buns 3.18

    Total Coupons 0
    Total Out of pocket 15.16

    Ichiban noodles 2
    Tuna 2
    Raspberries 1.99
    Ritz crackers 2.66
    Ruffles chips 2.5

    Total Coupons 6.96
    Total Out of pocket 11.28

    Weekly Grocery Game Challenge Results:

    Total Grocery Budget for the Month: $200.00
    Total Coupons Used this Week $6.96
    Total Spent This Week $46.44
    Total Spent So Far for September $46.44
    Total Over/Under spend this shop : -$3.56
    Total Over/Under spend for the month of September: -$3.56
    Total Left to Spend for the Month: $153.56

    Quick questions: Is the coupons part actual coupons you use, or just the savings you receive from buying stuff on sale?

    I have started using my freezer more often recently, and freeze meat and fruit, but never thought to stockpile vegetables! How well do peppers freeze? Are there other vegetables you freeze?


    1. Hey Vicky!!!
      Glad to have you on board I’m thrilled! I love how you posted your shop by using the same layout as me. It’s makes it so easy to read. I only put coupons used in the actual coupons used section. Peppers freeze amazing and we do ti every year. I probably spent an hour cleaning, chopping and freezing those peppers but when they shoot up in price come winter I’ll be enjoying them in my stir fry for $0.57 a lb! The object of this game is to hold yourself accountable for your shops. I can’t tell you how many times we’re out shopping and I want to get something but I stop because it’s not on my list. Marketing in the stores is heavy duty and it can play with our minds and stomach while inside.
      What are Habanero Sausages? Are they hot? We love sausages in our house but we don’t eat much red meat.
      Awesome shopping this week!
      Do you carry forward your underspend each week to the next?
      What are you hoping to improve by posting your shops? Were you struggling sticking to your grocery budget like we were even though we were using coupons?
      Cheers You get ballot #8!
      Thanks Vicky for dropping in… I’m happy to see more people taking control and thanks for spreading the word.

      1. The Habenero sausages were a splurge for a firepit at my cousins ($20 for 4 sausages is pretty crazy) but they were fresh at our Farmer’s Market. They are definitely hot; I can usually only have a piece or two before the constant burning is too much for me, but my family loves anything hot!
        I do plan on carrying my overspend each week; some weeks will be lighter than others depending on how much leftovers my mom gives me. Yes, I still get packed meals from my mom! 🙂
        My goal for posting my shops is not only to keep my eye on my grocery bill, but to reduce my eating out expenditure as well! Keeping track of the groceries reminds me of what I have in the fridge and I am trying to start meal planning as well. Our dining out budget is pretty crazy, and a lot of it is usually a result of running out of food at the end of the week and just being too lazy to pick up groceries and cook. Either way, money saved in either category would be great!

        1. Hi Vicky,
          That’s what I wanted to hear. I wanted to hear that you had a plan and it’s very similar to ours except we don’t eat out. I was watching Property Virgins Last night on the television and this couple who had very good jobs wanted to buy their first home with ONLY 13K as a down payment. The reason they said the downpayment was so low was because they spent $250 a week eating out OMG. I could never do that as food is not my number one priority in life, it’s important but we certainly don’t need to eat out posh every night. There’s more to life than just food but for some it’s the end all be all. I hope you accomplish your goals here Vicky and we will be beside you every step of the way! Ask questions, comment don’t be shy… but I know you are not! Cheers Mr.CBB
          P.S wow 4 sausages for $20 yup that’s a splurge but we need those every once in a while.

  10. Mr. CBB, I really believe I can hit my grocery budget for the first time ever thanks to your game! I wasn’t going to shop last week but from my last trip, I received a $10 off coupon to be used the following week. I couldn’t let that go to waste! We also needed some munchies for our trip to Vegas and my mother in law was staying with our daughter and has to have Diet Coke. I priced everything out in my head to equal slightly over $10. I got almond milk, a container of yogurt, a six pack of Diet Coke and two bags of kettle chips, which were BOGO free. I went to ring up and the total was $5.11! Mr. CBB will be disappointed, how did I mess up the math? It turns out they charged me for both bags of kettle chips. The old me would have just left, but I went to the service desk and explained that one should have been free. They checked and the sale was over but the sign had not been removed, so they refunded my money.

    Total at Safeway: $1.53. Card savings were $1.50. Coupon savings $10.75

    Today I went to the other Grocery store in town and bought clearance chicken, bananas, a whole pineapple, grapes, five cans of soup, lots of cheese(I’ve learned to buy 1lb blocks and use a grater to shred) I also got two packs of string cheese and two backs of Babybel cheese. Had some great coupons.Pringles, sports drinks, Lean pockets (we do eat some convenience foods), bacon, 4 bottles of V8 Fusion, cereal, and macaroni.

    Total at City Market: $86.68. Card savings were $35.44. Coupons Savings $5.55

    You had asked me to explain card savings. At most US grocey stores you can sign up for a value card, which looks like a library card. You scan it at check out and you get the store savings for that week. It tracks your purchases and the store sends you coupons based on what you buy. Safeway does this by email and you download coupons to your card. City Market sends paper coupons in the mail and you can also download store coupons online.

    I should only have to shop once more this month. I’m too tired to look at last week’s total, but I think I can make the $350 for the first time ever. Of course you put me to shame with your budget, but baby steps, right?

    1. Thanks for explaining the card savings. So for example if your weekly shop flyer says the milk is on sale and you buy a bag then swipe this card the card will pick up that you bought the milk and apply the sale price? I think that’s great and I also think it’s great they send you coupons. You have so many opportunities in the USA from what we see on the television to get coupons and use them to full advantage it’s unreal. Is it realistic to say that most Americans can shop like the extreme couponers? SO you have a monthly budget of $350 for 2 adults ( I can’t recall if you had a child as well) What was your previous months grocery total? It took a bit to get the shops down to $190 a month but that’s been from cooking from scratch, eating less (we tend to eat more calories than we actually need) thus costing us more money in the grocery budget. It all takes time yes…. If you can lay out the shop just like mine and you can see the numbers that’s what helps us get it down each week. Just seeing the numbers all neat and tidy. Maybe I have a bit of organizational OCD but I like to see it all in front of me haha…

      Thanks for sharing your shop! Can’t wait to follow along with you.

      1. To be an extreme couponer, you have to really put in some time, probably 20-40hrs/wk in organizing and collecting coupons. You also will end up buying 50 cans of cat food even if you don’t have a cat just because you had a good coupon and got them free. I don’t see the point of that, but I do love a good sale with a coupon. I am extreme by no means, but the grocery stores here do offer lots of deals if you take the time to sign up and follow them.

        1. We used about 6k in coupons last year and they were great deals but we no longer see them in Canada since the television show EC since so many people jumped on the Canadian Coupon Band Wagon. In all honesty yes at first it takes time but it gets so easy that it’s not even close to 5 hours a week … you learn to work fast, skim, cut, and you know what to read and what not to etc… it’s not as painful as most seem although I can’t speak for the Americans who cut hundreds if not thousands of coupons a week with industrial cutters.. they are in a whole other league.

  11. I’ll get to the weeks worth of shopping on the weekend as usual, I hope. I must say one thing about the prices of things like apples this year. The price is not because of the drought. What happened was we had all the lovely warm weather in March and it caused the buds to break and start to open. Then we had a couple of really cold nights in April with frost. That killed a lot of the blossoms on the fruit trees. No blossoms/ no fruit. So there simply isn’t the local produce there for us to buy which, of course, drives up the price. Plus it means less local and more imported product.

    1. I’m sure that was no help but I know what you are talking about.Do you have apple trees? We have a crab apple tree in our yard. The tree in our yard wasn’t affected at all as we had so many apples we had to give them away. The part where I talk about the drought was linked to an article today where I believe the farmers were talking about how the weather affected their crops this year. That is where the information was sourced from. Cheers Christine and I look forward to your shop!!! Mr.CBB

  12. Here’s my grocery numbers for this week:

    Grocery for Sept 10-16

    Total out of Pocket $0.00!!!

    We are on vacation & using our vacation budget for all of our expenses this week.

    Monthly Budget = $190/4 weeks = $47.50 per week

    I was still over $8.31 at the end of last week so that leaves us $39.19 UNDER for this week and we can add that onto next week’s grocery shop giving me $39.19+$47.50 = $86.69 for the week of Sept 17-23 and I expect to use this in the US on the way back home.

    Feels good to be under for this week!! 😀

    1. Hey Mary!
      I want to feel what you are feeling this month ha! I really hope we can get under budget this month. It will be tough but with all of your support I’m hoping we can make it. I really want to stick to the plan this year. Thanks for sharing your no-shop week Mary! Happy Vacations! Mr.CBB You get ballot #9~

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