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The Grocery Game Challenge Sept 17-23,2012- Bring On The Rain!

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As I’m typing this up today it’s raining outside like nobody’s business and I’m loving it. Why? Simply put, I don’t have to water the garden. Yes, I’m being lazy but for good reason, free water means a lower water bill and that makes me happy especially when my rain barrel is full! Having a garden takes alot of love and attention. I know many people who think they can plant some seeds and walk away and believe they will have an abundance of herbs and vegetables grow all on their own.

Ask my mate Karen at Lil Suburban Homestead what is involved with gardening and I’m sure she will give you an earful. I’m not going to lie she has taught me a thing or two this year and I certainly enjoy her blog simply for the personal touch that she brings to it. Karen treats me, one of her fans like I want to treat all of my fans, and that to me makes me feel at home.

When Mrs. CBB and I go for a walk we see a couple of our neighbours who have overgrown gardens and simply because they don’t tend them. Our one neighbour just the other day was complaining that she had hardly anything grow in her garden after I said we couldn’t keep up with eating our tomatoes. (Yes she had her hand up ready to take them off our hands) I asked her if she strung her tomatoes up and did she give them enough water, did you pick the weeds etc. I’m sure you are not surprised when she said no, she didn’t have the time.  So not only patience is needed with a garden but so is time.

Mrs.CBB and I were talking the other day about our Pepper and Tomato plants and how we planted the seeds in early March 2012 and we are now reaping the rewards of our hard work. Was it worth it? Sure it was and yes it took some work but when you breath in the organic smell of the peppers and tomatoes (and those of you who grow them know exactly what smell I’m talking about), then you can bet we would do it all over again.

Will you start a garden next year and what will you plant?

Ok, now to this weeks Grocery Shop!

Coupon Match-Ups

Here are your Coupon Match-ups for the week compliments of Save Big Live Better one of my favourite Couponing sites for finding the hottest grocery deals in Canada!

No Frills

  • Eye of Round $9.90

Total Coupons Used: $0

Total Out of Pocket: $9.90


  • Beneful Dog Food- $30.48- FPC (but I paid the tax, not sure if I was supposed to but I did)
  • Activia Sale $2.87-$1.00 from booklet
  • Lettuce Sale $0.88
  • Mozzarella Sale $3.87 x2 – 2x $1.00 coupons
  • Old Cheddar Sale $3.87
  • Bath poufs – Sale $1.00
  • Beneful Turkey Dinner $2.38- FPC Buy any beneful dry get a Meal free
  • Mushrooms Fresh Sale $1.00 x2

Total Coupons Used: $ 35.86

Total Out Of Pocket: $20.89

Food Basics

  • Lean Ground Beef  Club pack-30%- $9.18-$2.75- $4.00 Old El Paso
  • Lean Ground Beef Club pack-30%- $9.19-$2.76- $4.00 Old El Paso
  • Noodles – $0.25 sale x6
  • Red Peppers Sale $0.88  $2.29,$2.20, $2.63,
  • Limes $1.00
  • Cashmere Toilet Paper Double Rolls Sale $4.88-$1.00 coupon
  • Bread – $0.99
  • We had these $4.00 off beef when you buy Old El Paso which we bought when our volunteers from Europe and Asia were here. It’s like a revolving door these coupons but we only would use them if the kits are $2.99 as it’s a waste of money as far as I’m concerned. I can easily make my own tortillas and whip in some spices with meat. The best deal is the money off the beef or chicken even if it is a $1.00 it’s better than nothing. So we picked up 2 Old El Paso kits with more $4.00 off coupons on them which we will likely give away in a Quickie Contest. (hint)

Total Coupons Used: $14.51

Total Out Of Pocket: $27.06

Shoppers Drug Mart

  • Eggs Sale $2.29×2- $1.00wub2
  • Cream x2 Sale $0.99

Total Coupons Used: $1.00

Total Out Of Pocket: $5.56

Weekly Grocery Game Challenge Results for Mr. and Mrs. CBB

  • Total Grocery Budget for the Month: $190.00
  • Total Coupons Used this Week : $51.37
  • Total Spent This Week:$5.56+$27.06+$20.89+$9.90=63.41
  • Total Spent So Far for September: $7.26+$89.88 +63.41 $160.55
  • Total Over/Under spend this shop: $0.59
  • Total Over/Under spend for the month of September: $29.45
  • Total Left to Spend for the Month: $29.45

Weekly Overview:

This week we were cutting it close with an underspend of $0.59 and $29.45 left in the budget with one week to go. Next week should be our no-shop week so our plan is to not look at the flyers or coupon match ups for the week. Is that possible? Will we need to run out to buy food? We will see but the good thing is that we have money left in the budget.

We do have a bunch of free product coupons we need to use up from a Pepsi Promo earlier this year so we will take advantage of that. The sad part is I really don’t drink much pop any more. When we quit smoking I found I was drinking more pop to satisfy the need not to smoke but that has since passed. On the odd occasion I have a rum and coke but that is rare as I’m not a big drinker. I prefer my water, tea and coffee any day.

How well did you stick to your Grocery Budget This Week?

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  1. Store: Item Amount Coupon Disc Total Tax Weekly Sub-total

    Sobeys (Sept 20)
    Apples 3.99 3.99
    Sweet Potatoes 3.26 3.26
    Gardennay Soups 2.99 2.99
    10.24 10.24

    Sobeys (Sept 19)
    Lean Ground Beef 5.38 5.38
    Lean Ground Beef 6.23 6.23
    11.61 8.35 3.26
    *Returned medium ground beef and received gc for 8.35

    Giant Tiger (Sept 16)
    Pork & Beans (x4) 1.92 1.92
    Mini Wheats 2.49 2.49
    Eggs 2.92 2.92
    Butter 2.97 2.97
    Mushrooms 0.97 0.97
    Crispers (x3) 3.39 0.75 2.64
    13.91 0.44 14.35

    Sobeys (Sept 16)
    Chicken Breasts 6.99 6.99
    Hotstuff Chbrgr (x2) 2.00 2.00
    2L Milk 3.19 3.19
    Coffee Cream 500mL 1.85 1.85
    Baby Spinach 454g 5.99 5.99
    Greek Yogurt 4.99 4.99
    MapleLeaf Bacon 4.00 4.00
    Haddock 7.29 7.29
    Cheese 4.67 1.00 3.67
    Red Peppers 2.99 2.99
    Zucchini 0.28 0.28
    Black Forest Ham 2.49 0.75 1.74
    Panini 2.69 2.69
    Cucumber 1.00 1.00
    48.67 48.67


    Weekly Budget 100 amount spent 76.52 23.48 Carry forward
    For two adults

    Once again I tossed the previous two weeks of receipts, I definitely need to be more careful in the future to ensure.

  2. budget per week….40.00
    28.87 over this month so far.

    sept 18 ( not posted yet)
    2 iogo .99 -1.50c
    4 m&m s @ 1.19each -4 fpc
    2 resolve@ 1.99- 2 fpc

    total coupons used10.26
    subtotal .46 tax 1.85= total oop 1.85
    % saved 95%

    food basics
    lost the receipt ….but I have written down 10.43 oop, coupons used 19.25… daughter cleaned up my desk area while I was in the hospital….things got tossed or rearranged

    total spent 12.28=27.72 under

    over for the month so far 1.15

  3. Our weekly budget is $100 for food, cleaners and all haba items

    $4.89 sherbet
    $4.99 frozen prime chicken – must be clearing them out cause they were reg $14.99
    $9.80 total oop

    $3.84-$1C lady time stuff
    $2.84-.50C more mysterious lady stuff
    $4.95 4L milk
    $1.13×2 1L choc milk
    $12.87 total oop
    $1.50 total coupons

    Save on foods
    $3.99-$1C hellmanns mayo
    $2.99×2-$1.75C iogo yogurt
    $7.99 1L olive oil
    $1.50×2 gravy mix
    $2.29-fpc flavourful recipe mix(when you buy 2 gravy mixes coupon)
    $18.21 total oop
    $5.04 total coupons

    H&W produce
    $2.56 red peppers
    .83 jalapenos
    .33×3 corn on the cob
    $1.08 peaches
    $5.46 total oop

    $1.38 sweet chilli sauce
    $1.87 4pk gum
    $3.34 total oop

    $1.13-.50C milk to go choco
    $1.69 2L pop
    $1-$1C astro yogurt
    $1 sour cream
    $1 lipton onion soup mix
    $2.99×2-bogo sale cake mix
    $3.99×2-bogo sale $1.50C international creamer
    $2.10×2-bogo sale peach juice
    $3.99 4kg sugar
    $4.49×2-bogo sale alfredo sauce
    $1.39×2-bogo sale cinnamon/nutmeg
    $4.49×2-bogo sale ziploc freezer bags
    $2.50×2-$1C johnsonville smokies
    $5.43 whole chicken
    $36.04 total oop
    $4.00 total coupons

    $85.80 total oop
    $10.54 total coupons
    Under budget again ! horray 🙂
    I am trying to save and spend less but seem to be having a hard time doing so. But there were items that I normally buy that took a big chuck out of our weekly budget, ie olive oil-never bought before! At least I have a bit of a stock for baking and cooking items now.

    1. Hey Juanita
      That Prime Chicken is so overpriced…. that’s why they are getting rid of it as no one would pay those high prices. I’d go vegetarian first lol. What do you think of the IOGO yogurt? Olive Oil can be pricey but it’s all we use. We don’t deep fry often so 1 jug lasts us a long time of vegetable oil and we strain it after each use. Stick to the plan and you can do it, think of meals to make with what you already have like Vicky has been doing.
      Do you have a meal plan?
      I posted in the grocery game rules a new layout for posters which will make it easy for you and me all month to follow your shops. Just highlight it, right click on it,click copy, then right click and click Paste in the comments when you want to start posting your shop. Or you can type your shop in word or whatever and transfer it over.. check it out .. it will be a monthly running total for you and I.

      Keep up the great work mate.
      You get ballot #23.

  4. Well….this week was an almost no shop week….just had to get a few items…felt great 🙂

    Sobeys (this shop could have been avoided…but i was out all day and forgot to pull something out to make….so hubby went shopping for dinner….not too bad as there are still 7 chicken burgers left which he can use for dinner at work)

    Romaine Lettuce-1.49
    Potato wedges=3.49
    Chicken burgers-6.49

    no coupons

    Milk3.99-1.00 coupon=2.99



    Beneful Beef Stew-2.38-FPC=free
    Purina Dog Chow 16.98-3.50=13.48

    Total coupons=5.8

    Shoppers Drug Mart

    Baby Wipes-9.99
    Diapers 9.99

    Total coupons=2.50
    Used my 10 dollar shoppers drug mart gift card

    Total for the week=40.90
    Total Budget for the week=150.00-40.90=109.10 🙂

    Great for next week as i usually go shopping once a month and stock my freezer with meats (enough to last for the month as we dont have a deep chest freezer so this 100 will go a long way next week)

    So many great deals this week but i kept thinking cant just buy if its a good deal. Need to only buy what i need. Thanks so much Mr. Cbb!!!

    1. Hi Joanne!
      Wow that’s some great shopping and you have enough for meat next week. That’s the part that gets people to spend more is when they forget or don’t plan, it’s happened to us. The worst time of day to go to the store is between 3-5 pm, it’s a zoo and typically those are the people that keep the shop going paying full price for last minute meals, or doing full shops while the store is crazy busy, people hustling about, kids crying etc. We like to go at non-peak times when it’s quiet and 100% of the time we spend less money. Other times when we go shopping at peak times we want to get in and just grab whatever and get out… lineups are way too long. No time to think bargains and deals.

      Keep up the great work you have some serious grocery money for next week, wish we did!

      You get ballot #21

      1. Yes I definetly try to always go my grocery shopping early in the morning. I dont bring my husband or my children. I like being able to look around and make sure that i don’t feel rushed and mess up on my planning. The sobey’s trip wasnt too terrible as the chicken burgers were 1/2 off their regular price and i did need the lettuce and buns for the week. I’m excited to see if i can make it under budget for the month 🙂

  5. Week number 3
    Foodland, Sept 15
    2 lemons @.79- $1.58
    2 Michalina’s dinners(for the hubby)@.97-$1.94
    2 cans Manwich sauce-2/3.00
    1 frozen orange juice-$1.79
    3 Oasis juice paks@$2.49-$7.47(-3 $1.00 coupons)
    2 chocolate milk,1L@2.50-$5.00
    2 bags sugar @2.50-$5.00
    1 hotdog buns-$2.79
    1 raison bread-$2.79
    2 squash-$2.39 + $2.00
    3 Oatmeal Crisp cereal @$2.97-$8.91
    1 bag Big Turk candies (for hubby) $3.29
    1 4l bag milk 2%-$5.49
    1 pack jumbo weiners$5.99 (ouch!!)
    1 tin ground coffee-$6.97
    1 smokes-$9.69
    Total $72.59, had $3.50 in coupons but I can’t remember what the other .50 worth were for

    Foodland Sept 18
    2 cans pineapple@$1.19-$2.38
    1 jar pickles-$2.48
    1 chocolate milk 1l-$2.50
    1 sugar-$2.50
    1 icing sugar-$2.50
    1 baking soda-$2.69
    2 raison bread @ 2.97-$5.94
    2 Oatmeal Crisp cereal @$2.97- $5.94
    2 bags Big Turk candies (hubby)@$3.29- $6.58
    1 4l bag milk-$4.79
    1 bag rice-$4.99
    1 jug water-$5.49
    1 smokes-$9.69
    Total $60.23, no coupons this trip

    Sobey’s Sept 19

    1 5kg bag flour-$4.99
    1 216 count Tetley tea bags-$9.99

    Total for the week $147.80
    Came in just under but did get a few things that were on the pricey side, mostly for the hubby to eat, luckily his stuff was on sale…

    1. Hi Christine!
      The part that always is hard is having to pay full price for items. We always tend to wait but sometimes that is not possible. It’s a good thing your hubby’s food was on sale, luck for you. How can you change that so next time he wants that food you aren’t stuck paying full price? Can you stock up on a few items for him when they ar on sale? Is it worth it to you? Is tetley tea really better than Red Rose? I bought 12 boxes of 72 last week or the week before for .99 a box so for under $4.00 I picked up more bags. Are you finicky about your tea? WOW the weiners were expensive. I saw the Schneiders at SDM reduced to .99 last week and a lady took them all. How do you prepare your squash?

      Good for you coming in under budget, that must make you feel good. What motivates you each week? Do you have a plan?

      You get ballot #20

      1. I try to stock up if I see something the hubby likes to eat on sale, and hope it lasts until the next sale before he wants more of it. The Michelina’s were less than half price and I still have some in the freezer from the last time so I got a couple of kinds that were different from the stockpile. We found that the Tetley tea was a little mellower in taste for us anyway. The Sobey’s price is cheaper than across the street by a dollar so I was there and got it. If I find a sale on it I will stock up more. It hurt to pay that much for the weiners, Juicey Jumbos, but that’s the way it goes. I miss the days when they still had the employee store at the plant where the hubby works as it was owned by Schneiders and we could get seconds cheap. We had the squash with supper tonight… I just cut in half and put it in a pan with a little water and bake it, when it’s tender I scoop out the pulp and add a little butter, pepper and milk all mashed together. Nothing fancy. We have very little money coming in right now as hubby is off work on sick leave so food is one of the few things I can work with to cut costs. Cheers

  6. I really enjoyed watching our small veggie garden grow this year. With it being so hot it did well. Just waiting now on the brussel sprouts which I am trying for the first time, they grow into the fall. My tomatoes turned out wonderful and still have to go. My peppers did O.K., this was also my first year growing them and they tasted good but didn’t grow very large. Next year I hope to omit the small flower garden and use it instead to grow a few more veggies.

    My grocery budget for the week is $92.31 for 2 adults and 1 child and includes all food, household items, personal hygiene items etc.

    Food Basics

    Cornflakes – sale $2.99
    Hamburger Buns – $1.97
    Apples (7) – sale $2.06
    Stovetop stuffing – $1.49
    Iogo yoghurt – sale $4.99 – $.75c
    Clubhouse gravies – sale 4x$.79 (had coupon for free flavourful recipe mix with purchase of 2 gravies – coupon value = $1.49 x 2
    Clubhouse mix – sale $.79
    Grapes – sale $1.63
    Pudding snackpacks – sale 3x$.99
    Cauliflower – sale $.99
    Uncle Bens Bistro – sale 2x$1.99 – 2x$.50c
    Knor Sidekicks – sale 3x$.99 – $1c (WUB3)
    Dr. Oetker Ristorante pizza – sale 2x$2.88 – $1.50c (WUB2)

    Coupons used: $7.23
    Total oop – $31.50


    Selection Frozen Peas – $2.99
    Philly cream cheese – sale $2.99 – $.50c
    Mushrooms – $2.00
    Latancia 1% milk 4L – sale $3.99 – $1c
    Stewing Beef – sale $7.09

    Total coupons = $1.50
    Total Oop = $17.56


    Carrots – $1.29
    Spanish onion – $.99
    Tomato paste – 2x$.49
    Green Giant Frozen Veggies – sale 2x$2.00
    NN Waffles – sale 2x$.99
    NN Beef Broth – sale $1.27
    PC Blue Menu Chicken breast chunks – sale $5.98

    Coupons used – 0
    Total Oop = $16.51


    Chocolate milk – sale 2x$1
    Carnation evaporated milk – sale 3x$1.27 – 3x$1c
    Brussels sprouts – $2.47
    Green beans – $.34
    Tomato – $.38
    Pringles – sale 2x$1.50
    Kolbassa – $5.97
    Cheez Whiz – sale $5.97
    Fruite drink – sale 6x$1.00
    Tide – sale $3.97 – $1c
    Always – sale $2.84
    Marc Anthony hair products – sale 2x$5.78
    Coppertone sunscreen – $9.97 – $1c

    Total coupons – $5.00
    Total Oop – $58.91

    Total coupons used for the week = $1.50 + $7.23 + $5 = $13.73
    Total spent for the week = $31.50 + $17.56 + $16.51 + $58.91 = $124.48

    Total over/under for the week = $32.17
    Total over/under for the month = $21.79
    Monthly budget left = $400 – $91 – $83.24 – $124.48 = $101.28

    So I went over budget this week but I am on track for the month, I will not need to do much shopping this coming week so I am comfortable with where I am for the month and still hope to come in under budget.

    1. Hi Joanna,
      Hmm brussel sprouts… rockets.. bombs… I’m not into them however Mrs.CBB loves them! Her mom serves them at every family gathering. Our flower garden gets smaller each year as well lol. We planted our seeds at the end of February and kept them in front of the window where it got loads of sun. The tomatoes and peppers loved it and grew large. By the time it was warm enough to plant in the ground they were ready to go and gave us tonnes of peppers and tomatoes. Do you grow from seed or buy them at the shops? Try it from seed its not only cheaper but you may find you yield a better crop. What other plants do you want to grow next year?

      What was your clubhouse mix? $0.79?
      Is there a difference between stewing beef and buying a roast and chopping it up? Would it be cheaper?

      We always keep a few cans of tomato paste in the house, great buy.

      Wow, you did awesome this month! Do you track this every month so at the end of the year you can decide how much of a grocery budget you will need for the next year with the inflation costs? I only ask because if we give ourselves an inflated grocery budget odds are we will spend it all. We lowered ours down to the $190 and seem to be ok with some months we have went over but it’s not easy.

      You get ballot #19

  7. Okay I am playing but since I am not great at keeping receipts I am guestimating and I am not sure my dates line up with yours exactly….

    All of our eggs were from our chickens this week and I am not going to crunch the numbers on feed etc…its just part of our life. All of our meals still feed 4 people my adult daughter often is still given a plate or comes over for dinner.

    So here it is:

    Sat – marked down steaks w/ sweet potato fries and salad – steaks were 6.00 the fries and salad I already had.
    Sun – Hamburgers, buns tatertots for my husband and son I had leftover sweet potato fries – 6.50
    Monday – Crockpot Hawaiian chicken on Rolls with homemade applesauce from last year – four chicken breasts, a can of pineapple, rolls, and some pantry ingredients I will guestimate around 6.50.
    Tuesday – chilli w/ ground pork on mark down sale and 3 beans, and some home canned tomatoes Huge pot for around $5.00 this will make 2 to 3 dinners! so this meal we will say – 2.00 total
    Wednesday – Marked Down Beef Sausages with rice and lima beans – 6.00
    Thursday – we went to a benefit that evening cannot include
    Friday – Ribs (celebration meal for son) usually $25.00 marked down to $12. we had marked down salad +$1.49 + marked down baguette – $.99 + fresh frozen peaches from summer and parmesan braised brussel sprouts – .1.50 = $16.00 (this dinner out would have been much more!)

    So you can see we love meat we are such meat eaters in our household. I am going to strive once again to have one meatless meal a week to help cut costs.

    This of course is not our entire grocery bill for the week but its a start for me….I am playing the grocery dinner game and I definitely see much room for improvement. Thanks for this post to help me keep improving my skills.
    Total Dinner Bill for the week not counting Thursday since it was for charity – approx. 43.00

    Our breakfasts and lunches are very inexpensive since we always pack but I am going to look and see if I can get these lower too.

    1. Karen, Karen, Karen,
      I’m going to have you saving receipts before you know it my dear. Every time you are at the cash you will hear me whisper in your ear.. put it in a safe place Karen lol. The hard part is organization for any budget and keeping receipts and bills is no exception. Don’t worry you will get great at it and you will be darn glad you did!
      We keep a file folder in the kitchen and when we get home we put all receipts in it. In Mrs.CBB’s purse she designates a spot for every receipt so it’s standardized when she shops. She pays, puts her cc away and the receipt in the spot. If she doesn’t have her purse she keeps it safe until she’s home. I put my receipts in my wallet or in my visor in my vehicle and bring them in everyday.

      Meatless meals do help cut costs and we try to do the same a couple times per week. I like how you call it the grocery dinner game hehe… you don’t have to post your meals unless you want to. If you take a look at how I post my grocery shops and the end summary that’s all you have to do. It will take time, the most important part is sticking to the budget. May I ask what your grocery budget is for the month? We spend $190 for 2 people which includes laundry and health and beauty.

      Thanks for posting your shop Karen! We all look forward to your shops!! Do you use coupons at all?

      Cheers Mr.CBB

      Since Karen live s in the USA she is not eligible for the monthly prize but what she will see is an improvement in her budget as she goes along provided she sticks to her budget and grocery plan!! -MR.CBB

      1. Ha ha I have to get back to you specifically on some of these answers but I knew you would have a thing or two to say to me….Of course when my budget was a lot tighter I knew where every penny went and it is certainly time for me to get back to basics.

  8. Last week you asked where I got my bread and resolve coupons…My Vitality bread coupons were from the ziploc boxes (save $3 on any bread) and the $2.00 resolve coupons were from a SmartSource insert in August. I was able to get a bunch of them on a recycle walk. The bottle liners were a great deal. It would have been better if they were drop in liners but whatever, I can’t be too picky when trying to be frugal.

    Anyways, I shop for 2 adults and a 21 month old toddler. My $100 a week budget includes haba, laundry, cleaning, baby items, etc.

    Last week I was $16.17 over budget last week and wanted to make it up this week but I don’t think that happened 🙁

    Spinach dip 2/$6 (for a party I was going to)
    OOP $6.00

    BD block cheese (PM ) $4.99 – $.75 coupon
    Kraft cheese slices (PM Metro) $1.88
    Canned veggies 5/$4.00
    Minigo (PM) $2.00 – $.50 coupon
    Egg whites $2.99 – $1.00 coupon
    NN tuna $1.09
    PC BM spread (jam) 2/$3.00
    Popchips $2.99 – FPC
    Rice cakes (PM) 7x $1.00
    Royale tissue (PM SDM) 2 x $3.50 – 2 x $1.00
    Pumpernickle bread $2.89 (for a party I was going to)
    Apples $4.26
    Bananas $1.85
    Grapes $.70
    Deodorant 3x $1.74 (on blowout)
    Q-tips (PM) $2.98
    ChidrensTylenol (PM) $4.97 – $3.00 coupon
    Coupons -$11.98
    Tax free day -$4.33
    CD -$4.43
    OOP $44.26

    Tide 2x $3.97 – $1.00 coupon – $.50 coupon
    Sudocrem (diaper cream) $11.97
    Coupons $1.50
    OOP $21.00

    Flour 10kg (PM No Frills) $8.88
    Catelli smart pasta (PM No Frills) $1.47 – $1.00 coupon
    Folgers coffee (PM Walmart) $5.97 – $1.00 coupon
    Eggos (PM No Frills) 2x $1.97
    Green Giant Selects $2.00 – $.75 coupon
    Tenderflake pie shells (PM No Frills) 6x $1.97 – 6x $1.00 coupons
    Vitality bread 4 @ 2/$4.00 – 50% pink sticker=$1.00/loaf
    Bananas $.91
    Tresemme shampoo and conditioner 7x $3.50 – 7x $1.00 coupons
    Women’s travel shaving cream $.94 – $.55 coupon
    Magazine $2.99
    Coupons -$16.30
    CD -$6.07
    OOP $47.56

    Total coupons $29.78
    Total CD $10.50
    Total $6.00 + $44.26 + $21.00 + $47.56=$118.82
    $118.82 + $16.17 (over from last week)=$134.99

    Now I’m $34.99 over budget 🙁 I meant to use 2x $10 gift cards to help keep my budget down but I forgot them. I am hoping once again to make it up this coming week.

    1. Oh Jenny,
      We have so much resolve we won’t have to buy for ages. I thought that was where you got them from I just couldn’t remember. So you are over budget not by too much $34.99. Keep your mind to the list this week, do not deviate even for a sale… leave it. You have to stick to the budget if that is your goal. Don’t let anything get in your way of saving!

      You get ballot #19!

  9. Grocery for Sept 17-23

    Costco – Burlington, WA

    4 lb butter $8.79
    5 lb Cheddar Cheese $13.99
    Total $22.78 US

    Fred Meyer – Burlington, WA

    6 loaves of Country oven bread $8.00
    6 Double Fibre English Muffins ($3.69 Ea) $22.14
    Total $30.14 US

    Walmart – – Burlington, WA

    1 Jumbo Bag Honey Nut Cheerios $5.98
    1 Pkg Oyster Crackers $0.98
    2 Jumbo Pkgs Sliced Apples ($4.98 ea) $9.96
    1 Low Dose Aspirin Double Pack $5.97
    1 bottle standard aspirin $3.64
    2 ZZZQuil $12.97
    10 Diet Wild Cherry Pepsi ($1.38 ea) $13.80
    Tax 8.20% $2.98
    Total $56.28 US

    Total out of Pocket $109.20

    Monthly Budget = $190/4 weeks = $47.50 per week

    Last week I was under $39.19and add that to this week’s $47.50 = $86.69 available for the week. I spent $109.20 so I am OVER by $22.51.

    If I reduce my grocery expenses for the week of Sept 24-30 to not more than $24.99…I can still finish my month on budget. 🙂

    1. Hi Mary!
      The cheese you get at Costco what do you think of it? Do you reckon that is a good deal? We love cheese here but don’t have a membership but our relatives do. Then again correct me if I’m wrong that is shopping in the USA? Are the apple fresh sliced apples or dried.. sounds interesting. I’ve never seen them pre-sliced. Ha…you and your husband are sitting right around the same mark as we are. Should be a good week of shopping this week coming. Cheers Mary! Keep up the great work… Mr.CBB You get ballot #17

  10. My wife and I love to garden. Actually, she does the majority of it & I help out from time to time. She can spend hours outside working on the garden, we have 4 raised beds as well as some beds alongside our house. You’re exactly right in that gardening does take time and you can’t, in general, just throw out some seeds and water every once in a while and hope for a huge crop. It takes time, and if you care for it you get rewarded in the end. We have a TON of peppers this year! It’s been so hot in the Midwest, that the peppers just went nuts, which is good since we both love peppers so much.

  11. Hey Mr. CBB,
    What would you like to know about investing?? 🙂 Let’s chat about a guest post; I would be honoured!

    Well, my celery has been sitting in water still for about 1.5 months, and there’s some green leaves, but that’s it. I probably should transfer it to a jar or pot with dirt, but I just haven’t gotten to it.

    Haha, clean eating? If you only knew; my weekly meals has been subsidized with McDonalds and lots of bad snacks that are sitting around, unfortunately. 🙂

    Organic shopping is definitely tougher; this month is fine, but during months when I start running low on supplies, it definitely pushes the totals higher. I keep reading about different opinions about organic produce, so it’s still a struggle for me. How about you? Do you have a preference?

    It would be great if more posters did what we do! I think you may be hard challenged to find someone who would be willing; it is a struggle for the boy to remember to leave the grocery receipts on my desk so I can track the expenses. 🙂

    1. Hey Vicky! I want to know everything as I’ve only lived in Canada for 5 years and we pay an investor to do the work for us. Hmmm subsidize with Macdonalds.. well you should never just a grocery shop by it’s cover then haha.. I can see where you may be spending too much then as convenience just eats up money if you let it. As for organic, nope don’t buy it but we do grow tomatoes and peppers as well as herbs in the summer. We also have a fig tree and make apple jelly from our tree. The celery if you put celery in my search you should find a write up and pictures somewhere on the blog. I had it in water for a few days then gently sat it in soil in a pot. I barely put it under the surface of the soil. It was growing nicely until Mrs.CBB got hold of it.. and put it in the ground too deep.. I will try it again. I also tried the onions in the jar of water that keep on giving. You snip the green onion at the base and sit it in water which you change daily and the green part keeps growing back. So you have organic onions all year long… ha!

      Email me at or leave me your email and I’ll get back at ya about a guest post. I’m sure you can teach me lots! Cheers darlin.. Mr.CBB

  12. I would love to have a garden one of these days. 🙂 I stumbled upon an article about how to grow celery, so I started doing that on my window sill in my condo. Maybe I will start with easier things like herbs and such before trying tomatoes and peppers!

    This is my week’s challenge results; this month is definitely not typical as I stocked up and froze a lot of stuff last month! 🙂

    Green onions 0.69
    Organic broccoli 1.30
    Organic parsley 1.29
    Organic Celery 1.59
    Carrots 1.49

    Total Coupons 0
    Total Out of pocket 6.36

    Bananas 1.62
    White mushrooms 1.47
    Canned peas/carrots 0.87

    Total Coupons 0
    Total Out of pocket 3.96

    Tuna 2.00
    Tomato 0.40
    Broccoli 1.47
    Cucumber 1.47
    Kale 1.27
    Greenleaf lettuce 0.97
    Bananas 1.50
    White mushrooms 1.00
    Jalepeno Havarti 3.97
    Parsley 0.77
    Ritz crackers 1.88

    Total Coupons
    Total Out of pocket 16.70

    Total Grocery Budget for the Month: $200.00
    Total Coupons Used this Week : $0
    Total Spent This Week:$6.36+$3.96+$16.70 = 27.02
    Total Spent So Far for September: $46.44+$27.02 = $73.46
    Total Over/Under spend this shop: -$22.98
    Total Over/Under spend for the month of September: -$26.54
    Total Left to Spend for the Month: $126.54

    1. Hey Vicky!
      If you ever want to guest post I would love for you to do that. I really want to learn more about investing and you are such an inspiration. Let me know…

      Anyhow.. we did the celery as well but we killed it well Mrs. CBB killed it when she planted it in the ground too low after removing from the pot. I was growing like wild fire so we will try it again soon. Let me know how you make out with your celery. I bough alot of peppers again yesterday so I could freeze them. Needless to say we are stocked for the winter months. We make alot of stir frys, noodles, rice etc and love veg mixed in but won’t pay the high out of season prices.

      How do you find the organic shopping with your grocery budget? You seem to eat a fairly clean diet which helps to keep the budget down and what we are aiming for as well. It’s when we start adding in the sesame oil, olive oil, bags of rice etc that we see jumps in our budget. I also like how you are following my end report as it makes it easier for me to follow everyone’s shop for the month as it’s a mini summary. I hope more posters tag along and do what we both do.

      Keep it up.. awesome work so far. What are your motivations to stick to the grocery budget?
      You get ballot #15!

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