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  1. Wow! I’ve never heard about a bank machine making an error. Does it happen that often, does anyone know?
    But for $37,000, that’s crazy… especially since there are both transactional and daily limits on ATM’s… how could it have bypassed both of those controls. I would love to know the inside story on how that happened exactly from TD. I would return the money. Crime don’t pay.

    Sorry about your blog problems. I’m new to blogging and that kind of freaks me out.

  2. That’s a good question. I’d try to return it, but don’t know how I would even try unless it was attached directly to a bank. When they make errors, banks are very intent on getting the fruits of their errors back, so even in that regard it makes sense to return it.

    For that matter, I don’t know what I would do if I get too LITTLE cash from the ATM. These are both things I should probably find out…

  3. That’s so crazy about the ATM. I think if it started shooting out tons of cash at me, I would freak out, because I’d initially assume it was trying to take it out of my account and I was about to get a MAJOR overdraft fee.

    Honestly, if it was like $100, I’d probably check my balance in a few days to see if it had come out of that, and if it hadn’t, I’d probably just keep it. Which isn’t super ethical, but it’s also not my problem the ATM is jacked up and I’m not wasting time out of my day to return the cash. I also feel like if I returned the cash before I knew for sure if it was coming out of my account or not, that the bank would possibly screw up fixing the whole situation on their end… what can I say, I have trouble trusting “the man.”

  4. When we were in Iceland the lady in front of us at the ATM totally forgot to take her cash when she walked away. Of course we called out to her though.

    I’ve definitely picked up the balance slip from an ATM thinking it was mine but it was from the person before me – only takes a second to click when you realise the account has wayyyy more $$ in it than yours does.

  5. Depends on the amount of money, and if I was using a local ATM or if I was travelling. At the moment, I have a love/hate relationship with them. I will never deposit cash into them. On two occassions I deposit around $1000 and $200 wasn’t recorded. They tried to say, the money wasn’t there. I asked for an investigation…and they still backed up their ‘workers’ who count cash. Now I electronically transfer funds, or use cheques,or go into the bank branch, if I want deposit cash.
    At the moment ..the bank owes me $400 in lost funds.

    If I find money in a store, street, or anywhere that I can’t determine who the owner is, it is mine.
    The time I did find a wallet, it didn’t have any cash, but it did have ID. .I contacted the RCMP. It was eventually returned to the owner.

    Good deal on the raspberries. For a container, that size, at the local supermarket here (Australia) they wanted $9.99.
    They may have somebody buy them, but not me 🙂

    1. Ouch I’d be very upset if money went missing that I put into a bank machine and probably why some people prefer to go into a bank. The price of raspberries are very high wow….mum and dad said prices of grocery back in the UK have went up quite a bit since I left but I’m not surprised.

      1. It was 2 different banks that I still deal with. Really, you never have any proof you deposited it, if they say you didn’t.

        It’s funny, we can buy bananas cheaper in Canada, than here, where they grow them. Their wages are far too high here, and a lot of the big companies are starting to close their doors. I expect a recession here soon, if they don’t get their financial house in order. They do a new government now, and they are cutting spending,…finally. Because of the last government reckless spending, they said it will take a minimum of 10 years to balance their budget….sorry, going off topic

        1. That is true and I always wondered about that. You could put in an empty envie and you’d have to prove it. I don’t know how they go about solving those problems. What are the wages like?

          1. ATM-They told me they video record all employers opening the envelopes deposited.They have 2 people to ensure they are honest. If you have 2 dishonest workers, working in cahoots, not much we can do about it.

            Every job is under a certain classification, and the employer must pay that, at a minimum.Teenagers, are permitted to be less, but it is still around $16 hr. There are exceptions, but generally, if you work on weekends, holidays, evenings, and night shifts, your wages can be 1.5-2 X the normal wage.
            So someone working in a restaurant or shop could be making $35-$50 hour. On top of this the employer is required to pay into their Super Annuation (pension). Workers get 4 weeks paid vacation.
            Part time and casual workers are paid a bit different. Usually it is more, but their job can be terminated easier.

          2. WOW that’s some good money coming in. Do you get any type of benefits? I miss all my vacation in the UK which was 5 weeks as basic.. not here it’s 2 and takes years to get up to 5 weeks some up to 15 years. They should be taping the employees who work so they have something to fall back on. My cousins and auntie live in Australia.

          3. Not sure of the benefits. I know they are trying to get similar maternity / parental leave benefits as in Canada.
            My husband and I make most of our income from our rental properties in Canada…we vacation ( very cheaply) for 7.5 months a year in Australia. I’m Canadian and my husband is Australian.

  6. I`d be turning the money back in…. I would’t be able to sleep otherwise… I have lost count of the number of times I’ve walked up to the ATM and there has been that piece of paper hanging out of the slot. I just grab it and stuff in the waste slot where it belongs. I tend to be too busy minding my own business to worry about some one else’s. The odd bit of change I see on the sidewalk I will pick up as well as beer bottles and cans. It cleans things up a little and it’s a dime in my pocket.
    Angela got some nice deals there!!! I need to look into those PC points, especially if we move back to town as I would be shopping at NF a lot more than I do now.
    Glad to hear you are feeling better!!!! Have a good weekend…..

  7. If this were to happen to me, I’m sure I’d also be spending the money in my head in the ‘thrill of the moment’, though of course I would go to the bank and return it the next day. I probably wouldn’t turn in money I had found in the street, but I guess that’s a different situation.

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