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Top CBB Finance and Recipe Reads For New Year’s Eve 2020

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New Year's Eve 2020

Fresh Start Budgeting And Frugal Recipes For New Year’s Eve 2020

It’s New Year’s Eve 2020 and I thought I’d share the best Canadian Budget Binder finance reads and recipes from the year.

I never thought Finance and Food would be such an amazing pairing when I started this blog but the food is part of your budget.

That’s why I started the sister Facebook page The Free Recipe Depot on Facebook and this blog.

If there’s one thing I’ve learned is that CBB visitors sure love to learn how to save money and enjoy recipes.

I’m stoked for that love of food and money because it’s a huge part of my life and I’m glad that you enjoy it.

Consider CBB something similar to a mall or even Loblaws where you can save money, gain rewards points, get recipes.

All things budget or financially related to your personal needs should be a part of your budget and why I urge you to do so.

Budgeting Money Savings Challenge 2021

When something is free such as budget worksheets that don’t mean it works any less or better than budgets you buy online.

By now many of you already have a budgeting system that you plan to use for 2021 however if you’re new to budgeting, I’ve got your back.

When CBB started in 2012 I always said that the CBB budget would be free because there’s no need to pay for one.

The internet is literally filled with free budget printables and free excel budget downloads that you can save that money.

For those of you who want to spend money on a budget and have landed on CBB, I want you to hide the money you were going to spend.

That’s only if you plan on using my free excel budget or bare-bones basic budget printable.

Put it in a secret spot for the 2021 year and let’s see at the end of the year if the money is still there or you used it to buy a budget.

Personally, I’ve never purchased a budgeting app or any budget online before but some people feel comfortable buying a name brand budget.

This is like purchasing Christie’s Chocolate Chip cookies vs. No Name Chocolate Chip Cookies.

If you have a kid like ours he doesn’t even know the difference and likes them both equally even though one costs more than the other. 

2021 Money Challenge – Coins only

For those of you who want to participate in a 2021 Savings Challenge, we are starting one this year with any coins we have.

At the end of the year, we will count the coins to see how much money we dropped into the piggy bank.

It’s more of a process of teaching us that we can save money and hopefully will help you as well or challenge you.

The only money challenge 2021 rules:

  • Don’t touch the money in the piggy bank
  • It can only be coins and if you want to drop toonies and loonies that’s up to you.

This is not a challenge to see who will save the most it’s a money challenge to see how well you can work your money.

Free Budgeting vs. Paid Budgeting Mobile Apps or Other Financial Services

My point is you don’t always have to pay for the most expensive or at all for what you need if do a bit of research.

To be fair I can understand the uncertainty that might come with someone who is new to budgeting and needs help.

We were definitely that couple when we began our budgeting journey years ago.

I also suggest not to get help from bloggers or friends and family that are struggling with debt.

Turn to professionals such as a financial advisor or even your bank that will help you with a question you have.

Financial Support With Mobile Budgeting Apps

My problem with online apps or mobile apps is that often times you have to wait for the help or you’re told to read the FAQ’s first.

I’ve tested a few and that was my con but what I dislike you might love so it’s best you do your research.

You can do the same thing with a budget printable that you get free, it’s called “Google the budget problem”.

This may or may not get you the answer you need faster or perhaps an app has a phone number to call for help or a help assistant online.

Either way, you have to make time to find someone to help you figure out the issue if that’s included with what you paid for.

Alternatively, you can call your bank or advisor to schedule a meeting to meet up and chat about your budgeting concerns.

There are 2021 budgeting mobile apps in Canada that are household names such as KOHO, Mylo, Goodbudget, Mint, You Need A Budget (YNAB) that have a following.

Some you pay for and others you don’t and it’s important for you to find what type of budgeting system works BEST for you.

We use our free excel spreadsheet that I created years ago and has seen us go from having a debt to debt freedom including our mortgage.

While you may think I was a budgeting guru back then I was not.

Here’s What We Did:

  • Researched Online Successful Finance Bloggers
  • Talked with our financial advisor on the phone, by email, or in the office. On occasion, we’ve had virtual meetings online.
  • Read online articles from successful businessmen and women
  • Educated ourselves by practicing to budget before we started our budget (there will always be areas to improve)
  • We worked as a team with our budget.

Looking back there is no way our budget was going to work if only one of us participated.

Participation doesn’t necessarily mean that you both have to update whichever type of budget you are comfortable with.

As long as you both understand the basics of why you are budgeting and how to budget together that’s the key.

Once you choose a budget then you must decide on the type of budget you plan to work with, such as cash, 50/30/20, or the zero-based budget which we use.

Whichever one of you feels confident filling out the monthly budget can do that alone but keeping your spouse or partner in the loop is a must.

Top 13 Finance and Food Articles Of 2020

I’m not going to go on and on because you know I can, haha!

You’re reading today’s blog post to find out what the most popular finance articles and food recipes were for 2020~

What I will say is that we had a fantastic year, one of the best so far since I started this little blog in 2012.

Thank you for being here, commenting, reading, and sharing us with your friends and family.

Top Finance and Recipe Reads For New Year’s 2020

  1. Date Squares Classic and Thick
  2. 20 Habits Of A Debt-Free Family
  3. How To Budget As A Couple
  4. The Ultimate Guide- Our Keto Costco Canada Products With Photos (updated as new products come in)
  5. How To Build A Rock Garden With No Weeds
  6. A Frozen Bank Account After Death Leaves Widow Broke
  7. Scanning Code of Practice In Canada
  8. The Cheapest Grocery Stores In Canada To Shop At
  9. Traditional Scottish Baps or Buns
  10. My Mum’s Magical 4 ingredient British Sponge Cake
  11. The Best Keto Cream of Celery Soup
  12. Financial Tools To Get You Ready For Budgeting
  13. How To Handle When Your Spouse Spends Too Much Money

Discussion: What are some topics you’d like to learn about in 2021? Leave me your comments below.

Also if you plan on joining us in the 2021 coin challenge tell me below as well. I think this will be fun!

P.S – The New Canadian Budget Binder is coming soon! Newly designed and I’ll teach you how to create our budget binder at home.

Happy New Year’s 2021,

Mr. and Mrs. CBB

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  1. The coins in my change purse have not changed in over a year!

    Especially since the pandemic began, I don’t pay cash for anything and have had the same $20 bill in my wallet.

    We use credit cards so that we earn rewards on everything we spend, I can easily track our spending and I only have to pay one bill for everything on a monthly basis. As a result, I won’t be joining in on the Coin Challenge.

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