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How We Earn Spare Money In 2022

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Imagine having to earn spare money to survive in 2022, and it’s not a dream; it’s reality.

You have two options that nobody wants to hear, but that’s the way it is.

  • Spend Less
  • Earn More

I wish there were an easier way to make ends meet on the fast track, but there’s not.

Today I want to talk about the best ways to earn spare money for Canadians.

I also want to touch on using credit cards to pay the bills and the repercussions of paying minimum balances.

Spare Cash Canada 2022
The Top Ways We Make Spare Money In 2022, so we don’t have to use our emergency savings.

Credit Card Companies In Your Face

Times are tough with increased prices on everything In Canada and worldwide.

Prices have increased at the shopping mall, online shopping or grocery stores.

Add mortgage and increased borrowing rates into the pot, and you’ve got a recipe for disaster.

Canadians are turning to credit cards to pull them through what many would consider a recession.

Now is when you will see credit card companies heavily marketing their product, and it’s go-time.

Which type of credit card user are you?

The ideal credit card holders are those who don’t pay off their bills at the end of the month.

These people are known as the revolvers, whereas we would be called the deadbeats.

The deadbeats are the people who never pay a nickel of interest and pay their bills in full.

Deadbeats won’t make money for the credit card companies, so they leave you alone.

Their primary interest is the revolvers who take one credit card and pay it with another.

The term revolving door is the easiest way to describe this, the same as a payday loan.

Always read the fine print with your new credit card, especially concerning perks such as 0% interest for six months.

The other popular credit cards allow a balance transfer from one card to the other.

A missed payment could cost you a fortune when the credit card company turns around and boosts your interest rate.

Paying the minimum balance on a credit card can take you FOREVER, even with a $2000 balance.

I urge you to avoid credit cards if you cannot pay the bill in full each month.

Credit cards are not real money and are not to be an income source. They are pieces of plastic making money from anyone who misuses them.

It might not be massive amounts of spare money, but it may just get you over the hump.

Canadians Struggling To Find Somewhere To Live

A recent report from Dejardins states that Canadians are already coming face to face with real estate slow-downs.

While real estate is the most important asset held by a majority of Canadian households, the debt incurred to buy that asset is also their biggest liability,”

Outlook For Canadian Household Wealth Looks Bleak

Families struggle to find rentals for a reasonable price, whether a room, house or apartment.

Many homeowners want to move back into their rental homes so they can sell them for profit.

Doing so leaves renters scrambling to find somewhere to live at a reasonable cost.

The problem is that the cost of rent has gone up, and those searching are facing scary times.

For example, I read on Facebook a desperate plea from a couple with two kids and a dog who needs somewhere to live.

They currently pay $1500 rent covering utilities and parking, which worked for their budget.

Unfortunately, rent is no longer that cheap, and if they want to rent a house, they will need over $2000.

On top of rent, they will be responsible for utilities and, in many cases, pay for a parking spot.

I Need Somewhere To Live

Daily I’m reading pleas on Facebook groups from people asking for help before they become homeless.

Even homeowners looking to renew their mortgage aren’t sure how the increased rates will affect them.

Regardless of how Canadians turn, the arrow keeps kicking us down, and we can’t just give in.

How To Make Money In Your Spare Time

What are their options to earn spare money to help increase their rental power?

Remember that when you earn spare money, you must declare it as income on your tax return.

For example, when the blog earns money, it gets documented and becomes part of my business income come tax time.

  • Earn spare money to increase monthly net income
  • Get a second job doing anything to bring in money
  • Find a cheaper babysitter or daycare
  • Move to a more affordable city (if that’s possible)
  • Ask for raise (even if you think your boss will laugh at you)
  • Sign up for all mobile apps to earn rewards points or cash awards for surveys
  • Freelance as a marketing specialist, writer or proofreader
  • Build a blog (this takes time, and there is money to earn)
  • Make family and friends aware of the situation so they can keep an eye out, or perhaps they know someone looking to rent a house or basement apartment.
  • Paper routes for children or adults will earn spare money, but it’s better than making nothing.
  • Ditch the vehicle and use transit or walk
  • Become a friend for seniors who are home alone or need help with house maintenance.
  • Clean houses for friends and family or start a small cleaning business
Earn more money with spare time and a lawn mower
Ways To Earn Money If You Have Spare Time

Best Ways To Earn Money If You Have Spare Time

  • Start A Blog
  • Cut Lawns, pick weeds, water the lawn, plant flowers and shrubs, rake leaves and shovel driveways.
  • General home maintenance jobs for homeowners in need of these services.
  • Babysitting children
  • Hosting a student
  • Pet Sitting
  • House Sitting
  • Outside Maintenance for homeowners away on holidays
  • Before School Care and After School Care
  • Hairstylists can cut hair from home or make home visits to the elderly or those housebound.
  • Trade for Trade helping each other out. ex: car mechanic helping a plumber
  • Write an e-book on a topic that is close to your heart or one that will help people
  • Create an online course for something people need in your community and will pay for

How We Earn Spare Money In 2022

It’s been no secret that we use online apps or mobile apps to earn spare money throughout the year.

For many of you reading this looking for ideas, I know there is no such thing as spare money.

Spare money for those who seek it likely has already spent the money before earning it.

I’m also strapped for time, which means it will be online if I earn spare money in 2022.

The most obvious thing we did in 2021-2022 was to cut cable and disconnect our home phone with Rogers Communications.

We find that mobile apps consistently try to outrun their competitors each year.

Not all mobile apps will make you money instantly, but they will work if you put effort into them.

The key to earning spare money in 2022 is to be flexible and honest about what online or mobile apps are the best.

Spare Money At Your Fingertips

Below are the online or mobile apps we use strictly to earn spare money or income for this blog.


Some of the links below are affiliate links where CBB will make a small income to help pay for this blog. I thank you for your continued support as I find you the best deals that help save you money.

  • PC World Elite MasterCard for PC Optimum Points Current holdings: 6.5 Million or $6500 is not part of our monthly net worth update. Simplii Financial Debit Card is the best with no fees. Join Simplii Financial today! 
  • Costco CIBC MasterCard I used to pay for gas at Costco only, which pays for our yearly Costco membership.
  • Rakuten is the most lucrative online app, and everyone should have this app if they make online purchases. Earn $30 when you sign up using my link, and I’ll also get $30. You can read my Rakuten review to learn more about the program.
  • Freedom Mobile has the lowest cost for data and mobile that I can’t match at $21.00 a month.
  • For surveys, I like Pinecone as they are effortless, but the coin adds up. Click here to Join Pinecone Research!
  • Neilsen Home Scan Canada is something I used in the UK and stand by in Canada. Scan your groceries, and earn points towards gifts. I bought gift cards, a refrigerator and CDs over the years. Neilsen is available in both French and English. Read my review of Nielsen Homescan Canada for more information on the program.
  • Harris Poll – Take surveys to use your opinion to influence important decision-makers in government, corporations, and non-profit organizations.
  • Daily Rewards Canada – The Daily Rewards Program is for age16+ age using any devices. The program is offering cash rewards from offers they send you via email. You can also earn rewards by reading the offers and by completing surveys or other online activities like playing games, watching videos, shopping online and more

Bank of Canada’s interest rate increases, causing anxiety and confusion among Canadians: Study

You’re not alone in anxiety about interest rate increases, especially if you’re unfamiliar with how it works.

38% of Canadians are stressed out and many do not understand what is happening whereas 76% want to buy a home but are unable to.


Financial stress is natural, and Canadians who didn’t factor in this bombshell are feeling the heat.

One of my readers told me he would die in the house he purchased for $100,000 over the asking price.

I’m not sure what to feel for Canadians who went hog-wild and paid hundreds of thousands over the asking price.

He further dropped $150,000 in renovations only to see that what he bought could be worth less than what he paid.

Now he is contemplating renting a room in the basement to a student to earn spare money to help out.

Overall, study the resources I’ve shared with you today and see what will fit your lifestyle.

Trust your instinct regarding spare money and how much effort and time you plan on putting in.

You can find all 2022 Savings, Deals and Surveys on one page here at Canadian Budget Binder.

Discussion: What is your favourite way to earn spare money outside of your regular job?

Let’s chat below. Leave your comments, and I’ll return.



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