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  1. Great story Stacey! I bet you feel much better about finally taking your trip, knowing that you worked hard, and paid for it all in cash. I wanted to go on a trip this year, I have never been on one. But decided to save, and go next year! Hope that I can do it, I’m sure by reading this story, it will make me work harder to save. Enjoy your honeymoon:)

    1. Wendy, you will be able to do this. We are now saving for our second trip!!! This one will be the first for the whole family to get away!!! We are now saving for Mexico in January!!!!

  2. Love this story……….splurging sure does cost a lot…..and you don;t even realize until you add it up!

  3. WOW, what a great inspiration. I can’t save a dime, this gives me hope that I can change things around. Thank you Stacey for sharing your story and thank you Mr. CBB for posting it.

    1. Thank you Linda, and trust me, ANYONE can do this. I was the most skeptical person EVER. Now that we have Vegas covered, we are saving for a trip to Mexico in January!! This is a must as my hubby’s only sibling is getting married. But it is also an excuse for all 4 of us to get away!!

  4. That is an eye opener, i also love my Timmies. don’t spend that much but i’m sure i could cut back.

  5. what a great story thank you for sharing. My Husband and I also didn’t take a honeymoon and I am desperately trying to get our budget started so that we can finally have that trip we always talk about. It’s not easy with only one income and to kids just getting started seems daunting.

  6. Awesome job! You are an inspiration to all of us trying to live frugally! You should be proud of yourselves. Have fun!

  7. Congratulations and thanks for sharing your inspiring story. I hope one day to be into the savings part of budgetting (after we are credit card debt free) and have a honeymoon that never happened either!!! As much as I love to travel, I hate debt more!!! Enjoy the trip and bask in the good feeling of paying in cash!!!!!!!!

  8. I found that the best way for me to stay on track with grocery shopping is that I make a months list of meals then I make out the shopping list for the meals. That way I go grocery shopping once a month so it saves on gas so we dont have to go out all the time to get food.

  9. I love Vegas! I hope you have a wonderful time!!

    Where are you staying?

    I hope you enjoy the heat as it is very hot there in August, but when you walk down the strip they actually have misting sprinkler systems that you can walk through to cool off.

    1. We are staying at the flamingo. My hubby is a big fan of history, and well the flamingo is the original Casino. Plus we are on a budget, so we will just be visiting places like the bellagio!!! LOL. I have also done HUGE research on Free things & very cheap things to do in Vegas. So much that I have half of a book full!!!

      Thanks for telling me about the misting stations. I know we will need them!!!

      I am super excited to go. All those lights??? WOW.

    2. We are staying at the Flamingo. My hubby is a big history nut, so staying there was a no-brainer (his words)….we are already expecting it to be sweltering. I think we were told somewhere around the 120 degree mark??

  10. Great story Stacey and congratulations! I wish I knew even where to start! A vacation will be even more enjoyable knowing you’re not going into debt for it! I should try that some time! lol

  11. What an azing story enjoy your belated honeymoon guys . Going forward we hope to do a non shop week just have to get the stock pile a big higher but jusg about there

  12. Great story and advice. We are still working at having a week of no groceries. We have two sons living with us (21 & 23) that are more and more not around to eat our meals. If I ever adjust to just cooking for two we should save a lot of money on groceries.

    1. The no-shop week is very difficult. We are supposed to have one starting Monday but I doubt it’s going to happen. We did have one at the beginning of the month I believe as the weeks in the month were off.
      When there are deals we can stockpile such as coffee, sugar, beef, chicken, milk, cream, cheese, we will do it because we know we will use it. We don’t want to pay full price because we said NO NO it’s a shop free week lol.. I also suggest if you do like us that you have the money in your emergency fund otherwise you just DON’T shop and put it on credit cards… that’s a big no no. Cheers

      1. Yes, I agree about the credit cards. We use AMEX for a lot of monthly purchases only to get the year end rebate check. Last year we got over 300 in a rebate check.

        1. Wow that’s worth it then, as long as you don’t carry a balance which is hard for some to understand. You aren’t saving anything when you buy deals and use coupons and then leave it on a CC which you get charged interest. Mr.CBB Cheers.

          1. We pay everything off each month. It is worth it to put gas purchase on AMEX, considering the $4.35 per gallon price today.

          2. We are the same we use the cards for points and extra money to spend… might as well if you have the cash to pay it off every month. Yes the gas it out of whack but not that bad compared to what it is back home in the UK..

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